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Prince Bonir Vol. 03

 — The Roman orgy. by DrSqueaky04/18/084.73HOT

Prince Bonir Vol. 04

 — Defense of the Realm. by DrSqueaky04/25/084.75HOT

Prince Bonir Vol. 05

 — A Duchess for the Duke. by DrSqueaky05/22/084.80HOT

Princes and Pawns Ch.1

 — An Introduction to Court. by Swashbuckler08/02/023.61

Princes and Pawns Ch.2

 — She's the spoils of war. by Swashbuckler08/11/023.96

Princess & Her Friend, Average Joe

 — Boyfriend & his friends gangbang his bitchy girlfriend. by PositiveThinker01/20/094.09

Princess and the Punk Ch. 01

 — She experiences something new; he falls for a prep. by hunny_bee12/05/054.65HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 02

 — She experiences something new; he falls for a prep. by hunny_bee12/11/054.50HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 03

 — Breakfast becomes a dream come true. by hunny_bee12/14/054.69HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 04

 — She experiences something new; he falls for a prep. by hunny_bee12/18/054.73HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 05

 — He gives her a new experience. by hunny_bee12/30/054.75HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 06

 — Together they experience something new. by hunny_bee01/16/064.81HOT

Princess and the Punk Ch. 07

 — She gives him a new experience while having one herself. by hunny_bee02/04/064.68HOT

Princess Ch. 02

 — Sexy blonde Candy has her own erotic adventure. by BrettJ06/22/154.26

Priscilla, Queen of Cats Pt. 01

 — What in the world would a cat wish for? by aussie_10105/11/054.54HOT

Priscilla, Queen of Cats Pt. 02

 — Priscilla's intentions become clear. by aussie_10105/13/054.61HOT

Prison Break

 — He'd be in for 25 years, she was a new guard. by SecretLove6910/02/064.10

Private Dick

 — Jack is a sucker for a beautiful woman, & it is trouble. by darkbeast01/29/024.34

Private Lessons

 — A May-December relationship; role play and adult fetishes. by Cinner10/29/124.30

Producer & Director

 — Master manipulator creates surprising results. by Parrot01/19/024.76HOT

Professor Tom Ch. 01

 — Hot for the Professor! by Yourstohave08/31/074.02

Professor Tom Ch. 02

 — An idyllic life isn't all it's cracked up to be. by Yourstohave09/06/074.06

Professor Tom Ch. 03

 — He broke out in a cold sweat... by Yourstohave09/08/074.50HOT

Professor Tom Ch. 04

 — You can kiss your pristine professor ass goodbye. by Yourstohave09/10/074.63HOT

Professor Tom Ch. 05

 — It's what she wanted, isn't it?! by Yourstohave09/15/074.44

Professor Tom Ch. 06

 — Do nothing. Nothing at all. by Yourstohave09/26/074.67HOT

Professor Tom Ch. 07

 — I should have left well enough alone. by Yourstohave09/28/074.50HOT

Professor Tom Ch. 08

 — I could use all the luck I can get. by Yourstohave11/21/074.17

Professor Tom Ch. 09

 — He was about to cross a line he said he never would. by Yourstohave01/03/084.42

Professor Tom Ch. 10

 — He was opening himself up to the unknown future. by Yourstohave02/09/084.56HOT

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 01

 — The story of a professor and her graduate. by Microbevel802/14/174.23

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 02

 — A description of grad student Jim Domay. by Microbevel802/15/174.09

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 03

 — The instruction begins and Jim needs relief. by Microbevel802/16/174.43

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 04

 — Learning the system of evaluating fleshly wonders. by Microbevel802/17/174.41

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 05

 — Jim is proud of his discovery but shoots his load too soon. by Microbevel802/18/174.39

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 06

 — In-flight entertainment. by Microbevel804/05/174.31

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 07

 — Chapter 7 In Country. by Microbevel804/06/174.00

Prom Ch. 01: Old Habits

 — Rachel gets in trouble at an afterprom party. by TheRachelChronicles07/08/154.50HOT

Prom Ch. 02: Descent

 — Trouble continues as Rachel is talked into more. by TheRachelChronicles07/14/154.60HOT

Prom Ch. 03: Fair

 — Rachel recalls her first hookup at her new school. by TheRachelChronicles07/19/154.71HOT

Prom Ch. 04: The Midnight Hour

 — Rachel recalls interesting end to her night with Chris. by TheRachelChronicles07/29/154.73HOT

Prom Ch. 05: A Thousand Words

 — An old flame presents a new problem for Rachel. by TheRachelChronicles08/02/154.72HOT

Prom Ch. 06: Just Friends

 — Rachel recalls an awkward party with Kevin. by TheRachelChronicles08/12/154.75HOT

Prom Ch. 07: Alea Iacta Est

 — Rachel recalls a bold encounter turned ugly. by TheRachelChronicles08/18/154.66HOT

Prom Ch. 08: That Girl

 — Rachel recalls a near-miss in the boy's bathroom. by TheRachelChronicles08/27/154.69HOT

Prom Ch. 09: Touch and Go Pt. 01

 — Rachel recalls a wild night in a dorm room. by TheRachelChronicles09/09/154.69HOT

Prom Ch. 10: Touch and Go Pt. 02

 — Rachel and Rebecca's dorm craziness concludes. by TheRachelChronicles09/16/154.75HOT

Prom Ch. 11: Team Player Pt. 01

 — Rachel recalls a drinking game loss with consequences. by TheRachelChronicles09/22/154.62HOT

Prom Ch. 12: Team Player Pt. 02

 — Rachel's beer pong debt grows out of control. by TheRachelChronicles09/28/154.65HOT

Prom Ch. 13: Forbidden Fruit

 — Rachel recalls the beginning of her dark spiral. by TheRachelChronicles10/07/154.60HOT

Prom Ch. 14: Inferno

 — Rachel recalls her complete loss of control. by TheRachelChronicles10/14/154.67HOT

Prom Ch. 15: Catharsis

 — Rachel's prom saga comes to its conclusion. by TheRachelChronicles10/26/154.78HOT

Prom Ch. 16: Epilogue

 — As Rachel wraps up her senior year, she contemplates summer. by TheRachelChronicles11/15/154.58HOT

Promiscuous Parents and Sons

 — Neighborhood parents get close as do gay and bisexual sons. by walterio12/31/164.48

Promiscuous Parents and Sons Ch. 02

 — Brad takes the gay Sandy to the beach wearing a bikini. by walterio01/18/174.47

Promiscuous Parents and Sons Ch. 03

 — Parents in Cabo while sons enjoy each other at home. by walterio01/25/174.48

Protect and Defend Pt. 00: Prologue

 — Bodyguard and protectee in Afghanistan fall for each other. by KayceeCharles10/07/164.60HOT

Protect and Defend Pt. 01

 — Bodyguard and protectee fall for each other in Afghanistan. by KayceeCharles10/09/164.43

Pulaski Square

 — Interactions of the fools of April in a Savannah square. by sr71plt03/03/154.31

Punk Rock Girl

 — Jaclyn solves the coffee creamer dilemma. by xferrisx11/29/093.87

Pure Imagination Pt. 01: Fairyland

 — A new beginning. by LadyDaisy07/16/163.94

Pure Imagination Pt. 02

 — Lucy wakes up. by LadyDaisy07/19/164.06

Pure Imagination Pt. 03

 — Another morning. by LadyDaisy07/25/163.48

Pure Imagination Pt. 04

 — Two of our characters meet. by LadyDaisy07/31/163.93

Pure Imagination Pt. 05

 — Our trio finally come together. by LadyDaisy08/02/163.88

Pure Imagination Pt. 06

 — A nice bit of drug-fueled sex. by LadyDaisy08/12/163.89

Pure Imagination Pt. 07

 — ...cause I've got a golden ticket.... by LadyDaisy08/15/164.20

Pure Imagination Pt. 08

 — This must be a simply enormous wardrobe! by LadyDaisy08/26/164.33

Pure Imagination Pt. 09

 — the most delightful way. by LadyDaisy09/07/164.14

Pure Imagination Pt. 10

 — A very silly romp throughout the hotel. by LadyDaisy09/14/164.33

Pure Imagination Pt. 11

 — What do you get when you guzzle down sweets? by LadyDaisy10/30/163.25

Pure Imagination Pt. 12

 — Goodness gracious me! by LadyDaisy12/02/164.50

Pure Imagination Pt. 13

 — A jolly, jolly holiday with you. by LadyDaisy12/25/164.33

Pure Imagination Pt. 14

 — While overhead, her birds fill the skies... by LadyDaisy03/14/173.00

Pure Imagination Pt. 15

 — It happens every time, they all become blueberries... by LadyDaisy08/21/17

Pure Victory

 — Prologue. by BlinksLee07/05/143.50

Purgatory Ch. 01

 — It was the start of a nightmare. by Arma08/30/054.17

Pushed a Little Too Far

 — Dumped then Taunted by Girlfriend, turns to forced bondage. by livingforfun07/10/114.50HOT

Pussy Motors Ch. 01

 — Jenna and Anita get pulled over on their way to work. by bigdaddysmooth08/09/064.17

Pussy Motors Ch. 02

 — Jenna finds herself another fuck while delivering a car. by bigdaddysmooth08/22/064.06

Pussy Motors Ch. 03

 — Anita's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. by bigdaddysmooth09/29/064.19

Pussy Motors Ch. 04

 — Jenna teaches the new girl how to sell a car. by bigdaddysmooth01/24/074.45

Pussy Motors Ch. 05-07

 — Anita & Jenna continue busy day at the dealership. by bigdaddysmooth02/02/074.74HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 01

 — Two mature adults meet and the sparks fly. by coaster207/04/074.65HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 02

 — Robert and Eleanor set up housekeeping. by coaster207/11/074.67HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 03

 — All good things have to come to an end. by coaster207/19/074.67HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 04

 — A new lifeline for Eleanor. by coaster207/25/074.69HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 05

 — Tragic news and a new beginning. by coaster207/31/074.67HOT

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 06

 — Life changes, tragedy, another visitor, & a decision. by coaster208/09/074.69HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 01

 — A night to remember - a night to forget. by coaster205/08/074.61HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 02

 — The Transformation. by coaster205/10/074.65HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 03

 — Girl of mysterious sorrow. by coaster205/12/074.69HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 04

 — The Changeling. by coaster205/14/074.70HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 05

 — Someone to watch over me. by coaster205/18/074.72HOT

Quartet: Julie Ch. 06

 — Some guys have all the luck. by coaster205/23/074.72HOT

Quest to See his Hot Teacher Naked

 — A teenager is determined to see his hot art teacher nude. by regularguy1306/20/184.69HOTNEW

Questionable Heroes

 — A sexed up tale of superpowers, spies, morality and violence. by Porridgemcgee06/14/174.77HOT

Quiet in the Library

 — He finds the woman of his dreams in the library. by Scheherazade7304/27/134.76HOT

Rachel Reveals All

 — The story of my life as a compulsive exhibitionist. by Rachel606/10/154.70HOT

Rachel's Fire: 01

 — The confessions of a justified sinner. by alexander tzara07/05/01

Rachel's Fire: 02

 — It's a bit of a nuthouse this building really. by alexander tzara07/06/01

Rachel's Fire: 03

 — Shed takes the name Rachel Babylon. by alexander tzara07/07/01

Rachel's Fire: 04

 — Gavin is curled up having innocent dreams. by alexander tzara07/08/01

Rachel's Fire: 05

 — The Seduction of Severine Heart. by alexander tzara07/09/01

Rachel's Fire: 06

 — Look back twelve years to 1987. by alexander tzara07/10/01

Rachel's Fire: 07

 — A street index, and staring at Bryon's flat. by alexander tzara07/11/01

Rachel's Fire: 08

 — Rachel at 18. by alexander tzara07/12/01

Rachel's Fire: 09

 — Rachel takes a bath. by alexander tzara07/13/01

Rachel's Fire: 10

 — The first time he fucked her. by alexander tzara07/14/01HOT

Rachel's Fire: 11

 — Sometimes bad shit happens. by alexander tzara07/16/01

Rachel's Fire: 12

 — Lesbian dreams and a dark telephone call. by alexander tzara07/17/01

Rachel's Fire: 13

 — Lesbian lust as Rachels story reaches its wet climax. by alexander tzara07/18/01

Rachel's Revenge

 — Mother pays dearly for seducing daughter's men. by jay.palin04/04/064.45

Racing Towards Love Pt. 01

 — A Chance Encounter. by SierraSprite07/13/164.58HOT

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