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Connecting Rod Ch. 09

 — Shelly's story. by coaster208/21/094.75HOT

Connecting Rod Ch. 10

 — A new direction and looking back. by coaster208/20/094.85HOT

Conqueror's Rise

 — The ship gets a captain, a Hephlan goes mad. by Kansascript08/24/104.28

Conquest at Sea

 — A tale of a lord of the sea and a maiden. by panama trick01/03/084.64HOT


 — Gina was in no rush to open the envelope her Sir had left. by DonBrown02/15/183.53

Consequences, Marie Ch. 02

 — The marriage ended. There were consequences. by Scorpio4408/28/084.71HOT

Construction Team

 — She gets a mouthful. by whbonney01/10/113.72

Continue The Legacy

 — Wealthy lesbian woman befriends and helps a homeless woman. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/23/10HOT

Contract of Leather: Ch.1

 — Janna is taken to the palace of Prince Ajan. by LadyTabitha06/20/014.36

Control Ch. 01

 — Her world is Internet sadism; who will save her? by H. Jekyll09/12/064.26

Control Ch. 01

 — A young woman's search for her sexual identity. by harrlequin01/15/094.29

Control Ch. 02

 — Her world is Internet sadism. Who will save her? by H. Jekyll09/14/064.23

Control Ch. 02

 — Her search for identity continues. by harrlequin01/18/094.24

Control Ch. 03

 — Life and death on the website. by H. Jekyll09/18/064.47

Control Ch. 03

 — The aftermath. by harrlequin02/13/094.09

Control Ch. 04

 — The Box: Save Anne if you can. by H. Jekyll09/21/064.32

Control Ch. 04

 — Discoveries. by harrlequin02/19/094.50HOT

Control Ch. 05

 — Aftermath: after domination, after saving, after everything. by H. Jekyll09/24/064.45

Conversations with Amy (All)

 — Amy makes a number of discoveries. by Brookell05/24/084.81HOT

Conversion to Perversion Ch. 01

 — Carla's erotic odyssey begins with lessons from Nicolette. by BrettJ02/25/164.24

Cookies & Cream Ch. 01

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot. by RoseNostagia8803/02/164.38

Cookies & Cream Ch. 02

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot. by RoseNostagia8806/12/164.29

Cookies & Cream Ch. 03

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/05/164.92HOT

Cookies & Cream Ch. 04

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/06/164.82HOT

Cookies & Cream Ch. 05

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/07/164.62

Cookies & Cream Ch. 06

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/08/164.38

Cookies & Cream Ch. 07

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/18/164.22

Cookies & Cream Ch. 08

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8808/08/164.22

Cookies & Cream Ch. 09

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8810/31/164.00

Cookies & Cream Ch. 10

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8812/01/164.50

Cookies & Cream Ch. 11

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8812/05/164.60

Cookies & Cream Ch. 12

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8801/08/175.00

Cookies & Cream Ch. 13

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8803/14/174.67

Cookies & Cream Ch. 14

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8803/27/175.00

Cookies & Cream Ch. 15

 — Epic Camp Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8804/21/174.50

Cookies & Cream Ch. 16

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8807/31/174.50

Cookies & Cream Ch. 17

 — Epic Camping Adventure with ice cream to boot! by RoseNostagia8810/19/175.00

Corner Table

 — Laura is deeply hurt, but finds healing. by Moondrift10/28/054.72HOT

Corporate Ladder

 — Gary and his sister do more than run Dad's business. by Sport777703/02/044.50HOT

Corporate Party Turns Wild Sex Orgy

 — Prim and proper wife sexually abused, used, and gangbanged. by SusanJillParker12/26/12HOT

Count On Me Ch. 1

 — Handsome cowboy Joey wants to get home to Becky. by Manjaro_Eve02/09/02

Country Doctor Ch. 01

 — A rural community loves their family Doctor. by Don Grampa11/10/054.66HOT

Country Doctor Ch. 02

 — Young man takes over for retired family Doctor. by Don Grampa11/11/054.68HOT

Country Doctor: A Prelude

 — Physical exams thrill both the doctor and the patient. by Don Grampa05/14/064.62HOT

Country Lovin' Ch. 01

 — Group of friends in the south indulging in their fantasies. by NAhopkins10/30/113.70

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 01

 — Shy virgin marries the love of her life. by JuneSummers11/17/114.61HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 02

 — Lizzy falls for an older man. by JuneSummers11/20/114.63HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 03

 — Abby is seduced by a stranger. by JuneSummers12/13/114.76HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 04

 — Two brothers for two sisters. by JuneSummers03/12/124.87HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 05

 — Abby and Thomas make a new start. by JuneSummers06/04/124.78HOT

Courtship by Proxy

 — A secret woman uses proxies to win the man she loves. by BobbyBrandt04/05/154.64HOT

Coven Ch. 01

 — Enter 4 witches-to-be. by Lucifer_Carroll05/24/043.61

Crapshoot Ch. 01

 — A deadbeat loses his wife to the house. by Art Martin12/03/034.25

Crapshoot Ch. 02

 — A deadbeat loses his wife to the house. by Art Martin12/10/034.33

Crapshoot Ch. 03

 — She loses it all this time. by Art Martin12/11/034.53HOT

Crapshoot Ch. 04

 — A deadbeat loses his wife to the house. by Art Martin12/16/034.37

Crapshoot Ch. 05

 — Nick collects his winnings. by Art Martin12/21/034.49

Crapshoot Ch. 06

 — Judy gets it in spades. by Art Martin12/23/034.43

Crapshoot Ch. 07

 — Judy becomes the star of the show. by Art Martin01/02/044.42

Creamy Island Ch. 01

 — The girl with a secret. by AsheramL11/18/174.52HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 02

 — A Long, Long Day. by AsheramL11/27/174.54HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 03

 — A day without classes turns into something a bit more. by AsheramL12/01/174.61HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 04

 — Aiya's secret is now out of the bag. by AsheramL12/05/174.67HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 05

 — Aiya and Tasha open up to each other. by AsheramL12/08/174.68HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 06

 — The holidays arrive much to Tasha and Aiya's resentment. by AsheramL12/15/174.44

Creamy Island Ch. 07

 — Tasha leads Aiya on a wonderful night of debauchery. by AsheramL12/21/174.78HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 08

 — Aiya begins to fall more into her role as Tasha's Mistress. by AsheramL12/28/174.76HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 09

 — Christmas arrives. by AsheramL12/30/174.69HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 10

 — Aiya acts out in class in a dangerous way. by AsheramL01/04/184.57HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 11

 — Aiya claims one more. by AsheramL01/07/184.34

Creamy Island Ch. 12

 — A previous threat turns into a promise. by AsheramL01/11/184.63HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 13

 — Tasha and Aiya finally meet the Dean. by AsheramL01/17/184.67HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 14

 — Aiya discovers unfamiliar tenderness from a few classmates. by AsheramL01/29/184.74HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 15

 — What could go wrong in a cramped airplane? by AsheramL02/01/184.72HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 16

 — A field trip turns into more than a vacation. by AsheramL02/05/184.58HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 17

 — The darkness of the island is finally revealed. by AsheramL02/10/184.50HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 18

 — Aiya's backstory unfolds from the least expected person. by AsheramL02/16/184.56HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 19

 — Aiya is given a more 'personal' tour of the facility. by AsheramL02/20/184.38

Creamy Island Ch. 20

 — Bitch Breaking 101. by AsheramL02/27/184.67HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 21

 — Aftermath. by AsheramL03/05/184.67HOT

Creamy Island Ch. 22

 — Aiya is given a more personal tour by the Doctor. by AsheramL03/08/184.25

Creamy Island Ch. 23

 — Aiya's darkness returns with a vengeance. by AsheramL03/14/184.36

Creamy Island Ch. 24

 — The Doctor begins to learn the depths of Ayla's sadism. by AsheramL03/20/184.38

Creamy Island Ch. 25

 — Renovations to the island ramp up production. by AsheramL03/22/184.00

Creamy Island Ch. 26

 — Tensions grow between Ayla and the Doctor. by AsheramL03/27/184.12

Creamy Island Ch. 27

 — Ayla makes her move... by AsheramL04/05/184.07

Creamy Island Ch. 28

 — A familiar face is retrieved by AsheramL04/09/184.15

Creamy Island Ch. 29

 — Ayla finds some new prey as she begins to build her harem. by AsheramL04/12/184.18

Creamy Island Ch. 30

 — Another one becomes nothing more than a toy. by AsheramL04/19/183.93

Creamy Island Ch. 31

 — Alex is subjected to Ayla's darkest cruelty yet. by AsheramL05/11/183.64

Creamy Island Ch. 32

 — Running a company isn't easy. by AsheramL05/15/184.00

Creating Family

 — We had already loved each other for many years. by Scorpio44a02/09/094.62HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 01

 — The back story for the original Crime and Punishment story. by RichardGerald10/19/174.48

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 02

 — How Steven won the Hamilton case. by RichardGerald10/25/174.58HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 03

 — A priest dies and Susan gets a proposal. by RichardGerald11/04/174.45

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 04

 — Steven encounters a new opponent, and Susan gains a rival. by RichardGerald11/17/174.69HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 05

 — Susan has boyfriend trouble. by RichardGerald12/11/174.65HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 06

 — Lynda changes Jobs and Steven faces an old issue. by RichardGerald12/29/174.55HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 07

 — Chapter Seven, Susan takes action and Steven is followed. by RichardGerald03/22/184.61HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 08

 — Jimmy knows who has the file, and Susan learns the truth. by RichardGerald03/27/184.67HOT

Crime & Punishment: The Prequel Ch. 09

 — Susan tries to get her Husband back, but others plan murder. by RichardGerald04/11/184.75HOT

Crime and Punishment

 — A kinky look into the future. by zeta51511/25/114.32

Criminal Affair

 — Sgt Jill Simpson's dual lives as a cop and a slut collide. by CaffeineFetish12/28/174.65HOT

Criminal Affair Pt. 02

 — Jill helps solve a case, and resists her urges with Derek. by CaffeineFetish01/16/184.58HOT

Criminal Affair Pt. 03

 — A new case shakes Jill while she considers being a detective. by CaffeineFetish04/18/184.70HOT

Crimson and Ivory

 — Together sisters discover passion & with help - lust. by RedHairedandFriendly01/08/134.70HOT

Crinolines and Leather Ch. 01

 — Victorian themed erotica set in a brothel. by OliviaAyre06/10/154.34

Crinolines and Leather Ch. 02

 — Victorian themed erotica in a brothel: Edward meets Olivia. by OliviaAyre06/19/154.48

Crinolines and Leather Ch. 03

 — Victorian themed: lesbian encounter leads to a threesome. by OliviaAyre07/27/154.50HOT

Crowned Doves Ch. 01

 — Love, sex, and intrigue at the court of Charlemagne. by gottschalk0307/19/084.10

Crucifix: Longing Ch. 01

 — Meet Erin, her love, her ecstacy, her anguish. by Browniepoints07/31/064.21

Crucifix: Longing Ch. 02

 — Discover his first, his current, his sister. by Browniepoints08/15/064.42

Crucifix: Longing Ch. 03

 — Therapy begins and dreams awaken a burning desire. by Browniepoints08/27/064.40

Crucifix: Longing Ch. 04

 — William's showers, Vicki's tension, Erin's release. by Browniepoints10/05/064.43

Crucifix: Longing Ch. 05

 — Desire and deceit; two dangerous things, one outcome. by Browniepoints11/25/064.54HOT

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 01

 — Husband is a cuckold on a cruise ship. by Angelscuck10/03/093.77

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Bride exposes herself at pool and flirts with waiter. by Angelscuck10/05/093.86

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Bride gets gangfucked on a cruise ship. by Angelscuck10/13/093.69

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Husband and wife are seduced on a cruise ship. by Angelscuck10/15/093.88

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 05

 — Husband is a cuckold on a cruise ship. by Angelscuck10/16/094.14

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 06

 — After being cuckold, he is prepared to serve captain's wife. by Angelscuck10/22/093.91

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 07

 — Husband pays the price for losing the bet. by Angelscuck10/31/094.16

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 08

 — Husband and wife pay off a lost bet. by Angelscuck11/05/094.16

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 09

 — Couple provide entertainment at Captain's party. by Angelscuck01/30/104.05

Cruising Ch. 01

 — My first BBW cruise. Pre trip. by Tetris0782809/13/164.30

Cruising Ch. 02

 — My first BBW cruise. Sunday - All aboard! by Tetris0782809/15/164.77HOT

Cruising Ch. 03

 — My first BBW cruise. Monday - The first "fun" day at sea. by Tetris0782809/16/164.64HOT

Cruising Ch. 04

 — My first BBW cruise. Tuesday - Grand Cayman. by Tetris0782809/16/164.72HOT

Cruising Ch. 05

 — My first BBW cruise. Wednesday - Cozumel. by Tetris0782809/17/164.56HOT

Cruising Ch. 06

 — My first BBW cruise. Thursday - Belize. by Tetris0782809/19/164.58HOT

Cruising Ch. 07

 — My first BBW cruise. Friday - Mahogany Bay. by Tetris0782809/21/164.75HOT

Cruising Ch. 08

 — My first BBW cruise. Saturday - The last "fun" day at sea. by Tetris0782809/22/164.72HOT

Cruising Ch. 09

 — My first BBW cruise. Sunday - Departure through Epilogue. by Tetris0782809/23/164.67HOT

Crushing on Kurt Ch. 01

 — Red Hot Flashing. by frisky_feline11/11/16

Crushing on Kurt Ch. 02

 — Sweet Pussy Juice. by frisky_feline11/16/16

Crystal Passion Ch. 01

 — Crystal Passion and her band tour America in the 1990s by bradley_stoke02/14/163.78

Crystal Passion Ch. 02

 — The Crystal Passion band go to a wild Rock sex party. by bradley_stoke02/18/164.14

Crystal Passion Ch. 03

 — Crystal Passion performs solo at a Rock gig. by bradley_stoke02/25/164.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 04

 — Crystal Passion play Philadelphia. by bradley_stoke03/02/164.75

Crystal Passion Ch. 05

 — Simon helps Crystal Passion out in Boston. by bradley_stoke03/13/165.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 06

 — Veronica Wilson entertains Crystal and Pebbles at her home. by bradley_stoke03/18/164.25

Crystal Passion Ch. 07

 — Crystal Passion tour Detroit. by bradley_stoke03/23/164.50

Crystal Passion Ch. 08

 — Crystal Passion play at a Feminist Music Festival. by bradley_stoke04/01/165.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 09

 — Crystal Passion's second gig at the Women's Music Festival. by bradley_stoke04/06/165.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 10

 — Crystal Passion are busted in West Virginia. by bradley_stoke04/15/165.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 11

 — Crystal Passion rock the Carolinas. by bradley_stoke04/21/164.75

Crystal Passion Ch. 12

 — Crystal Passion's second gig in Rock Hill is a disaster. by bradley_stoke04/28/164.40

Crystal Passion Ch. 13

 — The tragic death of Crystal Passion. by bradley_stoke05/05/164.00

Crystal Passion Ch. 14

 — Crystal Passion comes back from the dead. by bradley_stoke05/11/164.67

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 12

 — J.J. & Jonelle make the most of a rainy Sunday. by D.C. Roi10/11/034.54HOT

Cuffed Ch. 01

 — A trip to the mall leaves the girl wanting more. by CrackedChaos11/26/154.13

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 01

 — The weird sexual goings-on around the neighborhood. by ZotDragon01/23/074.15

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 02

 — Neighborhood sexual goings-on continue. by ZotDragon01/24/074.45

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 03

 — The neighborhood sexual goings-on continue. by ZotDragon02/06/074.28

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 04

 — The sex continues around the neighborhood. by ZotDragon02/07/074.26

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 05

 — The sex and cum continues. by ZotDragon02/12/074.10

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 06

 — More sex around the neighborhood. by ZotDragon02/18/074.30

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 07

 — The story goes back to the first house. by ZotDragon02/25/074.31

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 08

 — A secret develops. by ZotDragon02/26/074.12

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 09

 — An unhappy conclusion. by ZotDragon03/04/074.16

Cum Scout Mother

 — Priscilla has camping experience that she'll never forget. by kinkynkazoo09/13/044.48

Cum-filled Surprise

 — Cum junkie shares her beginnings. by Giln07/21/074.26

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 02

 — The next spurt. by Giln07/22/073.96

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 03

 — Real spunk! by Giln08/03/074.27

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 04

 — Sharing the cum experience. by Giln08/12/074.18

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 05

 — An interlude. by Giln09/15/073.88

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 06

 — Once more, an interlude. by Giln10/08/074.00

Cumming Into The New Ch. 05

 — The pre-cumming to my tale's conclusion. by blqlite02/25/144.43

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 01

 — A modern look at Pysche's violation by Cupid & romance. by swingingpuss09/20/044.50HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 02

 — Melissa & Psyche arrive at the cabin. by swingingpuss09/25/044.58HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 03

 — Aphrodite arrives on the scene, and sets a task for Psyche by swingingpuss09/30/044.56HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 04

 — Melissa takes care of Psyche's father in more ways than one. by swingingpuss10/06/044.79HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 05

 — Harold encounters Aphrodite. by swingingpuss10/14/044.71HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 06

 — Cybil confesses her sexual needs to Kev. by swingingpuss10/24/044.73HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 07

 — Psyche shares the history of the magical mirror. by swingingpuss11/02/044.62HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 08

 — Psyche confronts her memories. by swingingpuss01/20/054.73HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 09

 — A fight between Psyche and Cybil. by swingingpuss08/19/084.33

Curse of the Were-tights Ch. 01

 — A dark fantasy tale involving a curse and pantyhose. by prettypolly10/10/104.07

Cursed Ch. 01

 — The taint of revenge spreads. by BettyBlue05/06/114.43

Cursed Ch. 02

 — The seed of self-fulfilling prophecy takes root. by BettyBlue05/12/114.44

Customer Service Rep

 — An office miscue turns interesting for all parties. by seat54210/25/074.53HOT

Cuthbert Racing

 — A wayward daughter gaining focus motivates people. by Egmont Grigor10/17/084.70HOT

Cynthia Stoneman

 — Mother discovers her lust for her daughter's boyfriend. by SpankerSam08/19/014.49

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 01

 — Cyrus' desire for a new dream. by rd_bombay09/04/104.46

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 02

 — The beginning of a new adventure. by rd_bombay09/11/104.58HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 03

 — Northland and fun with Natalie. by rd_bombay09/18/104.67HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 04

 — Bay of Islands and a boat cruise with Michelle. by rd_bombay09/23/104.71HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 05

 — Waipoua Forest and a night with Arianna. by rd_bombay10/24/104.67HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 06

 — Incredible Coromandel and the Incredible Jenny. by rd_bombay11/26/104.71HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 07

 — Wild Times with Danielle and Katie in Rotorua. by rd_bombay01/03/114.55HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 08

 — Taupo with feisty Brianna, then Turangi for some rest. by rd_bombay01/16/114.45

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 09

 — Hawke's Bay with two older women, Leah and Anusha. by rd_bombay04/03/114.63HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 10

 — The apprenticeship, passion with Adrianna, a night with Maya. by rd_bombay10/23/114.71HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 11

 — Southland to Christchurch, and a few intense nights. by rd_bombay02/27/124.62HOT

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 12

 — Finally back home and back to Priya. by rd_bombay04/20/124.64HOT

D'Orr's Ch. 2

 — She takes her part-time job to a different level. by obg09/27/024.69HOT

Daddy and Babygirl Plus Two

 — Stephanie and Alexis help them celebrate. by daddysgirl8306/15/104.16

Daddy and Little One Ch. 01

 — A relationship of mutual devotion. by bronzeage06/01/064.25

Daddy and Little One Ch. 02

 — Little One finds a new home. by bronzeage06/02/064.24

Daddy and Little One Ch. 03

 — New clothes for Little One. by bronzeage06/03/064.34

Daddy and Little One Ch. 04

 — Daddy gives Little One a bath. by bronzeage06/04/064.46

Daddy and Little One Ch. 05

 — Daddy takes care of himself. by bronzeage06/05/064.40

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