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Non-Erotic Stories

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Chris' Grief

 — Chris deals with the death of his parents.... by Hot_Housewife0302/25/032.93

Christmas Angel

 — Why is there an Angel on top of the Christmas tree. by Justtoold12/05/114.48

Christmas Conversation

 — Sometimes talking about it can help. by coaster212/17/074.31

Christmas Eve Visit

 — A sad Christmas tale. by jonthechaosman11/27/144.42

Christmas Memory

 — An unexpected visitor for Christmas. by WFEATHER12/17/084.33

Christmas Morning with the Kids

 — The best Christmas ever. by dirtyjoe6912/15/063.43

Christmas Overload

 — A second job can be one too many at Christmas. by olivias12/20/114.73HOT

Christmas Tryst

 — A Christmas fuck has unintended consequences. by Tadahel01/15/144.27

Christmas Visitor

 — Maybe it mattered. by humminbean12/01/094.73HOT

Christopher's story

 — One mother's decision to keep her baby. by nikki_nicole04/28/094.22

Chronicles of Vyrdos Ch. 01

 — A fantasy epic set in a world where belief is magic. by lexykhan10/01/174.39

Chronicles of Vyrdos Ch. 02

 — A fantasy epic set in a world where belief is magic. by lexykhan10/02/174.23


 — At church for the first time in a long time, he is surprised. by MungoParkIII08/14/074.04

Cindy's Cake

 — Was it just a campfire story? by RjThoughts07/19/123.94

Circles in Time

 — A glimpse of her routine. by Darchphayze11/23/013.67

Clark Kent or Superman? An Ending

 — One way it could have gone. by rpsuch03/24/054.00

Clash of the Divorcees

 — Sarah has some unfinished business with her ex husband. by LiamTrub11/09/162.19


 — Dark liberation. by EasyVie10/16/053.25

Closing The Circle

 — A young man finds the girl of his dreams. by Rambulator12/03/044.66HOT

Coal Miner Pt. 02

 — Brenda tells her story; Rob gets revenge. by DG Hear03/29/084.47

Coal Miner Pt. 04

 — Another mining accident; Rob has decisions to make. by DG Hear03/31/084.45

Cock, The Roach

 — Randalf and his sister start over in a new city. by cowboy10902/16/162.71

Coco Dynamo Ch. 01

 — The Introduction. by therealultimatedarkone10/21/093.25

Coco Dynamo Ch. 04

 — Interlude: Background info on magic and martial arts. by therealultimatedarkone10/28/09

Code Sign Omega

 — Wake up call from wasting my days locked in my room. by cowboy10901/13/163.70

Codex 01: Eye of the Abyss

 — Non-Erotic history of the Eye of the Abyss. by OrcDominion10/21/153.70

Codex 02: The Moon of Deznessuian

 — Companion piece to Elfin Descent Ch 01. Non-Erotic. by OrcDominion12/28/154.17

Coffee Bitter As Love

 — It was love but it had to end, didn't it? by DoctorSintax02/03/104.31

Coffee Nips Anonymous

 — Exceedingly silly superheroes battle the forces of evil. by ReverendAnimal06/19/105.00

Cold As Ice Ch. 02

 — Solution: a crime thwarted; a missing person found. by WifeWatchman06/19/154.78HOT

Cold Night Dreams

 — Her dreams take her into the rain. by vixen6211/19/074.33

Cold Steele

 — Matt takes on a blackmailer. by woodmanone03/11/124.79HOT

Cold Steele - and Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01

 — Matt Steele gets involved in a case of murder. by woodmanone05/16/154.70HOT

Cold Steele - and Mrs. Robinson Ch. 02

 — Matt investigates a case but he has no client. by woodmanone05/19/154.77HOT

Cold Steele - and Mrs. Robinson Ch. 03

 — Matt has an important client...himself. by woodmanone05/20/154.78HOT

Cold Steele - and Mrs. Robinson Ch. 04

 — Matt puts the case together. by woodmanone05/23/154.78HOT

Cold Steele - and Mrs. Robinson Ch. 05

 — The conclusion. by woodmanone05/25/154.80HOTContest Winner

Cold Steele---and Ice

 — Matt Steele is on another case. by woodmanone05/19/124.82HOT


 — Death Inc. by kilcannon08/12/104.19

College Hijinks

 — My first foray into the college party scene. by SumptuousAgony04/19/083.00

College Roommates Ch. 01: An Introduction

 — Two girls on their first day of college. by aspiringauthor1206/07/164.49

College Sex Diary Ch. 00

 — Sort of a prequel to this story. No sex though. by janevalenz08/29/044.50

College Sex Diary Ch. 01

 — One of few non-sexy chapters of her recent project. by janevalenz08/23/044.25

Colors Ch. 01

 — Smiley's dark story. by Joe Wordsworth09/21/043.93

Colors Ch. 02

 — Distraction and anatomy. by Joe Wordsworth09/21/044.62HOT

Colors Ch. 03

 — He took to the dark streets. by Joe Wordsworth09/23/044.57HOT

Colors Ch. 04

 — Recon starts seven stories up. by Joe Wordsworth09/23/044.60HOT

Colors Ch. 05

 — Part five: hot/cold. by Joe Wordsworth09/24/044.82HOT

Colors Ch. 06

 — Part six. by Joe Wordsworth09/25/044.90HOT

Colors Ch. 07

 — Smiley and mistakes. by Joe Wordsworth09/27/044.82HOT

Colors Ch. 8

 — Artie's story. by Joe Wordsworth09/28/044.64HOT

Combat Wounds

 — A raid into the trenches of the newly arrived Yanks. by 49greg06/12/134.52HOT

Combat Zone

 — It wasn't like waking up on a Saturday morning. by 49greg07/24/153.97

Coming Home

 — Anticipating Spring Break. by WFEATHER03/17/074.13

Coming Home For Christmas

 — The family gathers. by Just Plain Bob12/22/053.99

Coming of Age and Coming Out Ch. 02

 — Cathy and Tammy tell their friends they are lesbians. by JSMILWI09/03/134.04


 — A long journey ends. by phalcomb02/24/154.31


 — Lessons from another time. by Tara_Neale12/07/124.71HOT

Compensatory, Summary Justice!

 — A retired Marine officer seeks justice. by madengineer307/07/124.60HOT

Complete At Last

 — Are the problems in this romance solvable? by madengineer310/24/104.37

Complex Family Ch. 11.2

 — Tragedy heals Brandon and Leah's realtionship. by PaulStevens07/04/104.74HOT

Complex Family Ch. 13

 — Epilogue. by PaulStevens07/08/104.84HOT


 — Helen has to face up to her actions. by Just-Legal05/04/043.86


 — A story of friendship and betrayal. by quinnhemmingway01/20/022.00


 — A confessional of 'what ifs'. by MydnytRayn01/01/034.11

Confessions of a Paraplegic

 — How I have sex without a working penis. by Guitman6906/25/074.81HOT


 — I hate bullies. Always have. It went a little far. by GToast12/22/104.48

Confusion of Tongues

 — Step into my Parlor. by Rumpleteazer01/09/09


 — There's always a cost to be paid. by Bebop303/02/184.01

Conspiracy Theory Pt. 01

 — Who do you trust? by Starscream_UK09/19/084.69HOT

Conspiracy Theory Pt. 02

 — Further Developments. by Starscream_UK09/23/084.65HOT

Conspiracy Theory Pt. 03

 — The thriller's conclusion. by Starscream_UK09/26/084.72HOT

Consummation of the Past

 — A young man comes to terms with the pain of his past. by emptyness05/13/034.14


 — A moment of true communication. by Dillinger06/01/012.95


 — Finding peace in the little things. by meop7906/05/154.69HOT

Continuing On with My Life

 — Kids worry about dad after their mom's death. by DG Hear05/18/064.78HOT

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