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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Ladyboy for Master Hans (3.12)Poor tranny has a tough time! Fetish 01/25/16
A New Beginning (4.09)Slave Parrish never learns! BDSM 01/13/16
A Passel of Basils (3.69)Slave Basil takes his wife to an S&M convention. BDSM 10/07/06
A Quiet Dinner in Buttermilk Falls (3.33)Dinner with your dominant wife can be tricky in a restaurant. BDSM 02/13/16
A Wedding in Cathedral Heights (4.57)Sequel to "Love in Cathedral Heights".  Hot BDSM 12/31/03
A Weekend with Master Hans (3.21)Master Hans loves those recalcitrant husbands! BDSM 02/13/16
Addled Basil (3.21)Slave Basil is masturbating in a public restroom. BDSM 10/07/06
Adventures in Buttermilk Falls (2.57)Isaiah gets a new chance with Mistress Bootsie! BDSM 02/20/16
Adversity in Buttermilk Falls (3.56)Slaveboy Blume is mystified by his dominant wife! BDSM 02/25/16
After The Garden Party (3.67)He's teased to hs limits. BDSM 11/08/03
After The Super Bowl Party (2.83)When Scrip screws up, Marigold lets him know! BDSM 02/11/16
Altercations in Buttermilk Falls (1.89)Morse learns to be a proper submissive! BDSM 02/13/16
Ask Medusa (3.83)Medusa is the guru of the dominant wife! BDSM 02/11/16
Beach Life in Buttermilk Falls (3.91)At 19, Byron went to live with dominant Aunt Hattie! BDSM 02/17/16
Bully Training (3.20)The bully comes back to dominate his victim! BDSM 02/19/16
Cary's Closet (3.38)A perfect marriage! BDSM 11/02/03
Cary's Frustration (3.81)Will he ever cum? BDSM 11/04/03
Celeste's Chuckles (3.00)Allowing an orgasm can be tricky for the slave! BDSM 03/07/16
Celeste's Courier (3.46)Mistress sends her slave a package. BDSM 02/09/05
Celeste's Great Adventure (4.13)Taking your submissive hubby and your BF to the beach! BDSM 02/25/16
Celeste's Little Game (3.23)She ups things in Ted's training! BDSM 02/25/16
Celeste's Picnic (3.00)Taking your slave to a Polyamorous Picnic can get wild! BDSM 02/26/16
Chastitymomma (3.62)Irene doms her husband, and then also her adult stepson! BDSM 01/25/16
Creating a Monster (3.53)Bootsie introduces her husband to the Chastity Tube. BDSM 10/20/06
Cruel Master Hans (4.11)German Master whips tranny into shape! Fetish 01/18/16
Cruel Mistress Carnation (3.69)Carni is really the bee's knees as a Domme! BDSM 01/23/16
Dazzled Basil (4.40)Basil is teased and denied by his cruel wife, Lindy. BDSM 10/07/06
Decadence in Buttermilk Falls (3.50)That whole family dominance thing can be catchy! BDSM 02/17/16
Decisions in Buttermilk Falls (3.75)He didn't know what he'd get with Miss Thelma! BDSM 02/17/16
Depravity In Rhode Island (3.83)Girl doms best friend and her principal. BDSM 06/29/08
Dial-a-Domme (2.41)A novel way to hook up with a dominant girl! BDSM 01/25/16
Doctor and Domina (3.35)She's a medical doctor...and a Mistress! BDSM 01/13/16
Dolly's Python (4.20)His Master became a Mistress-transgender wise! Fetish 01/25/16
Dominant Housekeeper (4.20)Miss Spargrove keeps her couple in line! BDSM 02/11/16
EE EDGER (2.50)EE edges when he can't go to a dominatrix! BDSM 02/23/16
Elderly Submissive (3.65)Even at seventy, he loves obeying young women! BDSM 02/12/16
Eudora's Awakening (3.94)Eudora learns to be a female dominant. BDSM 10/07/06
Eustace, College President (3.50)Submissive College Presidents have interesting lives! BDSM 02/04/16
Evilmommie's Little Sperm Eater (3.46)She is a dominant wife who knows how to do it! BDSM 02/04/16
Eyesore (3.66)Eyesore is a humiliated female slavegirl. BDSM 10/07/06
Femdom Follies (2.93)Those dominant girls just don't fool around! BDSM 02/05/16
Further Depravity in Rhode Island (3.35)Pepper continues to dom Libby and her fiancee. BDSM 07/05/08
Generations of Slaveboys (3.57)Sub males through out years! BDSM 01/13/16
Gideon's Drama (4.09)Gideon at sixty, is still his sister's submissive! BDSM 02/11/16
Happy Days in Buttermilk Falls! (3.00)It's always good to have a support group... BDSM 02/13/16
Hassled Basil (3.90)Basil must submit to his wife's friends. BDSM 10/07/06
He Be Uncle Genesis (2.50)College janitor meets upper class slavepig. BDSM 02/04/16
Jakob's Ladder (3.00)A submissive college guy experiences all! BDSM 01/23/16
Jeremy's Women (1.89)His wife plays a naughty trick on him! BDSM 03/06/16
Jocko Trains Colin (3.56)Male Master, submissive husband, happy wife! BDSM 02/12/16
JoeBob, Submissive (3.50)Can he find the right Domme? BDSM 01/13/16
Julie's Triumph (3.22)She is happily chastizing a big shot. BDSM 01/25/16
Kysia Thinks It Over (2.75)She is cruel but to be kind! BDSM 01/17/16
Laughter in Buttermilk Falls (3.45)Slave Darrell has no chance against his secretary! BDSM 02/12/16
Letter from Ainsley Narrows (3.00)Mistress Brina and her Fool! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Annapolis (3.60)Poor Ponty and his German Domme! BDSM 12/23/15
Letter from Augusta (3.44)She keeps the boys in line! BDSM 12/22/15
Letter from Baton Rouge (3.50)An English Lord becomes a submissive in the deep South. BDSM 12/31/15
Letter from Boston (3.12)Franz is a playboy no more! BDSM 12/31/15
Letter from Buren City (4.27)Slave Gillian is a good wife! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Burlington (3.50)She shouldn't have submitted to Him in the first place! BDSM 12/16/15
Letter from Chicago (2.31)Noelle and Elgin make quite the femdom pair! BDSM 01/01/16
Letter from Coldstream Canyon (3.25)Can he be helped to find a Domme of his dreams? BDSM 01/01/14
Letter from Dayton (3.62)From a Young Male Master of Naughty Boys! BDSM 01/01/16
Letter from Eisengrim Township (4.00)Mistress Brearly and her evils. BDSM 01/01/16
Letter from Emoryville (4.33)A sad, submissive football player! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Fort Worth (2.60)Poor Slave Cleo! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Good Hope Road (3.38)He is a happy Male Master! BDSM 01/07/16
Letter from Hartford (3.00)The submissive drug lord! BDSM 01/26/16
Letter From Hobson Bend (2.25)Can Lionel take being stapled to the floor by his dick? BDSM 03/08/16
Letter from Ithaca (3.00)Sissies have it bad! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Ivy Hill (3.67)What a bad girl! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Jarretsburg (4.17)He hired a Master and Mistress. BDSM 12/29/15
Letter from Jefferson City (3.56)Licia, dominant wife! BDSM 01/18/16
Letter from Los Angeles: Ms. Scunt (x.xx)Ms.Scunthorpe tells how she doms! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter From McLean Province (3.00)The writer has a girlfriend who has become a dom monster! BDSM 05/26/14
Letter from Missoula (2.78)She has a diary of some powerful submission. BDSM 03/15/16
Letter from Naylor Gardens (4.31)The Dominant Landlady! BDSM 01/08/16
Letter from Oswego (3.25)Poor Slave Carter! BDSM 01/09/16
Letter From Palo Alto (3.82)She's not going to let him cum, and worse! BDSM 11/03/08
Letter From Portland (3.88)Why is he always a slave to these women? BDSM 01/28/09
Letter from Raleigh (3.67)Mistress Pebbles is in Command! BDSM 01/09/16
Letter from Ravenswood Bluff (3.67)Mistress Jessamyn tells all. BDSM 01/09/16
Letter from Santa Monica (2.83)Wow, a female submissive! BDSM 01/28/16
Letter from Sherier Place (3.00)The dominant ladies of the Keeplock Club! BDSM 01/09/16
Letter From St. Louis (2.29)He rented to a domme! BDSM 01/25/16
Letter From Tacoma (2.00)A Submissive Ringmaster! BDSM 01/25/16
Letter from Tampa (3.81)He doms men and women for money! BDSM 12/02/08
Letter from Teehan Creek (4.57)A few words from Mistress Felicity. Fetish 01/25/16
Letter from Toledo (3.57)He let his wife find him a Chastity Keyholder! BDSM 03/20/16
Letter From Topeka (2.00)the dom wife don't fool around! BDSM 01/25/16
Letter from Tulsa (2.62)Gumball Chastity! BDSM 01/09/16
Letter from Turkey Thicket (3.33)Husband training in the Heartlands! BDSM 02/25/16
Letter from Vancouver (2.29)Conrad, the Canadian Cuckold. BDSM 01/09/16
Letter from Vines Village (2.86)The story of Mistress Gertrude. BDSM 01/09/16
Living Large in Buttermilk Falls! (3.67)Mistress Bootsie knows how to train her husband! BDSM 02/13/16
Love In Cathedral Heights (4.20)A different tease/denial love story. BDSM 11/09/03
Marigold Tells the Truth (2.71)She is a Domme to Fear! BDSM 02/07/16
Master Entworth (4.00)He is a 22-year-old Male Master. BDSM 02/12/16
Master Knows Best (3.29)Master Shane is a Chastity King. BDSM 02/07/16
Master's Boy (3.12)Master writes to slave's Mistress. BDSM 01/26/16
Meditations in Buttermilk Falls (3.00)He turned his life over to Mistress Blythe! BDSM 02/13/16
Miles's Conundrums: 9 Part Series
Miles's Conundrums (3.93)Dominant wife, handsome roommate, hubby hell! BDSM 07/08/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 02 (3.95)And the story goes on! BDSM 07/09/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 03 (3.74)Miles falls yet further. BDSM 07/12/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 04 (4.19)As I was finishing up the leaves after my whipping... BDSM 07/14/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 05 (3.88)And it gets worse for Miles! BDSM 07/20/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 06 (4.33)More and more for Miles! BDSM 07/21/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 07 (4.30)Can Miles survive marital counseling as well? BDSM 07/23/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 08 (3.88)The depravity continues for poor cuckold Miles. BDSM 08/12/08
Miles's Conundrums Ch. 09 (3.33)The Conclusion of the Miles story. BDSM 08/24/08
Miles's Counseling (2.00)More of our hero from "Miles's Conundrums" BDSM 03/08/16
Military Wife Ch. 01 (3.76)Dee whips her husband to move up the promotional ladder. BDSM 07/16/06
Miss Andi (3.86)Can a robot dominate a human? BDSM 01/13/16
Mistress: 9 Part Series
Mistress Cindy (2.92)She makes movies of her slaveboy. BDSM 01/23/16
Mistress Del! (3.00)She's a unique Goddess! BDSM 02/12/16
Mistress Di (3.47)She makes her poor hubby cry! BDSM 01/23/16
Mistress Gemma and Master Mapes! (3.30)Together they put poor Tim through his paces! BDSM 01/24/16
Mistress Ivy (2.80)The best Keyholder Ever! BDSM 01/27/16
Mistress Lindsey (3.39)She knows how to make Braden jump! BDSM 01/24/16
Mistress Myriam of Buttermilk Falls (3.00)She is an effective domme! BDSM 02/13/16
Mistress Sage (3.04)She dominates all the men in the area! BDSM 01/18/16
Mistress Scarlett's Politicians (2.20)Who is behind the power? BDSM 02/13/16
More Depravity in Rhode Island (3.65)The further adventures of Pepper. BDSM 07/04/08
Mum's Adult Slave Son! (2.87)Mummie rules her adult slave kids! Incest/Taboo 02/07/16
Mummie's Chauffer (2.80)the characters from "Mummie's Hair" and more femdom! BDSM 02/22/16
Mummie's Hair (4.04)Bobbie can comb her hair--for a price. BDSM 02/06/05
Mummy's in Charge (3.22)She rules her adult sons and husband! Incest/Taboo 02/09/16
Obedience Training (3.61)It's tough being locked up down there! BDSM 01/18/16
Observations of Buttermilk Falls (2.40)Cy, the slaveboy and his dommes! BDSM 03/08/16
Oh, My Karin: 3 Part Series
Oh, My Karin (4.37)Karin's tease/denial of her poor fiancee. BDSM 10/28/03
Oh, My Karin Ch. 02 (3.75)More of Karin & Robbie. Incest/Taboo 11/08/03
Oh, My Karin Ch. 03 (3.94)The teasing. The bondage. The chastity! BDSM 11/09/03
Pain of the Goblin (1.00)They call him the Goblin, but he's just another slaveboy. BDSM 01/28/16
Pam's Home (2.91)She is the devil...he knows it. BDSM 05/19/16
Pleasing Master Hans (3.69)The Congressman meets his match! BDSM 02/19/16
Results of the New Arrangement (2.36)Our hero from "The New Arrangement" is learning to live! BDSM 01/18/16
Robillard's Pain (3.64)Robillard is punished by sexy Cousin Autumn! BDSM 12/17/15
Sadie's Education (3.95)Sadie learns to be a Domme from her teacher. BDSM 02/06/05
Secrets of Buttermilk Falls (3.29)About Slave Ellis and his dominant and submissive friends! BDSM 02/01/16
Sedley, Schoolmaster (4.11)Sedley is punished as a student and a schoolmaster. Gay Male 07/16/06
Shouldn't I Get to Cum? (3.70)Slave Lamb can't cum no matter how hard he tries. BDSM 12/31/03
Slave Birdie (3.29)When he turned 19, Birdie went to live with his cruel aunt! BDSM 01/24/16
Slave Chavis (2.90)He is ruled by Miss Hooks! BDSM 01/23/16
Slave Phoebe (2.95)She is terrified of her Mistress! BDSM 01/24/16
Slave Spalding (2.58)When he turned 19, he became Mom's slave! BDSM 02/12/16
Spalding and The Cheerleader (2.92)Poor College boy, dommed by Mom! BDSM 02/22/16
Stuart's Psychologist (3.47)Marriage counselor cures that nasty self-abuse habit! BDSM 02/01/16
Stuart's Secretary (2.91)He hired a Master who made the young lawyer jump! BDSM 02/19/16
Stuart, Celibate (3.57)Stuart is enslaved by his 19-year-old paperboy! BDSM 02/01/16
Submissive Judge-Slave! (3.10)A slave Judge and his dominant twentysomething daughter! Incest/Taboo 02/27/16
Sugarlips (3.41)He must sexually service his wife's friends. BDSM 10/07/06
Tali's Torment (3.53)Yes, it's great when your phone no. is on bathroom walls! BDSM 02/20/16
Tali's Training (4.08)What happens when a Prosecutor is dommed by a Felon? BDSM 02/20/16
Tease Island (4.07)The resort island for Orgasm Denial! Fetish 03/06/16
Teasing My Husband (2.76)She's unfaithful and quite cruel. BDSM 02/12/16
Ted & Celeste (3.38)A story of erotic teasing. Erotic Couplings 11/02/03
Tempestuous Telemarketer (2.50)She'll do whatever it takes to get sales! BDSM 02/19/16
Thank You Master Hans (3.44)Master Hans trains naughty young men! BDSM 02/19/16
The Advertisement (2.00)the poor sucker asked for it--actually advertised for pain! BDSM 03/06/16
The Amazon (3.50)She loves her little slaveboy. BDSM 02/09/16
The Blind Domme (1.00)Story of Blind Mistress Kyra! BDSM 12/18/15
The Burning Brother's Grimm! (3.22)Jared reunites with his dominant foster brother! BDSM 02/09/16
The Chaste Crusader (3.30)A superhero is in chastity to a super-villainess! Celebrities 02/29/16
The Chastity Cube (2.82)Mistress Santiva's happy family! BDSM 01/23/16
The Craftsman (3.50)He makes the toys that bdsm couples need! BDSM 01/13/16
The Enslaved Professor (2.78)A professor is enslaved by many women! BDSM 02/23/16
The Exacting Miss Pratt! (2.56)She dominates men, and women, with vigor! BDSM 01/18/16
The Group House (3.29)Slave Kim goes through the mill after she's exposed! BDSM 01/23/16
The Hairdresser (3.67)Breezy lives it up! BDSM 02/09/16
The Humiliation (2.05)Birdie realizes college girls are terrifying! BDSM 02/23/16
The Little Olympics (4.30)This is a Little Shop story about their BDSM Olympics. BDSM 01/19/07
The Little Shop: 6 Part Series
The Little Shop Ch. 01 (4.03)What goes on in a BDSM Leather Shop. BDSM 10/07/06
The Little Shop Ch. 02 (3.83)More BDSM adventures at the Little Shop. BDSM 10/08/06
The Little Shop Ch. 03 (3.07)Yet more adventures at the Little Shop & Kennel. BDSM 10/09/06
The Little Shop Ch. 04 (4.67)What happens when they rent out an android? BDSM 01/10/07
The Little Shop Ch. 05 (4.50)More about Melinda 109, the Little Shop Android! BDSM 01/11/07
The Little Shop Ch. 06 (4.00)The Melinda 109 android conclusion! BDSM 01/06/16
The Magazine Article (2.86)Yes, it's a tough business, curing bad habits! BDSM 02/10/16
The Pincushion (3.00)A dominant wife gets evil ideas! BDSM 02/25/16
The Plant Girl (2.43)A young Domme grows up. BDSM 02/01/16
The Search (4.11)Where to find a dominant wife? BDSM 01/13/16
The Story of Indio (3.00)A college student becomes a male dominant of other men. Gay Male 01/18/16
The Superbowl Party (3.80)Submissive men have it hard with the divine Miss M! BDSM 02/12/16
The Support Group (3.89)Men in chastity have a discussion! BDSM 02/13/16
The Tutor of Buttermilk Falls (3.00)Mistress Fanchon raises some heck! BDSM 01/24/16
The Ventriloquist: 2 Part Series
The Ventriloquist (4.33)A submissive Ventriloquist is dommed by his dummy. Humor & Satire 07/26/06
The Ventriloquist Pt. 02 (2.43)What was it like to be married to the Ventriloquist? BDSM 02/12/16
The Video Hood (3.13)What a weird BDSM device for a chaste slave hubby. BDSM 01/18/16
Tough Love: 3 Part Series
Tough Love (3.46)Wife is too sick to domme, so she gets hubby's buddy! BDSM 03/21/09
Tough Love Ch. 02 (4.01)Sub hubby's best friend helps to dominate him! BDSM 03/26/09
Tough Love Ch. 03 (4.04)Geneva's view of the situation. BDSM 05/24/09
Tremplin's Pain (3.09)Tremplin Duddingstone, wrists and ankles bound... BDSM 01/23/16
Trials of Timothy (4.00)Timothy is an unfortunate submissive! BDSM 01/24/16
Visions in Buttermilk Falls (2.50)Turning an unsuspecting graduate student into a slave-pig! BDSM 02/13/16
Zenith's Humiliation (3.34)Her Master humiliates her at the family reunion! Incest/Taboo 01/13/16
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