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Decayed Angel
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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

"50 Word" Hypnosis (3.61)Fifteen fifty word stories on hypnosis. Mind Control 12/21/06
"Gasoline" Special (4.14)A scam to get sex from women backfires when "he" walks in. Gay Male 06/22/06
15 Seconds to Life (2.96)Was it rape? Or something else? NonConsent/Reluctance 05/23/06
24 Degrees (3.51)The cold weather changed our romantic plans a bit. Romance 12/16/06
8-7-6-5-4 Countdown (3.28)Don discovers a few kinks he never realized he had. Group Sex 11/28/06
A Climactic Buffet (3.56)Charles and Charlene cut a wide swath through the crowd. Erotic Couplings 11/02/06
A Cubicle Conversation: 17 Part Series
A Cubicle Conversation (4.00)Overhearing a phone sex call, I take a peek and get a show. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/11/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 02 (4.08)Carla proposes some additional peeking fun. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/13/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 03 (4.07)Carla brings a friend into the show. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/22/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 04 (4.48)Even during a busy work day Carla lets me watch. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/25/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 05 (4.51)Had they gone too far? He gives Carla a show, but...  Hot Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/02/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 06 (4.34)Disregarding my advice, Carla and Angie get together at work. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/07/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 07 (3.89)The consequences of Carla's and Angie's show. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/12/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 08 (4.36)I meet the recently fired Carla in the parking garage and... Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/13/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 09 (4.43)An enticing email from Carla. Letters & Transcripts 08/31/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 10 (4.27)Going down on a ride up the St. Louis Arch. Letters & Transcripts 09/01/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 11 (4.26)Carla describes her descent back down to Earth. Letters & Transcripts 09/02/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 12 (4.29)Carla takes to the air, with two college guys. Letters & Transcripts 09/08/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 13 (4.33)An email from Ralph describes an airport scene with Angie. Letters & Transcripts 09/12/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 14 (4.34)Ralph returns the favor to Angie while on the plane. Letters & Transcripts 09/13/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 15 (4.04)In Texas you simply don't fuck in the Alamo. Letters & Transcripts 09/21/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 16 (4.11)"I tell you, I will never forget the Alamo." Letters & Transcripts 09/22/06
A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 17 (3.60)"Alamo Exhibitionists" apprehended by Homeland Security. Letters & Transcripts 10/07/06
A Fucking Ass of a White Christmas (3.41)Heat wave & broken air conditioner leads to sweat. Anal 11/23/06
A Kitty Hawk: 2 Part Series
A Kitty Hawk (4.31)I swooped down on her, his arms swirling under her legs. Mature 10/14/06
A Kitty Hawk Ch. 02 (4.54)I saw another hawk soaring proudly through the clearing sky.  Hot Mature 10/15/06
A Legal Romance (4.19)Two lawyers discuss romance and sex. Humor & Satire 04/09/06
A Peek from the Hedgerow (3.06)It was the hearty mead that set him chasing. Illustrated 12/29/06
A Rape in the Belfry: 10 Part Series
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 01 (3.49)It all started so innocently. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/04/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 02 (3.70)The insanity just wouldn't stop. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/05/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 03 (3.84)The accuser is cross-examined. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/06/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 04 (3.36)Thing get steadily worse in the courtroom. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/07/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 05 (3.82)His clothes were stamped Property of Onion Creek Penitentiary. Gay Male 11/08/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 06 (4.05)He gets to know cellmate Rocco much, much better. Gay Male 11/09/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 07 (4.05)Reality of situation in the prison came back to him. Gay Male 11/10/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 08 (4.07)Out, and then in again. Gay Male 11/11/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 09 (4.00)He and Rocco took a ride in the police cruisers. Gay Male 11/12/06
A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 10 (4.10)He and Rocco finally celebrate at home. Gay Male 11/13/06
A Review of "Being Ron Jeremy" (4.37)A fun parody of "Being John Malkovich" & spoof of porn films. Reviews & Essays 07/12/06
A Review of “Breaking the Waves” (4.38)Film is a "Loving Wives" tale that blurs right & wrong.  Editor's Pick Reviews & Essays 06/17/06
A Review of “Hotel Porn” (3.20)A review of "Doing Brianna" a hotel pay-per-view movie. Reviews & Essays 08/01/06
A Review of Whores for Gloria (3.20)William T. Vollman's novel from the depths of San Francisco. Reviews & Essays 08/23/06
A Sacred Prayer (3.33)To the rhythm of the dance, their love became prayer. Romance 11/12/06
A Shot in the Dark (3.94)It started with a shot in the dark, our meeting in the diner. Romance 12/16/06
Add Some Real Power to Your Jacking (3.76)Make the most of porn with repeated orgasms. How To 05/10/06
Always Hope (3.00)The questioning stirs up some memories. Erotic Horror 06/03/06
An Examination (3.60)She endures all for her worker's comp check. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/09/06
An Odd Sound Thru a Paper Thin Wall (3.40)A metallic whir and then a distinct click. Gay Male 08/15/06
And Again, a Review of Hotel Porn (4.27)We visit the adult film: The Contractors. Reviews & Essays 09/13/06
And Another Review of Hotel Porn (3.80)Hotel visit with the film "MILF and Cookies After School". Reviews & Essays 09/06/06
Another Review of “Hotel Porn” (3.67)At La Quinta with the film "Wicked Sex" starring Julia Ann. Reviews & Essays 08/15/06
Appointment (3.52)The jilted husband has his first meeting with the lawyer. Loving Wives 03/13/06
Arcology: Miniaturize or Die? (4.33)Arcology discussed as a solution to urban sprawl. Reviews & Essays 12/12/06
Assorted Grills (4.19)Did the sign in the store really say "Ass Girls?" Anal 03/11/06
At the Zoo (3.79)Sexual misconduct at the zoo? Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/19/06
Back on the Chain Gang (4.50)Ever get a song in your head & you just can't get rid of it?  Hot Humor & Satire 08/20/06
Ball Boy (3.13)An adventure as Anna Kournicova's ball boy. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/11/06
Banquet: 4 Part Series
Banquet (4.13)She was beautiful & turned out to be a surprising woman. Transgender & Crossdressers 11/30/06
Banquet Ch. 02 (4.39)Michael meets Carla to show her his surprise & gets one too. Transgender & Crossdressers 12/01/06
Banquet Ch. 03 (4.29)Michael and Carla get together in his hotel room. Transgender & Crossdressers 12/02/06
Banquet Ch. 04 (3.91)Michael and Carla wake up together. Transgender & Crossdressers 12/03/06
Barangrill (4.33)She drinks four Zombies and then tries for a fifth. NonHuman 12/02/06
Blood Lace (3.12)She shared her deepest, darkest fantasy. Erotic Horror 11/07/06
Blue Plate Special: 2 Part Series
Blue Plate Special (3.96)There's something extra on the Blue Plate Special. Anal 12/15/06
Blue Plate Special Ch. 02 (4.14)The Blue Plate Special really filled him up. Anal 12/16/06
Born Again (3.53)Scientific expedition yields incredible sexual discoveries. Illustrated 08/24/06
Bottled Up (3.66)A bottle cap releases the real Harry. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/14/06
Calling (3.80)His calling failed as children slipped through his fingers. Non-Erotic 09/29/06
Can You Count the Rain? (4.55)The death of the strange Oglala is seen in a vision.  Hot Non-Erotic 08/15/06
Carful Consideration (3.05)A nervous virgin discusses losing her virginity. First Time 12/09/06
Chess Club (3.44)Strange doings at the Chess Club Tournament. Humor & Satire 09/08/06
Crayons and Alexis (4.35)Alexis was colorful, but it went way beyond that. Mature 09/11/06
Damn Tourists (4.15)The dirt road was lined bumper to bumper with cars. Non-Erotic 10/12/06
Dancing with Mom: 3 Part Series
Dancing with Mom (4.30)He danced with his mother at the Christmas Party. Incest/Taboo 12/29/06
Dancing with Mom Ch. 02 (4.35)Mark finds his dad passed out and his mom in the shower. Incest/Taboo 12/30/06
Dancing with Mom Ch. 03 (4.32)They step out of the shower and mom bends over for him. Incest/Taboo 12/31/06
Dressing Room (3.36)Sure no one was watching, he slipped into the dressing room. Fetish 11/09/06
Driver Ernest (4.44)Harold & Mindy perform for Harold's wife in the backseat. Chain Stories 09/14/06
Ei 1644 (2.94)Some horrors can be worse than others. Erotic Horror 12/20/06
Elvis Swims! (3.90)“Hello Elvis,” she said as he walked to the lounge chair.  Editor's Pick First Time 09/29/06
Embrace (4.11)Jackson finds himself posing for a bit of exhibitionist art. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/13/06
Emma's Sin: 5 Part Series
Emma's Sin Ch. 01 (3.74)Jonathan was vexed, torn over what to do about his daughter. Toys & Masturbation 11/23/06
Emma's Sin Ch. 02 (4.00)Jonathan discusses Emma's sin with their preacher. Toys & Masturbation 11/23/06
Emma's Sin Ch. 03 (4.05)Following preacher's instructions Jonathan watches Emma sin. Toys & Masturbation 11/24/06
Emma's Sin Ch. 04 (3.71)Finally the surgeon comes to remove the sin from Emma. Toys & Masturbation 11/25/06
Emma's Sin Ch. 05 (4.02)Emma recovers from surgery and gets a new sister. Toys & Masturbation 11/26/06
Empty Nest (4.49)The quiet, lonely house has erotic possibilties. Erotic Couplings 01/08/06
Ethel's Exit Row: 2 Part Series
Ethel's Exit Row Ch. 01 (4.33)Marc finds that Ethel gets very horny when she flies. Mature 12/09/06
Ethel's Exit Row Ch. 02 (4.30)Ethel figures how Marc can reciprocate. Mature 12/10/06
Ethnic Minority Girl (3.88)I'm not sure what attracted me, I guess it was her hat. Interracial Love 09/21/06
Expense Account (4.33)The perks of having a nice expense account. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/20/06
Felching Fawn (4.33)Peeking in on my sister has tasty benefits. Incest/Taboo 12/30/06
Flight Plan (4.03)Twist to Allison's flight plan makes the trip worthwhile. Toys & Masturbation 03/03/06
Flu Shot (4.22)He gave something more than just a flu shot. Mature 11/08/06
Flying Blonde (4.42)He could see the beautiful blonde curls of the woman. Fetish 10/30/06
Foreplaystation: 5 Part Series
Foreplaystation 15 (3.54)It was well worth the wait for the latest games station. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/13/06
Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 02 (4.09)I take home my new game station and give it a try. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/14/06
Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 03 (3.79)After disaster with the old actress I try the 29 year old. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/15/06
Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 04 (4.08)Things go from bad to worse as the systems go nuts. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/16/06
Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 05 (4.05)My trip to return the game results in absolute chaos. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/17/06
Frogs Get Bored (4.25)Frogs get bored; even enchanted ones. Non-Erotic 12/12/06
Fuck You (3.83)He was only kidding, but then she said, "Okay." Text With Audio 07/10/06
Fucking Cyber (3.53)While cybering, he noticed something about his computer. NonHuman 11/12/06
Furniture (3.30)Quiet evening at home with wife & new furniture. BDSM 10/31/06
Gently Used Books (4.50)The smell and feel of the old books is indescribable.  Hot Fetish 12/18/06
Girls' Night Out: 2 Part Series
Girls' Night Out Ch. 01 (4.10)She was mesmerized by the enormous man's dance. Mind Control 12/18/06
Girls' Night Out Ch. 02 (4.50)Harold visits the strip club to thank the dancer in person.  Hot Mind Control 12/19/06
Gourmet Love (4.05)A romantic dinner with the man she loved. Romance 05/29/06
Her Hair (4.37)An absolute goddess stepped into the bar. Fetish 11/08/06
High-Pitched Soft Skin (4.17)His first inclination would be to get naked and dive in. NonHuman 10/19/06
Horse High and Pig Tight (4.59)He built his fences all the same: horse high, pig tight.  Editor's Pick  Hot Non-Erotic 10/12/06
How to Be a Female Breast (2.79)How can you be a female breast? It's an interesting question. How To 11/06/06
How to Just Get Kinky: 2 Part Series
How to Just Get Kinky (3.96)The ABCs of some pretty kinky stuff. How To 11/22/06
How to Just Get Kinky-er (4.16)The DEFs of some kinky and stinky stuff. How To 11/23/06
How to Just Get More Kinky: 2 Part Series
How to Just Get More Kinky (3.69)The GHIs of more kinky stuff. How To 11/24/06
How to Just Get More Kinky-er (3.76)The JKLMs of more kinky-er stuff. How To 11/25/06
How to Kinky and Get More (4.64)The NOPs of kinky and more.  Hot How To 11/26/06
How to Kinky-er and Get More (3.85)The QRSs of kinky and some common sense How To 11/27/06
How to Kinky-er or Just Weird Stuff (3.78)The TUs of kinky-er and weird stuff. How To 11/28/06
How to Kinky-er or More Weird Stuff (3.75)The VWXYZs of kinky-er and weird stuff. How To 11/29/06
How to Sweeten Up Your Cum (4.41)Some basic tips on varying the taste of your cum. How To 11/22/06
I Am a Cock (4.07)Honestly, an normal, usually flaccid, sometimes erect cock. Erotic Couplings 10/02/06
I Hate Christmas (4.02)A disgruntled Santa Claus tells all & learns about Christmas. First Time 11/24/06
Iffy Lube (4.07)He'll never look at lube jobs the same. Anal 11/17/06
In Flight Entertainment (4.17)What he got to watch was much better than a movie. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/14/06
In the Spirits' Tears (4.43)It was a strange smell in the air that floated in the cold. Non-Erotic 10/13/06
In the Words of Poets (4.22)I heard you have older books, from before the Revolution. Non-Erotic 10/12/06
Increased Security (4.01)Airport security inspection leads to more intimate touch. Lesbian Sex 08/19/06
Intern Affair (4.08)He remembers seducing his virgin intern. First Time 05/19/06
Interstate (3.26)On a long, monotonous drive, he is strangely diverted. Mind Control 12/09/06
It's My Cock, Doc (3.77)He visits the most prominent cock doctor in the state. Humor & Satire 10/20/06
It’s Your First Fuck Carson Tan (3.87)You were never with her, that girl was so far over your head. First Time 10/12/06
Janitorial Service: 3 Part Series
Janitorial Service (4.03)Imagine that for janitorial service! Anal 12/08/06
Janitorial Service Ch. 02 (3.79)The whole thing suddenly seems like a strange deja-vu. Anal 12/09/06
Janitorial Service Ch. 03 (4.16)He turns the tables with her on his desk. Anal 12/10/06
Just Waiting (4.40)Susan wavered between staring at the phone & staring away. Non-Erotic 11/02/06
La Chinga Muerte: 4 Part Series
La Chinga Muerte (4.11)Perhaps it was the flickering of the Christmas lights. Mind Control 12/23/06
La Chinga Muerte Ch. 02 (4.15)He goes to the police with his story. Mind Control 12/24/06
La Chinga Muerte Ch. 03 (4.21)The police begin to get an idea of who fucked him. Mind Control 12/25/06
La Chinga Muerte Ch. 04 (3.82)He's hypnotized once again, learning what really happened. Mind Control 12/26/06
Laundromat (4.10)At the laundromat with a pregnant housewife. Loving Wives 08/06/06
Lord of the Rings: Tom Bombadil (4.58)The Erotic Mystery of Tom Bombadil.  Hot Chain Stories 05/10/06
Love's Last Laugh (3.71)This is the end, so it's one final fuck before it's over. Humor & Satire 01/01/07
Maria and the Minuteman (4.30)After illegally crossing the border, Maria meets a Minuteman. Interracial Love 05/28/06
Masquerade: 3 Part Series
Masquerade Ch. 01 (3.85)Molly and I attend an erotic masquerade party. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 11/06/06
Masquerade Ch. 02 (4.33)Masquerade party continues; he finds a surprising partner. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 11/07/06
Masquerade Ch. 03 (4.07)Molly has a good time at the Masquerade too. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 11/08/06
Metro Central: 2 Part Series
Metro Central Ch. 01 (4.14)With servo in the shop, he must take the Metro. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/17/06
Metro Central Ch. 02 (4.19)Fully protected, he heads to the Metro & the sex car. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/18/06
More: 3 Part Series
More (3.62)She had been ready for him when he got home. Loving Wives 10/10/06
More Ch. 02 (4.24)She deserved more than husband's inept fumbling in bed. Loving Wives 10/18/06
More Ch. 03 (3.94)Debra calls Barbara to find out the truth about the masseuse. Loving Wives 10/25/06
Notes to Live By (3.36)They were important instructions every woman needs to know. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/21/06
Nothing Happens (2.71)Well my car didn't start, so I was back where I started. Erotic Couplings 11/26/06
Okay, Yeah I'm Back With Hotel Porn (4.45)A review of some "Home Grown Reality Sex". Reviews & Essays 10/09/06
Oliver's Step Out (3.93)In a session, his therapist takes advantage of the hypnosis. Mind Control 06/04/06
On Condom Pond (4.12)It was a discovery of enormous magnitude. Humor & Satire 12/30/06
Petition for Exchange of Sex (4.11)A legal document for exchange of sexual congress. Letters & Transcripts 04/15/06
Pony Boy: 4 Part Series
Pony Boy Ch. 01 (3.93)He was on display wondering what she had in mind. BDSM 12/24/06
Pony Boy Ch. 02 (4.16)He takes Vickie's friend for an ecstatic ride. BDSM 12/25/06
Pony Boy Ch. 03 (4.00)Vickie returns for a special evening. BDSM 12/26/06
Pony Boy Ch. 04 (4.08)After riding him, she turns the tables, becoming him mare. BDSM 12/27/06
Pony Squad (4.22)Two detectives discuss some disturbing BDSM activity. BDSM 04/22/06
Purchasing Power (4.00)A look into global financial factors as they relate to sex. Humor & Satire 08/22/06
Purse Snatch (2.97)A purse snatching goes seriously wrong. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/24/06
Pussy Talk (4.38)She falls asleep after sex and I have an odd conversation. Humor & Satire 12/17/06
Quickie (4.09)They were in a hurry; it'd have to happen quickly. Erotic Couplings 10/26/06
Rain (4.18)In the rain, strange woman unbuttons her blouse. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/16/06
Reciprocity: 3 Part Series
Reciprocity (4.28)Danny's girlfriend wouldn't, so his sister stepped in & did. Incest/Taboo 12/21/06
Reciprocity Ch. 02 (4.51)Jill becomes Danny's sexual instructor.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/22/06
Reciprocity Ch. 03 (4.51)Danny's education continues thanks to his sister Jill.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/23/06
Red Circles (4.05)All it takes is something as simple as plastic bottle caps. BDSM 12/24/06
Red Line Curls (4.46)Waiting for a train, I'm drawn to her curly blonde hair. Transgender & Crossdressers 12/17/06
Review of "Secretary" (4.45)A review of Mary Gaitskill's BDSM short story "Secretary". Reviews & Essays 04/03/06
Revolving Door (2.42)Cullen's trip in a revolving door is too tight in the end. Anal 11/25/06
Ritual (3.57)There was a time when it was good,when he fanaticized of her. Erotic Couplings 12/19/06
Rockville (4.00)She wanted me, I could tell it and she would have me. Erotic Couplings 12/27/06
Ryu Murakami's "In the Miso Soup" (4.38)A murder story set in the Japanese sex industry. Reviews & Essays 08/20/06
Salt, Tequila, Lime and Erica (4.00)After three tequila solos she returns to me. Erotic Couplings 08/14/06
Secret Victoria: 2 Part Series
Secret Victoria (3.92)I didn't realize when I met her that she had a secret. BDSM 12/14/06
Secret Victoria Ch. 02 (4.37)I was beginning to really enjoy her little secret. BDSM 12/15/06
Shady Grove (3.54)The long train ride to Shady Grove suddenly gets exciting. Erotic Couplings 12/26/06
She Fucked Me (4.16)It was just drinks with a friend while traveling on business. Loving Wives 10/27/06
She was a Bookmark (4.58)She was a bookmark, a name on a card holding my place.  Hot Erotic Horror 11/18/06
Shelly Sings Willie's Blues (4.70)His instrument was old, but it played fine.  Hot Mature 05/26/06
Showroom: 3 Part Series
Showroom Ch. 01 (4.15)The car was fast, but the saleswoman was faster. Transgender & Crossdressers 11/20/06
Showroom Ch. 02 (4.45)After what happened, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Transgender & Crossdressers 11/21/06
Showroom Ch. 03 (4.49)We stop off at her apartment on our way back to the showroom. Transgender & Crossdressers 11/22/06
Shuttle Secret (4.45)Their zero-gravity secret is short lived. Humor & Satire 12/30/06
Sixty Minute Woman (3.90)Frank ran a bit late, almost making her miss her TV show. Fetish 11/25/06
Slug Loving (4.55)He finds the best way to the carpool lane.  Hot Gay Male 05/14/06
Smoke Break (3.94)I forget my lighter on a cigarette break and get a surprise. Group Sex 11/07/06
State Inspection (3.91)She inspected a bit more than my car. BDSM 07/28/06
Sylvia at Ninety (3.00)By the time she was thirty she was three for nine. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/12/06
Technological Liaisons (3.64)Our clock only flashed twelve, twelve, twelve... Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/11/06
Ted and Harriet (4.07)They just don't know what Ted sees in Harriet. Erotic Couplings 12/28/06
The Bedroom Window (4.29)Distracted from his mistress, he sees something shocking. Erotic Horror 10/07/06
The Ceremony: 4 Part Series
The Ceremony Ch. 01 (4.41)She gazed at the monumental cock protruding from the statue. NonHuman 11/28/06
The Ceremony Ch. 02 (4.42)Calina and Sierra enjoy the statue together. NonHuman 11/29/06
The Ceremony Ch. 03 (4.44)Calina and Sierra return during the next night of seclusion. NonHuman 12/06/06
The Ceremony Ch. 04 (4.39)Sierra learns of Calina's mission & their god is threatened. NonHuman 12/06/06
The Christmas Dumpster: 6 Part Series
The Christmas Dumpster (4.57)A Christmas Eve dinner in Albert's makeshift shelter.  Hot Romance 11/14/06
The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 02 (4.47)They make big plans on how to continue the celebration. Romance 11/20/06
The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 03 (4.60)Albert and Marianne go to the thrift shop to sell clothes.  Hot Romance 11/21/06
The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 04 (4.53)Albert and Marianne spend the night at the sundowner hotel.  Hot Romance 11/22/06
The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 05 (4.51)Leaving the hotel, they find themselves back out in the cold.  Hot Romance 11/27/06
The Christmas Dumpster Ch. 06 (4.36)Albert is shocked learning of Marianne's past and present. Romance 11/28/06
The Crossing: 3 Part Series
The Crossing Ch. 01 (4.44)Like a good boy scout, he helps her across the street. Mature 12/07/06
The Crossing Ch. 02 (4.51)After granny, Gerry gets to know her daughter Cara.  Hot Mature 12/08/06
The Crossing Ch. 03 (4.07)Maggie steps into the apartment and catches Gerry with mom. First Time 12/07/06
The Dayton Hillbillies: 2 Part Series
The Dayton Hillbillies Ch. 01 (4.25)Or The Dayton Hillbillies Invade the French Quarter. Non-Erotic 10/12/06
The Dayton Hillbillies Ch. 02 (4.17)The Hillbillies Dazzle at Disneyland. Non-Erotic 10/14/06
The Grand Master Key: 2 Part Series
The Grand Master Key Ch. 01 (4.43)The key gave me a sense of power over the ritzy tenants. Fetish 12/24/06
The Grand Master Key Ch. 02 (3.60)I slip into 23 G in search of her panties. Fetish 12/25/06
The Grand Zucchini at 45 (4.36)Larry returns to the zucchini patch after thirty years. NonHuman 10/04/06
The Karma Fuck (3.80)They all told me I'd go blind; this must be Karma. Toys & Masturbation 09/14/06
The Lawn (3.56)An odd monologue of a man mowing the lawn. Anal 11/29/06
The Ledge (3.25)Thoughts throbbed as I walked to the edge of the building. Toys & Masturbation 10/22/06
The Most Eclectic Taste: 3 Part Series
The Most Eclectic Taste (4.00)A search for the most exotic dining experience. First Time 12/09/06
The Most Eclectic Taste Ch. 02 (4.00)He will take the woman's virginity. First Time 12/11/06
The Most Eclectic Taste Ch. 03 (4.38)They put their dangerous plan into action. First Time 12/12/06
The Pedicurist (4.25)Therese meets Rico, a pedicurist with a foot fetish. Fetish 04/25/06
The Seduction of Gulliver: 3 Part Series
The Seduction of Gulliver (4.11)What really happened to Jonathan Swift's Gulliver. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 05/05/06
The Seduction of Gulliver Ch. 02 (4.15)The untold stories of Gulliver's adventure in Brobdingnag. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/15/06
The Seduction of Gulliver Ch. 03 (3.25)The anonymous lady's account is completed with a surprise. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/16/06
The Sybian Bull Rider (4.20)Art learns just how much things have changed at the club. Humor & Satire 11/26/06
The Vagina Tree (4.20)It was progressive thing that snuck up on him. NonHuman 03/31/06
The Virgin Slayer (3.83)Well, you would hire me to go out with your daughter and...? First Time 09/04/06
The Woman in White (3.89)There was something about the woman that drew him to her. Fetish 12/23/06
Therapy (4.21)I finally make a breakthrough with my psychologist. Transgender & Crossdressers 12/17/06
Three Teaspoons Make a Tablespoon (4.45)A simple game is set deep in my memory. Non-Erotic 08/22/06
To Live Forever (4.19)He planned to do everything he could do to live forever. Non-Erotic 01/13/06
Trish and Lil’s Grill (2.94)The first "on air" orgasm radio history? Lesbian Sex 05/18/06
Twin Exposure: 10 Part Series
Twin Exposure Ch. 01 (4.20)Carousel. Novels and Novellas 05/08/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 02 (4.33)They went onstage. Novels and Novellas 05/09/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 03 (4.33)Searching for Sky Blue and Cloud. Novels and Novellas 05/10/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 04 (4.38)Finding Sky Blue and Cloud. Novels and Novellas 05/11/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 05 (4.42)An erotic thank you. Novels and Novellas 05/12/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 06 (4.59)Twin Desires.  Hot Novels and Novellas 05/13/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 07 (4.77)Two on one.  Hot Novels and Novellas 05/14/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 08 (4.50)Another Day.  Hot Novels and Novellas 05/15/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 09 (4.59)Back to the Carousel.  Hot Novels and Novellas 05/17/06
Twin Exposure Ch. 10 (4.00)Another Chance. Novels and Novellas 05/18/06
Twisting the Straight Line (4.39)A visit to a gay bar leads to a strange twist. Transgender & Crossdressers 05/25/06
Two Minute Warning: 2 Part Series
Two Minute Warning (3.94)Erica gave up her husband & took the game into her own hands. Toys & Masturbation 12/02/06
Two Minute Warning Redux (3.25)Joe's version of Erica's story. Toys & Masturbation 12/03/06
Unfinished Story: 2 Part Series
Unfinished Story Ch. 01 (3.84)Does it ever end? Loving Wives 11/16/06
Unfinished Story Ch. 02 (2.88)I think we're pretty well finished here. Loving Wives 11/17/06
VooDoo Barbie (3.21)Staring at the doll I began swaying back and forth, chanting. Mind Control 09/17/06
Vote Slut (3.98)"You turned eighteen last Thursday?" Mature 11/13/06
Vote Tampering (4.02)She voted and was surprised at the extra benefits. NonHuman 11/14/06
Watching Mom: 3 Part Series
Watching Mom (4.37)Scott watches his mom and her boyfriend until... Incest/Taboo 01/10/06
Watching Mom Ch. 02 (4.33)Scott accidentally walks in on his mom in the shower. Incest/Taboo 12/30/06
Watching Mom Ch. 03 (4.33)After sis leaves, Scott's Mom comes into his room. Incest/Taboo 12/31/06
Weigh In (2.80)A weight loss contest turns into a gala affair. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/12/06
Wet Spot (4.10)A stolen pair of panties and a peek at her wet spot. Fetish 08/23/06
Workout: 2 Part Series
Workout (3.38)Rocco comes home early to a shocking surprise. Loving Wives 11/06/06
Workout Ch. 02 (2.47)Rocco talks with his boss and then faces his wife. Loving Wives 11/16/06
Zipless (3.28)I dreamt I was her zipper. Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/12/06
a finger dance (5.00) Erotic Poetry 01/05/06
A Gift (4.60) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
A Key West Saturday (4.67) Erotic Poetry 01/24/06
A Precedent Lie (4.36) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
A Rebirth (3.33) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
An end to a beginning (4.70)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 03/09/06
Before the Snow (4.57) Poetry With Audio 02/26/06
behind screens (haiku) (4.25) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/09/06
beyond a whisper (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/12/06
Celestial (5.00) Erotic Poetry 01/15/06
Confessional (4.50)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 01/20/06
Dark Winged (4.63) Poetry With Audio 01/10/06
depth (4.70)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 01/03/06
Digital Tapestry (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/21/06
Do I worship? (5.00) Erotic Poetry 01/21/06
Drink Ink (4.67)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 02/05/06
Each Greedy Sip (4.33) Poetry With Audio 01/10/06
Etched in Stone (4.78) Illustrated Poetry 01/20/06
Far Away (3.50) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
Highway Watcher (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/15/06
housekeeping (4.00) Illustrated Poetry 02/05/06
I quote… (revererent pause) (4.14) Illustrated Poetry 01/28/06
Iguana Friend (5.00) Illustrated Poetry 02/05/06
imagine a dance (4.83) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/15/06
It’s a Jazz (4.50) Erotic Poetry 02/27/06
Jami (3.50) Illustrated Poetry 04/04/06
late at night (4.17) Illustrated Poetry 01/20/06
Lawn Signs (4.71) Erotic Poetry 01/14/06
lost in the night (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/04/06
Midwinter (4.75) Illustrated Poetry 01/28/06
Missing Me (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/21/06
Nawa Shibari (4.20) Erotic Poetry 02/07/06
Of the Bra (5.00) Erotic Poetry 02/14/06
Oh, Lizard King (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/21/06
Pissing in the Snow (3.60) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
Rendition (3.50) Poetry With Audio 01/16/06
Sago Diaries (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/07/06
The Last Dozen Oysters on Duval (4.69)  Hot Erotic Poetry 01/30/06
The Moon in Aries (4.17) Poetry With Audio 01/24/06
Trilobite (4.75) Erotic Poetry 01/22/06
Vertical Blinds (4.58)  Hot  Contest Winner Poetry With Audio 01/24/06
Wrinkling (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 08/22/06
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