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Part 1 It was almost 7:30 in the evening as I made my way east on West 53rd toward my hotel when the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. I didn't have an umbrella, of course, because -...

Elizabeth, Ink. by Reardon1

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I opened my eyes and looked over at the alarm clock on my nightstand, it was just past 8AM and I could hear the birds chirping outside. I looked over to my wife's side of the bed to see that she was...

Ashley's Revenge Ch. 10 by TallMarriedMan

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1st Tuesday A few minutes after 8:00 the doorbell rings and Grace breaks from her increasingly anxious pacing up and down the kitchen to get the door. Peter's usually smiling face is serious this...

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 02 by 1nolasco

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1.Elizabeth, Ink.
He rediscovers his youth with young, tattooed woman. by Reardon1 (04/06/14)
4.72 (558)
2.Ashley's Revenge Ch. 10
Evidence against his wife grows & Ashley has a fun surprise. by TallMarriedMan (04/10/14)
4.70 (236)
3.Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 02
Grace and Peter negotiate and move on. by 1nolasco (04/10/14)
4.61 (119)
4.Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 03
Jealousy, not always a bad thing. by hetup (03/28/14)
4.60 (132)
5.Tim & Peggy Ch. 02
Two middle-aged confidants consummate their relationship by sparktj (03/24/14)
4.59 (46)
6.Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 04
Having fun with two mature ladies. by hetup (04/09/14)
4.58 (115)
7.How to Boil a Frog
Two strangers - trapped together in a cabin in the woods. by Seanathon (03/29/14)
4.57 (517)
8.Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 04
Grace coaches Peter for success on his big date. by 1nolasco (04/17/14)
4.55 (73)
9.Awakening Shawna, and Me Ch. 02
Lonely BBW wakes up both of us. by aden46y (04/01/14)
4.54 (93)
10.The Teacher and The Beach Ch. 02
Samantha tries, unsuccessfully, to end things with Kyle. by IndieScoundrel (04/16/14)
4.53 (149)
11.The Neighbor
Love with the girl next door. by Medic1958 (04/17/14)
4.52 (359)
12.Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 03
Another day, another lesson. by 1nolasco (04/15/14)
4.50 (105)
13.A Moment in Time
Widower thinks of an old friend. by DG Hear (03/25/14)
4.49 (500)
14.Heather gets an 18-Year-Old
She can't resist her daughter's friend. by suzie3w (04/09/14)
4.47 (340)
15.Number Eight
A helping hand, young flame for an old man. by Bob_6 (03/21/14)
4.47 (288)
16.Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 05
The morning after the night before - debriefing. by 1nolasco (04/18/14)
4.43 (44)
17.The Teacher and The Beach
Kyle meets his former English teacher, Samantha, at a beach. by IndieScoundrel (04/11/14)
4.42 (648)
18.Trial Membership
Cassandra joins a new gym. by f1racer22 (04/03/14)
4.39 (113)
19.Father in Law
Woman finds compassion in the arms of her father in law. by Giveandgetoral (04/15/14)
4.39 (216)
20.Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 03
Former top class Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman2 (04/14/14)
4.39 (49)
21.Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. 10
Now a new Steven to haunt her, she can't forget young Steven. by SusanJillParker (03/28/14)
4.38 (21)
22.A Lazy Day By The Pool
Older woman, younger man, summer holiday affair by harryfloyd (03/31/14)
4.35 (266)
23.Anna Is Forced By Her Own Whore Ch. 02
Anna wants to be dominated by a large white cock. by Cuhullian50 (04/09/14)
4.34 (32)
24.Orgasm Therapy Ch. 02
Young therapist continues his sexy work on older woman. by milfleglover (04/18/14)
4.34 (47)
25.Stories With a MILF
Helping the MILF across the street starts something great. by Secretlit777 (03/26/14)
4.34 (383)
26.Life Changing Friends
A couple's routine life turned by one fun dinner party. by GemimaCav (04/14/14)
4.34 (351)
27.The Mother-in-Law Apartment
I rent an apartment and get to know the family very well. by jackalang (03/26/14)
4.34 (379)
28.ShaeLee's Fantasies: Boys for Toys
Filling my Friday night opening. by ShaeLeeTanner (04/16/14)
4.33 (15)
29.Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 05
The sexy wet tide turns on piss-loving GILF. by milfleglover (04/11/14)
4.32 (22)
30.My Best Friend and My Mother
18 year old fucks his best friend's lonely mother. by l0rdleg0las (04/01/14)
4.32 (729)
31.Best Friends MILF
Brandon has incredible sex with his best friend's mom. by Eroticmind4u (03/27/14)
4.31 (621)
32.Tim & Peggy Ch. 03
Peggy discovers her submissive, dirty side. by sparktj (04/02/14)
4.31 (29)
33.Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 02
A former top Hong Kong whore returns to prostitution. by girdleman2 (04/13/14)
4.30 (60)
34.Think About Icebergs - Silver Bells
Max and Alli celebrate Christmas. by peachesmelba (04/09/14)
4.29 (24)
35.Name That Dick Ch. 02
Scott's memories of Jill cause him to track her down by imhapless (03/26/14)
4.29 (80)
36.Orgasm Therapy Ch. 01
Young therapist lends hand to sexy older woman. by milfleglover (04/18/14)
4.25 (102)
37.Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 04
A former top Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman2 (04/15/14)
4.22 (37)
38.Hot, Lesbian Milf Seduction
Confused, Kim is seduced by her boyfriend's mother. by Eroticmind4u (03/29/14)
4.21 (173)
39.Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 05
Former top class Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman2 (04/16/14)
4.18 (34)
40.Kelly Gets Back In the Groove
Helping to get out of a slump. by raidernation25 (04/10/14)
4.17 (156)
41.Three Day Weekend Ch. 02: Day One
A mature couple meet in person. by Older_Gentleman (03/31/14)
4.08 (48)
42.After Work Surprise Ch. 04
A strange twist, some sweet revenge. by FLrider (03/19/14)
4.07 (82)
43.She Loves Magnificent Balls
Girlfriend's mother wants her share of his magnificent balls. by phubby (04/15/14)
4.06 (254)
44.Donna Ch. 01
A young man's ongoing journey. by SomewhereInMyPast (04/16/14)
4.03 (78)
45.Anna Is Forced By Her Own Whore
Anna has a fantasy of being dominated by a huge white cock. by Cuhullian50 (03/20/14)
4.01 (82)
46.Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 01
A former top Hong Kong whore returns to prostitution. by girdleman2 (04/12/14)
3.99 (82)
47.Ella & The Professor
Ella decides to make her fantasy a reality. by MrsDarcyIfYoureNasty (03/21/14)
3.97 (36)
48.Three Day Weekend Ch. 01: Day One
Romance. by Older_Gentleman (03/26/14)
3.96 (75)
49.Intimate Nothings Ch. 01
He was uninterested at first, but she changed his mind. by MissLovelyHeart (04/01/14)
3.96 (94)
50.Coffe Time with Kinky: Good Touches
Woman in her 30's fucks old man in his 70's. by CoffeeTimeKinky (03/27/14)
3.93 (86)
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