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Moment of truth, as they say. I was on my bed, on my knees, and my still rather hard cock was buried to the very hilt in Cecelia's lovely, curvy, and damn near perfect caramel-colored ass. Only one...

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 03 by silverisgold

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I hoped that sex would become a regular part of my week after that evening in the hot tub, but Life had other plans. Between basketball season heating up, Randi's job at the library and the...

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 14 by LittleHenry

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Kit heard the phone ring, but he was deep in the rhyme scheme of an Elizabethan sonnet. He ignored it partially because he was busy and partially because no one called for him here. He was in the...

Kit's Stories - Sofia Pt. 01 by RioRedKing

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1.Getting Back in the Game Ch. 03
The game gets more intense for Martin. by silverisgold (06/26/14)
4.77 (141)
2.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 14
Sometimes life gets in the way. by LittleHenry (07/18/14)
4.76 (352)
3.Kit's Stories - Sofia Pt. 01
Golf trip to Galveston with a sexy Latina. by RioRedKing (07/19/14)
4.74 (171)
4.Getting Back in the Game Ch. 04
Things come to a crossroads for Martin. by silverisgold (07/22/14)
4.74 (103)
5.You Are My Home Ch. 05
Discovering land, and sex games for the PTAD by edsachry (07/15/14)
4.74 (159)
6.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 13
Dad and teen spend more time together. by LittleHenry (06/26/14)
4.72 (361)
7.Regifting Ch. 02
Getting reacquainted. by someoneyouknow (07/04/14)
4.72 (145)
8.Regifting Ch. 03
An unexpected birthday gift. by someoneyouknow (07/07/14)
4.71 (107)
9.Troy's Story
Carl & Mrs. Hayes succumb to seduction. by Sam Jason (07/16/14)
4.69 (172)
10.You Are My Home Ch. 02
New Loves prepare to start their lives together. by edsachry (07/03/14)
4.67 (343)
11.You Are My Home Ch. 01
Recent Widower buys new house, falls for the realtor. by edsachry (07/02/14)
4.67 (303)
12.STRIP Ch. 15
Quinn comes to visit after Rod dumps her. by HarveyMarcus (07/06/14)
4.67 (12)
13.You Are My Home Ch. 06
Sandy drops some news that can change everything. by edsachry (07/16/14)
4.66 (166)
14.Regifting Ch. 06
Understanding what it was all about. by someoneyouknow (07/25/14)
4.66 (58)
15.Above Average Pt. 02
Carly's former student continues to live up to her fantasies. by summerstorm521 (06/26/14)
4.65 (104)
16.Regifting Ch. 01
Return of a graduate. by someoneyouknow (07/02/14)
4.64 (197)
17.A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 20
An older woman can change your life. by riverboy (07/13/14)
4.64 (231)
18.Beholding Dawn
His ex tries to poison nudist friends against him, but... by RejectReality (07/10/14)
4.64 (471)
19.You Are My Home Ch. 04
Diane introduces Christy to Michael. by edsachry (07/11/14)
4.64 (195)
20.Sexy and Gray
David meets older woman of his dreams. by roswalien (06/30/14)
4.62 (480)
21.Regifting Ch. 05
What does it mean? by someoneyouknow (07/17/14)
4.61 (80)
22.You Are My Home Ch. 10
Chapter of changes, not everyone is excited about them. by edsachry (07/26/14)
4.61 (54)
23.Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 02
Still dreaming. by rickydean56 (07/04/14)
4.61 (46)
24.Regifting Ch. 04
Another surprise. by someoneyouknow (07/12/14)
4.59 (92)
25.Special Needs Ch. 02
Mrs. Hayes learns the meaning of "special needs." by Sam Jason (07/12/14)
4.58 (216)
26.You Are My Home Ch. 03
Diane introduces Michael and Sandy. by edsachry (07/10/14)
4.58 (160)
27.A Fresh Start
A fifty seven year old ad guy recovers from grief by Jimmela (06/29/14)
4.57 (429)
28.Seduced by My Landlady
A 58yo landlady educates her 19yo lodger. by sparktj (06/29/14)
4.57 (401)
29.You Are My Home Ch. 07
An unexpected turn leaves our characters devastated. by edsachry (07/18/14)
4.54 (126)
30.Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 03
Fantasy or plan? by rickydean56 (07/14/14)
4.53 (36)
31.You Are My Home Ch. 08
Characters seek comfort with each other by edsachry (07/20/14)
4.52 (112)
32.Blowing Off The Laundry
She's taking the day off from being a Mom. He's a bonus. by summerstorm521 (07/20/14)
4.49 (346)
33.Twins and the Boyfriend's Father
Angry Rachel and her twin have fun with her boyfriend's dad. by The_Red_Duke (07/22/14)
4.48 (242)
34.You Are My Home Ch. 09
After Sandy's funeral, the group decide on a lake outing. by edsachry (07/22/14)
4.47 (125)
35.The Gardener Ch. 02
Agnes and Jamie become closer... by DominantLondoner (06/30/14)
4.46 (61)
36.In Loving Memory Pt. 04
The tide flows on... by Tara_Neale (07/14/14)
4.45 (33)
37.Pussy Charming Pt. 04
Jamie's appointment with the shrink - and a real surprise by PusseeCharming (07/23/14)
4.44 (124)
38.MILF and the BBC
The story of a divorcee's first experience as a MILF. by Silfy69 (07/24/14)
4.40 (205)
39.Who's in Charge? Pt. 04
Son in-law has a plan by Fray (07/04/14)
4.40 (189)
40.In Loving Memory Pt. 06
Secrets revealed... by Tara_Neale (07/21/14)
4.38 (34)
41.Pussy Charming Pt. 03
Jamie waits to see the shrink, while Marlon gets religion by PusseeCharming (07/22/14)
4.38 (123)
42.The Old Men's Slut 02
The driver has her while a voyeur enjoys the sight. by IMaClassySlut (07/18/14)
4.36 (59)
43.In Loving Memory Pt. 05
Can we ever be free? Truly free... by Tara_Neale (07/18/14)
4.34 (29)
44.Special Needs
A mature wife struggles to care for a "special needs" guest. by Sam Jason (07/09/14)
4.34 (247)
45.Fucking my Daughter's Boyfriend Ch. 02
Mrs. Anderson gets into more trouble. by kinki1 (07/05/14)
4.34 (387)
46.New Groove for Old Babe
Horny old lady seduces repairman. by blackstroker (07/11/14)
4.34 (132)
A trip to the bank leads to a major transaction. by HarryOrwell (07/12/14)
4.33 (209)
48.Pussy Charming Pt. 02
James' cock charms more pussy, but at what price? by PusseeCharming (07/21/14)
4.33 (218)
49.Naked Gardening
Arthur weeds naked while someone is watching by Perfideous (07/14/14)
4.33 (163)
50.GILF Anna's Oral Servant Ch. 03
Sexy granny "ambushes" her young oral slave. by milfleglover (07/17/14)
4.31 (42)
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