Listed below are the stories entered in the 2014 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2014 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Purely Sinful

by Rozalin_0123

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
The Best Kind of Magic

by CateJ

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Beyond the Forest

by Seanathon

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2014 Halloween Submissions
Witch-Hunter Generalxelliebabex
The Bondage HourHeyAll
Full Moon, Mulberry Innstlgoddessfreya
A First for Vanessa the Vampirewhm_kelly
An Upset Halloween Plan49greg
Lustful Lyrics Ch. 12Tara_Neale
Succubus Unleashed The HunterYshomatsu
Purely SinfulRozalin_0123
Final Destination. Appointment Only.tiggerlilly
Pumpkin Patch SnatchKeithD
Maisie's Halloween Trickilikeitlikethat18
Show Me Your InkDemonstrative
Mr. Blackdraco_de_azul
Escaping The Spelltk5555
Her Feast on His Fleshdeejohnstone
A Coven Celebrates SamhainLorenzoAbajos
Four-Crossed LoversSandraMustard
My Wedding ScandalKMDylan
Dealing with the Devilmasked_author
Chair in the Cornerbrainfade
Zingara - Being Finnxelliebabex
Adult Corn Maze Only!thelezforleslezs
Paul's Goblins4glory6
A Visit From Saint MichaelThe_Technician
Pirates and Disney PrincessesPrincessJezebel
For Past Transgressionssr71plt
Vamos! Day of the Fucking DeadHypoxia
A Witch's Night OutTamLin01
Naughty in the KitchenMSTarot
Lost in His Pastm_storyman_x
Daughter's Initiation into Incestsilkstockingslover
Halloween Masquerade:Takeneroticvoyeur
A Taste of Incest - Pumpkin & CandyHypoxia
Creatures of the Night12shadesofred
Dracula's DaughterTamLin01
Explorer's BootyCrimsonClown
Straight Girl Turned at Le Chateausilkstockingslover
The MentalistDG Hear
Eternal Devotionjessbbaby34
Party EarlyTxRad
The NeighborDreamCloud
The CraftonsSchaka
What Kevin Did Last Summermanyeyedhydra
How to Exercise a GhostHookerBoots
Who Effed Jessica Rabbit?amazingrace69
Halloween Party ReunionDG Hear
Trick and TreatThishereguy22
Her TwinRjThoughts
Demon Spiralsr71plt
Hunter Takes PredatorCrimsonClown
Bath of BloodTotzman
The Witching HourCarnal_Flower
Ancient Love At Midnightjacktar48
Mary and Her BenefactorSwilly
Big Topnotbreckenridge
The Two-Headed MonsterSeanathon
White Slut Wife: Black Cock Fantasysilkstockingslover
Tricks and TreatsJackBeHuge
Bella's Halloween Treatxobabygirl
Deacons and DamselsNikkiSwank
Nevada DayNymphWriter
Mom’s a Gangbang Cum Bucketsilkstockingslover
Blood On The Moonmadam_noe
The Best Kind of MagicCateJ
Freaker's Ballholliday1960
The Devil's Slavedk519
The Halloween Guestsbbtp41
The Guide - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
The Devil's Doggeronimo_appleby
The Book of Dreamscddannie18
Soul Service, Inc.CQtRose
Unfamiliar StubbleLoving50
A Taste of Incest - SpiritsHypoxia
Beyond the ForestSeanathon
Halloween VoyeurSweetPrettyAss
An Incubus' Treat for a Treatkendraskye
Halloween ScarecrowThistlethorn
The Gathering at Harvest HillSecondCircle
Cemetary PunishmentSweetPrettyAss
Dead Writer's SocietyNom_de_guerre
Haunted House of Ill Reputemasterandmargarita
Red Callum, Sweet CateBramblethorn
The Devil and Mrs. LaneSean Renaud
A Sort of Homecomingrearden_steel_2
Be Careful What You Ask Forholliday1960
Soul Baitsr71plt
My Favorite Holidayadrianhuntercom
Night of the WolfCorpse_rider
Vampires KissJagFarlane
All Hallow's Eve PartyMoparnut
Bite of the BimboAbsolutelywickedthoughts
The Red Pillsamcroman
The Halloween Partymrsterygor
Tanning Voyeurm_storyman_x
Toby JonesDG Hear
House Sitting on HalloweenTheWritingWife
Vamps: Kissing, Licking and SuckingMawrGorshin
Switched Up Costumesm_storyman_x
Halloween Switchbaxternz
Swingers' Halloween Masquerade BallSusanJillParker
Celebrating MonstersMonster_Kitten
Tiger Tiger Burning BrightKethandra
Casper HouseYDB95
Succubus Statisticsoggbashan
The Initiation of a WitchDickWittington

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