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Behind the Lines of the Were War: 10 Part Series
Behind the Lines of the Were War (4.60)War is here and we're losing.  Hot NonHuman 03/30/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 02 (4.73)Great loss and revenge.  Hot NonHuman 04/01/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 03 (4.69)Love Hurts.  Hot NonHuman 04/07/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 04 (4.76)Love is worth fighting for.  Hot NonHuman 04/10/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 05 (4.81)Love involves sacrifice.  Hot NonHuman 04/20/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 06 (4.81)Love, Loss, and the 10% that don't get the word.  Hot NonHuman 05/08/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 07 (4.76)Some things happen before you want them.  Hot NonHuman 05/25/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 08 (4.80)The Promise of a Brave New World  Hot NonHuman 06/22/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 09 (4.85)Choices are made and lines are drawn.  Hot NonHuman 07/01/15
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 10 (4.84)All true stories end in death.  Hot NonHuman 07/11/15
Between the Were Wars: 6 Part Series
Between the Were Wars Ch. 01 (4.79)Happy Ever After is just a fairy tale.  Hot NonHuman 02/08/16
Between the Were Wars Ch. 02 (4.86)Dealing with the Loss.  Hot NonHuman 03/01/16
Between the Were Wars Ch. 03 (4.84)Battle lines are drawn, and the Feds get involved.  Hot NonHuman 03/16/16
Between the Were Wars Ch. 04 (4.64)Surrounded by Greed and Evil.  Hot NonHuman 04/08/16
Between the Were Wars Ch. 05 (4.85)Love, War, Justice.  Hot NonHuman 04/24/16
Between the Were Wars Ch. 06 (4.86)This is the end... beautiful friend.  Hot NonHuman 04/30/16
Beyond the Were War: 8 Part Series
Beyond the Were War Ch. 01 (4.85)The Aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 11/19/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 02 (4.83)Damaged Goods.  Hot NonHuman 11/28/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 03 (4.86)A new threat to the Pack.  Hot NonHuman 12/06/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 04 (4.89)Choosing to Live.  Hot NonHuman 12/14/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 05 (4.88)Dragged Into a War.  Hot NonHuman 12/22/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 06 (4.87)Things get complicated.  Hot NonHuman 12/30/15
Beyond the Were War Ch. 07 (4.89)In the end, there can be only one.  Hot NonHuman 01/05/16
Beyond the Were War Ch. 08 (4.88)Sexual Healing.  Hot NonHuman 01/19/16
Dominant Species: 21 Part Series
Dominant Species Ch. 01-06 (4.76)Humans and Werewolves during an Extinction Level Event.  Hot NonHuman 08/11/16
Dominant Species Ch. 07-11 (4.81)Navigating the aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 08/19/16
Dominant Species Ch. 12-16 (4.83)Making Decisions.  Hot NonHuman 08/31/16
Dominant Species Ch. 17-19 (4.87)Love and Loss.  Hot NonHuman 09/12/16
Dominant Species Ch. 20-21 (4.84)Welcome to the Family.  Hot NonHuman 09/19/16
Dominant Species Ch. 22-24 (4.85)Consequences and Repercussions.  Hot NonHuman 09/23/16
Dominant Species Ch. 25-28 (4.80)A New Alpha.  Hot NonHuman 10/11/16
Dominant Species Ch. 29-33 (4.85)To Protect the Pack.  Hot NonHuman 10/31/16
Dominant Species Ch. 34-36 (4.87)Alpha.  Hot NonHuman 11/07/16
Dominant Species Ch. 37-40 (4.86)The Aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 11/28/16
Dominant Species Ch. 41-43 (4.82)The Fog of War.  Hot NonHuman 01/11/17
Dominant Species Ch. 44-45 (4.83)Mate Issues.  Hot NonHuman 01/14/17
Dominant Species Ch. 46-50 (4.86)New Wolves, New Threats.  Hot NonHuman 01/27/17
Dominant Species Ch. 51-54 (4.83)Corvallis.  Hot NonHuman 01/28/17
Dominant Species Ch. 55-56 (4.89)The Pied Piper of Montana.  Hot NonHuman 02/01/17
Dominant Species Ch. 57-58 (4.85)Go Forth and Conquer.  Hot NonHuman 02/09/17
Dominant Species Ch. 59-60 (4.84)Missoula.  Hot NonHuman 02/18/17
Dominant Species Ch. 61-62 (4.81)The New World Order.  Hot NonHuman 03/01/17
Dominant Species Ch. 63-65 (4.83)The Aftermath in Missoula.  Hot NonHuman 03/16/17
Dominant Species Ch. 66-67 (4.82)Come Together.  Hot NonHuman 03/23/17
Dominant Species Ch. 68-71 (4.85)Conclusion.  Hot NonHuman 04/12/17
Gunny's Mate (4.75)Short story from characters in Stolen Birthright.  Hot NonHuman 08/15/17
Hunting Wolves: 6 Part Series
Hunting Wolves Ch. 01 (4.54)A camping trip goes horribly wrong.  Hot Erotic Couplings 08/11/15
Hunting Wolves Ch. 02 (4.65)Lissa's Story - Coming to Terms.  Hot NonHuman 08/19/15
Hunting Wolves Ch. 03 (4.64)Emma's Story- Adapting to the Pack.  Hot NonHuman 08/29/15
Hunting Wolves Ch. 04 (4.67)Doug's Revenge.  Hot NonHuman 09/10/15
Hunting Wolves Ch. 05 (4.61)Lissa's story - Reunited and it feels so good.  Hot NonHuman 10/06/15
Hunting Wolves Ch. 06 (4.70)The Hunt Ends.  Hot NonHuman 10/28/15
Luna's Angel: 6 Part Series
Luna's Angel Ch. 01-06 (4.83)Luna looks upon her people and is not pleased.  Hot NonHuman 08/14/17
Luna's Angel Ch. 07-12 (4.74)Battle of Good and Evil.  Hot NonHuman 08/22/17
Luna's Angel Ch. 13-16 (4.82)Revelations.  Hot NonHuman 08/31/17
Luna's Angel Ch. 17-21 (4.83)Family Time.  Hot NonHuman 09/20/17
Luna's Angel Ch. 22-24 (4.80)New Pack, and Unexpected Problems.  Hot NonHuman 10/02/17
Luna's Angel Ch. 25-Conclusion (4.79)Upon Further Review...  Hot NonHuman 10/12/17
My Mystery Mate: 13 Part Series
My Mystery Mate Ch. 01-02 (4.76)The escape and the discovery.  Hot NonHuman 05/12/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 03-05 (4.79)On the Run.  Hot NonHuman 05/27/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 06-08 (4.78)Nowhere to run to, Nowhere to hide.  Hot NonHuman 06/01/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 09-10 (4.85)Banking on Answers.  Hot NonHuman 06/09/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 11 (4.79)Mommy's Home.  Hot NonHuman 06/15/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 12 (4.78)The Bad Men.  Hot NonHuman 06/20/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 13-14 (4.84)In Case We Don't Return.  Hot NonHuman 06/29/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 15-17 (4.88)Revelation.  Hot NonHuman 06/30/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 18-19 (4.83)Reputation.  Hot NonHuman 07/06/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 20 (4.85)Many Happy Returns.  Hot NonHuman 07/08/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 21-23 (4.86)Aftershocks.  Hot NonHuman 07/12/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 24-25 (4.83)Reckoning.  Hot NonHuman 07/21/16
My Mystery Mate Ch. 26 (4.86)Conclusion: Crime and Punishment.  Hot NonHuman 07/28/16
Returning a Monster (4.78)Doctor's life is changed in an instant.  Hot NonHuman 09/14/17
Rose: 16 Part Series
Rose Ch. 01-05 (4.83)FBI Agent Rose Conspiell gets involved with more than a mate.  Hot NonHuman 12/06/17
Rose Ch. 06-10 (4.83)Bigger Than They Imagined.  Hot NonHuman 12/08/17
Rose Ch. 11-15 (4.86)I'd Like to Buy a Vowel.  Hot NonHuman 12/16/17
Rose Ch. 16-20 (4.84)Dying For Clues.  Hot NonHuman 12/17/17
Rose Ch. 21-24 (4.87)Enemies Foreign and Domestic.  Hot NonHuman 12/21/17
Rose Ch. 25-27 (4.83)Love and Betrayal.  Hot NonHuman 12/22/17
Rose Ch. 28-31 (4.80)The Panther Awakens.  Hot NonHuman 12/30/17
Rose Ch. 32-36 (4.85)The Full Gunny.  Hot NonHuman 01/08/18
Rose Ch. 37-41 (4.89)No Justice, No Pieces.  Hot NonHuman 01/17/18
Rose Ch. 42-45 (4.91)It's bigger than we thought.  Hot NonHuman 01/24/18
Rose Ch. 46-49 (4.86)Habeus Corpus.  Hot NonHuman 01/29/18
Rose Ch. 50-52 (4.87)Cats and Dogs, Living Together...  Hot NonHuman 01/30/18
Rose Ch. 53-57 (4.91)Revelations of the Real Enemy.  Hot NonHuman 02/06/18
Rose Ch. 58-63 (4.85)Proxy War.  Hot NonHuman 02/14/18
Rose Ch. 64-67 (4.89)The Other Dude Did It.  Hot NonHuman 02/21/18
Rose Ch. 68-74 (4.90)Our stories come to an end.  Hot NonHuman 03/09/18
Saved By My Mate (4.74)She-wolf is saved by a human who needs her.  Hot NonHuman 02/01/16
Slave Lunas: 6 Part Series
Slave Lunas Ch. 01-04 (4.75)Trophies of War are kept for his pleasure.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 10/18/17
Slave Lunas Ch. 05-07 (4.80)Picking up the pieces.  Hot NonHuman 10/26/17
Slave Lunas Ch. 08-10 (4.81)Revenge is in the wind.  Hot NonHuman 11/02/17
Slave Lunas Ch. 11-14 (4.79)Wolfy Is Right.  Hot NonHuman 11/10/17
Slave Lunas Ch. 15-17 (4.67)The Calm, The Storm and the Aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 11/16/17
Slave Lunas Ch. 18 - Conclusion (4.70)The best revenge is living well.  Hot NonHuman 11/22/17
Stolen Birthright: 16 Part Series
Stolen Birthright Ch. 01-05 (4.80)Betrayal and Loss.  Hot NonHuman 04/19/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 06-09 (4.83)The Aftermath.  Hot NonHuman 04/25/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 10-12 (4.80)Crossing Lines.  Hot NonHuman 05/03/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 13-17 (4.81)Plans for the Future.  Hot NonHuman 05/14/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 18-20 (4.79)One thing after another...  Hot NonHuman 05/21/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 21-25 (4.81)Finding the Truth.  Hot NonHuman 05/27/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 26-29 (4.82)It's All Coming Together.  Hot NonHuman 06/11/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 30-32 (4.82)Moving Forward Together.  Hot NonHuman 06/13/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 33-37 (4.81)Births, deaths and it all comes out.  Hot NonHuman 06/20/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 38-41 (4.75)The Excrement Impacts the Ventilating Device.  Hot NonHuman 06/24/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 42-46 (4.82)Casualties of War.  Hot NonHuman 06/28/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 47-51 (4.84)Lab Rat.  Hot NonHuman 07/07/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 52-55 (4.82)Home.  Hot NonHuman 07/09/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 56-59 (4.85)What I must do.  Hot NonHuman 07/13/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 60-64 (4.87)Burned.  Hot NonHuman 07/19/17
Stolen Birthright Ch. 65-72 (4.90)Conclusion.  Hot NonHuman 08/04/17
The All Inclusive Werewolf Story (4.45)Luna Judges the Genre. NonHuman 03/21/16
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