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Living in the 'burbs was just fine with me. I know, most guys my age...twenty three...would rather be where the action and the girls were, but I enjoyed the fresher air, trees and grass. Even the...

On The Train by ilikeithot6308

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I pulled up in front of Dave's house and sat in the car working up the nerve to ask to borrow money. Not that he wouldn't do it; but I knew things had been tough for him and his mother in the year...

Milf Tails: She's So Shy! by lovecraft68

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Kit woke to a gentle tapping on his door and a feminine voice saying, "Senor Keet, Senor Keet, Senora Sofia says you get dressed for breakfast now. Senor Keet, can you hear me?" The tapping continued...

Kit's Stories - Sofia Pt. 02 by RioRedKing

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1.On The Train
Young man and mature woman connect on daily commute. by ilikeithot6308 (07/24/15)
4.78 (1469)
2.Milf Tails: She's So Shy!
Sam's best friend's mom is sweet and shy... and tired of it! by lovecraft68 (07/08/15)
4.74 (1103)
3.Kit's Stories - Sofia Pt. 02
First day in Galveston. by RioRedKing (07/17/15)
4.73 (86)
4.Just Being Neighbourly
New in the neighbourhood, he finds a kindred spirit. by ilikeithot6308 (07/31/15)
4.72 (1121)
5.A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 11
When opportunity knocks. by jerseyblue (07/08/15)
4.67 (112)
6.Neighborhood Milf Ch. 04
Chris gets lucky again with a mature woman. His teacher. by leanmachine3 (07/11/15)
4.62 (529)
7.The Gardener
Matt is hired as a gardener - with benefits. by Otazel (07/11/15)
4.62 (312)
8.Bagging Lauren
A teenager fucks his third middle-aged woman in six months. by komrad1156 (07/06/15)
4.61 (534)
9.The Ride
An unexpected ride with her crush turns into so much more. by vegasokie03 (07/14/15)
4.61 (346)
10.Neighborhood Milf Ch. 05
Can you handle this grand finale to neighborhood Milf? by leanmachine3 (07/18/15)
4.61 (366)
Widower hires 22-year old neighbor for help around the house. by yesterdays (07/15/15)
4.58 (411)
12.Part of The Procedure? Ch. 04
A different young lady? by magmaman (07/14/15)
4.54 (52)
13.The MILF Next Door Ch. 01
A mature woman finds joy with a younger man. by Argonaut_1975 (07/07/15)
4.53 (268)
14.Hot and Steamy
A mature woman invites a young man to a sauna. by tantricjim (07/17/15)
4.50 (373)
15.The Arrangement
The man in the suit held the key. by saucymh (07/14/15)
4.50 (113)
16.Renee BBW Big Tit Vixen Pt. 02
Renee a Mature BBW has kinky Sex with Older Man. by mrstanley (07/25/15)
4.49 (68)
17.A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 12
A Time for everyone. by jerseyblue (07/18/15)
4.48 (94)
18.A Knight's Tale Pt. 01
Norman knight wants to fuck a luscious lady... by JonAustin (07/16/15)
4.46 (146)
19.Sara Elizabeth
Friend's mom makes dreams a reality. by clintorres (07/15/15)
4.46 (569)
20.The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 02
Gio concocts the best way to use his new MILF slut. by XXXHacker (07/07/15)
4.45 (62)
21.Wealth Pt. 03
Wealth is more than marriage. Or love. by JimBob44 (07/28/15)
4.41 (61)
22.Sugar Daddy
Elder gentleman gets the kind of housekeeper he wants. by Explorer222 (08/01/15)
4.40 (706)
23.Erik Nolan Ch. 03
Amie and Erik take a drive, and Amie makes a resolution. by PerilEyes (07/14/15)
4.39 (31)
24.Duplex Ch. 09
Mary and Jason watch the hidden video. by naughtyboyincali (07/18/15)
4.39 (44)
25.Prof Receives Surprise from Co-Ed
Professor unexpectedly gets flirty surprise and more. by JRob (07/15/15)
4.33 (177)
26.Renee BBW Big Tit Vixen
Sexually Frustrated BBW meets Older Man. by mrstanley (07/12/15)
4.32 (194)
27.Part of The Procedure? Ch. 03
New Nurse at my clinic. by magmaman (07/05/15)
4.32 (100)
28.Just Friends
Two online friends meet for the first time. by CrimsonClown (07/17/15)
4.29 (104)
29.Just Friends Pt. 02
Ellen thinks of reasons to break up with Sam. by CrimsonClown (07/18/15)
4.19 (59)
30.Seducing the Nanny
The Nanny gets in over her head. by sawandsword (07/07/15)
4.12 (199)
31.The Good Samaritan
Being a Good Samaritan has its rewards, and sometimes TWICE. by Bob_6 (07/29/15)
4.09 (99)
32.A Very Hot Day
Nick fucks his best friend's mom. by TheReadingMan (07/17/15)
4.09 (558)
33.Bathroom Remodel Project Pt. 02
I have an encounter with Dan's wife. by feelmore (07/16/15)
4.08 (203)
34.School Secretary Tastes Power
Hand brush with a student becomes a complicated affair. by away443 (07/09/15)
4.06 (80)
35.The Girl Next Door
The neighbour's daughter. by sexnovella (07/15/15)
4.05 (240)
36.Especially for Him
The beginning of a sexy movie for an online lover. by Loving50 (07/06/15)
4.05 (21)
37.For You
A woman waits patiently for her older lover to come home. by vegasokie03 (07/19/15)
4.03 (65)
38.Coffee with Renee
Renee a big tit mature has kinky sex with older mature man. by mrstanley (08/01/15)
3.99 (86)
39.Tina Carson Ch. 06
Klaus Winklemann - young wife falls prey to an evil man. by TeamEquipe (07/27/15)
3.98 (54)
Taking care of business. by JAMESBJOHNSON (08/04/15)
3.95 (82)
41.The Sexy Striptease
Very sensual sexy story about a woman's dance for her lover. by SensualBeauty (08/02/15)
3.89 (28)
Guy dates an old friend. by sambush (07/29/15)
3.88 (127)
43.The Party Ch. 03
Chapter 3. by Maelstron (07/11/15)
3.86 (28)
44.My Old Friend Catches Up
An old friend catches up with us... And my mom. by D081191 (08/02/15)
3.85 (178)
45.Just Friends Pt. 03
Ellen finally decides who she wants on her birthday. by CrimsonClown (07/19/15)
3.71 (68)
46.Peach on the Beach
Lovers meet on the beach... by Angel244 (07/09/15)
3.61 (23)
47.Barbara's Cabin Boy
Old Barbara helps a boy who falls in the lake. by Traviswood (08/01/15)
3.60 (160)
48.School Reunion
Dana attends a school reunion. by GabbyRose (07/19/15)
3.56 (142)
49.The Party Ch. 02
Mrs. B begins to dance... by Maelstron (07/09/15)
3.53 (43)
50.Jimmy's Whore
Watch me, love me. by saucymh (07/26/15)
3.49 (63)
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