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"I know you're hurting, but I'd give my right arm to have a wife as beautiful as Sarah," his younger brother told him. "I had her, and yet here I am still single and living alone." "Yeah, but...

Eye of the Beholder by komrad1156

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"Mom, I'm old enough to get a job and help out now." "Honey, you're thirteen." "I know, but I could babysit or mow lawns, right?" "No. You don't need to do that. We'll find a way to get by....

Va-Cay by komrad1156

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The waves surged, in and out, like foamy grey rolling pins flecked with seaweed, and between the ominous-looking water and the gritty snow on the sand under my feet, I couldn't help but wonder what...

All The Way In by Voboy

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1.Eye of the Beholder
One man's quest for beauty leaves him empty. by komrad1156 (03/27/18)
4.84 (661)
A new idea brings two people together forever. by komrad1156 (04/07/18)
4.83 (773)
3.All The Way In
Ms Dubinsky jumps on the "bad teacher" bandwagon... by Voboy (03/31/18)
4.80 (618)
4.Kassandra, Woman of Mystery
Sometimes living with danger is exciting. by jsmangis (04/14/18)
4.79 (485)
5.Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 03
Will they keep their flame alight? by Thefireflies (04/01/18)
4.77 (56)
6.Fame and Fortune
Fame and fortune are replaced by true love. by komrad1156 (03/22/18)
4.75 (442)
7.Love is in the Air
A sudden, near-death experience leads to love. by komrad1156 (04/01/18)
4.74 (647)
8.Friends of the Younger Variety
A sexually deprived wife finds company in her son's friends. by mt44 (04/16/18)
4.70 (286)
9."I Dare You, Mrs. McCutcheon"
Sequel. Noah gets invited to his MILF teacher's house. by BluePoppy (04/05/18)
4.64 (611)
10.Morning News Ch. 04
Working weekends can be fun. by dispatcher59 (03/29/18)
4.64 (56)
11.Having Her Friend's Father
Annie finally gets what she wants. by KimberlyHart (03/23/18)
4.61 (397)
12.Examination Techniques
Lucas runs into his former MILF pediatrician. by BluePoppy (04/06/18)
4.60 (591)
13.No Frame of Reference (New Knees!)
Very old woman helped in knee-rehab by much younger man. by XXscribbler (03/31/18)
4.60 (169)
14.Sea Cruise Pt. 02
Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser (03/24/18)
4.56 (128)
15.Chris and Janet, My Education cont.
Janet takes Chris's place as my model and continues to teach. by rlaubert (03/31/18)
4.55 (110)
16.Happy Seventieth Birthday Walt!
22 year old gives her old lover a birthday threesome! by Dave1984UK (03/31/18)
4.54 (112)
17.Late Flowering Lust
An elderly man rediscovers the delights of sexual love. by virusman (04/11/18)
4.54 (178)
18.Jason & Sara Ch. 02
Jason & Sara continue to build a relationship. by bluelaces288 (04/14/18)
4.53 (32)
19.Engaging with Emma
Sometimes it's worth being late for work! by peterpeck (03/21/18)
4.51 (189)
20.Karen's a Real Smoothie Now
Older gent's teen neighbor changes her bohemian ways. by VeryDirtyMind (04/04/18)
4.51 (377)
21.Sea Cruise Pt. 03
Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser (04/03/18)
4.50 (86)
22.In the Caucasus Ch. 01-02
My time in Eastern Europe circa 1990s. by JoninFL77 (03/27/18)
4.50 (54)
23.Deceived, Dumped and then Rewarded
After being duped, he makes love to his buddy's mother. by walterio (03/28/18)
4.48 (658)
24.My Summer Cougar Pt. 11
Annie has a surprise for John. Who is Jasmin? by storyfella (03/20/18)
4.48 (69)
25.Makara Ch. 02
Makara struggles for control and learns of betrayal. by Tara2977 (04/11/18)
4.45 (11)
26.Joey Needed a Tutor
Retired teacher Matilda Ward loves to tutor. by JustLikeEwe (03/25/18)
4.43 (443)
27.Fucked at My Son's Soccer Game
A mother is seduced by someone from the opposite team. by ThatBoi21 (04/10/18)
4.39 (784)
28.Car Pooling Pt. 01
What will an older woman do for a ride to work. by TonyMA70 (03/28/18)
4.39 (698)
A sexy friend becomes much more, all due to a headache. by JBEdwards (04/07/18)
4.37 (228)
30.Watching as the Years Pass
Babysitter grows up, secret desires revealed and fulfilled. by justjohn1013 (04/11/18)
4.37 (306)
31.Conflicted Ch. 11
Leslie and Stuart go on their first proper date. by Cuckoldson (04/07/18)
4.35 (57)
32.Sea Cruise Pt. 04
Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser (04/14/18)
4.34 (47)
33.The Mature Lady
What will the mature woman do for the younger man affection? by TonyMA70 (03/22/18)
4.32 (216)
34.Jason & Sara Ch. 01
Older man/younger woman discover each other. by bluelaces288 (04/09/18)
4.32 (212)
35.Watching Her Friend's Father
A cheerleader sees her friend's father in a new way. by KimberlyHart (03/20/18)
4.31 (566)
36.His Daughter's BFF Ch. 02
Martin and Nicole become closer but can it last? by darktigerroar (04/08/18)
4.30 (40)
37.My Summer Cougar Pt. 12
A very hot day at Annie's... by storyfella (04/08/18)
4.27 (77)
38.The Estelle Years Pt. 02
The continuing adventures of Estelle. by micjammusic (04/07/18)
4.26 (19)
39.Halloween Night Ch. 02
The bored mother gets to see her new, younger lover again. by ThatBoi21 (04/09/18)
4.26 (176)
40.Latina Granny Ch. 05
Febe Has a Plan. by BilboMerkin (04/17/18)
4.25 (12)
41.Love Street Ch. 03
Tommy's naughty mommy, the reluctant MILF. by Jason_NYC (04/12/18)
4.25 (122)
42.Dan Loses Control for a Toe Ring
Young man finds mature women sexy, and loves their toes. by Lrt83 (04/08/18)
4.23 (94)
43.Captaint's Night
Two Security Guards against late night work. by Gatekeeper1957 (04/14/18)
4.23 (96)
Two Literotica authors, old and young, come together. by RodThrustin (04/16/18)
4.21 (63)
45.Oh Carole Ch. 03
Happy ever after. by Croony (04/18/18)
4.19 (26)
46.Francine and Her New Neighbors
Francine plays with her new neighbors. by Lrt83 (04/03/18)
4.19 (298)
47.Little Miss Goodie Goodie
Danny catches his girlfriend having sex with an older man. by KingBandor (04/13/18)
4.18 (282)
48.Last First Date
An old man passes up too many chances. by smlred1 (04/05/18)
4.17 (95)
49.Maid to Order
A busy man hire a maid, and gets more than expected. by Gatekeeper1957 (04/05/18)
4.16 (489)
50.The Joanne Saga: Deborah
I have an incredible time with Joanne's mother. by Bigdong12345 (04/18/18)
4.15 (198)
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