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Eleven months ago "You ready to head back home, Mrs. Armstrong?" he asked. "I guess. I just wish this feeling could last forever!" his new wife told him. "If we make it a priority, I don't...

Farmhouse by komrad1156

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I waved Sam off from the upstairs window in Gina's bedroom, bouncing on the spot and flopped contentedly back onto her bed as he hove out of sight down Sycamore Avenue. I texted Gina. Coast clear....

Beth's Summer Break Pt. 09 by BarracudaSwordfish

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"I don't get a kiss goodbye again?" she asked politely. "Again? You make it sound like that's a regular occurrence," her husband said before kissing her on the cheek. "Lately, it's more often...

Life's Twists and Turns by komrad1156

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A trip to the carwash leads a woman to the perfect man. by komrad1156 (07/08/17)
4.81 (677)
Tragedy leads a younger man to lasting love. by komrad1156 (07/18/17)
4.77 (665)
3.Returning Home
A woman dies inside when she sends the boy she loves away. by komrad1156 (07/17/17)
4.77 (431)
4.Uber Driver
Driving a car leads a younger man to find true love. by komrad1156 (07/13/17)
4.76 (644)
5.Beth's Summer Break Pt. 09
Beth's summer fun continues with Sam, Josie and a new friend. by BarracudaSwordfish (06/24/17)
4.75 (12)
6.First Kiss
A young woman addicted to food finds love with an older man. by komrad1156 (06/29/17)
4.74 (395)
7.Fiftieth High School Reunion Ch. 02
They discover the value of experience. by highclassic (07/21/17)
4.73 (56)
8.Life's Twists and Turns
A husband's betrayal leads an older woman to true love. by komrad1156 (06/30/17)
4.72 (485)
9.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 11
Rob and Sherry's last day at the cottage. by Original_Aramis (07/14/17)
4.70 (90)
10.The Seduction of Rob - Epilogue
The final chapter of The Seduction of Rob. by Original_Aramis (07/19/17)
4.70 (142)
11.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 09
A late birthday celebration in the kitchen. by Original_Aramis (06/29/17)
4.70 (122)
12.Friends of the Younger Variety
A sexually deprived wife finds company in her son's friends. by mt44 (07/19/17)
4.70 (267)
13.Anger Management Blues Ch. 01
Oscar just wanted a cigar while in hospital but finds more. by TornConflict (06/27/17)
4.68 (215)
14.Latina Granny Ch. 02
Febe is in control. by BilboMerkin (07/03/17)
4.68 (71)
15.Fiftieth High School Reunion Ch. 01
College students discover the value of experience. by highclassic (07/11/17)
4.68 (154)
16.Fixed Wright Up
When her former paperboy shows up at the nudist camp... by RejectReality (07/10/17)
4.67 (678)
17.The Landlord
A change in a young man's fortunes, from an unexpected place. by oenopion (07/15/17)
4.66 (696)
18.Mrs. Ferrell
A guy and his friend's Mom, told from two perspectives.. by jeffincognito (07/21/17)
4.64 (288)
19.My Older Neighbor
Long attraction for older neighbor finally fulfilled. by Johnfarnham55 (06/29/17)
4.63 (286)
20.Ruth's Cottage Ch. 02
Jack and his host come together. by ExiledWelshman (07/11/17)
4.63 (70)
21.My Darling Denise Ch. 02
Real life is so much better than Second Life.... by aubrey1701 (07/12/17)
4.62 (34)
22.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 10
Rob rents a cottage at the beach for a weekend with Sherry. by Original_Aramis (07/08/17)
4.59 (92)
23.The Fertility Experiment
Experiments with a fertility drug have interesting results. by ewriter (07/07/17)
4.58 (300)
24.The Allie-gator
Allie distracts her BFF's dad. by Midday_Crisis (07/17/17)
4.57 (282)
Desperation forces a mother to flee her abusive husband. by komrad1156 (07/20/17)
4.55 (564)
26.Discovered Passion
Mature woman finds pleasure with much younger man. by tantricjim (07/19/17)
4.53 (204)
27.Justine’s Finishing Touch
May and December? Well, maybe May and September. by SamScribble (07/08/17)
4.52 (230)
28.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 18
Rekindling an old naughty flame. by littleladyfun (07/13/17)
4.52 (48)
29.The Surfer Dude and the Soccer Mom
Dude chases after a hot soccer mom & it's a whale of a tale! by Swampcooler (06/28/17)
4.51 (387)
30.Dirty Dawg: Big Boss Booty
Getting more than he bargained for...and a MASSIVE DONK!! by mondotoken (07/14/17)
4.50 (86)
A woman aged to perfection. by Scorpio08 (07/19/17)
4.48 (188)
32.Seduced by My Mother's Boss
A young man is seduced by bossy older woman. by rutger5 (07/22/17)
4.48 (302)
33.Nymphomania Pt. 02
Lisa’s best friend makes an extraordinary offer. by The Big Bopper (07/08/17)
4.48 (145)
34.Taught by a Cougar
Young man has the best summer ever. by redkissy (07/09/17)
4.46 (711)
35.Oh God Not You! Ch. 03
Angela's daughter sees Mr. Johnson at the mall. by sexuallytaboo2 (07/15/17)
4.46 (282)
36.Could Have Been Me Pt. 03
Morgan Daniels and Ian Rhett try to take things further. by EnvywithJadee (07/19/17)
4.44 (18)
37.Sex for Money
Sexy Traci needs money to pay her rent. by samandrews (07/06/17)
4.43 (265)
38.Customer Service on National Nude Day
A software upgrade goes much better than expected! by naughtymdguy (07/06/17)
4.42 (415)
39.Naked Nightmare
I dream that I'm naked. by oggbashan (07/07/17)
4.41 (121)
40.Nymphomania Pt. 01
The absence of her husband stirs up Lisa's hypersexuality. by The Big Bopper (06/29/17)
4.41 (201)
41.Morning News Ch. 03
I move to evenings and rekindle an old friendship. by dispatcher59 (07/22/17)
4.40 (20)
42.Detention Pt. 03
Toby falls foul of his mature teachers. by Croony (06/28/17)
4.37 (90)
43.Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 29
Ted and Emily have a foursome with Scott and Dana. by FunWhileItLasted (07/16/17)
4.33 (21)
44.Oh God Not You! Ch. 01
Linda gets set up by husband and a MILF-fucking club. by sexuallytaboo2 (07/13/17)
4.33 (522)
45.Oh God Not You! Ch. 02
The Boys are at it again with Mrs. Johnson and the neighbor. by sexuallytaboo2 (07/14/17)
4.33 (387)
46.Moms Best Friend Ch. 02
Mom's friend can't get enough of my young cock. by pwrcrazy (07/13/17)
4.31 (438)
47.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 17
Katie and Adam - a continuation. by littleladyfun (06/30/17)
4.31 (39)
48.When He Isn't Looking Ch. 02
Erin finds herself in naughty situation... again. by littleladyfun (06/23/17)
4.29 (34)
49.The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 46
Cynthia's Tales, Part 3 by SteinWolf8 (06/26/17)
4.29 (41)
50.Cynthia's Mom
Revenge is Sweet. by SierraSprite (07/22/17)
4.28 (460)
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