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"You know we all get old, Weston. It's nothing to fear," his grandmother told him. "Death, I mean." "I know what you meant, Grandma," he told her. "I'm not afraid to die," she told him. "I am...

Visitation by komrad1156

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There are quite a few stories that I have written, both stand-alone and series, that I had intended to let end as they stand. However, due to a semi-steady stream of requests to continue the stories,...

A Neighborly Bet Ch. 05 by cuninglinguist61

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Hank is back from Greece, awaiting the return of his mature lover, Ambrosia. You asked for it, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know that...

Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 02 by ilikeithot6308

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A love of the elderly leads a younger man to love. by komrad1156 (11/15/16)
4.84 (510)
2.A Neighborly Bet Ch. 05
Christi gives an indecent proposal. by cuninglinguist61 (11/13/16)
4.80 (265)
3.Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 02
Hank and his mature girlfriend give a relationship a try. by ilikeithot6308 (11/28/16)
4.79 (322)
4.Anna Karenina
A love of books brings love to an unlikely couple. by komrad1156 (12/02/16)
4.74 (499)
5.House Swap
Fate brings an older woman to a younger man. by komrad1156 (11/12/16)
4.71 (462)
6.The Good Girl Ch. 02
Does the unusual relationship continue? by SimonO (11/09/16)
4.71 (109)
Neglect leads to a loss of faith and newfound love. by komrad1156 (11/21/16)
4.70 (315)
8.North to Alaska
Two sisters find love in the coldest of places. by komrad1156 (11/07/16)
4.70 (443)
9.The Morning After
A young teacher falls prey to his adventurous students. by Voboy (11/28/16)
4.70 (250)
10.Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 09
Ted and Emily are alone in Ted's office at church. by FunWhileItLasted (11/22/16)
4.67 (9)
11.Nickie and Me Ch. 02
The next door neighbor knows. by nevets13 (11/21/16)
4.61 (220)
Being forced to relocate lets two unlikely lovers meet. by komrad1156 (11/27/16)
4.60 (403)
13.Snowbound with Mrs Ellis
The weather forces the to a hotel on Christmas Eve. by geronimo_appleby (11/14/16)
4.58 (1107)
14.The Cougar Chronicles 04 - Jenny
Fourth in a series of hot older women seducing younger men. by Original_Aramis (11/22/16)
4.56 (158)
15.The Floating World Pt. 02
Amanda and her men get together. by electricblue66 (11/12/16)
4.56 (9)
16.Praying for Rain Ch. 04
Graduation, for both. by DeadSince2001 (11/08/16)
4.55 (83)
17.The Little Black Dress
A fumble on a bench leads to something a lot more intense. by Itsalljustforfun (11/10/16)
4.54 (374)
18.Maestro or Master Pt. 02
And the grooming continues... by lovelyladyfaire (11/17/16)
4.53 (15)
19.Ellen's Little Friend
Plump middle-aged woman discovers she has an admirer. by furryfan (11/21/16)
4.53 (299)
20.Plaid Ties and Neon Lace
A man hunts at the rave for who in his office would be there. by MSTarot (11/08/16)
4.52 (141)
21.The Reunion Pt. 01
Rob scores at a 30th high school reunion. by RobAnthony53 (11/18/16)
4.52 (431)
22.The Reunion Pt. 02
The morning after a 30th reunion in the hotel. by RobAnthony53 (11/24/16)
4.52 (289)
A Spinster surprises a man, who surprises her too. by HunterShambles (11/19/16)
4.51 (362)
24.Who Seduced Who Ch. 02
The First Blow. by YoungCub1992 (12/03/16)
4.48 (198)
25.The Reunion Pt. 03
Sunday Afternoon/Evening is full of surprises. by RobAnthony53 (12/03/16)
4.47 (139)
26.Mrs. Gordon's Bridge Club
Young man provides services for group of mature ladies. by tantricjim (11/25/16)
4.47 (414)
27.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 05
A favor for a favor. by littleladyfun (11/24/16)
4.47 (179)
28.Jenny Ch. 02
A Mature woman finds love and life. by HunterShambles (11/24/16)
4.46 (125)
29.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 04
Katie bent over with daddy just outside. by littleladyfun (11/22/16)
4.46 (211)
30.Morning News Ch. 02
On assignment with Kelly. by dispatcher59 (12/02/16)
4.46 (111)
31.Who Seduced Who - The First Fuck
Did I seduce my mom's friend? Or did she seduce me? by YoungCub1992 (11/27/16)
4.45 (1051)
32.The Lark
Haven't you ever just had a yen to do something outrageous? by romancer (11/12/16)
4.44 (43)
33.Jenny Ch. 03
All things change, sometimes for the better. by HunterShambles (11/28/16)
4.42 (64)
34.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 06
One of the highlights of our hotel stay. by littleladyfun (11/29/16)
4.42 (152)
35.A New Job
Circumstances and opportunities sometimes collide. by oldiethevoyeur (11/16/16)
4.42 (88)
36.Morning News
Cameraman makes headlines with on air talent. by dispatcher59 (11/10/16)
4.42 (143)
37.Thanksgiving Weekend
Chance encounter with a hot chick. by OldManLovesAllWomen (11/24/16)
4.39 (289)
38.Dina Ch. 02
Older woman and younger man. by bignfirm (11/27/16)
4.39 (155)
39.Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 08
Ted explores Emily's body the first time. by FunWhileItLasted (11/07/16)
4.39 (18)
40.Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 03
Katie's visit at the office Part 2. by littleladyfun (11/20/16)
4.37 (255)
41.Just a Stranger Passing Through
Salesman finds being stuck in the sticks is not all that bad. by VeryDirtyMind (12/06/16)
4.37 (287)
42.Virtue in Iniquity
An older man and younger woman have an arrangement. by Malraux (11/26/16)
4.36 (80)
43.The Bi-Wives Surprise
Bob and Ray come home to find there is some explaining to do. by dipperyslick (11/19/16)
4.36 (169)
44.Sexy Educator
Older gentleman proves he's still got it. by redkissy (12/01/16)
4.34 (176)
Mother-in-law gets her comeuppance. by easyballs (11/15/16)
4.32 (574)
46.Mother and Daughter
The plan worked a treat. by qualitywheat (11/23/16)
4.32 (296)
A long friendship is finally fulfilled. by IgneousRocks (11/26/16)
4.31 (150)
48.Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 08
Sexy granny's handy work continues with handy boys. by milfleglover (12/01/16)
4.28 (54)
An old friend interrupts my quiet coffee. by Sven the Elder (12/01/16)
4.26 (254)
50.Affair with an Older Man Ch. 03
I haven't been with a lot of men. by elisa4334 (11/12/16)
4.24 (42)
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