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Chapter 2 – Liz, Autumn I found out more about Liz's problems a couple of days later. The rest of Charlie's visit was fun, we went to see a movie together and then had some dinner, and funnily...

Student Support Ch. 02 by AnnasFriend

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Our life together had begun, although not in the manner either of us would have planned. After the argument with my parents, and the release of emotions that followed, Brosie and I had retired to her...

Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 04 by ilikeithot6308

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"Julie, are you okay?" I heard from the radio. "Julie, talk to us. Are you alright?" I was frozen in place. Fear gripped me in its icy fingers, while my ears strained to pierce the static that...

Grease Monkey Business Pt. 03 by ilikeithot6308

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1.Student Support Ch. 02
The study group expands - Maggie shares the love around. by AnnasFriend (01/26/18)
4.89 (224)
2.Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 04
The aftermath. Love grows. by ilikeithot6308 (02/04/18)
4.87 (338)
3.Grease Monkey Business Pt. 03
The Race continues... by ilikeithot6308 (02/03/18)
4.86 (403)
4.Brittany's Do-Over
An awkward question puts a former student in a tricky spot. by Voboy (01/22/18)
4.84 (399)
5.The Iceman's Wrath Ch. 04
Megan comes over & an unexpected guest arrives! by writerannabelle (01/23/18)
4.80 (512)
6.Seeing the Possibilities
Sometimes you just have to see the possibilities. by Ann Douglas (01/27/18)
4.79 (624)
7.The MILF Next Door Ch. 05
Another day, another threesome. by Argonaut_1975 (01/26/18)
4.77 (69)
8.Devil's Bargain
Dealing with the Devil has its advantages. by Ann Douglas (01/20/18)
4.74 (544)
9.Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
A woman's sense of desperation changes her life forever. by komrad1156 (02/02/18)
4.72 (474)
10.Parting Gift
Some gifts are better than others. by Ann Douglas (01/28/18)
4.72 (579)
11.Good on Paper
A single mom realizes love is more than a good resume. by komrad1156 (01/29/18)
4.71 (698)
12.Last Dance
Sometimes you just have to make the most of life. by Ann Douglas (01/31/18)
4.71 (305)
13.Spencer's Canyon
Student takes a summer job for a semester, and gets much more. by ilikeithot6308 (02/02/18)
4.71 (905)
14.Play Ball
A different type of ball game. by Ann Douglas (02/04/18)
4.70 (451)
15.Fifth Wheel
Spring Break 1973. by Ann Douglas (02/16/18)
4.69 (382)
16.Latina Granny Ch. 04
Febe Swallows her Pride. by BilboMerkin (01/25/18)
4.68 (28)
17.Runs in the Family
I take on Kim's granddaughter. by dispatcher59 (02/13/18)
4.61 (164)
An older man helps a young woman get off the streets. by Zeb_Carter (02/19/18)
4.60 (400)
19.Drawing a Nude Young Female
40 yr old man draws 20 year old female waitress nude. by sensualstories (02/13/18)
4.60 (404)
20.Oh Carole
Simply the life of Carole. by Croony (01/25/18)
4.60 (120)
21.Difference between Boys and Men Ch. 01
No nonsense trucker teaches the snotty neighbor girl that. by VeryDirtyMind (01/31/18)
4.59 (412)
22.Uber Driver Hooks Up with Rider
Older Uber driver plus porn and younger woman. by ikemay (02/14/18)
4.58 (124)
23.You're The Boss
Young man starts a new job with a strict boss. by chris4chat (01/26/18)
4.58 (547)
24.Reaching an Understanding
Coming to an understanding with the landlady. by Ann Douglas (02/08/18)
4.55 (513)
25.Oh, I Love the Mature Woman
When a woman knows how to fuck, it's all the difference. by savetheworld (02/10/18)
4.55 (176)
26.Sexapades of Janet, Sarah & John
Janet, Sarah, and John visit their first Swingers' house. by lonelyjohn76 (01/20/18)
4.54 (57)
27.The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 05
Mature Sarah and her young friends get to know one another! by peterpeck (02/19/18)
4.53 (38)
28.My Home is Your Home
Condo-sitting leads to secrets uncovered and more. by DirtyWriter88 (01/26/18)
4.52 (100)
29.Watching Porn with Mature Friend Pt. 02
Sex with mature Jane continues as porn plays on TV. by ikemay (02/02/18)
4.52 (194)
30.Oh, I Love the Mature Woman Pt. 02
Learning more what a mature woman can do when inspired. by savetheworld (02/17/18)
4.50 (34)
31.The Writing Convention
Young girl hooks up with a mature married man. by Brittni4u (02/04/18)
4.49 (246)
32.Tea, Cake or Something? Ch. 03
Betty and Tony's first night together. by WirdSmiff (01/29/18)
4.48 (62)
33.Difference between Boys and Men Ch. 02
Meredith's friend appears out of the blue. by VeryDirtyMind (02/03/18)
4.48 (207)
34.Retirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 03
Johnny has been fucking The Reverend Mother. by peteh57 (01/22/18)
4.47 (241)
35.Remembering Anita
A young man finds paradise with an older woman. by LegendInMyOwnMind (01/30/18)
4.46 (170)
36.Tea, Cake or Something? Ch. 02
Betty is naked in Toni's bed after less than two hours! by WirdSmiff (01/20/18)
4.45 (136)
37.Start My Fire
A newly divorced lady meets a younger man. by redkissy (01/25/18)
4.43 (234)
38.My Summer Cougar Pt. 09
A double treat for a rainy day! by storyfella (02/17/18)
4.41 (37)
39.College Guy gets a MILF Visitor
A surprise date with a MILF. by Brian6588 (02/11/18)
4.40 (435)
Young guy gets best sex ever from a willing mature. by micjammusic (01/31/18)
4.40 (264)
41.Watching Porn with Mature Friend Pt. 01
Young guy watches porn with mature family friend. by ikemay (01/27/18)
4.40 (535)
42.Mature Love
Mature Loving and Swinging. by amorouslion (02/08/18)
4.38 (130)
43.Erotic Massage for Stressed Ladies Ch. 02
More tales from the massage table. by Slowandeasy47 (02/17/18)
4.33 (72)
44.My Summer Cougar Pt. 08
Another double treat for John. by storyfella (01/25/18)
4.33 (94)
45.Gin with Gerri
I thought that I should get to know her. by SamScribble (02/12/18)
4.33 (322)
46.Zach Mrs. Johansen Ch. 01
Zach helps the widow neighbor the best way he knows how. by ZachDocEight (01/28/18)
4.32 (301)
47.My Summer Cougar Pt. 07
Annie's back and isn't happy. Or is she? by storyfella (01/21/18)
4.31 (96)
48.Madeline's Further Adventures
Mature woman cuts loose away from home. by IgneousRocks (02/05/18)
4.30 (46)
49.Helping Margaret Pt. 02
Margaret and David's friendship grows closer. by LanceStone (02/17/18)
4.30 (63)
50.Tea, Cake or Something? Ch. 04
A picnic in the woods. by WirdSmiff (02/06/18)
4.29 (34)
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