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I gave serious consideration to declining the invitation to help that weekend. Certainly not for any reasons that included Sam, as any excuse to be with her was valid in my opinion. No, the...

On The Train Ch. 04 by ilikeithot6308

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Steve Briggs took a few drinks from his tea bottle while coming down from the explosive orgasm he had just put forth. He could hear the water running as Amy showered. He hoped she did not run out of...

Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 02 by Flyingtiger

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Brendan slammed the front door behind him and threw his coat onto the rack. It missed, as always, and slid onto the floor in a heap. "Honey is that you?" His mother called to him from the kitchen...

Rachel Doesn't Do 'Normal' Pt. 03 by roganwriter

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1.On The Train Ch. 04
Alex deals with Cassie, and Samantha gets an early gift. by ilikeithot6308 (04/14/16)
4.77 (325)
2.Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 02
Steve and Amy re unite, and ignite. by Flyingtiger (04/02/16)
4.73 (169)
3.Rachel Doesn't Do 'Normal' Pt. 03
Young Brendan watches as busty blonde Rachel cheats. by roganwriter (04/16/16)
4.73 (124)
Two broken-hearted, hopeless romantics find love. by komrad1156 (03/30/16)
4.72 (475)
5.Trivial Pursuit
A handsome widower finds love with a beautiful young teacher. by komrad1156 (04/02/16)
4.70 (631)
6.Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 03
The day after the initial snowed in reunion. by Flyingtiger (04/12/16)
4.70 (124)
7.Unbelievable! Ch. 05
Wedding Day Revels! by peterpeck (04/08/16)
4.67 (48)
8.Natalie Plays with Mr Herrick Ch. 03
Natalie gets to have a sleepover... by Voboy (04/28/16)
4.65 (26)
9.Conflicted Ch. 07
Leslie finds inventive ways to help Stuart. by Cuckoldson (03/29/16)
4.65 (43)
10.Timmy's Talented Tongue Ch. 06
We devise a way to make young boy's gift pay off. by milfleglover (03/31/16)
4.64 (73)
11.Miss Vickie's Favorite Cutomer
A daycare teacher connects with one of the customers. by Voboy (04/20/16)
4.61 (309)
12.More than This
Two people with checkered pasts find trust and love. by komrad1156 (04/09/16)
4.59 (299)
13.A New Running Partner
A recent graduate seduces her old coach. by Voboy (04/01/16)
4.59 (265)
14.A Little Side Business Pt. 07
It ain't over til it's over. by flatliner (04/14/16)
4.59 (82)
15.Must Love Dogs
A lost dog brings love to a lonely widow. by komrad1156 (04/14/16)
4.58 (476)
16.The Weekend Pt. 03
The continuing story of a middle-aged widow's re-awakening. by oldiethevoyeur (04/23/16)
4.56 (55) the Racer's Edge
Setting a goal leads an unhappy women to the love she needs. by komrad1156 (04/07/16)
4.56 (302)
18.The Lioness of Montgomery Pt. 03
The Busty Professor juggles sub life with 2 of her students. by Ravenblackerotica (04/13/16)
4.52 (27)
19.Flip or Flop
A flip gone awry leads an older woman to a young man's love. by komrad1156 (04/21/16)
4.51 (292)
20.Cheaters Never Prosper
Lessons learned the hard way lead an older woman to love. by komrad1156 (04/28/16)
4.51 (132)
21.Linda, The Babysitter Ch. 06
The hot blonde MILF rocks my world on our last day alone. by Cram213 (04/28/16)
4.51 (83)
22.House Sitting Ch. 02
A young man house sits for a horny housewife. by Thumper_Harder (04/08/16)
4.48 (700)
An old friend becomes more too easily. by ofloveandlust (04/05/16)
4.48 (355)
24.The Cul-De-Sac Ch. 02
The sexual revolution gathers pace. by djinnrummy (03/31/16)
4.47 (66)
25.Lonely Woman Meets Eccentric Senior
Karen had heard the stories but was curious. by MisterNatural (04/27/16)
4.44 (163)
26.Mature Beauty Ch. 02
Mike enjoys some alone time with Louise. by McIntyre (04/12/16)
4.43 (255)
27.Widower Takes Lovers Ch. 02
Mike takes lover number 2 and possible 3 some. by joedevon (04/05/16)
4.41 (115)
28.An Unlikely Reunion 25 Years Later
Two seniors meeting rekindles memories of a 5 year affair. by walterio (04/13/16)
4.39 (122)
29.Birds of a Feather
A rebellious co-ed learns a life lesson the hard way. by komrad1156 (04/19/16)
4.38 (212)
30.Mrs. Hattersley's Lovers
My grandmother's 'good friend' was full of surprises. by SamScribble (04/22/16)
4.38 (354)
31.Remember Me?
A lost career and bad marriage yield to love w/a younger man. by komrad1156 (04/16/16)
4.38 (278)
32.Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 06
Sameena meets with milk man who reamed her. by bena4u (04/06/16)
4.38 (32)
33.The Cul-De-Sac Ch. 03
No More Dead-Ends. by djinnrummy (04/10/16)
4.37 (86)
34.There Might Be a Connection Here Pt. 03
Tracy and Bob decide this relationship will last. by Playful Harley (03/30/16)
4.37 (57)
35.Milf Impregnation Club Ch. 03
The truth is revealed and a future is decided. by deWynn (04/14/16)
4.36 (385)
36.Natasha And Her Big Hairy Bush
21 year old jumps at easy opportunity to fuck curvy 40+ MILF by dorsetmilflover (04/04/16)
4.33 (406)
37.Natalie Plays with Mr Herrick Ch. 02
Things heat up when Natalie babysits. by Voboy (04/17/16)
4.30 (111)
38.My Mother's Adventures Continue
Arianna confesses her growing list of sins to Grace. by dreamweaver5539 (04/27/16)
4.30 (27)
39.My Boss Ch. 02
Who would believe what else happens. by tallone123 (04/14/16)
4.29 (112)
Shared fantasies become reality. by Harper2 (04/26/16)
4.29 (167)
41.Milf Impregnation Club Ch. 01
A young man, freshly dumped, finds a new angel. by deWynn (04/06/16)
4.29 (788)
42.A Perfect Piece of Timing Ch. 02
Her training begins. by AnitaKing (04/27/16)
4.26 (46)
43.Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 04
Sameena met her son's friend. by bena4u (04/02/16)
4.25 (44)
44.My Boss Banged Me In Office
Flirting turns into boss banging younger assistant. by JRob (03/29/16)
4.22 (445)
45.Sexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 09
Redneck stepdad goes to prison. Teen meets boyfriend's dad. by shoguy (04/01/16)
4.21 (52)
Frozen man thawing from the heat of an older woman. by risgrynsfisk (04/14/16)
4.18 (213)
47.Milf Impregnation Club Ch. 02
Laddy awakens to French toast and consequences. by deWynn (04/10/16)
4.17 (520)
48.A Perfect Piece of Timing Ch. 01
A girl in new town meets older man to teach her. by AnitaKing (04/24/16)
4.09 (198)
49.Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 07
Alone again, but found soon. by bena4u (04/08/16)
4.06 (17)
50.The Idiot and the Angel
A bitter sweet tale of lust and loss. by NorthernLad1977 (04/21/16)
4.04 (78)
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