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Sunday. Tomorrow. Seemed as good a day as any for my funeral, even if it was part of a long weekend. It wasn't two minutes after I found out about Marina's evil little scheme that I was in my...

Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 03 by ilikeithot6308

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"So is this something else on your bucket list, Spencer?" "I've never been a fan of that term, but yes, it is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. When Jeff was alive we talked about...

PADI Cake, PADI Cake by komrad1156

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July, 2017—Republic, Missouri "Come on, baby. This is our shot! I got a job up here in the oil fields, and I'm makin' big money." "Billy, I have a job down here. I job I love teaching school....

Scars by komrad1156

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1.Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 03
Love will make you stronger. by ilikeithot6308 (05/06/17)
4.83 (242)
2.PADI Cake, PADI Cake
A love of adventure brings true love to an older woman. by komrad1156 (05/08/17)
4.82 (433)
The bitter cold leads an older woman to love. by komrad1156 (05/23/17)
4.77 (345)
4.I Didn't Rob the Cradle Ch. 05
Jack plans to propose to Andi. by BossMan64 (05/06/17)
4.76 (275)
5.I Didn't Rob the Cradle Ch. 06
Jack's and Andi's wedding. by BossMan64 (05/25/17)
4.75 (163)
6.Going on Thirty
A teacher's world is turned upside down by a mature student. by komrad1156 (05/04/17)
4.75 (606)
7.New Bikini New Shagbunny
Older married woman loses inhibitions on girls' holiday. by withinreason (05/09/17)
4.75 (12)
8.Latina Granny Ch. 01
Febe Fills in for Granddaughter. by BilboMerkin (05/10/17)
4.75 (159)
9.Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 02
The Principal continues to educate his girls. by ilikeithot6308 (05/06/17)
4.73 (325)
10.The MILF Next Door... Some More!
Ronnie and Emma continue to explore each other. by ilikeithot6308 (05/13/17)
4.73 (558)
11.A Fine Substitute
Booty call interrupted, but her teacher Mom wants to sub in. by RejectReality (04/30/17)
4.73 (886)
12.Much to Love
Heavy-set girls show older man he hasn't lost it. by JimBob44 (05/13/17)
4.71 (364)
An aunt and nephew learn things aren't always what they seem. by komrad1156 (05/12/17)
4.69 (600)
14.Androshorts: Older Women
A young man, in praise of the older woman, well two actually. by Androgynousother (05/09/17)
4.68 (187)
15.Running into Trouble
He bumps into an old girlfriend and then falls for her mom. by Swampcooler (05/14/17)
4.67 (788)
16.Don't Stand So Close To Me
Two students want their teacher to take their virginities. by LittleBrain (05/05/17)
4.67 (143)
17.The Guilded Lily Ch. 01: Lost Girl
Homeless girl learns to trust. by IslandCove (05/04/17)
4.66 (397)
18.Samantha Delivers
Jeff flirts with a much younger Samantha. by BossMan64 (05/14/17)
4.66 (610)
19.My Dearest Nora
An older widower finds love and fantastic sex again. by oldbob68 (05/23/17)
4.65 (449)
20.Ventura's Highway
A gorgeous younger man helps an older woman find her roots. by komrad1156 (05/18/17)
4.65 (475)
21.MilSpec Ch. 03
Retired Sailor settles into civilian life. by Girochen (04/29/17)
4.65 (341)
22.The Retirement Community Ch. 01
At 50, Declan is introduced to Sex in the Golden Years. by DeclanMacallan (05/12/17)
4.63 (269)
23.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 04
The seduction continues in the living room of Rob's house. by Original_Aramis (05/24/17)
4.63 (84)
24.MILF Addiction Ch. 03
More MILFs in the Garden of Ellen. by MoreWood (05/09/17)
4.63 (132)
25.MilSpec Ch. 02
Retired Sailor finds love and lust. by Girochen (04/28/17)
4.62 (399)
26.Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 04
Unexpected Surprise. by hancock75 (05/25/17)
4.60 (402)
27.Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 02
The Seduction Continues by hancock75 (05/20/17)
4.58 (468)
28.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 03
Sex on the beach isn't necessarily a drink. by Original_Aramis (05/17/17)
4.58 (103)
29.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 02
Sherry takes Rob upstairs to finish what she started. by Original_Aramis (05/12/17)
4.57 (136)
30.The Seduction of Rob Ch. 01
The Den: a teenage nymph seduces her best friend's father. by Original_Aramis (05/03/17)
4.56 (410)
31.Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 01
Best friend's mom is an MILF and she seduced me. by hancock75 (05/15/17)
4.56 (1199)
32.Alicia Saves Her Mother's Job
A woman is willing to do anything to help her mom keep job. by rutger5 (05/03/17)
4.54 (529)
33.Passion in the Snow
On a field trip, David finally gets his MILF teacher. by BluePoppy (05/07/17)
4.53 (541)
My love of redheads started here. by oldbob68 (05/13/17)
4.50 (243)
A hotel full of nurses and only a few men. My experience. by oldbob68 (05/15/17)
4.49 (392)
36.Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 11
We go out swinging. by dispatcher59 (05/09/17)
4.49 (57)
37.Seduced by an Older Woman
College boy is introduced to the wonders of a mature woman. by dreamweaver5539 (05/09/17)
4.48 (389)
38.Bridge the Gap
A mature librarian blackmails a student into serving her. by Croony (05/24/17)
4.47 (159)
39.His Best Friend's Mother
He is seduced at a pool party by his friend's sexy mother. by walterio (05/07/17)
4.44 (563)
40.Upon a New Dawn
A mature woman discovers that she has a young admirer. by Jacqueline1951 (04/26/17)
4.43 (474)
41.Jenny Ch. 02
Jenny comes round for more fuck buddy fun. by Slowandeasy47 (04/27/17)
4.38 (92)
42.Naughty Teachers in High School
Sex with 2 of my teachers. by Brian6588 (05/11/17)
4.37 (327)
43.Mrs C
A lonely cougar enjoys some summer romance. by pantywriter (05/08/17)
4.37 (202)
44.What Older Women Need Ch. 03
Jimmy gets a surprise the next time he meets Mrs Martin. by Croony (05/05/17)
4.35 (396)
45.Girlfriend's Daughter Makes a Move
Complications ensue due to temp living arrangement. by rutger5 (05/16/17)
4.34 (405)
46.Two Cocks for Lynne Ch. 04
Unbeknown to Lynne, her old gardener plants his big root! by LEATBT (05/25/17)
4.33 (73)
47.The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 33
Heather's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf8 (05/19/17)
4.31 (54)
48.Sexploits Ch. 06: Rene
My fantasies with my former boss become realities. by dpingjessie (04/28/17)
4.30 (23)
49.Good Girl
Desiree is tempted by an illicit situation with an older man. by wannabplaything (04/27/17)
4.29 (191)
50.New Job with Benefits
Did Peter Grant Read the signs right? by DarcyUK777 (05/24/17)
4.29 (105)
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