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Bisexual Boys: Double the Fun - Riley and Mitchell arrive to be treated...Me first.
      Submitted by MsGenevieve  (Anal) 08/27/14
The Beautiful Destructions Ch. 02 - No one can bypass Origin.
      Submitted by Katanaji  (NonHuman) 08/27/14  Hot
Redemption Ch. 08 - Lucien's redemption.
      Submitted by LevanaHyll  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 08/27/14  Hot
A Night Off - A man with violent tendencies decides to fuck women instead.
      Submitted by miguelandal  (Group Sex) 08/27/14
The Physical Therapist - A physical therapist is dominated by his twink patient.
      Submitted by rogermeyers  (Gay Male) 08/27/14
Engaged to Deception Ch. 02: Lesbian Scene - Angelica returns home for a naughty surprise.
      Submitted by LaNiqueS  (Lesbian Sex) 08/27/14
Just a Love Letter - A not-so-innocent letter to my lover.
      Submitted by EvelynL  (Erotic Couplings) 08/27/14
Girls Night Out - Girl returns to home town without husband and lets loose.
      Submitted by ladiesman79  (Loving Wives) 08/27/14
Persuasive Approval - An older man lets a younger man fuck his wife.
      Submitted by jamesmarlowe  (Mature) 08/27/14
Visitation Rights Pt. 02 - A morning ambush.
      Submitted by SweetDesire427  (Erotic Couplings) 08/27/14
My Wife's Only Black Cock - My wife fucks her only black cock.
      Submitted by DooMyWife2  (Loving Wives) 08/27/14
Kazuhiros Busty Lactating Cowgirl - A morning in the life of Kazuhiros busty lactating cowgirl.
      Submitted by Cowman82  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 08/27/14
Catherine's Full Body Evaluation - Michael's friend help Catherine make a decision.
      Submitted by Poorwriter  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 08/27/14
T-Shirt - Welcome home surprise.
      Submitted by savismith  (Lesbian Sex) 08/27/14
I Violate Devon's Ass - Towering Devon is pussy juice in my hands.
      Submitted by MsGenevieve  (Anal) 08/27/14
Knocking Boots - A cowgirl loses it to a cowboy on the trail.
      Submitted by TheCowboy  (First Time) 08/27/14
Humanity's Sexiest - Titans aren't the only thing on Corpral Levi's mind.
      Submitted by keziahhoots  (Romance) 08/27/14
The Sexual Adventures of Ben Washin - A black man gets taught sex lessons by an older white lover.
      Submitted by afolabi70  (Interracial Love) 08/27/14
Hair Trigger Clit - A young woman's unusual condition causes problems.
      Submitted by amyyum  (Loving Wives) 08/27/14
Make a Wild Widow Ch. 07 - Continuing chapter in this saga…
      Submitted by Perry_Jones  (Novels and Novellas) 08/27/14
Caught en Femme - Husband gets caught.
      Submitted by RisqueRavisher  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 08/27/14
Debauchery in the Woods - Sir takes her on a ride and disgraces her in the moonlight.
      Submitted by rileysapphire  (BDSM) 08/27/14
Our First Encounter - Meeting a DOM for the first time in a hotel room.
      Submitted by surleysue  (BDSM) 08/27/14
The Princess and the Pea-Head - A pet attempts to apologize to his Princess. With his mouth.
      Submitted by DarlingCunt  (BDSM) 08/27/14
Seeking Peace Ch. 02 - Continuing the journey of reluctant submission.
      Submitted by Chilcoot  (BDSM) 08/27/14  Hot
Daughters Compete For Attention Ch. 02 - Two daughters push each other all the way!
      Submitted by BritWriter  (Incest/Taboo) 08/27/14
Consequences Pt. 23 - Jen goes farther with her brother-in-law; is it mercy sex?
      Submitted by xleglover  (Incest/Taboo) 08/27/14
Mike & Savy Ch. 03 - A romance blossoms, from Mike.
      Submitted by JustAnotherMarylander  (Incest/Taboo) 08/27/14  Hot
Sleepwalking Ch. 02: A Step Too Far? - Nikki uses her sleepwalking to fuck her brother.
      Submitted by nikki_2021  (Incest/Taboo) 08/27/14
Katie's Story - We finally meet to fulfill her desire to be spanked.
      Submitted by Authorman1969  (Fetish) 08/27/14
A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 03 - Mom takes her turn over the governess's lap.
      Submitted by cynthiablaine7  (Fetish) 08/27/14
The Massage - A fantasy comes true when a man massages Keira Knightley.
      Submitted by KnottLynnHardey  (Celebrities) 08/27/14  Hot
The Drusilian Mandala - A nerd discovers an ancient mind control method.
      Submitted by Lion24655  (Mind Control) 08/27/14
Taking a Military Wife - Military Wife taken while husband is deployed.
      Submitted by DanielB3579  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 08/27/14
Perfectionist Me - A leather belt to seduce my breath away...
      Submitted by sleazyegg  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 08/27/14
Unexpected Vacation - Trisha and friends get kidnapped, but does she like it?
      Submitted by gaggedKitty23  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 08/27/14
Ed's Forced Feminisation Ch. 01 - Ed begins along a journey into forced feminisation.
      Submitted by lustinlace  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 08/27/14
Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 05 - Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive
      Submitted by Krystal0690  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 08/27/14
Modified Ch. 02 - Penny is the entertainment at the pledge party
      Submitted by KegRoller  (Transsexuals & Crossdressers) 08/27/14
Lust at First Sight - A fishing trip is turned upside-down by a redhead.
      Submitted by JackBeHuge  (Anal) 08/26/14
Start of the Best Vacation Ever - A couple describe the beginning of their summer vacation.
      Submitted by WillieMac  (Loving Wives) 08/26/14
Accidental Nude Day Noonie Lunch - Pool/BBQ continues the debauchery and fun.
      Submitted by LitEroCat  (Incest/Taboo) 08/26/14
Thunder Over the Boardwalk - Incest and aerobatics in AC.
      Submitted by CavyConsultant  (Incest/Taboo) 08/26/14
Cum Visit for Some Summer Fun - Ryder has his little sister visit for summer fun & trouble.
      Submitted by ilikeitlikethat18  (Incest/Taboo) 08/26/14
Rescued - A rescue worker finds love.
      Submitted by MercuryLove31  (Lesbian Sex) 08/26/14  Hot
Learning to be Comfortable Nude - Learning to relax and enjoy being nude and admired.
      Submitted by eroswizard  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 08/26/14
From Jenny to Mei Ch. 09 - Love isn't all roses and anal orgasms.
      Submitted by asianToy  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14  Hot
You Know What I Mean? - Erotica without mentioning cock or pussy.
      Submitted by SexyGeek  (Humor & Satire) 08/26/14
Life after the Lottery Ch. 39 - Planning for the 4th of July Party.
      Submitted by drmac100  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14  Hot
A Night with Noopur Ch. 03 - Making the most of the time we have left before she leaves.
      Submitted by Irish Moss  (Interracial Love) 08/26/14
Sholan Alliance - AU Bk. 02 Ch. 05 - Billy makes it to Shola.
      Submitted by maxd01  (NonHuman) 08/26/14  Hot
On Changing Ground Pt. 01 - It's a long way up when you fall from grace...
      Submitted by TheSexyGeek  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14
Silver Moon: Bk. 02 Ch. 04 - Dan goes to Red's territory.
      Submitted by maxd01  (NonHuman) 08/26/14  Hot
Serendipity Ch. 18 - Mothers Milk.
      Submitted by acup  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14  Hot
Catherine Models Again - Catherine models for a medical textbook.
      Submitted by Poorwriter  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 08/26/14
Make a Wild Widow Ch. 06 - Continuing chapter in this saga…
      Submitted by Perry_Jones  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14
Ultimate Intimacy - She eyed me with great interest.
      Submitted by moonmullins  (Anal) 08/26/14
Male Stripper - What to expect if you enter an all male review!
      Submitted by PeteyNevada  (Gay Male) 08/26/14
Living With a Goddess Ch. 03 - John and Melissa get closer.
      Submitted by WellHungNerd1  (Group Sex) 08/26/14  Hot
Wife Sharing - Watching my wife with another man.
      Submitted by sexslave6288  (Loving Wives) 08/26/14
The Airman and the Farm-Girl - A downed airman finds sanctuary in enemy territory.
      Submitted by Bray123  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14
Craigslist - My wife fucks a guy from CL while I watch.
      Submitted by badfunker  (Loving Wives) 08/26/14
Sydney's Dogs Ch. 01 - Wealthy heiress, man slaves, and angst. What could go wrong?
      Submitted by ScarletFrost  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14
New Fuck Buddy - A couple meets online and consummates their relationship.
      Submitted by Loves_music_loves_to_dance  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14
You Scratch My Back, I'll... - Wife's hard work pays off for everyone.
      Submitted by carboncopy  (Loving Wives) 08/26/14
Tenderness and Warmth Pt. 01 - A couple make love for the first time, after a picnic.
      Submitted by DrMib  (First Time) 08/26/14
Paula Seduces Her Hot Friend - John & Paula make a bet to see if Paula can seduce a friend.
      Submitted by pjlush  (Loving Wives) 08/26/14
Sensations Escort Services Ch. 05 - Amber and Kat get romanced, swapped, fall in love.
      Submitted by SteveWallace  (Group Sex) 08/26/14  Hot
Send in the Clone - Joining by proxy as the wife and lesbian babysitter play.
      Submitted by RejectReality  (Toys & Masturbation) 08/26/14  Hot
Special Assistance - Flight attendant assists a passenger with a disability.
      Submitted by Wilfu1  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14  Hot
Tracy - People in Southern California are so free and easy...
      Submitted by velvet hammer  (Novels and Novellas) 08/26/14
Snow Interlude - A snow storm, a mystery cabin and the mystery man.
      Submitted by uglyman2378  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14
Louise and Simon Visit Pt. 03 - Last bit of dogging fun.
      Submitted by Annatartywife  (Group Sex) 08/26/14
Against Company Policy - Jay and Elle begin a steamy affair in the office.
      Submitted by mmatx  (Erotic Couplings) 08/26/14
Two of a Kind Ch. 01 - Sometimes fate has a strange sense of humor.
      Submitted by Tara_Neale  (Lesbian Sex) 08/26/14  Hot
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