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We had met, of all places, at a coffee shop. I had been surreptitiously admiring the plump, shapely ass of the sexy redhead in front of me when I heard her voice and was hooked. I decided right then...

Meeting Raquel by Floydman1

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I have a little problem. Well, to be honest, it's more than just a little problem. Some might consider it to be a huge problem. I am addicted to prostitutes. I have been pretty much all of...

Peaches and Cream by BiDrew42

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Jason raced home after his last class of the day. He knew that Rachel would be coming home soon and with what he had planned he wanted to be ready to surprise her by the time she arrived home. He...

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 03 by Dreamweaver594

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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51.Meeting Raquel
Man meets a beauty but there's more than meets the eye. by Floydman1 (06/02/14)
4.69 (277)
52.Peaches and Cream
A little something extra. by BiDrew42 (03/20/14)
4.69 (202)
53.Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 03
A new experience and new friends. by Dreamweaver594 (05/31/14)
4.69 (91)
54.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 18
Jay and Christina. by WhiskeyIsGood (06/12/14)
4.69 (185)
55.Shemale Surprise
A married man is seduced and taken by a friend of his wife's. by silkstockingslover (04/23/14)
4.69 (1198)
56.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 03
Outdated Technology by AwkwardMD (08/18/14)
4.69 (90)
57.Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05
Jason earns a treat from a previous adventure. by Emmcee20 (02/04/14)
4.69 (32)
58.Tex and Tamara
Man meets beautiful woman who has a surprise. by NTsarina (12/30/14)
4.69 (373)
59.Shelley's Not a She Ch. 04
Shelley and Matt travel to help start the group's resort. by JagFarlane (07/13/14)
4.69 (54)
60.The Lost Prince Ch. 04
Valentina surrenders herself to Pieter on the train. by notbreckenridge (04/16/14)
4.68 (38)
61.A Clockwork Green Ch. 07
What Happens When You Pull On Thread. by AwkwardMD (01/11/15)
4.68 (19)
62.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 17
Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (10/08/14)
4.68 (101)
63.Crystal: A Sissy Set Free Pt. 03
After a night on the town, it's time for a sleepover. by InSpectrum (08/07/14)
4.68 (101)
64.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02
Jacki meets Laura and is given an interesting proposal. by jacki697 (12/18/14)
4.68 (220)
65.Room for Mickie Ch. 02
Family and friends make life interesting. by griffin57 (07/03/14)
4.68 (132)
66.Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 05
Jacki's cumming out party. by jacki697 (12/23/14)
4.68 (119)
67.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 02
Looks safe to me. by AwkwardMD (08/14/14)
4.68 (75)
68.Call (T)-Girl: Bible (T)humper
A religious t-girl tries to save a t-girl hooker. by YKN4949 (10/25/14)
4.68 (75)
69.Modified Ch. 04
Penny's trials continue; A visit to the doctor. by KegRoller (09/27/14)
4.68 (128)
70.One of the Girls
So you want to join the girls for a night on the town? by tgirl_Mary (02/15/14)
4.68 (165)
71.Jemima's Tale Pt. 01
A crossdresser's first real taste of her secret desires... by jemimaheart (05/24/14)
4.68 (124)
72.Daddy's CD Waitress
Young crossdresser learns to love living as a woman. by pantycladlad (12/03/14)
4.68 (198)
73.SheMale Sirens Ch. 03
A violent storm carries Danny to a whole new place in life. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/18/14)
4.67 (165)
74.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 04
Act 2 Part 2 by AwkwardMD (06/04/14)
4.67 (61)
75.Meeting Raquel Ch. 02
They take a step further. by Floydman1 (06/04/14)
4.67 (121)
76.Life With Miss Ida Ch. 01
An ongoing life story about Georgia and her Mistress. by Sheermistress (02/11/14)
4.67 (51)
77.Giant-Size New Half Ch. 01
Two teens join a super team with a big secret. by Armphid (03/25/14)
4.66 (86)
78.The Nightmare Is Always the Same
Straight man finds unlikely love in prison. by Redbirdfree (08/07/14)
4.66 (240)
79.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 16
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (03/19/14)
4.66 (148)
80.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 03
Act 2 Part 1 by AwkwardMD (05/31/14)
4.66 (74)
81.Jemima's Tale Pt. 02
Jemima waits excitedly for her dream lover to return... by jemimaheart (06/13/14)
4.66 (50)
82.The J-Girl Model
Eager Japanese girl perfectly suited for modeling. by wet_special (05/21/14)
4.66 (144)
83.A Clockwork Green Ch. 01
The Phoenix. by AwkwardMD (10/19/14)
4.66 (85)
84.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 09
Lessons from Christy. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/01/14)
4.66 (199)
85.The Society Ch. 04
Carey sharpens her skills within The Society. by Barno (12/30/14)
4.66 (38)
86.The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 05
In which Kara and Miri do some research. by Felix921 (09/03/14)
4.66 (32)
87.Catching Up with Susan
Lady-boy Susan confesses her top fantasy. by aussie_101 (10/21/14)
4.66 (119)
88.Mistress Alice
After he totals her car, she offers him a chance to make up. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/14/14)
4.66 (577)
89.A Weekend to Remember
Tim meets a beautiful girl while on vacation with friends. by WhiskeyIsGood (08/05/14)
4.65 (429)
90.The Honey Combs Pt. 07-09
3 generations of womanly desire and devastating evil. by AnnabelleRaven (04/29/14)
4.65 (23)
91.Jemima's Tale Pt. 05
Can a new boyfriend for Jemima be out there on the web? by jemimaheart (08/23/14)
4.65 (23)
92.Joining a Fraternity
An FTM, curious about cock, joins a frat and learns loads. by realpussyboy (07/22/14)
4.65 (169)
93.Paradiso Ch. 05
Sara and I go to the beach and meet some special girls. by SlyKink (07/15/14)
4.65 (179)
94.Cocksucker: Cum Bucket
Shemale & others gangbang straight crossdressing anal virgin. by silkstockingslover (06/18/14)
4.65 (284)
95.Room for Mickie
The new roomie changes his life forever. by griffin57 (05/14/14)
4.65 (302)
96.A Wives Tale Pt. 02
Back by popular demand - now with more fucking! by WillowxOC (07/24/14)
4.64 (118)
97.Shannon's Little Princess Ch. 02
Shannon takes Cameron further into femininity. by CarlyJennings (07/06/14)
4.64 (283)
98.Whole Lotta Rosie
Wanna tell you a story, about a woman I know. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/14/14)
4.64 (224)
99.The Transformation Device Ch. 05
Finale to Candy's story. by Miles63 (01/04/15)
4.64 (70)
100.Modified Ch. 06: Final
Final chapter, glory holes and payback. by KegRoller (11/13/14)
4.64 (70)
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