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The week after I lost my virginity passed slowly, and I mean REALLY slowly. I couldn't concentrate at work, couldn't relax at home, couldn't keep my mind on anything much at all except to retreat...

Jemima's Tale Pt. 02 by jemimaheart

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She took a long sip of the glass of white wine, feeling the chilled liquid slip down her throat and the chill caress her warm body. In front of her were her final grades from the Spring semester at...

Shelley's Not a She Ch. 04 by JagFarlane

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Penny awakens, finding she again is tied to her bed and Jasmine is sitting next to her. In one of Jasmine's hands is a tape measure; in her other hand is Penny's hard cock, which she is slowly...

Modified Ch. 04 by KegRoller

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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101.Jemima's Tale Pt. 02
Jemima waits excitedly for her dream lover to return... by jemimaheart (06/13/14)
4.65 (51)
102.Shelley's Not a She Ch. 04
Shelley and Matt travel to help start the group's resort. by JagFarlane (07/13/14)
4.65 (51)
103.Modified Ch. 04
Penny's trials continue; A visit to the doctor. by KegRoller (09/27/14)
4.65 (130)
104.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 02
Looks safe to me. by AwkwardMD (08/14/14)
4.64 (73)
105.Tantalising Tanya Ch. 02
More fun with her boyfriend and his brother. by fuzzie_writer (01/14/14)
4.64 (109)
106.On the Run Ch. 02
Diana and her mother are found by Liz and later the police. by Cartman94 (11/27/14)
4.64 (53)
107.Guess We're Walking
He finds unexpected love after a walk in NYC. by Roustam (04/02/14)
4.64 (241)
108.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 10
More fun with Kendra and a threesome with Lisa and Holly. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/05/14)
4.64 (160)
109.Shannon's Little Princess Ch. 02
Shannon takes Cameron further into femininity. by CarlyJennings (07/06/14)
4.64 (281)
110.Transformations Ch. 04
Zoe starts losing her cherries. by zoejoey (03/29/14)
4.64 (217)
111.Could It Be Love Pt. 03
Gwen and Pete consummate their new found love. by Metalopn (02/05/14)
4.63 (63)
112.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 05
Act 2 Part 3 by AwkwardMD (06/13/14)
4.63 (52)
113.Stolen Away
T-Girl meets a guy in a relationship and has to have him. by ruwild (01/28/14)
4.63 (249)
114.Do You Believe In Magic?
Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice... by griffin57 (05/31/14)
4.63 (186)
115.Meeting Raquel Ch. 03
The protagonist and Raquel meet a woman. by Floydman1 (11/06/14)
4.63 (41)
116.Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05
Jason earns a treat from a previous adventure. by Emmcee20 (02/04/14)
4.63 (30)
117.Jemima's Tale Pt. 04
Jemima and Steve ...and Emma makes three? by jemimaheart (08/02/14)
4.63 (19)
118.A Change of Management
Tommy's sex slavery in the Land of Genies takes a big turn. by alwaysreadyfryou (07/12/14)
4.63 (73)
119.Cara's First Time With A Man
Crossdresser Cara discovers herself on an innocent date by Cara_Elaine (03/31/14)
4.63 (255)
120.Daddy's CD Waitress
Young crossdresser learns to love living as a woman. by pantycladlad (12/03/14)
4.63 (166)
121.Whole Lotta Rosie
Wanna tell you a story, about a woman I know. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/14/14)
4.63 (219)
122.Fair Is Fair Ch. 03
Husband finally gets what he deserves, or wants. by bgdddy_2000 (12/23/13)
4.62 (128)
123.Truth or Dare Ch. 03: Take Me Tom
Rebecca becomes a woman for Tom. by RebeccaCherie (08/14/14)
4.62 (88)
124.Mia Mine Ch. 04
A chance encounter grows ever so much deeper. by cliptoe (03/04/14)
4.62 (149)
125.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 16
Another round of Kendra. by WhiskeyIsGood (05/11/14)
4.62 (133)
126.Transexual Encounter Ch. 02
My affair with a TS woman continues. by SluttyValerie (12/09/14)
4.62 (109)
127.My Master & My Wife Ch. 02
Greg's Redezvous with His Master & His Wife's Explorations by FunWithDahlia (02/20/14)
4.62 (151)
128.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 17
A loss in the family. by WhiskeyIsGood (05/18/14)
4.62 (134)
129.Jemima's Tale Pt. 03
Jemima learns how to submit to her new boyfriend's will... by jemimaheart (07/12/14)
4.62 (42)
130.The Colonel and His Aide
The Colonel's loving transgender aide saves him. by Oldguy45 (02/14/14)
4.62 (73)
131.My Big Sister Ch. 04
He gets more attention from another girl. by DaBlackMamba (06/14/14)
4.61 (210)
132.Y is for Yvette
All work and no play... by BethanyJ (10/24/14)
4.61 (121)
133.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 13
Jay deals with Lisa leaving. by WhiskeyIsGood (04/03/14)
4.61 (149)
134.Paradiso Ch. 09
A morning quickie in the shower with Jessie. by SlyKink (07/25/14)
4.61 (100)
135.SheMale Sirens Ch. 02
Ryan sets sail in search of a better life. by WhiskeyIsGood (11/08/14)
4.61 (176)
136.Sarah's Company
A bored guy discovers a new coworker is his fantasy shemale. by ishouldnot (03/21/14)
4.60 (428)
137.Tantalising Tanya Ch. 03
Her boyfriend is out, but his father is home. by fuzzie_writer (04/24/14)
4.60 (153)
138.My Big Sister Ch. 03
Best friend surprises him. by DaBlackMamba (03/21/14)
4.60 (236)
139.Something Different
A holiday in Rio takes an unexpected twist. by deliciousthoughts (09/19/14)
4.60 (292)
140.The Chief Pt. 02
The Chief gives basic training. by Aunt_Joanne (08/01/14)
4.60 (193)
141.Cocksucker: Crossdressing
Straight man is forced to crossdress and suck cock. by silkstockingslover (05/14/14)
4.60 (341)
142.My Master & My Wife Ch. 04
As Gina's adventure ends, she's thrown a few curveballs. by FunWithDahlia (09/16/14)
4.59 (64)
143.My Wife, Transformed Ch. 02
A couple continue to explore their new roles. by RollingStop (09/23/14)
4.59 (310)
144.I Begged Him To Kiss Me! Ch. 02
Further submitting to his older male neighbor. by abcuma77 (07/02/14)
4.59 (263)
145.Mistress Maggie
An unorthodox love story with romance, spirituality, even S&M. by Joscelyn2tg (03/18/14)
4.59 (63)
146.Cancelled Date Night Ch. 03
Sarah and Dave help improve Colleen's confidence. by kinglem (01/06/14)
4.59 (167)
147.I Met a Man Who Likes a Girly Boy
I met a man who could like a feminine guy like me. by Clintdear (03/20/14)
4.59 (208)
148.My Master & My Wife
A crossdresser's journey of transition. by FunWithDahlia (02/12/14)
4.59 (244)
149.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 03
Jay has more fun with Holly and Lisa. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/19/13)
4.59 (246)
150.Being Sarah
Crossdresser Sarah gets tormented by two hot female friends. by Alex_Lockheed (06/24/14)
4.58 (274)
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