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How to Eliminate Writer's Block

 — Freddie's surefire ways to eliminate writer's block. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/12/084.31

How To Embrace What Is

 — Reframe your life. by Selena_Kitt12/18/084.58HOT

How to Enjoy Anal Sex

 — One woman's suggestions. by MayhemLass05/19/064.51HOT

How to Enjoy Fantastic Sex

 — Giving and getting max pleasure. by Collectable06/10/093.75

How To Enjoy Fellatio

 — Giving head: it's easier than you may think. by nancylondon05/04/074.54HOT

How To Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

 — Tips and tricks for enjoying sex during pregnancy and beyond. by Selena_Kitt03/28/064.58HOT

How To Enjoy Sex Like A Man

 — Hey ladies, it's our turn to have fun. by punkin_pussy06/28/064.52HOT

How to Escape from Literotica

 — Literotica's seduction techniques. by Kathi05/14/084.41

How to Ethically Compete: Survivor

 — How to ethically compete in Survivor. by Zrnko_Pisku01/01/134.50

How To F*** Your Daddy

 — Doing your daddy basics. by sarahhh05/23/064.44

How to Find Mr. Right Now

 — It's a virtual world: come swing from a cyber star. by lindiana06/01/064.25

How to Find Peace Within

 — Helpful hints to get you out of the blues. by dirtyjoe6912/25/064.65HOT

How To Fly International Easily

 — Tips from a frequent flyer on getting in and out of the US. by OnlyByMoonlight01/12/103.86

How to Format on Lit

 — Most of us don't know this stuff. by Sean Renaud07/26/144.26

How to Fuck an Asshole

 — Taboo practice can be pleasurable with these tips. by AfroerotiK11/25/063.85

How to Fuck Me

 — This is how you get her off. by DireLilith03/07/074.15

How to Fuck Your Wife In the Ass

 — He did it, and you can too! by BatsandGlamour04/25/024.03

How to Get a Round

 — A brief look into three French forms of poetry. by MungoParkIII12/20/073.25

How To Get Chicks Into Porn

 — How to get your gal into watching porn. by ThomX02/09/023.86

How to Get Her to Do Anal

 — A simple, necessary guide for men. by ClaudetteLauzon10/12/09

How to Get Her to Swallow

 — A "more academia than lusty" oral How-To. by ClaudetteLauzon10/16/09

How to Get Laid in Outer Space

 — Hitchiker's guide to getting laid in the universe. by GratefulFred05/04/083.55

How to Get Level Five, Top Tier Sex

 — Women have five levels of sex with top tier sex for best men. by SusanJillParker12/29/143.36

How To Get People to Read Your Story

 — The importance of a good title. by Whispersecret05/05/014.35

How To Get Rich Quick

 — Freddie's part two in his self-help how to series. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/20/083.24

How to Get You to Read My Story, #1

 — How to entice you to read by using mother and son incest. by SusanJillParker09/15/13HOT

How to Get You to Read My Story, #2

 — Enticing readers to read stories by using mother/son incest. by SusanJillParker09/24/13HOT

How to Get You to Read My Story, #3

 — I show how to entice readers by using mother & son incest. by SusanJillParker09/29/13HOT

How to Get Your Characters Naked

 — The fine art of undressing is just that. by sack07/03/064.42

How to Give a Lingam Massage

 — Worship the sacred masculine through Lingam massage. by Selena_Kitt03/27/064.50HOT

How to Give a Yoni Massage

 — Honor the sacred feminine through Yoni massage. by Selena_Kitt03/27/064.59HOT

How to Give Characters Random Names

 — A surprisingly simple & effective name generator. by cheetah8305/14/064.45

How to Give Constructive Feedback

 — A really short guide to giving constructive feedback. by MagicaPractica08/10/074.32

How to Give Expert Sexual Advice

 — How to be a sexual "expert". by Selena_Kitt12/15/084.42

How To Give Great Blowjobs

 — A man's guide on how to blow men. by MarkLazer10/06/134.64HOT

How To Give Great Blowjobs Ch. 02

 — A variety of physical techniques to enhance orgasm. by MarkLazer11/14/134.59HOT

How to Give Great Handjobs

 — A man's guide on how to jerk off other men. by MarkLazer12/24/144.41

How to Give Great Rimjobs

 — A man's guide on how to give men great rimjobs. by MarkLazer03/19/154.60HOT

How to Give Head

 — The art of giving a good blowjob. by BlondNDesirable02/20/134.66HOT

How To Give Your 1st Blow Job

 — How to please another man and yourself. by Dayguy06/17/054.34

How To Give Your 1st Blow Job Ch. 02

 — How to give another man maximum oral pleasure. by Dayguy06/30/054.46

How To Go Green For Earth Day?

 — Cheap things to save money, while helping to save the planet. by andtheend04/11/103.50

How to Goal Set for the New Year

 — An unconventional option for people with conflicting roles. by Tara_Neale12/29/125.00

How to Grow Old Gracefully...NOT

 — Especially for those hitting the big four-zero. by Tara_Neale10/06/114.53HOT

How To Handle Infidelity

 — Dealing with & understanding infidelity. by lonelylisa11/15/034.60HOT

How To Have a Grrreat 69

 — Follow these steps to have the best 69'er of your life. by FriskyVirgin05/19/074.35

How To Have A Happy Summer Vacation

 — Explaining how to have a happy summer vacation. by andtheend09/06/103.64

How to Have a Happy... Ch. 01

 — Honesty & openness adds fulfillment to marriage. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/01/064.10

How to Have a Mind Blowing Orgasm

 — How to have a mind blowing orgasm during sex for ladies. by lustprincess05/07/113.93

How to Have an Affair

 — Guide to the dangers of being found out. by Timkitten09/13/054.44

How to Have Good Sex After Marriage

 — It's not over yet! How to heat up the sheets at home. by BatsandGlamour05/23/024.52HOT

How to Have Great Sex on the Beach

 — Neither for committed exhibitionists, nor for the faint hearted. by robert100010/28/114.33

How to Have Great Sex Over 50

 — No need to slow down now--time to dispel the myths. by BatsandGlamour04/05/164.48

How to Have Happy Valentine's Cheap

 — Celebrating Valentine's Day with your honey on a budget. by SuperHeroRalph02/03/113.89

How to Have Safe Sex While Driving

 — Sure most of us have taken driver's ed, but... by Kaishaku12/23/113.43

How to Have Sex in Public Places

 — The musings of an author. by RomanCEisdead211/19/084.21

How To Have Sex...Ch. 1

 — A "how-to" for bi-curious men. by Bolsh10/11/004.27

How to Help a Sexual Assault Victim

 — What to do if a friend has been sexually assaulted. by Selena_Kitt03/31/064.64HOT

How to Humiliate and Degrade

 — A guide to humiliation and degredation from a Dom wife. by annyfanny05/17/134.37

How to Hunt a Werewolf

 — A brief training guide for hunting lycanthropes. by Sean Renaud08/20/093.25

How To Hypnotise

 — How to hypnotise a willing subject. by HandsInTheDark02/20/164.76HOTContest Winner

How to I-Phone Your Text with Audio

 — How to prepare Text with Audio submissions with an I-Phone by Zrnko_Pisku01/01/134.14

How To Imbibe Alcohol

 — Ways and means of drinking. by Joseki Ko01/02/053.50

How to Just Get Kinky

 — The ABCs of some pretty kinky stuff. by Decayed Angel11/22/063.89

How to Just Get Kinky-er

 — The DEFs of some kinky and stinky stuff. by Decayed Angel11/23/064.10

How to Just Get More Kinky

 — The GHIs of more kinky stuff. by Decayed Angel11/24/063.62

How to Just Get More Kinky-er

 — The JKLMs of more kinky-er stuff. by Decayed Angel11/25/063.60

How to Keep Elephants...

 — Keep those pesky pachyderms from ruining your yard. by Unbridled_Passion05/02/074.51HOT

How To Kill A Good Thing

 — How to ruin a loving relationship in one easy lesson. by Threesheets01/14/033.85

How to Kinky and Get More

 — The NOPs of kinky and more. by Decayed Angel11/26/064.58HOT

How to Kinky-er and Get More

 — The QRSs of kinky and some common sense by Decayed Angel11/27/063.85

How to Kinky-er or Just Weird Stuff

 — The TUs of kinky-er and weird stuff. by Decayed Angel11/28/063.67

How to Kinky-er or More Weird Stuff

 — The VWXYZs of kinky-er and weird stuff. by Decayed Angel11/29/063.75

How to Know What Woman Want

 — What she really wants from her man. by sunshine1203/06/033.97

How to Know What Women Want Ch. 02

 — Trying to help guys understand women better. by sunshine1203/17/033.90

How To Last All Night

 — Experience sensations you never thought possible. by cbrmale11/21/034.49

How To Learn Computers Via Sex

 — Explaining computer terms via sexual examples. by vic_elor11/28/054.55HOT

How To Learn Computers Via Sex Pt. 2

 — Comparing computers to sex. by vic_elor12/07/054.73HOT

How to Learn to Swallow and Not Gag

 — Guide to learning how to swallow and not gag. by Clintdear11/17/124.21

How to Leave Your Lover

 — Vanessa is done with Oscar and now she gets to let him know. by clarissaj198206/01/164.08

How To Lick Pussy

 — A descriptive guide to orally pleasing a woman. by Grifters03/30/044.03

How To Live Life…Batteries Included

 — Author's suggestions for a Dummy's Guide To Living Life. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/02/083.88

How to Locate Your Lover's G-spot

 — ...and properly stimulate it. by robertreams12/31/134.55HOT

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

 — The no secret way to lose weight and keep it off. by PositiveThinker12/26/094.03

How to Lose Weight Effectively

 — A personal guide to weight loss. by Bakeboss09/19/094.41

How To Lose Weight Fast

 — Freddie shares his quick weight lose program with you. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/19/084.31

How To Make a Bad Marriage

 — Somewhat humorous look at marrying the wrong person. by angel_in_disguise07/27/054.57HOT

How to Make a Friend for Life

 — A how-to from an Eastern perspective. by l8bloom05/04/074.27

How to Make a Woman Orgasm

 — Men cum from Mars; women cum from Venus. by Bakeboss03/19/104.10

How to Make a Woman Want You Ch. 03

 — Wayne gets a total makeover to help make a woman want him. by SusanJillParker09/07/13HOT

How To Make A Woman's Body Sing

 — Touching three hidden spots that lead to amazing orgasms. by celesteandjim07/15/134.33

How To Make An Aurora Manhattan

 — A collaborative effort in making a cocktail. by phantom453301/09/113.92

How To Make Characters Talk

 — The ins and outs of potent dialogue. by Whispersecret07/27/024.76HOT

How to Make Chores into Sexy Fun

 — Add a little play to your work. by perunaeen05/12/083.93

How To Make Her Beg To Be Tied Up And Tied Down

 — Prepare her for her first BDSM date. by garcher2709/18/073.59

How to Make Her Scream for You

 — A general guide to the core of a woman's sexual desire. by LilliannaMorgan07/07/094.43

How To Make it Through Alone

 — You can learn to help yourself through a "low". by _Lynn_05/21/074.69HOT

How to Make Love to a Lady

 — The good guy's guide to fabulous foreplay. by LeslieBlue01/29/064.31

How to Make Love to a Woman w/o Penetration

 — The Secret! by Hollywood10/11/003.88

How to Make Love to Your Car

 — How to finally experience true, physical love with your car. by SunrockSin12/19/083.44

How To Make Sushi

 — Chef Freddie explains how to make Sushi. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/06/083.29

How to Make the Most of a Workout

 — Freddie's fast fat burning and muscle mass building routine. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/09/083.86

How to Make Turkey Soup...Naked?

 — Just talking turkey. How to make turkey soup...naked? by SusanJillParker11/27/144.38

How To Make Your Own Sex Toys

 — Making four sex toys; 2 for men, 2 for women. by vic_elor08/06/063.27

How To Masturbate Better

 — A twelve-step guide to better masturbation. by Angelscuck11/14/093.59

How to Masturbate Without a Computer

 — Getting off like they did in the olden days. by Katthrynn05/19/074.24

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