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My Views On Writing Erotica

 — A Literotica author shares his views on writing. by EroticaSeanStyle03/19/033.76

Nipple Clamps 101

 — Taking the mystery out these wonderful treasures! by SexyChele06/19/034.50HOT

Nipplemania - An Advanced Guide for

 — Unexplored aspects of nipple training and torment. by slutty_jannelle12/01/084.35

No Penis Necessary

 — Pleasing women: the straight/gay/bi story. by lionshell07/08/094.68HOT

Not All Blowjobs Are The Same!

 — A descriptive narrative of the 'perfect' blowjob. by PeterR05/12/093.58

Notes to Myself on Writing Erotica

 — I'd better, or else. by J_Melquiades01/18/174.46


 — A game just about everyone can play. by rick_90503/04/03

Observations of a Picky Reader

 — One reader's tips for writers. by Barns1004/30/124.52HOT

On Eating Pussy

 — One man's thoughts and experience. by Interval05/04/074.53HOT

On Writing Celebrity Fantasies

 — Advice on how to pen the best celebrity stories. by AchtungNight03/23/09

Online Dance: The Seven Veils

 — A mini lesson on dancing with words. by simply_cyn06/24/043.94

Online Safety - The Basics

 — A guide to protecting yourself online. by Selena_Kitt12/27/084.78HOT

Oral Pleasures

 — How to eat pussy. by othbndy09/27/124.64HOT

Oral Sex & a Woman's...

 — Using a hair scrunchie, any woman can do amazing oral. by LaceySheets03/12/014.01

Oral Sex 101

 — For men, for women - an oral how-to. by Lawliet01/04/094.59HOT

Oral Technique

 — How to please a woman with your mouth. by Range7872510/11/003.93

Orally Pleasuring a Woman

 — Simple ideas on how to orally pleasure a woman. by mstwistedangel07/24/094.46

Organizing for Single Moms

 — Getting Organized for single moms and the rest of us. by tsar710/23/174.58HOT

Orgasmic Ecstasy

 — Any woman can have and should have Multiple Orgasms. by Diane Marie01/03/033.86

Orgasming in Company

 — How to orgasm, and not get caught by others. by PenanceS02/18/032.02

Orgasming Together

 — Advice for men based on tantra. by nature10/29/043.56

Overcoming Disappointment

 — A few thoughts about overcoming disappointment are shared. by Cinner05/23/124.41

Parenting a Down Syndrome child

 — One author's advice on parenting Down Syndrome children. by Iamcanadian2807/13/083.93

Parts of Speech Pt. 01

 — The ins & outs of Nouns and Verbs. by velvetpie02/09/054.65HOT

Parts of Speech Pt. 02

 — Pronouns, adjectives, and all the rest. by velvetpie02/09/054.00


 — How to give someone, namely me, a perfect 10 minutes! by 003702/02/123.55

Phone Sex: A Guide

 — Friendly neighborhood phone slut appreciates courtesy. by MissBri03/04/064.20

Pimp Your PCs

 — Get them to tell you they love your "work". by sarahhh05/20/084.41

Pirate Adventure Source Ch. 01

 — High seas nomenclature to make your story more realistic. by R. Richard12/26/04

Pirate Adventure Source Ch. 02

 — Do you know a schooner from a frigate? by R. Richard12/26/04

Pirate Adventure Source Ch. 03

 — Information on high seas weaponry & more. by R. Richard12/26/04

Playing by My Rules in a Chat Room

 — How to attract author's attention in chat. by CornishBabe02/25/084.50HOT

Playing with Ice

 — A perspective on using ice in sexual play. by WFEATHER04/14/064.09

Please Release Me...Let Me Flow

 — Men's Guide To Female Ejaculation. Introduction and tips by Alice_Roissy01/18/034.66HOT

Please Your Man: How To Make Him Mm

 — How to make your man orgasm faster than you expect. by smoothbadman03/28/123.10

Pleasure: A Delineation

 — What pleasure really feels like. by BearCella06/20/174.68HOT


 — A healing & fun masturbation and super orgasm producing technique. by ErnstBlofeld10/09/014.40

Practical Writing / Story Telling 01

 — Introduction: one author's views on writing erotica. by The Avenger02/06/074.00

Practical Writing / Story Telling 02

 — One author's views on classical story structure. by The Avenger02/07/073.74

Practical Writing / Story Telling 03

 — Hunting, gathering ideas and drawing up a skeleton. by The Avenger02/08/074.14

Prepare to be Licked!

 — A guide on preparing your woman for cunnilingus. by silentblackwater05/07/084.20

Prepare, Eat and Enjoy MREs Ch. 01

 — Fight bureaucracy, wait in lines & finally prepare dinner. by SunrockSin09/23/083.68

Prepare, Eat and Enjoy MREs Ch. 02

 — Your meal is cooked, time to eat and then "enjoy" your MRE. by SunrockSin09/24/084.14

Punctuation Use

 — Punctuation and its proper usage. by velvetpie02/09/054.00


 — Simple grammar, for simple folks. by Dreams of Desire09/09/064.26

Pussy Exercises

 — A girl teaches her pussy to squeeze & and her man to flex. by Tail_Gunner10/27/154.45

Pussy Shaving 101

 — Tips on how to do it. by MathGirl03/03/03

Putting Your Female Partner First

 — Her big "O" looms right around the corner - you can help. by PJ52605/04/08Contest Winner

Reaching Sex God Status

 — The Ultimate of Sexual Experience from my perspective. by Sexuallyfree10/20/104.00

Realistic Incest In Stories

 — How to write realistic incest stories. by 1337_G1RL03/02/064.20

Recipe For Cum

 — Just what it says. by Hamilton_g07/27/034.41

Roleplay Online

 — Tips & hints from a dedicated player of online roleplaying. by Hecate04/08/014.36

Roleplaying Scripts

 — These are some roleplaying scripts to help get you started. by ecjones23208/04/174.26

RRRing, Ring, Mistress Calling

 — Suggestions for good FemDom phonesex. by lushusboobs10/10/044.03

Save the Cat!? No, Burn the Bitch!

 — A BTB template for aspiring Loving Wives writers. by swingerjoe08/19/164.26

Save the World

 — You're thinking , "What the fuck does that have to do with erotica?" by wife2hotblk01/24/103.22

Saving a Life

 — A lesson on cardio pulmonary resuscitation. by PrincessErin05/05/083.92

Seducing a Brainy Chick

 — Ten steps to impress an intelligent, cultured woman. by al_Ussa02/22/094.34


 — How to pleasure a sleeping women. by latina_beauty03/25/094.08

Self-Review for Literotica

 — Honing your story for submission yourself. by sr71plt05/12/084.47

Sensual Oral Sex Ch. 1

 — Second of a 4-part series. by Beecee10/11/004.45

Sensual Oral Sex Ch. 2

 — Third of a 4-part series. by Beecee10/11/004.37

Sensual Teasing

 — The keys to successfully teasing your husband. by deborahsue01/12/193.69

Serving Bond-Maid Style

 — A explanation and small example. by simply_cyn10/08/043.81

Setting as Character in Erotica

 — Not too much, not too little, just… enough. by legerdemer10/01/154.91HOT

Seven Simple Tips to Arouse your Man

 — Tips to increase his sexual lust. by patwong10/07/102.60

Seven Types of Female Orgasm

 — Curious? See if you agree... by wife2hotblk03/13/104.10

Sex After Sixty

 — A how to guide for geriatric sex. by Bakeboss06/24/104.36

Sex and the Pregnant Girl

 — What every woman (and man) should know. by wife2hotblk01/08/094.28

Sex and the Type I Diabetic

 — An essay for those who suffer from nerve degeneration. by dresbach01/27/134.72HOT

Sex Ed 101: Cunnilingus

 — What to do, what not to do, & why the Fonz is the man. by bluefox0708/06/074.47

Sex Prep 101

 — Has it been a while? Get ready to rock his world! by BatsandGlamour02/07/144.38

Sex Questionnaire

 — What to ask to find out everything about your new conquest. by chloedeboncourt09/30/144.00


 — Some hot ways to make exercise fun! by SteelAndSilk12/17/114.12

Sexing the Serpent

 — A guide to sex with lamia, naga and other snake women. by al_Ussa05/02/104.14

Sexting Ch. 01

 —  An Introduction: how to send hot sexy texts to your boyfriend. by byakkobayliss10/27/094.07

Sexual Positions for Lovers

 — Keep things exciting - & the chiropractor away. by BatsandGlamour08/23/034.53HOT

Shaving Pubic Hair: The Second Best Way

 — Detailed instructions, recommended shaving products & tools. by Hornyman69WithU05/16/074.35Contest Winner

Shaving Your Package

 — A guide for men wanting to be smooth. by soflabbwlover01/05/074.39

She Helped Me

 — How to eat your own cum. by eatwithhelp11/28/114.22

Shopping for Sex Toys at Walmart

 — A new and inventive place to shop. by glynndah05/06/074.46Contest Winner

Show or Tell

 — Illustrations of how to convey meaning in fiction. by gauchecritic07/12/034.50HOT

Simple Lessons

 — So, you want to end your relationship, eh? by DiaperedSiouxsie01/16/023.22

Six Degrees of Separation

 — How to find your soulmate in six easy steps. by Selena_Kitt01/23/064.51HOT

Slave Contract

 — A written agreement between Mistress and Slave. by eroticslut03/17/124.00


 — A massage oil that will heighten your sexual experience by redice08/11/044.50HOT

So You Want to be a Cuckold...

 — The cuckold fantasy and how to make it a reality. by WorshipTheDivineGoddess06/22/184.20

So, You Want to be a Writer?

 — Blink and you're dead. by RC_of_Doom01/21/114.64HOT

Some Thoughts On Marshaling

 — How to be a good fighting Marshal. by Joseki Ko05/12/041.67

Some Whys and Hows of E-Publishing

 — Some ideas to consider if you are eyeing e-publishing. by sr71plt09/07/104.74HOTEditor's Pick


 — How to use saliva to your best blowjob advantage. by Selena_Kitt12/06/084.05

Squirting...You Can Do It!

 — How you can get your woman to squirt. by dirtyjoe6907/02/064.29

Staying Out of the Doghouse

 — For men: keep your woman purring! by SxRx05/08/074.41

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