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"Tips on Writing Dialog," Said Smokey!

 — "Here's some insight on scribing how your characters speak." by Smokey12502/10/18Editor's Pick

"Wife with Another Woman" Phone Sex

 — Second in a series of script advice for the wayward phone-sex girl. by HawkerDeHavilland03/04/134.61HOT

'Real' Fiction

 — General tips on how to make your stories 'real'. by TheWriter07/03/014.37

'Sensual' v 'Disciplinary' Spanking

 — A discussion of the differences. by Sir_Winston5407/24/044.33

10 Easy Steps to Getting Laid

 — ...or how to get someone to sleep with you. by Foxee Browne05/04/082.87

10 Tips For Squeaky Clean Sex

 — Stories of dirty filthy sex from Sex Workers and sex lovers by HarrietBay05/04/164.11

10 Tips on Open Relationships

 — Tips from a shy, insecure woman's perspective. by ladytellmemore12/09/104.47

14 Ideas for Valentine's Day

 — What's a single girl to do on Valentine's Day by Tara_Neale02/02/124.09


 — The in's and outs of a lifestyle choice. by Joseki Ko06/19/043.94

26DD vs. 36B

 — A quick note on bra sizes. by Stickyicky05/14/04

5-Minute Orgasm, For Ladies

 — You want it, he's not in the mood. by Wordgoddess03/22/053.92

7 Tips To GETTING Good Head

 — How to get your girlfriend to love giving head. by Katthrynn01/13/064.25

7 Weeks to Quit Smoking

 — Mistress wants to help me quit smoking. by Gregory_Andrews09/11/184.29

8 New Tips

 — Tips on how to GET good kitty licking fun. by Katthrynn01/08/074.12

9 Steps to Sexier Stories

 — A Porn Reader’s Manifesto. by electric110/19/114.68HOTEditor's Pick

A Beginner's Guide to Bondage

 — A how-to for novices. by Somegirl09/10/043.99

A Beginner's Guide to Dominating her

 — First time Topping: how to start off right. by Master_n_Mentor05/15/074.58HOT

A Beginner's Guide to Spanking Her

 — The do's and Dont's for that first time spanking. by Master_n_Mentor06/06/074.51HOT

A Block Party

 — Crawfish rule! How to cook them. by RedMonkeyButt03/23/124.45

A Bottom Play How-To

 — Tried and true learning of anal sex pleasures. by Halo_n_horns04/14/054.14

A Bride's Sexual Lingerie How To

 — A guide on bridal lingerie and how to consummate in lingerie. by ErnstBlofeld03/06/033.72

A Brief Conversation

 — A quick guide to writing dialog. by 0nlyEditing03/07/154.78HOT

A Category That Is: Loving Wives Pt. 02

 — Some more on the Stories, Readers, Votes and Comments. by Sammael Bard04/10/154.75HOT

A Checklist for a Good Editor

 — Advice on proper editing. by Selena_Kitt12/14/084.72HOT

A Crash Course in Grammar

 — A little English Grammar that won't cure your insomnia. by KillerMuffin02/19/02

A Failure to Communicate

 — Discussing sexual desires with your partner. by MagicaPractica12/31/084.25

A Fucking English Lesson

 — How to choose the right word for your story. by secretsxywriter10/05/174.84HOTEditor's Pick

A Gift to Writers

 — It's/its, your's/yours, to/too/two, etc. A writer's macro. by Tx Tall Tales09/09/134.54HOT

A Girl's Guide to Bush Confidence

 — The what, why and how to of pussy pride. by sophia jane05/14/064.46

A Girl's Guide to Getting Head

 — A girl's guide to receiving oral sex. by sophia jane08/19/094.49

A Good Pet

 — My thoughts on being a good pet. by Angel.Boi10/20/024.16

A Guide to Constructive Criticism

 — A handy guide to good criticism. by joshy02904/10/134.47

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 01

 — I. Female anatomy and the most intense orgasm possible. by celesteandjim06/30/114.35

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 02

 — Training for anal intercourse. by celesteandjim07/08/114.35

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 03

 — Outercourse and positions. by celesteandjim08/21/114.43

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 04

 — Intercourse and Celeste's orgasms. by celesteandjim09/27/114.48

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 05

 — Outercourse for Jim. by celesteandjim10/17/114.36

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 06

 — Part Six: Sequential Orgasms. by celesteandjim08/27/124.38

A Guide to Sensuous Pet Ownership

 — Useful pet ownership tips. by 2502kelly05/11/083.50

A How To: Just Your Fingers

 —  Let me help you get off with just your fingers. by Pierce_Roberts05/05/133.93

A Letter to His Wife

 — The companion piece to What a Man Wants by almost02/22/034.31

A Little Bit of T&D

 — Tie up your man and go to town. by alf_271208/06/114.60HOT

A Married Man's Guide to Sex

 — A primer we husbands need. by Bakeboss11/08/093.90

A Message to a Future Lover

 — Some things a future lover should know about me. by EmeraldSolitaire09/26/15

A Nerd's Guide To Getting Hooked Up

 — Straight talk about successful seduction. by Lothario the Great11/04/034.57HOT

A New Sensual Ritual For Our Times

 — A new Goddess pussy worship. by ErnstBlofeld10/27/043.55

A Note from a Reader

 — A few suggestions for writers. by Bhob07/11/044.46

A Note from a Reader Ch. 02

 — More of the same, & thanks. by Bhob07/20/044.24

A Plea for Accuracy and Truthfulness

 — A 'How to' for writers of erotica. by History Nut08/13/074.44

A Quick Burble About Dialogue

 — If you need help to wrangle your dialogue into shape! by Cruel2BKind03/23/124.59HOT

A Sexy Guide

 — An outline on being sexy for your man. by SteelAndSilk10/31/114.36

A Special Treat...

 — Give him a sexy 1950s-style Valentine's Day. by Tara_Neale01/30/144.31

A Stinky Problem

 — Neighbor asks for very personal help. by prevacker07/06/164.15

A Summer School Course in Sex

 — How to become a world class lover by September. by celesteandjim07/28/14

A Tongue Lashing: An Essay

 — A how-to on cunnilingus. by rrickgauer05/16/064.45

A Woman's Guide to Getting Married

 — A lesson in getting your man to commit. by Bakeboss03/19/093.84

Abusive Friendships

 — Recognizing abuse outside of a romantic relationship. by Goldeniangel01/23/064.59HOT

Add Some Real Power to Your Jacking

 — Make the most of porn with repeated orgasms. by Decayed Angel05/10/063.76

Advice for Wayward Phone Sex Girls

 — A working girl's script for pregnant phone sex. by HawkerDeHavilland02/20/134.54HOT

Affairs for Dummies

 — A tongue-in-cheek guide to affairs. by Evolution20XX04/28/084.21

All in the Timing

 — Guide to Imposing Discipline. by cynthiablaine709/13/134.09

Ambiguity and Writing

 — How being a bit vague can help your writing. by JagFarlane02/21/134.48

An Extensive Guide to Sexual Terms

 — Need to new words for your story? by darkaltar01/29/043.86

Anal 101: Or How to Do It Right

 — How to have Anal the right way. by MUSICIAN4BBW11/28/064.27

Anal for Her

 — How I learned to give pain free anal. by Bakeboss04/29/104.09

Anal Orgasms

 — Giving and getting anal pleasure. by penbeatsword08/25/054.28

Anal Pleasure

 — The basics of making anal easy on your partner. by bigbeautiful06/13/053.94

Anal Sex 201: Male Penetration

 — Guide for couples interested in female - male penetration. by jsragmanus07/10/104.64HOT

Anal Sex, Personal View

 — Personal view about anal sex. by fox-for-fun05/24/093.32

Anal Toys for Men

 — How to buy an anal toy for a man. by south_florida_bicur03/27/044.09

Anal With a Woman: A Guide for Men

 — Some hard won advice on this much loved subject. by HombreAmigo10/28/144.03

Anal, Again!

 — Doing it right. by Olive Hizklosoff05/01/073.82

Anatomy of a Hand Job

 — Basic suggestions on giving your partner a helping hand. by Many Feathers04/30/064.02

Are They Cheating?

 — How to tell if your partner is cheating on you. by neruda04/06/164.48

Are We Satisfied

 — Questionnaire for couples considering more spice. by Glenmorangie1212/01/134.66HOT

Are You Fishing...

 — Are You Fishing for Literary Inspiration? by My Erotic Trail05/14/064.14

Are You Ready For The Publishing Revolution?

 — Should you self-publish? by darkduelist11/25/054.12

Art of Erotica

 — Make your "moaner" story a "screamer"! by Quint04/11/034.40

Ass Play

 — Leslie Blue's beginner's guide to engaging in great anal sex. by LeslieBlue10/10/054.15

Astrology 101

 — Using the Zodiac to create vivid characters. by venuzian12/15/074.13

Authoring with Markdown

 — Use Markdown format to write rich text! by stfstfs08/23/144.27

Basic Bulletin Board Posting Help

 — All about signature lines avatars, post numbers, & links. by Mist S02/24/054.56HOT

Basic Massage Considerations

 — Advice on giving a relaxing massage. by MaeveoSliabh05/03/084.07

Basic Text Formatting 101

 — How to format your story for submission to Literotica. by michchick9805/11/084.57HOT

BDSM on a Budget

 — Inexpensive ideas for those experimenting in BDSM. by Tawny Brown04/25/054.35

BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget

 — A light hearted guide to filling a kinky toybox on a budget. by xelliebabex07/04/134.45

Be A Better Boyfriend

 — How to not suck at being her boyfriend. by Hawkeye80207/17/144.36

Be a Man, Submit

 — How to learn to serve your wife as a queen. by Bakeboss01/17/103.82

Be a Sexy Sucker!

 — This one's for the ladies, but fellas, listen closely... by SteelAndSilk05/05/114.24

Be Your Own Stock Broker

 — This teaches you how to invest in the stock market. by sweet_lusciousdesire12/03/133.79

Bedtime Sex Positions

 — Revisit some of the best. by FriskyVirgin05/16/074.18

Beginner's Guide to Buying Porn

 — How NOT to waste your time & money. by BatsandGlamour02/05/034.64HOT

Being a Good Parent

 — Advice on how to be a good parent. by PrincessErin05/19/083.24

Being a Good Teacher

 — Advice on how to be a good teacher. by PrincessErin05/19/083.67

Bicurious and Married?

 — A primer for guys thinking about getting cock on the DL. by Pirate_Guy01/04/114.48

Blow Job Tips for the Insecure

 — Get out of a rut & give him mind-boggling head. by honey_bee1309/02/074.34

Blow Jobs: A Woman's Guide...

 — How to give great oral to your man. by Harley Quinn09/18/014.08

Blowjob 101

 — A tried-and-true guideline for women. by engaged_8804/29/074.19


 — Learning to give good head. by HotKittySpank08/15/064.34

Blowjobs for Dummies

 — Read this with your lady & you'll thank the author. by BatsandGlamour11/12/024.67HOTContest Winner

Blowjobs for Dummies Ch. 02

 — Reader's preferences add to the excitement by BatsandGlamour11/23/024.63HOT

Bold or Italic?

 — A How-To on formatting stories for the web. by Alex De Kok04/23/024.51HOT

Bondage Basics Pt. 01

 — An introductory discussion of bondage techniques. by IvanMazlow07/31/154.38

Bondage Basics Pt. 02

 — Getting to the fun parts of what we can do with bondage. by IvanMazlow08/04/153.94

Bondage Research

 — Learning about your pain levels & tolerance. by victors_angel04/22/024.05

Break a Drought

 — Surefire methods to guarantee rainfall. by starrkers05/19/074.25

Breaking Taboos Believably

 — How to write taboo fiction believably. by Acktion02/20/143.92

Breaking the Rules of Sex & Marriage

 — You made them, & you can break them. by BatsandGlamour04/05/034.69HOT

Breaking Up (Online or Not)

 — How to break up without looking like an asshole. by RisiaSkye06/29/014.54HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Breast Obsessed: Positive Aspects

 — Buying produce, motivating laundry, & other how-to's. by curl4ever05/02/083.85


 — How to initiate butt-sex into your relationship. by MightyCasey04/10/163.86

Caged Husband = Happy Wife

 — Why women who cage their husbands are happier... by GeorgeSolomon34311/01/184.01

Call 'n Cum

 — Exploring paid and fun phone sex. by Green_Gem05/09/084.33

Camping 101

 — How to camp. by D_K_Moon05/19/08

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