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Story Tags

 — The right words & phrases can help you gain readership. by Literotica01/02/06

Story Tags - Additional Tips

 — Don't forget the important tags. by DarkUniverse07/21/144.64HOT

Story Tags and Searches

 — Making Literotica work for you. by wishfulthinking07/15/054.23

Story Telling 101

 — What makes a story believable. by Build_it_write01/20/094.88HOTEditor's Pick

Strip Poker, Reimagined

 — It’s more fun when it’s more than getting naked. by lionshell08/06/073.85

Style and Mentality

 — A guide to confident writing. by PanzerFeck07/17/164.67HOT

Style and Mentality Pt. 02

 — The Code of the Fictional Character. by PanzerFeck07/19/164.60HOT

Style and Mentality Pt. 03

 — Elements and Conventions of Storytelling by PanzerFeck07/26/164.83

Submission 101

 — Rules (thoughts) on playing safely, sanely and consentually. by Tara_Neale01/18/144.34

Submission: A Primer

 — To those curious to submit. A Master explains. by patrickmarwood02/25/154.47

Submissive Men and Ogling

 — A how-to article for training the submissive male. by redbottomed06/11/13

Submitting Literotica for Beginners

 — How to get Italics, Bold, and Underline without a .doc file. by s53mith05/22/074.63HOT

Subspace and Aftercare Online

 — Subspace and sub-drop and what aftercare means for online. by bellaluna51509/12/184.42

Sugar Daddy Contract

 — Sign this and become my sugar baby/slave. by chloedeboncourt10/06/144.18

Survival Guide: The Real Blowjob

 — How to give the ultimate blowjob. by WilliamT06/25/054.12

Surviving the Night

 — A survival guide for your newly turned monster. by Sean Renaud05/13/143.82

Survivor: A Tool For Writers

 — Using Survivor as a tool - setting goals - expanding skills. by RedHairedandFriendly02/22/122.67

SusanJillParker's How to List #01

 — How to list of advice for everyday life: How to buy a car. by SusanJillParker06/22/144.11

Sweaty Palm

 — Enjoy Literotica tales on the go. by anubiis08/28/043.43

Swingers' Clubs: What Goes On?

 — Curious? We tell you what you (& your spouse) might find. by pixandwords08/04/034.55HOT

Take the Porn Detox Challenge

 — 30 day abstinence for improved sexual health. by PanzerFeck09/14/164.55HOT

Taking the Anal Plunge

 — A newbie's guide to sensual & less painful anal sex. by cyndiesweet08/20/014.33

Talk about Sex Before...

 — Exploration of how to talk about this sensitive issue. by wife2hotblk01/22/094.02

Talk Dirty to Me

 — Be wary when using this bedtime treat. by Bakeboss08/18/103.71

Tampon Training for TG Women

 — Practical guide to feminine hygiene for cross-dressers. by slutty_jannelle05/02/074.37

Tantric 101: Lingam Massage

 — She gives him pleasure of de-laying him. by Sappholovers05/01/044.16

Teen-age Prank

 — Find horny girls at porno theater. by prevacker08/13/183.24

Ten Quick Tips for Better Sex

 — Veteran call girl gives advice. by IrresistibleBeauty11/03/073.79

Ten Tips for the New Prostitute

 — For those insisting on this profession. by IrresistibleBeauty11/06/074.35

Testing Story Formatting

 — Check how your story will look on Lit before submitting it. by Weird Harold08/20/024.50HOT

The "Secret" of Attraction

 — How to re-ignite the spark of passion in your relationship. by Selena_Kitt05/11/074.70HOT

The 'Ler Guide

 — A guide for erotic tickling. by ticklechambers06/19/114.84HOT

The 10 Commandments

 — ...for amateur fiction writers. by TheEarl11/13/024.64HOTEditor's Pick

The 3 R's

 — Examining reduce, re-use, recycle. by wife2hotblk03/30/093.38

The Art Gallery

 — A femdom how-to for fun in the dungeon. by alf_271203/10/124.32

The Art of Ball Stretching

 — Your man will love this too. by thinking04/19/104.47

The Art Of Giving A Full Massage

 — A guide for the men wishing to give a woman pleasure. by Dj_Maximus08/11/024.28

The Art of Giving Head

 — Leslie Blue's guide to giving the ultimate blow job. by LeslieBlue06/26/054.42

The Art of Masturbation

 — To do something right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. by BatsandGlamour07/20/044.44

The Art of Oral Sex

 — Step-By-Step guide to wonderful oral sex on your man. by Lizette01/17/024.02

The Art Of Tittyfucking

 — Tips and Ideas about tittyfucking. by sdsioux07/07/144.11

The Art of Writing Smut

 — It's not as easy as it looks, but is a lot of fun. by Boxlicker10105/19/064.48

The Backdoor

 — The goods on enjoying anal sex. by Goldeniangel03/31/054.49

The Blow Job Ch. 1

 — An introduction to the art of fellatio. by Beecee10/11/004.14

The Coming Metalocalypse

 — When the robots attack (or any other emergency) you best be prepared. by Sean Renaud01/13/103.56

The Correct Use of Affect/Effect

 — How to affect your readers to the proper effect. by R. Richard12/26/04

The Correct Use of Buy/By/Bye

 — Know your homophones. by R. Richard12/26/04

The Correct Use of Its/It's

 — Know your homophones. by R. Richard12/25/04

The Correct Use Of Lay/Lie

 — Know when to lie & when to lay! by R. Richard08/10/044.72HOT

The Correct Use of There/Their/They're

 — Know your homophones. by R. Richard12/25/04

The Correct Use of To/Into/Too/Two

 — More homophones to know. by R. Richard12/25/04

The Correct Use of Your/You're

 — You're choosing proper words for your readers. by R. Richard12/26/04

The Dark Kiss: A Guide to Analingus

 — Pleasure your lover through oral-anal contact. by Selena_Kitt03/31/064.53HOT

The Decline Is Right For Me

 — A description of a glorious life in decline. by RacheleRFranz11/08/11

The Digital Arts

 — Fingers aren't just for scratching, boys. by Xxene11/03/054.54HOT

The Dummy's Guide to Masturbation

 — In praise of our five-fingered lover. by story_time04/14/01

The Easiest Way to Get a Threesome

 — The easiest way to get a threesome is . . . by dominatrixjane07/15/123.17

The Erogenous Zones

 — Those points where sensibility is bigger. by Vudu Blanco09/24/033.84

The Erotic and the Speculative

 — The challenges and opportunities of erotic SF. by leapingfox05/28/084.42

The Fiendish Guide to Punctuation

 — A complete guide to punctuation in English by OmegaZone07/29/043.93

The Horny Heart Game

 — A sexual game to play along with pool/backgammon. by terryake103/09/094.06

The Joy of Sex

 — ...away from the bedroom. by rachlou05/01/084.41

The Lost Art of Cocksucking

 — Tips for pleasuring your man. by IrresistibleBeauty11/06/074.42

The Marble Game

 — One couples variation of the marble game. by averagecouple04/04/104.05

The Masturbation Balm

 — Primer on making a sexual orgasm enhancer. by ErnstBlofeld06/14/034.16

The Numbers Game

 — Earning easy points in the Survivor Contest. by PrincessErin02/11/084.00

The Only Guide to Erotic Writing

 — The only guide you will ever need. by Randen03/31/02

The Perils of Writing Erotica

 — The trials, difficulties, and pleasures of writing erotica. by Leanmeangoblin06/12/123.42

The Phone Call

 — A dirty script that never fails to go wrong. by Carlo Fresco06/02/013.97

The Poodle's Take On Anal Sex

 — Women: consider this rainy day activity. by frustratedpoodle03/20/044.20

The Pregnancy Fetish

 — A writer's guide to pregnant characters. by PrincessErin09/17/084.31

The Real Story

 — Construction and use of fucking machine. by Puppygirl11/24/054.15

The Recipe

 — Directions for effective, and efficient, head. by eager eighteen12/30/014.38

The Reluctant Mistress Guide

 — How to become the woman he dreams of. by diversions4401/21/074.33

The Right Editor

 — How the right editor can make a good story better. by jehoram04/30/124.12

The Rub

 — Step by step of his massage technique. by Split Liquor12/29/003.91

The Rule of Blowjobs for Women

 — The first rule of blowjobs is... by Selena_Kitt02/19/084.50HOTContest Winner

The Rules I Use for Writing

 — The advice I wish I had received. by PulpWyatt05/30/194.44

The Scent of a Woman

 — Pleasures new and unlikely? by Provocatrix08/25/173.96

The Scissors Position

 — The perfect position for satisfying her by His Whimsicality08/17/024.27

The Secret to Good Writing

 — Being your own editor can lead to being a better writer. by WindyCityMadman03/11/023.92

The Sex Talk

 — Advice for first times or fresh starts. by Embracingwhatis12/14/174.48

The Six Secrets of Sizzling Sex

 — all you can be in the bedroom. by BatsandGlamour09/19/034.56HOT

The Summer of My Pregnancy

 — Heather's pregnant phone sex for married men. by HawkerDeHavilland01/17/144.62HOT

The Talk

 — How to talk to your children about sex. by Goldeniangel06/13/054.67HOT

The Unabridged Catalog of Kisses

 — A catalog of memories that is somewhat instructive. by RenaeNicks07/03/074.62HOT

The Weekend

 — Ann enjoys a wild weekend of solo sex. by AnnHara10/25/153.76

The Year of the Rabbit

 — Getting creative with your rabbit vibe. by sophia jane01/19/064.26

Then vs Than

 — Learning the English language, one word at a time. by Angel Love04/15/064.53HOT

They've Got Kids?!?

 — How to date a single parent by KarennaC01/29/094.49

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