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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

Brad & 'Tanaya: 9 Part Series
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 01 (4.51)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 01/14/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 02 (4.53)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 01/17/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 03 (4.51)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 01/22/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 04 (4.63)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 02/13/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 05 (4.63)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 02/23/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 06 (4.62)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 02/26/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 07 (4.67)More complications.  Hot Romance 03/06/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 08 (4.64)Too many complications.  Hot Romance 03/23/09
Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 09 (4.71)Final chapter.  Hot Romance 03/24/09
Enter the Cat: 9 Part Series
Enter the Cat (4.62)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 06/26/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 02 (4.67)Australian Werecats.  Hot NonHuman 08/02/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 03 (4.77)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 08/09/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 04 (4.73)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 10/06/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 05 (4.80)An Australian werecat.  Hot NonHuman 11/05/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 06 (4.76)An Australian Werecay.  Hot NonHuman 11/29/11
Enter the Cat Ch. 07 (4.80)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 01/10/12
Enter the Cat Ch. 08 (4.75)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 04/21/12
Enter the Cat Ch. 09 (4.82)An Australian Werecat.  Hot NonHuman 05/24/12
Halo: 10 Part Series
Halo Ch. 01 (4.69)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 04/22/09
Halo Ch. 02 (4.73)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 04/27/09
Halo Ch. 03 (4.61)Life continues.  Hot Romance 05/12/09
Halo Ch. 04 (4.72)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 05/19/09
Halo Ch. 05 (4.75)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 06/13/09
Halo Ch. 06 (4.81)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 06/16/09
Halo Ch. 07 (4.73)The story continues.  Hot Romance 08/26/09
Halo Ch. 08 (4.71)The story continues.  Hot Romance 09/04/09
Halo Ch. 09 (4.79)Life goes on.  Hot Romance 10/21/09
Halo Ch. 10 (4.83)Final chapter.  Hot Romance 10/25/09
Racers: 9 Part Series
Racers Ch. 01 (4.22)Cheandra and Ryker clash. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/25/07
Racers Ch. 02 (4.49)Cheandra rebels. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/04/08
Racers Ch. 03 (4.45)Is Cheandra planning on leaving the team? Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/10/08
Racers Ch. 04 (4.43)Trouble within the team. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/25/08
Racers Ch. 05 (4.45)Where do Cheandra's loyalties lie? Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/28/08
Racers Ch. 06 (4.58)The relationship between Chevron and Cheandra strengthens.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/06/08
Racers Ch. 07 (4.49)Will Cheandra leave the team? Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/08/08
Racers Ch. 08 (4.64)Actions and consequences.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/18/08
Racers Ch. 09 (4.60)Aftermath of Zack's injury.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/21/09
Rainbow Reflections: 2 Part Series
Rainbow Reflections - Prologue (4.27)An ending for a beginning. NonHuman 03/21/14
Rainbow Reflections Ch. 01 (4.55)Where am I going?  Hot NonHuman 03/22/14
Ren - Shades of Grey: 13 Part Series
Ren - Shades of Grey (4.59)Is he too good to be true?  Hot Erotic Couplings 05/05/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 02 (4.58)We see more of Ren.  Hot Erotic Couplings 06/12/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 03 (4.66)More on Ren.  Hot Erotic Couplings 06/15/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 04 (4.57)Afterwards.  Hot Erotic Couplings 06/19/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 05 (4.70)Life after Sky.  Hot Erotic Couplings 08/06/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 06 (4.64)Time to pay the piper.  Hot Erotic Couplings 08/22/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 07 (4.71)Time to pay the piper.  Hot Erotic Couplings 08/29/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 08 (4.67)Shades of grey and Shattered Dreams converge.  Hot Erotic Couplings 09/10/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 09 (4.66)Shades of Grey and Shattered Dreams converge.  Hot Erotic Couplings 10/03/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 10 (4.59)Ren and Janey.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 11/10/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 11 (4.73)Ren and Janey.  Hot Erotic Couplings 11/12/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 12 (4.73)Ren, Janey and Adam.  Hot Erotic Couplings 12/23/08
Ren - Shades of Grey Ch. 13 Extended (4.45)The final chapter. Erotic Couplings 12/26/08
Shattered Dreams: 7 Part Series
Shattered Dreams (4.47)A memory she can't get out of her head. NonConsent/Reluctance 06/16/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 02 (4.53)Janey's story continues.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/04/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 03 (4.64)Janey faces her memories.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/11/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 04 (4.62)Janey starts to recover.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/13/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 05 (4.64)Actions have consequences.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/20/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 06 (4.67)Janey and Adam.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 07/31/08
Shattered Dreams Ch. 07 (4.59)Moving on.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 08/01/08
Stolen: 14 Part Series
Stolen (4.10)18-year-old is abducted by bikers. NonConsent/Reluctance 01/25/08
Stolen Ch. 02 (4.30)Janetta is given a new name. NonConsent/Reluctance 02/06/08
Stolen Ch. 03 (4.41)Sky meets Hawk's friends. NonConsent/Reluctance 02/21/08
Stolen Ch. 04 (4.64)Brad teaches Sky to enjoy sex.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 03/06/08
Stolen Ch. 05 (4.48)Hawk returns from his trip. NonConsent/Reluctance 03/17/08
Stolen Ch. 06 (4.38)Ren reaches his limit. NonConsent/Reluctance 03/26/08
Stolen Ch. 07 (4.58)Sky tries to run away and Hawk looses his temper.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 03/27/08
Stolen Ch. 08 (4.51)Hawk and Ren clash.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 04/28/08
Stolen Ch. 09 (4.56)Someone new takes an interest in Sky.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/01/08
Stolen Ch. 10 (4.55)How about a game of cards?  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/03/08
Stolen Ch. 11 (4.64)The aftermath.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/07/08
Stolen Ch. 12 (4.64)Ren tries to show Sky some kindness.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/08/08
Stolen Ch. 13 (4.59)Ren and Sky.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/09/08
Stolen Ch. 14 (4.68)Final chapter.  Hot NonConsent/Reluctance 05/11/08
The Initiation (4.13)A young girl is initiated into a bike gang. First Time 09/27/10
The Reckoning (4.47)A biker's woman learns her place. NonConsent/Reluctance 07/24/11
To Love a Stray: 22 Part Series
To Love a Stray (4.56)She's not what she seems.  Hot NonHuman 06/27/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 02 (4.71)In real trouble.  Hot NonHuman 06/30/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 03 (4.71)Too much to believe.  Hot NonHuman 07/02/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 04 (4.71)Mitchell becomes too protective.  Hot NonHuman 07/04/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 05 (4.67)Jasper resurfaces and it's bad news all around.  Hot NonHuman 07/06/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 06 (4.74)A clear mind and a few surprises.  Hot NonHuman 07/10/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 07 (4.72)The lure of the clan beckons.  Hot NonHuman 07/15/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 08 (4.76)A hunt, An injury and a threat.  Hot NonHuman 08/15/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 09 (4.77)Trouble in the ranks.  Hot NonHuman 08/23/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 10 (4.77)A few surprises.  Hot NonHuman 08/31/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 11 Pt. 01 (4.82)A fatal illness.  Hot NonHuman 09/09/11
To Love a Stray Ch. 11 Pt. 02 (4.47)Jazzy is saved but at what price? NonHuman 05/24/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 12 (4.69)Picking up the pieces.  Hot NonHuman 06/09/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 13 (4.73)Breaking Point.  Hot NonHuman 07/10/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 14 (4.85)You can't run away from your past.  Hot NonHuman 08/08/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 15 (4.81)I can't exactly say I see ghosts but I do hear them...  Hot NonHuman 09/03/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 16 (4.81)Secrets from the past bring things tumbling down.  Hot NonHuman 09/28/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 17 (4.81)Just like dealing with a criminal.  Hot NonHuman 10/10/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 18 (4.67)Quicksand is real.  Hot NonHuman 10/24/12
To Love a Stray Ch. 19 (4.43)When shit hits the fan ducking for cover doesn't help. NonHuman 03/22/13
To Love a Stray Ch. 20 (4.53)All actions have consequences.  Hot NonHuman 06/21/13
To Love a Stray Ch. 21 (4.62)I won't be silent any longer.  Hot NonHuman 07/18/13
I love you (4.65)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 12/15/07
Moonlight Run (4.43) Erotic Poetry 03/04/08
Ode to a friend (3.86) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/15/07
Wall of Pain (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/04/08
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