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Step Brother's Bride Fixes the Debts - Step brother's bride to be pays for his stupidity.
      Submitted by TurboT81  (Loving Wives) 12/15/18
Charmaine Expands Her Horizons - Started out, exposing slave hubby to secretary...but then...
      Submitted by justincbenedict  (BDSM) 12/15/18
A sub Writes Pt. 02 - Bedroom orders - 2nd attempt at writing about my sub life.
      Submitted by SubWrites  (BDSM) 12/15/18  Hot
The Whistleblower Pt. 02 - Jess' secret revealed.
      Submitted by AngeSeverni  (BDSM) 12/15/18
Mouthwatering - Will I learn to behave?
      Submitted by gprincesssub  (BDSM) 12/15/18
A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 24 - Eleanor wins again, plays with Janet, sees Annette.
      Submitted by lesliejones  (Fetish) 12/15/18
Devoted Cuck Ch. 03 - How things have changed.
      Submitted by cuckyfucky  (BDSM) 12/15/18
Resident Evil - Outbreak Ch. 02 - Arthur continues leading his group of survivors.
      Submitted by allenknott3  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 12/15/18
Scarlett, Emma & the Sex Machines - Scarlett Holmes and Doctor Emma Watson captured by Moriarty.
      Submitted by 123z  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 12/15/18
Livin' with Kathie Lee and Kelly - Enjoying my sex life with Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa.
      Submitted by DickThePimp  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 12/15/18
The Vault Ch. 02 - Installing some new drills in the armory!
      Submitted by Phero  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 12/15/18
The Deflowering of Rebecca - How Rebecca St. James lost her virginity.
      Submitted by SkyBubble  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 12/15/18
The Vampire Endgame - Ancient Vampire watches the End of the World.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (NonHuman) 12/15/18
Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore Ch. 11 - A female scientist starts having transformation episodes.
      Submitted by rikimaru4  (Mind Control) 12/15/18  Hot
Slavery Games Ch. 01: Coaching - Bridgett our reporter was present to the newest Slavery Game.
      Submitted by PandaPensif  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
Storm and Stone Ch. 01 - A man falls through a cave floor into a world of fantasy.
      Submitted by TheLordWinter  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 12/15/18  Hot
Atonement Ch. 01 - Kylie is taken for training.
      Submitted by holyfuckdude  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
The Peeper and the Bitch - A peeping Japanese teen becomes a bitch's bitch.
      Submitted by SaviorSamurai  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
Milking Slaves Ch. 01 - Beautiful, seductive witches capture and milk submissive men.
      Submitted by Your_Viking_Slave  (BDSM) 12/15/18
Husband's So-Called Friend - Forced to comply by husband's friend.
      Submitted by Happy2swing  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
Helga Trains Christopher - Christopher must please Helga.
      Submitted by LilithDeVil  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
Blackmailed on Vacation - Lucia's caught in a compromising position far from home.
      Submitted by Satyr81  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18  Hot
A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 05 - Dressing for the occasion.
      Submitted by TheNaughtyShrink  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 12/15/18
My Greedy Cunt - I have a dirty, needy, greedy cunt, can you help...
      Submitted by Panthera_Amur  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
Inspired by Your Feedback - She took some of your advice.
      Submitted by AnnaSpeaks  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
Craving More - I need something bigger than your tiny cock.
      Submitted by LushinLace  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18  Hot
Tip The Babysitter Pt. 03 - Fuck the lesson into me?! Uh oh . . .
      Submitted by Xyta_Midnyte  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18  Hot
Fingering You While You Drive - Imagine me there with you while you drive . . .
      Submitted by jaymasters45  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
Wanting, Waiting, Finger Fucking - Edging you. Then finishing you.
      Submitted by InMyHands  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
Daddy in the Car - Daddy in the car gives his baby the seed she craves.
      Submitted by DaddyFun46  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
Mom & Son on Vacation - Audio voyeurism and a quickie for two!
      Submitted by DeliciousD45  (Text With Audio) 12/14/18
The Call Girl and the Businessman Ch. 09 - A mysterious girl is hired by a troubled man for the night.
      Submitted by subtlekiss  (Romance) 12/14/18  Hot
Club X Ch. 06 - Lila is open to new adventures, after a week in the playroom.
      Submitted by Smuttyandfun  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
A Space Oddity Too - Jaimie Pond and the Good, the Bad and the very fucking Ugly.
      Submitted by Maonaigh  (Lesbian Sex) 12/14/18  Hot
Torgan Wine Ch. 45 - Draeseth's reward.
      Submitted by Isemay  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 12/14/18  Hot
Voyeur gets Voyeured Ch. 11 - Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves.
      Submitted by BigZeke13  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 12/14/18  Hot
Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 29 - The delivery.
      Submitted by virgofemme  (Interracial Love) 12/14/18
Sixes and Sevens Pt. 08 - Sam misses Aidan, but has a friend and a new man.
      Submitted by Alwaysraining  (Novels and Novellas) 12/14/18  Hot
The Will of the Gods Ch. 05 - A priestess turned warrior fights for mankind and her loner.
      Submitted by TrajanWarchild  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 12/14/18  Hot
College Days - Prelude - Patricia Nolan: Rich, smart, beautiful, upper classes.
      Submitted by JackStrange  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18  Hot
A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 72 - A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 72: "The Real Thing" (M).
      Submitted by midorigreengrasses  (Illustrated) 12/14/18
Last Man - What do you do when you're at the end of the line?
      Submitted by MichaelFitzgerald  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
An Encounter to Remember - Mason has an encounter he would forever remember.
      Submitted by HazelRah  (Novels and Novellas) 12/14/18
Jack Hammer Ch. 02 - Jack hammers a big black stud.
      Submitted by KenJames  (Gay Male) 12/14/18
Scabbard & Blade Ch. 02 - Lori prepares herself for an exciting party.
      Submitted by aRedheadWrites  (Romance) 12/14/18
Enslaved to the Sorority's Demon - Anxious, aristocratic, coed becomes a succubus's mind slave.
      Submitted by Maeven_quinn  (Erotic Horror) 12/14/18
Holiday Magic - Rob and Nanette share another glory hole adventure.
      Submitted by RobAnthony53  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
Farmer Pt. 02 - Trip to the ocean - ideal wife and mother.
      Submitted by nadiaden  (Interracial Love) 12/14/18
Karen's Revenge - From school girl to womanhood, a woman not to cross.
      Submitted by LaPoloma  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
When is Revenge Too Much? - For him, never.
      Submitted by Skippy47  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
Show & Tell Ch. 35 - Teacher finds new talent.
      Submitted by murphtsurf  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
Some Fun with a Co-worker Ch. 02 - More grinding leads to Dale getting his dick sucked.
      Submitted by jc1104  (Gay Male) 12/14/18  Hot
Lioness Limousine - Let's pretend: a rich lady and her young driver.
      Submitted by gunhilltrain  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
Dreamboat Ch. 01 - Lachlan and Wren on the run, sort of...
      Submitted by SleeperyJim  (Novels and Novellas) 12/14/18  Hot
White Wife Wanting - Mary Anne gets her fiance the ultimate wedding present.
      Submitted by ThePiperRai  (Interracial Love) 12/14/18
Fucking Mrs. Smith - Servicing a hot wife at the hotel pool.
      Submitted by steelring  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
Dara Fishes for a Husband Pt. 01 - Thai fishes for a husband with a naughty story on the web.
      Submitted by LolaPaul49  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
The Peregrination Ch. 02 - Stuck in the elevator, they find a way to stay entertained!
      Submitted by Brass_ankle  (Interracial Love) 12/14/18
It Happened So Fast!!! - Brother in law all of a sudden looks Hot! WTF?
      Submitted by bogey4u  (Gay Male) 12/14/18  Hot
My First Hotwife - My first experience with an incredibly sexy hotwife.
      Submitted by Sexybeast8899  (First Time) 12/14/18
Crotchless Undies - Her girlfriend turns her into a bimbo.
      Submitted by AlinaX  (Lesbian Sex) 12/14/18
Dirty Dan Pt. 02 - With Dirty Dan gone, the romance evolves.
      Submitted by R410a  (Romance) 12/14/18  Hot
Mavis and the Camera - Should have left the camera home.
      Submitted by Just Plain Bob  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
A Guest for Dinner - Marion brings a friend home who gets much more than dinner.
      Submitted by MarionsLover  (Group Sex) 12/14/18
Utter Surprise - A girl's plan to test a cheater backfires.
      Submitted by MrIllusion  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
What Might Have Been - A man returns home and finds the girl he left behind.
      Submitted by darkoverlord6  (Romance) 12/14/18  Hot
Pheromone Matchmaking - Philip's pheromones research achieves both bliss and despair.
      Submitted by amischiefmaker  (Loving Wives) 12/14/18
Christmas Bonus - We help Sonia enjoy her kinky fantasies at the office party.
      Submitted by cruiser_2015  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 12/14/18
Water Nymphs Pt. 02 - The conclusion.
      Submitted by Ahazura  (Group Sex) 12/14/18  Hot
Road-Side Reunion - I run into an old friend and finally fuck him years later.
      Submitted by Appl3bottom24  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 12/14/18
D.O.M: Jordan - Dylan O doms Jordan and shows his boyfriend how it's done.
      Submitted by dakotadanders  (Gay Male) 12/14/18
Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 01 - Unexpected lovers meet in Korea and go to Thailand.
      Submitted by Redgrenadine  (Erotic Couplings) 12/14/18
The Tattoo - Innocent checking out a Tattoo leads to a new experience.
      Submitted by AlexaWriter  (Lesbian Sex) 12/14/18
Daddy Jack Pt. 02 - Angel and Jackie misbehave.
      Submitted by RoryOmore  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 12/14/18
Kimmy's Discovery Ch. 07 - Kimmy's transformation becomes noticeable.
      Submitted by Deviana  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 12/14/18
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