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It was an accident that brought us together. A lucky accident? Maybe. A dreadful, unwanted, appalling accident? Certainly. Her parents were my best friends and my neighbours, and when I heard...

Accidents by MVPrimetime

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Saturday mornings felt like being wrapped up in a warm, snuggly blanket on an icy cold winter's night. They are the sanctuary for the weekday weary, and for Sarah it meant she could rouse from her...

Baby Oil Bad Boy by Miss_Elizabeth

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As my fingers worked in and out of Ginger's vagina, she arched her back as I hit her G-spot. The extra pressure of the tampon added to her pleasure. She started her cum and it lasted for some time...

Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02 by rmlooker

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First Time

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
Guardian tempted and seduces girl (or is seduced?) by MVPrimetime (11/18/14)
4.69 (275)
2.Baby Oil Bad Boy
Sarah's Saturday morning with her hunky housemate. by Miss_Elizabeth (12/13/14)
4.68 (305)
3.Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02
Ginger finally has her first time. by rmlooker (12/14/14)
4.64 (11)
4.Beyond the Fence
Elina finds love on other side of conflict. by TheHiddenPen (11/29/14)
4.59 (142)
5.Night without Day
Sometimes love does conquer all. by sexygirl76 (11/17/14)
4.44 (97)
6.A Boy's Story
An immature young man gets a well rounded education. by riverboy (12/15/14)
4.44 (278)
Uncle interferes in nephew's love-life. by Ashson (12/02/14)
4.42 (109)
8.Poor Kaity
The world's most awkward girl. by NiceDayReboot (12/02/14)
4.41 (263)
9.Church Lady: Sunday School Surprise
Teen Boy gets an extra lesson after Sunday School. by 1sickbastard (11/27/14)
4.40 (572)
10.The Neighborly Thing To Do Pt. 02
Things stay fun around the neighborhood. by oceanwave97 (11/25/14)
4.35 (170)
11.Wedding Pairing
She picked him to be first. by SierraSprite (12/11/14)
4.34 (246)
12.The Babysitter Ch. 04
Becky experiences her first real cock. by snaillover69 (12/01/14)
4.31 (195)
13.Bad Boy
Strolling on the beach, she meets an old enemy. by Ashson (11/28/14)
4.29 (111)
14.Mary, Quite Contrary
Study of a Prolonged Virginity. by Itascan (11/21/14)
4.18 (77)
15.His & Hers
Isaac and Maria share their first night together. by atrocious_city (12/02/14)
4.17 (101)
16.Charlotte's Day Pt. 02
Charlotte's day continues... by hot_jessica (12/09/14)
4.14 (21)
17.The Graduate Physiotherapist
A fit young man unaware of his talent is gently made aware. by dan_e_gc (12/08/14)
4.12 (128)
18.My Hero
I give my cherry to my hero. by GotBacon (11/20/14)
4.08 (134)
19.Jen's Story
Jen's experience. by oddsandends (11/20/14)
4.06 (93)
20.From Dating To Threesomes
We took another step. by mrnmrsj (12/17/14)
4.03 (65)
21.Sister to Sister
I only want one, but why not another? by Kufan969 (11/25/14)
4.01 (176)
22.Charlie's Tuition Teacher Ch. 02
Charlie awaits Jasmine's arrival for his 2nd day of tuition. by Maverick710 (12/09/14)
4.00 (32)
23.The Librarian Look
She finds out just how sexy she is. by snaillover69 (11/23/14)
3.96 (241)
24.The Wind's Pleasure
A girl's encounter with a stud sailor and an older couple. by Turnout (12/08/14)
3.95 (40)
25.First Detention
Innocent high school senior gets first detention. by OzmanA (12/17/14)
3.95 (113)
26.An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 04
Following her troubles Becky takes control. by happy_bloke (12/09/14)
3.91 (11)
27.Hide and Watch Ch. 02
Donna sucks her first cock. by snaillover69 (11/23/14)
3.90 (84)
28.Can You Do It, Babe?
Girl gives her first rough blow job. by Beautiful_messofthebest (11/18/14)
3.87 (91)
29.Sex and Education Pt. 02
Neighbor HS seniors lose their virginity. by rhimshot415 (11/19/14)
3.85 (67)
30.Breaking in the Baptist Girl Pt. 01
She has no idea what sex is. by reachertr (11/26/14)
3.85 (203)
31.BabySitter Despondent
Sitter needs to talk out her problems. by Ashson (11/20/14)
3.75 (277)
He's all she wants, and all she gets, and she gets it good. by baroquecock (11/20/14)
3.75 (68)
33.Getting Past Third
A turning point in the life of a 19 y old male virgin. by Piscator (12/04/14)
3.66 (89)
34.Hide and Watch Ch. 03
Donna loses her virginity. by snaillover69 (12/09/14)
3.64 (28)
35.Pandora's Suitcase
Model and photographer finally fulfill their secret fantasies. by NeoGeo1 (12/12/14)
3.64 (14)
36.Gardening at Mrs Chesters
Jonathan helps Mrs Chester in her garden. by schoolmrs (12/15/14)
3.62 (366)
37.Charlotte's Day
Charlotte is awoken to the world of sexuality around her. by hot_jessica (12/06/14)
3.53 (47)
38.School Obsession
A first sexual encounter, but not one he was expecting. by lisaga (12/06/14)
3.37 (70)
39.Surprised By His Wife
His wife joined us in a threesome. by ilovemenanyway (12/07/14)
3.30 (144)
40.Teenage Encounter with My Teacher
An expected sexual thing with my lovely teacher. by hemant9204 (12/09/14)
2.92 (98)
41.A Dirty Moment from My Role Play
So, this is a dirty moment from a role play with my friend. by moo73 (11/26/14)
2.67 (18)
42.Forced Enjoyment
Carrie has her life changed by Katy. by Lesbian101 (11/19/14)
2.33 (43)