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I put the phone down and walked back to the bed. I stood next to Rose, and said, "That's great news." She smiled and nodded, then stood up. I watched her walk across the room to the desk, and she...

Thorny Rose Ch. 03 by JayDavid

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Poppy was up early, even though it was a Saturday. She had so much to do before she left the house. She'd already picked out her clothing last night, after hours of agonising over every item. She had...

The Artist by TheHiddenPen

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It was an accident that brought us together. A lucky accident? Maybe. A dreadful, unwanted, appalling accident? Certainly. Her parents were my best friends and my neighbours, and when I heard...

Accidents by MVPrimetime

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First Time

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1.Thorny Rose Ch. 03
Tragedy, love and, finally, sex, as the story ends. by JayDavid (10/28/14)
4.81 (167)
2.The Artist
Virgin agrees to pose nude for artist. by TheHiddenPen (10/31/14)
4.69 (463)
Guardian tempted and seduces girl (or is seduced?) by MVPrimetime (11/18/14)
4.68 (242)
4.Danny Learns, and Passes It On
Young man has first experience, gives his ex-girlfriend hers. by Rex Siter (11/05/14)
4.50 (321)
5.Spoilt Little Cindy
Experience fails where innocence prevails. by Man4Living (10/31/14)
4.49 (144)
6.Shy Knight Tempting Fate Pt. 01
Seven-century-old prophecy fulfilled by 21st century virgin love. by dbp4281 (11/16/14)
4.47 (95)
7.The Bikini Try-Out
Two couples on holiday together but the wives end up in bed. by Bridlington (11/11/14)
4.45 (115)
8.Night without Day
Sometimes love does conquer all. by sexygirl76 (11/17/14)
4.41 (92)
9.Summer Love
Summer and Jordan take their friendship to the next level. by Mylovelyfantasies (11/04/14)
4.39 (148)
10.Safe Sex Ed
Older sister and single mom has advice for teens. by glendale22 (11/04/14)
4.37 (94)
11.Cat & Randy
The first time works like a charm. by rmlooker (11/04/14)
4.36 (66)
12.The Neighborly Thing To Do Pt. 02
Things stay fun around the neighborhood. by oceanwave97 (11/25/14)
4.26 (101)
13.More Confessions
Poppers and Dick Worship. by aliassmith (10/26/14)
4.23 (44)
14.The Babysitter Ch. 03
Her first oral lesson. by snaillover69 (11/13/14)
4.18 (84)
15.Losing My Virginity
I describe my first proper fuck with my older neighbour. by virusman (11/11/14)
4.16 (217)
16.Jen's Story
Jen's experience. by oddsandends (11/20/14)
4.13 (82)
17.BabySitter's Infatuation
Sitter is infatuated with one of the men she sits for. by Ashson (11/04/14)
4.11 (261)
18.A Perfect Evening
A perfect evening. by frostyghost09 (10/29/14)
4.01 (76)
19.Mary, Quite Contrary
Study of a Prolonged Virginity. by Itascan (11/21/14)
3.99 (74)
20.James the Virgin Ch. 01
I am a man, and I am a virgin at twenty-five. by LorenzoAbajos (11/01/14)
3.98 (168)
21.My Best Friends Mom
I can teach you many things. by snaillover69 (11/11/14)
3.96 (261)
22.Sister to Sister
I only want one, but why not another? by Kufan969 (11/25/14)
3.95 (22)
23.Mystery Girl
Masquerade party leads to unforgettable night. by snaillover69 (11/13/14)
3.94 (133)
24.Sex and Education Pt. 02
Neighbor HS seniors lose their virginity. by rhimshot415 (11/19/14)
3.90 (62)
25.The Librarian Look
She finds out just how sexy she is. by snaillover69 (11/23/14)
3.90 (213)
26.Karen, My Cherished First
First experience of an 18 year old college boy. by Hunkydrew (10/29/14)
3.90 (105)
27.First Time... Sort Of...
Second date with my girl and a huge sigh of relief... by Semperfire (10/30/14)
3.87 (103)
28.Tammy and Josh Ch. 01
Tammy introduces her neighbor to her body. by Asubtlepassion (11/06/14)
3.83 (267)
29.My Hero
I give my cherry to my hero. by GotBacon (11/20/14)
3.83 (106)
30.All Grown Up
Best friend's little sister isn't so little anymore. by snaillover69 (11/05/14)
3.82 (385)
31.Can You Do It, Babe?
Girl gives her first rough blow job. by Beautiful_messofthebest (11/18/14)
3.81 (77)
32.BabySitter Despondent
Sitter needs to talk out her problems. by Ashson (11/20/14)
3.77 (249)
33.A Cherry in Las Vegas
He got lucky in a casino. by GotBacon (11/08/14)
3.70 (81)
He's all she wants, and all she gets, and she gets it good. by baroquecock (11/20/14)
3.69 (48)
35.My Tutor
Still learning, still teaching. by snaillover69 (11/06/14)
3.67 (94)
36.Hide and Watch Ch. 02
Donna sucks her first cock. by snaillover69 (11/23/14)
3.53 (51)
37.The Virgin's Club
4 virgin girls get their cherries popped. by snaillover69 (11/12/14)
3.39 (151)
38.A Moment of Madness
A First Date. A Moment of madness. The Police. by jamesmarlowe (11/12/14)
2.56 (16)
39.Forced Enjoyment
Carrie has her life changed by Katy. by Lesbian101 (11/19/14)
2.17 (40)