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The morning after her stroll down memory lane, Dessi got a text from Gina, suggesting they meet at The Noggin Shop after lunch. Before responding that it was OK, Dessi arranged for her oldest son,...

A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03 by nageren

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"Everyone, here's to another successful year for Eastport Corporation! Thank you for all your hard work. Kampai!" I was bringing the foaming head of that long-awaited first jockey of Asahi Super...

A Taste for Christmas Cake by taiyakisoba

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The phone headset that Cricket had trapped between her head and only shoulder was ringing in her ear. After two or three rings a female voice answered. Cricket said hi Trisha, its Cricket. Trisha was...

Kip and Salina Ch. 04 by rmlooker

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First Time

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1.A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03
Ian's first time, Dessi tells Gina how the story ends. by nageren (01/01/15)
4.71 (56)
2.A Taste for Christmas Cake
A shy guy is seduced by his older, female Japanese manager. by taiyakisoba (01/17/15)
4.67 (331)
3.Kip and Salina Ch. 04
Cricket helps Trisha for her first time. by rmlooker (01/03/15)
4.67 (6)
4.Summer Camping Ch. 02
Cold rain and a warm sleeping bag work wonders. by Turbidus (01/11/15)
4.57 (348)
Beautiful woman wants to become a model. by Ashson (01/15/15)
4.52 (139)
6.Trailer Trash
A MILF teaches a virgin teenager about sex. by Vysis (01/19/15)
4.52 (664)
7.The Demands Ch. 01
Chapter One - Dick-n-Me. by derek33 (01/08/15)
4.51 (94)
8.A Pleasing Bride
Prince and princess consummate their vows. by thepiratequeen (01/24/15)
4.42 (132)
Young woman had an unfortunate bikini mishap. by Ashson (01/20/15)
4.38 (346)
10.Candy & Rick
First time for a blind person. by rmlooker (01/23/15)
4.32 (75)
11.Amnesia - Virgin Again
A woman loses her memory, doesn't remember first time. by InstinctSonari (01/03/15)
4.29 (93)
12.Shy Girl
Man meets a shy girl at a house party. by Ashson (01/28/15)
4.29 (111)
13.I Thought We Were More Ch. 06
Jacob and Alex finally take a chance with each other. by DrElectrogasm (01/27/15)
4.29 (35)
14.Ava's Fantasy
Truth or dare, will Ava's fantasy come true? by Lacey_St_Sin (01/10/15)
4.28 (166)
15.Summer Camping Ch. 01
A year of firsts for new high school graduates. by Turbidus (01/08/15)
4.26 (249)
16.The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Women
She had a plan to get him. by meloout (01/11/15)
4.25 (100)
17.Meredith Ch. 01
I find out how my best friend's sister really feels about me. by robhasby (01/25/15)
4.23 (421)
18.Feeling Strange
A young girl explores her feelings. by blackpantha (01/06/15)
4.19 (107)
19.A Handyman's Wife Ch. 05
Rachel was a virgin. by riverboy (01/17/15)
4.19 (97)
20.I Thought We Were More Ch. 07
A chapter full of sexy stuff. No buildup, Just the goods. by DrElectrogasm (01/28/15)
4.18 (28)
21.Summer Heat
Kendra finally tells Eric how she feels. by Abgirl (01/04/15)
4.17 (116)
22.The Story of Love Pt. 01
A young Japanese woman leaves home to learn the art of love by SparkleKitty (01/10/15)
4.14 (70)
23.Fun Time at a Pool Party
Mike hooks up at a pool party. by raidernation25 (01/04/15)
4.00 (204)
24.Solstices Obscurity "Dusk" Ch. 02
The rude beginning of the man called the Bastard. by Unrequited_Evil (01/24/15)
4.00 (6)
25.Girlfriend Turned Slutty
My wife turned slut by my desires. by batofnight (01/24/15)
3.97 (77)
26.I Thought We Were More Ch. 01
Jacob would have given anything to just talk with Clair. by DrElectrogasm (01/06/15)
3.86 (96)
27.The Story of Love Pt. 02
Love loses her virginity and some of her innocence. by SparkleKitty (01/13/15)
3.84 (37)
28.Fucking for Grades
Awesome job leads to awesome sex. by ilovehooters (01/16/15)
3.76 (178)
29.My Pants Please
John and Cathy's first date. by dawn_of_night (01/03/15)
3.75 (131)
30.His Daddy's Boy
Short story. by VoluptuousCara (01/05/15)
3.72 (36)
31.Underneath a Hard Exterior
Megan opens up Ryan's shell and loses herself in him. by short_n_sweet22 (01/05/15)
3.72 (141)
32.He Wasn't What She Seemed
He wasn't what she seemed. by eroticbi (01/22/15)
3.71 (55)
33.The Virgin Geek and the Beauty
He's a nervous, geeky virgin and she knows what she wants... by dnchapman (01/07/15)
3.59 (122)
34.For Your Eyes Only
Husband watches video of ex-wife and her lover. by easyballs (01/24/15)
2.99 (174)
35.Office Office Ch. 02-03
Young virgin in office lesbian sex and auctioned to loose virginity. by rupaipanty (12/30/14)
1.44 (9)