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"Is this seat taken?" The girl's back was turned, her long black hair cascading down her back tied with a low ponytail. She was wearing a light gray baby doll shirt paired with cut offs and very...

Meteor Shower by SweetDesire427

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Joan could feel his rigid shaft pressing against her lower belly. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore it. That proved to be impossible. It was there and it was making her wet between the legs....

Battle of the Bulge by Erlikkhan

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Lena, meanwhile, had taken her own opportunity. She had brought my pecker up to full strength, and rubbed herself into a wet and ready state. Just as Karen bucked, shrieked, and exploded, Lena aimed...

Hill Country Initiation Ch. 02 by Sandman8314

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First Time

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1.Meteor Shower
James and Ashley fall in love under the stars. by SweetDesire427 (08/31/14)
4.59 (130)
2.Battle of the Bulge
Joan feels his bulge rub against her as they dance. by Erlikkhan (09/10/14)
4.50 (296)
3.Hill Country Initiation Ch. 02
Two girls still seducing the college boy. by Sandman8314 (09/04/14)
4.49 (114)
4.Surfer Girl
Seduction at the beach. by Ashson (09/26/14)
4.44 (236)
5.The Window
Mature lady takes a virgin. by venomlegions (09/08/14)
4.43 (251)
Young woman flashes a teacher and gets taught. by Ashson (09/09/14)
4.41 (263)
7.The Teacher: My First Time
A teenage boy's coming of age. by CanadianM (09/29/14)
4.40 (431)
8.Words and Pictures
Lil and Margie describe their first times. by EastPubnico (09/17/14)
4.40 (15)
9.A First Time for Everyone
Two early-20s virgins begin exploring on their wedding night. by dark_entries (09/21/14)
4.39 (196)
10.First Time is the Best
She gives him a special memory. by Pardog (09/08/14)
4.38 (144)
11.Paul's Journey
Man finally meets the love of his life but it's complicated. by paulskins (09/02/14)
4.35 (37)
12.Hill Country Initiation Ch. 01
Two girls seduce a college boy. by Sandman8314 (09/02/14)
4.34 (235)
13.The Neighborly Thing To Do
The neighborly thing to do. by oceanwave97 (09/28/14)
4.30 (433)
14.Tutor's Secret
Lizzie needs help with Math. by Conbon (09/03/14)
4.29 (155)
15.A Good Grade from Mrs Gudenov
My teacher tests my knowledge of subjects, like sex by LorenzoAbajos (09/17/14)
4.28 (126)
16.My First Time, Truth or Dare
I finally kiss a girl... and more... by geekerotica (09/02/14)
4.27 (162)
17.My First Lover, Ten Pt. 03
An end to Julia's virginity. by Loving50 (09/06/14)
4.26 (57)
Sarah and Ryan were a couple until the new boy arrived. by Slickman (09/17/14)
4.25 (124)
19.About Time
High school tension finally explodes. by TheLexEffects (09/09/14)
4.22 (101)
Stepmom helps out her stepson with his tiny problem. by jasliz (09/18/14)
4.21 (330)
21.Spin the Bottle Blowjob
I get my first blowjob from a cholla at a make-out party. by iggyspear (09/27/14)
4.19 (160)
22.My First Lover, Ten Pt. 02
College freshman experiences sex for the first time. by Loving50 (09/03/14)
4.14 (65)
23.Tales of a Shopping MILF
A wannabe MILF goes shopping with her body. by worldx (09/04/14)
4.10 (138)
24.Fun at the Pool
A short story I wrote for a friend that I'm now sharing here. by SensationCreation (09/24/14)
4.08 (36)
25.Dad's Not Home
Young woman visit's boyfriend while he's home alone. by Ashson (09/15/14)
4.04 (230)
26.Naked With Brother and Girlfriend
3 sexually repressed teens discover enjoyment on the beach. by bige32123 (09/16/14)
4.02 (220)
27.Nature's Call - First Time
Camp owner's daughter has first time in the wild. by lordroxbury (09/11/14)
4.02 (128)
28.My First... Turned Me Fabulous!
First time turns man into the sissy slut he was meant to be. by BerkeleyJanine (09/20/14)
4.02 (66)
29.Jack's First Blowjob
Jack's first blowjob comes from an unexpected source. by ozzietosser (09/05/14)
3.98 (174)
30.Caught, Seduced and Caught Again
Mom catches boyfriend with daughter. by SouthernVaVoyeur85 (09/12/14)
3.97 (355)
31.Broadly Sexual Pt. 01: The Beginning
My first post, trying things out. Thinking back to early on. by broadlysexual (08/31/14)
3.96 (25)
32.Flesh for Fantasy
Two girls driven by lust, some alcohol, and rock 'n' roll. by MoonlightCat (09/12/14)
3.95 (22)
33.Sally's First Pilot
Sally meets a pilot and they experience great sex. by twistedgraygoat (09/07/14)
3.95 (91)
34.Julie and Scott
Everyone thought they were the perfect couple. But ... by kinkink (09/16/14)
3.90 (134)
35.Now, Where Did I Leave My Cherry?
My first sexual experience. by BlondeNymph (09/16/14)
3.90 (172)
36.One Time Ch. 01
The first time can last a lifetime. by AnitaPenayme (09/11/14)
3.83 (36)
37.Acting out Fantasies Ch. 02
Shar and I bring in a new girl into our sex club. by revolution1776 (09/21/14)
3.76 (34)
38.If Only
Deflowered under the high octaves of Freddie Mercury. by jamesmarlowe (09/17/14)
3.75 (16)
39.My Teacher's Pet
A professor at a university teaches a coed about sex. by LorenzoAbajos (09/18/14)
3.66 (80)
40.A New Adventure
First time I shared my wife. by ChuckEPoo (09/19/14)
3.62 (193)
41.My First Lover, Ten
College freshman meets her first lover. by Loving50 (09/01/14)
3.60 (106)
42.The Apprentice
Lesbian teaches lesbian. by sexnovella (09/24/14)
3.58 (48)
43.A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 02
Jessica, a virgin, has first time sexual intercourse. by SusanJillParker (09/04/14)
3.56 (27)
44.Sally's First Three Way
Sally and her husband give their neighbor a present. by twistedgraygoat (09/09/14)
3.35 (104)
45.A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 01
Jessica, a virgin, has first time sexual intercourse. by SusanJillParker (09/01/14)
3.34 (53)
46.The Dare of the Siren
Just who is the Siren to this married man? by phubby (09/09/14)
3.30 (10)
47.My Power Love
Two friends have a weird, drunk night. by SCLchan (09/12/14)
3.19 (32)
48.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
First lesbian experience. by sexnovella (09/10/14)
3.16 (63)