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 — Testing out multiple vibes results in multiple orgasms. by All-American Girl05/17/073.94

Viewing Pleasure

 — You know I secretly want to be watched. by redhotbothered04/16/154.25

Virgin - Rough

 — You have been a little cocktease... by Mirage08/23/124.42

Virgin - Sweet

 — A sweet and sexy first time story. by Mirage08/23/124.38

Virtual Boyfriend

 — Making love to you and showing affection through touch. by BoyfromEngland04/08/144.18

Visions of a Loving Slut Pt. 01

 — Prelude to a good hard fucking. by BoyfromEngland08/27/154.23

Visiting an Old College Buddy Pt. 01

 — My college buddy's daughter is all grown up and wants daddy. by princebreed12/07/174.01

Visiting at Christmas

 — Teasing me across a crowded room, I reach breaking point... by British Filth01/09/144.52HOT

Visiting France

 — A guy surprises his girlfriend who is living in Paris. by SomeAussieGuy06/28/114.18

Visiting You

 — Meeting you for fun in the Hotel. by RedMoon8612/16/09

Visiting You at the Store

 — He enters your store and locks the door behind him by phillyperv06/06/123.75


 — She's horny. Please pick up? by sxylilslut02/03/09


 — She's horny for you. Won't you please pick up? by WarmMilk11/17/094.59HOT

Wait... Pt. 01: What's That?!

 — How did my clit turn into an 8-inch cock?! Any ideas, babe? by tarkustrooper09/14/174.51HOT

Wait... Pt. 02: Who's THAT?!

 — He brings in a friend to get a little taste of Futa Tark. by tarkustrooper09/21/174.46

Wait... Pt. 03: A Night with Chris

 — Chris wants Tark's cock all to himself. by tarkustrooper12/07/174.42

Waiting For You To Come Home

 — I play with my pussy hoping you’ll come home soon... by Umbrellabound09/27/184.38

Waiting for You to Cum Home

 — Let me help you fuck the stress of the day away. by LushinLace10/07/174.56HOT

Waiting with Panties Off, Ass Up

 — We've broken up, but then you text me with a suggestion. by RoyalBrain09/28/174.32

Wake and Take (It In Your Mouth)

 — You wake me with a blow job. by TheGreyKnight07/16/153.81

Waking Up Next to You

 — What it would be like to wake up next to you. by SomeAussieGuy04/29/094.42

Waking Up with You

 — Improvising when our plans are rained out. by BillHicock10/04/184.56HOT

Waking Up, Needing Your Cock

 — I need your hard cock so bad! by theangeloftemptation01/25/183.83


 — Showing my Wolf just how much I want and need him. by NerdyTalk06/29/174.17

Wanting, Waiting, Finger Fucking

 — Edging you. Then finishing you. by InMyHands12/14/184.19


 — My wants, you and a dash of exhibitionism. by redhotbothered05/20/144.35

Warm Reception

 — She's been anticipating a strong reunion. Don't disappoint. by yourcockismine08/30/114.21

Warm Sheets

 — You said you're done, but my sheets are warm again... by Panthera_Amur01/17/193.92

Was Feeling Sexy...

 — ... and wanted to share. (music) by your_only_kay07/07/173.96

Watch Him Fuck Me

 — Husband sees video of his wife having sex with a stranger. by KJLarson01/19/174.56HOT

Watch Me

 — Fuck her while you capture every second on video. by litjosie03/09/104.43

Watch Me

 — Tonight watch me, let me excite you. by yblack506/08/174.04

Watch Me and Don't Be Shy

 — I start masturbating in front of you and you decide to enjoy. by PlayingPeter03/29/113.50

Watch Me Fuck You Up

 — Tied down and at my mercy? Good, you fucking prick. by Xyta_Midnyte07/12/183.90

Watch Porn with Me?

 — He leisurely strokes and edges for you. by dylan_t07/16/154.26

Watcher Man

 — She is my pupils addiction. by yblack501/03/194.43


 — He gets himself off while watching her. by SomeAussieGuy03/09/104.30


 — He watches her play. by luckygirl1810/23/12

Watching Daddy

 — Sneaking in to peek from daddy's closet. by Nasty_Man02/25/153.32

Watching Her Get Taken

 — All I want to do is please Him. by SexyLittleMinx12/09/093.93

Watching Her with a Stranger

 — He describes his fantasy of watching her with a stranger. by NoNamesNecessary07/27/164.63HOT

Watching Me

 — You watch him intently as he performs for you. by Dr_Impervious07/14/094.24

Watching You

 — He watches intently as you suck and fuck him. by Dr_Impervious06/23/094.02

Watching You by Dan

 — Admirer takes action. (non-consensual) by audiodiva10/12/114.43

Watching You in the Bath!

 — Watching you in the tub is such a turn on!! by SpanishManNWranglersI07/03/183.88

Watching You Last Night

 — The ultimate mutual masturbation session. by Xtacyincin10/20/094.56HOT

Watching You Watching Me

 — She knows you like to watch her cum. by SweetSam4210/22/144.49

Watching You, Watching Me

 — He loves to watch you touch yourself. by dylan_t12/29/093.97Contest Winner


 — Fucking under a waterfall. by Mirage08/06/144.26

Waves of Passion - Erotic Hypnotic

 — An erotic hypnotic story for women - bring erotica to life. by devlinwylde10/12/184.47

Way Down South

 — His first time in the south, you decided to be his guide. by SomeAussieGuy05/26/094.30

We Finally Meet

 — After communicating for a while, we decide to meet. by SpanishManNWranglersI04/27/174.36

We Join The Mile High Club

 — He makes your plane ride worthwhile. by MrWest199403/02/173.27

We Made a Baby

 — Sequel to "Teasing Me for A Baby". by InMyHands03/29/184.38

We Meet Again

 — After some time we meet again. by K_2303/15/184.18

We're Horny, Let's Fuck

 — We just need to fuck. by InMyHands09/06/184.46

Wearing Your Shirt

 — She’s wearing your favorite shirt, what are you gonna do? by PreciousLittlePet04/05/184.28

Wedding Party Fuck Toy

 — A lucky slut gets invited to a pre-wedding party. by LushinLace07/12/184.26

Weekend Fantasies

 — Sexy things for us to do this weekend. by sensualsecrets09/17/144.44

Welcome Home

 — A Fellatrix welcomes her military man home. by gimmie_your_load11/16/114.61HOT

Welcome Home, Daddy

 — Please, please come home, Daddy. I miss you. by Xyta_Midnyte04/06/174.00

Welcome to the House

 — Male courtesan introduces himself. by PulpWyatt09/27/183.89

Welcome to Whore Corner Vol. 01

 — Masturbation and a Meandering Minx's Mind. by funluvinaj04/27/174.66HOT


 — Post orgasm fucking. by ChickadeeLittle02/01/184.55HOT

Wet and Wanting Your Cum

 — I can't help but imagine playing with myself with your cum. by tarkustrooper12/31/143.80

Wet Play

 — I stroke hard and fast and wet for you. by jaymasters4503/16/174.47

Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma'am!

 — I want you, hard and fast. by OhSheBops03/09/184.58HOT

What a Way to Wake Up!

 — I sneak in and wake you up in a most satisfying way. by CosmicRhythm04/27/123.67

What are Slutty Friends For?

 — I help out my best friend by being a slut. by LushinLace02/02/194.42

What Do I Want From You?

 — I let you know exactly what I want from you. by toteaseandbeteased11/05/133.46

What Do You Want From Me, Boy?

 — Xyta prepares to take requests. by Xyta_Midnyte01/25/183.94

What Do You Want From Me, Girl?

 — I want to know what you like, girl. by Xyta_Midnyte01/25/183.79

What Have You Done to Me?

 — I need you here, because I can't cum if you're not. by tarkustrooper02/04/153.92

What Have You Done To Me?

 — Her new lover has taken her from good girl to Daddy's little slut. by HisSweetKitten09/08/164.39

What I Like

 — What I like and how to give it to me... by Bellatrixie01/17/123.91

What I Want

 — My morning thoughts of what I want to do to you. by redhotbothered04/10/134.32

What I Want

 — He tells you what he wants from you. by K-Kwik09/25/144.44

What I Want

 — Just what's on my mind by yblack501/03/194.82HOT

What is Coming to You

 — What happened after a long day at work. by cameramike11/02/104.06

What Once Was Innocent Ch. 07 Audio

 — Makayla's audio email to her daddy. by constanthardon05/17/074.21

What To Do for a Horny Girl

 — She shows you her cure for sexual frustration. by rydia5707/19/054.15

What To Do for a Horny Guy (Audio)

 — She relieves you after a long day of sexual frustration. by rydia5706/02/093.81

What Turns You On?

 — AJ talks about what gets her going... and then she goes! by funluvinaj10/20/164.81HOT

What's This

 — Rebekka moves from her apartment. by RebekkaBrown08/06/144.26

When I Hear You...

 — She pleasures herself after having you in her head all day. by wettmuse03/23/104.56HOT

When I Think of You

 — You make me so damn hot. by EZCollegeGrl10/27/164.62HOT

When Love Comes to Town: Audio Interpretation

 — A sweet and sexy anal first. by theravenfox06/29/104.32

Where Are My Keys?

 — A good fuck for my car keys by princebreed07/05/183.80

While It Was Raining...

 — You suck him whilst it rains outside. by Dr_Impervious03/24/093.98

While My Sister's Friend Is Asleep

 — My sister's friend sneaks into my bedroom. by jaymasters4502/09/173.96

While You're at the Bar

 — He imagines himself being there, at the bar, with you... by Daruk03/11/093.72

While Your Husband Is Away

 — I give you what your husband cannot. by jaymasters4505/25/173.92

Whimper For Me, Whimper With Me

 — Yes, whimpering encouragement is definitely a thing. by tarkustrooper04/27/164.03

Whispered Naughtiness

 — Whispered naughtiness... playtime builds gradually. by funluvinaj11/30/174.48

Whispering Moments 01

 — A moment of relaxation and warmth for women. by MrWhisper12/22/093.50

Whispering Moments 02: Wake-Up Call

 — He helps you open yourself to a new day. by MrWhisper01/12/104.15

Whispering Moments 03: Mutual Shivers

 — He's alone and thinking about you. by MrWhisper01/19/104.24

Whispering Moments 04: The Meeting

 — Prepare yourself for a special meeting. by MrWhisper06/16/103.78


 — Let him whisper to your innermost desires. by yblack503/09/174.73HOT

Whispers in the Dark

 — Shhhh...we have to be quiet... by Mirage09/14/174.62HOT

White Magnum Icelolly

 — Pretending to be strangers leads to the unexpected. by KingsWoman07/02/134.59HOT

White Older Man, Young Black Female

 — What could go wrong? by chocoate12311/20/133.19

Who's Your Nasty Fuck Girl

 — You've heard about my type... by theangeloftemptation09/01/174.28

Why, Why, Why?

 — Why do I do this, pets? Mmm . . . I'll tell you. by Xyta_Midnyte02/15/194.30

Wicked Thoughts

 — Distracted from my workout by wicked fantasies. by Drexia09/14/174.41

Wife Cums Hard

 — A subtle but sexy audio: couple's intimate moments. by sdcouple0310/23/082.58

Wife Cums Hard Imagining You

 — Wife has amazing orgasm thinking of you. by Hotwifeforyou08/11/164.55HOT

Wife Shares a Story

 — Wife describes her night with another man. by audiodiva05/11/114.18

Wife's Birthday Gift by Texasace

 — Wife has a three-some with her husband and his friend by audiodiva06/28/114.56HOT

Wife's Oral Gym Adventure

 — Chinese wife audio to hubby about her oral gym adventure. by wideyes10/25/183.07

Wiggle It

 — She cums with her neighbor watching. by Erotica_Writings09/06/043.89

Wild in the Wild

 — A break from a roadtrip leads these girls to temptation. by theravenfox07/13/104.42

Wild Masturbation Play

 — AJ Encourages you to Open your Mind. by funluvinaj04/28/164.61HOT

Will You Make Love To Me?

 — A sensual question for you to ponder. by sensualsharon07/13/104.28


 — Warming up with you is worth the chill. by WarmMilk05/04/104.50HOT

Wishing for a Gift

 — Vix has a present she wants. by TheVixen10/22/144.06

With Me

 — She's been thinking about how you intrigue & arouse her. by Girl_Grace01/12/10

Wolf Eats Red

 — Lunch is served... by redhotbothered09/17/144.08

Wolf in the Wood

 — You find a Wolf. And he finds you. by InMyHands05/24/184.49

Woman Power

 — Stay still, but keep your dick hard. by wideyes06/29/173.00

Women Do It Too

 — Yes boys... women masturbate too. by LushinLace01/11/184.43

Work Bathroom JOI

 — I guide you to get off in the bathroom at work. by jedimindtrik09/17/143.00

Working Late

 — Your boss tempts you into her office... by litjosie02/02/104.49

Working Lunch

 — Your office? Of course, Sir. Whatever you say . . . for now. by Xyta_Midnyte06/01/173.71

Worshiping Your Balls

 — They make my mouth water just thinking about it. by theangeloftemptation02/08/184.59HOT

Would You?

 — Think of the delicious ways a mouth can tease... by justjohn101310/12/103.82


 — Letter to friend about date (now with audio). by mollyisme205/24/054.47

Wrecked Pt. 01

 — A man finds his dream girl in a car wreck. by cbsummers04/18/123.72

Wrecked Pt. 02

 — Broken arms won't keep The Dog away from his dreamgirl! by cbsummers04/18/124.28


 — Oral Fantasy and instructions. by TheGreyKnight12/23/154.08

Written Desires

 — Who knew that I would have the best sex of my life with you? by RedMoon8611/10/09

WSEX Sex Talk with Eve: A Radio JOI

 — Cum with your host Eve! WSEX - Your Station for Masturbation. by Eves_Garden06/17/164.61HOT

X Marks The Spot

 — Adventure! Treasure! Pirates?! by Mirage11/30/174.43

Xyta Challenges #1 — 100-1

 — Edging from 100-1. Can I make it? Let's find out... by Xyta_Midnyte07/03/184.67HOT

Xyta Notes 01: 'A Date Turned Sour'

 — A moment off-script to discuss a past audio. by Xyta_Midnyte03/09/184.56

Xyta vs Xyta: Xyta's Revenge

 — Good Xyta shows Bad Xyta what she's been missing by Xyta_Midnyte02/22/184.65HOT

Xyta vs. Xyta

 — Two sides of Xyta Midnyte 'discuss' pleasure giving methods. (m/f voice) by Xyta_Midnyte04/27/174.56HOT

Yes Sir, Daddy

 — AJ is a submissive good girl taking what she deserves. by funluvinaj10/08/154.41

Yes, I Will...

 — Just a few thoughts about why I can't quit your cock. by PepperMenthe01/19/114.36

Yin Yang Initiation

 — Black masculine white feminine in a club. by black_stallion66605/10/182.92


 — You just left, and here are all the reasons that I miss you! by Nippie110/20/164.53HOT

You And I Finally Meet

 — No longer able to deny our desire, you and I decide to meet. by jaymasters4511/09/174.49

You are Entranced

 — He just wants you to relax - and come too. by anenglishmanabroad12/05/124.48

You are Intoxicating

 — You give yourself to him absolutely . by anenglishmanabroad02/01/134.09

You are the Poker Night Waitress

 — You are the entertainment for the boys and I on poker night. by Smooth201410/22/143.78

You Belong to Me Now

 — Look who's finally waking up. by AuralHoney09/07/174.20

You Dare Me? Oh That's So Sexy!

 — A chat room dare leads him to a chair and a sexy ride. by nessus_hsc05/07/153.00

You Deserve This

 — Let me help you forget all your nighttime worries. by LushinLace10/25/184.24

You Don't Own Me

 — There was a name you called me... by howwonderfullifeis06/22/173.65

You Fucking Nasty Bitch

 — Listen in as he dominates her - and she loves it. by LittleMissMami04/10/133.99

You Hear Her Fantasy Before He Does

 — Her recording made him hot; she wants to make him hotter. by SoMuchIntrigue05/20/144.31

You Hid My Sex Toys!

 — You think I'll be a good girl because you hid my sex toys? by LushinLace03/22/184.50HOT

You Keep Coming Back

 — You keep coming back to my fantasy. by ThatLuca12/03/134.00

You Make Daddy Throb So Hard...

 — Just fantasizing about you on your knees, begging for me. by tarkustrooper09/22/164.55HOT

You Make My Pussy Tingle

 — Panty Stuffing & Dirty Talk. by theangeloftemptation02/22/184.37

You Should Not Have Stayed

 — You're working late. Unknown to you, I am here... by Masters_in_your_mind04/20/173.72

You Tease

 — This was my first audio and I'm bringing it back by Oknaw08/15/124.48

You Want to Buy Me a Drink?

 — After a short explanation of BDSM, experimenting with it. by alil2kinky09/07/174.11

You Wanted To Hear Me

 — Listen as I masturbate thinking about you. by pinkpepper12/12/123.72

You Woke Me Up

 — And I was powerless to stop you. by CockStrong07/16/153.78

You're a Wicked Woman

 — A wicked woman tempts him from the shower to the bed. by dylan_t01/19/104.49

You're Always There

 — He just cannot get you out of his mind. by anenglishmanabroad06/04/134.30

You're Guilty

 — EZ catches you... by EZCollegeGrl09/15/164.46

You're in So Much Trouble!

 — You've been a tease all day...and now you're gonna get it! by tarkustrooper09/25/143.53

You're My Fantasy

 — I want to be filthy for you. by theangeloftemptation08/16/184.42

You're My Goddess

 — Tonight I will worship every curve of your beautiful body. by theangeloftemptation09/01/173.89

You're Welcome

 — Always say thank you when Daddy takes care of you. by princebreed10/24/184.54HOT

You've Been Waiting For Me

 — I come home after you've been waiting for me all day. by nerobixx09/17/143.73

You, Me and Wifey

 — I fuck your wife then pound you in the ass. by RoyalBrain06/14/184.47

You, Me and Your Favourite Toy

 — Use your toy as if it were me. by DickyUK09/15/154.57HOT

Young Dream's Bubble Bath

 — She enjoys hot bath with taboo fantasy. by Young_Dream0407/28/033.70

Your Boyfriend is an Idiot

 — He didn't appreciate you, so now you belong to daddy. by princebreed11/23/174.42

Your Cock Fetish

 — He masturbates whilst exploring your Fetish for Cock. by BoyfromEngland06/06/074.48

Your Cock Makes Her Wet

 — She can't stop thinking about you. by yourcockismine12/23/084.26

Your Good Girl

 — Sexy AJ is at it again. by funluvinaj11/23/104.31

Your Honeyed Cock Slut

 — Layered binaural desperate cock worship. by AuralHoney08/16/184.50HOT

Your Kiss

 — A kiss from an old friend changed everything. by AffairOfTheArt11/24/164.26

Your Naughty Girl

 — She wants to show you just how filthy she can be. by SweetSam4205/07/144.42

Your Naughty Little Girl

 — EZ is a naughty bitch. by EZCollegeGrl07/21/164.37

Your Night for Pleasure

 — He takes care of you in every way. by hidden_shadow09/01/103.80

Your Office Pussyboy

 — His boss wants him in her office - right now. by Legman UK06/21/053.66

Your Playtime

 — Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure. by AManCalledX03/21/133.50

Your Playtime Ch. 02

 — Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure. by AManCalledX04/02/133.58

Your Playtime Ch. 03

 — Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure. by AManCalledX09/03/134.23

Your Pretty Little Cum Dump

 — Quick fuck on the train. by ButterflyPea07/13/173.94

Your Rough Day

 — Following a terrible day at work I aim to help you relax. by DarkHungers06/06/144.52HOT

Your Secret Desire

 — You wake up to a surprise. I know what you've been watching. by aslygrin04/27/124.38

Your Side Slut Needs Your Cock

 — You're with her, listening to me. by theangeloftemptation11/09/173.95

Your Sweet Girl

 — Let her take care of your needs. by SweetSam4205/20/144.26

Your Treat

 — Something Sweet. by EZCollegeGrl07/28/164.53HOT

Your Turn

 — I distract you and please you and hope it will be your turn by victoriawhita07/10/064.56HOT

Your Wetness = My Currency.

 — Enriched by your womanly cream xx by BoyfromEngland10/06/164.74HOT

Yummy 40

 — He brings hot lady friend home for his wife. by nylons2407/07/032.37

Zen Love Everlasting

 — Enlightened romance on Valentine's Day. by theravenfox02/01/114.41

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