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"Call of Booty"

 — EZ is a gamer babe and likes to fuck after she wins! by EZCollegeGrl07/08/164.05

"Cock Tease" Has Another Meaning...

 — It's time for him to show you how bad of a tease he can be. by Endless_Roads09/04/154.61HOT

"Fuck Me, Melissa!"

 — Listen to her get off on what she wants to hear. by tarkustrooper08/29/143.74

(Es)corting Mischief

 — First day as an escort and Xyta's feeling nervous . . . by Xyta_Midnyte01/18/183.98

100 Spanks

 — That spanking was long overdue. by NerdyTalk08/03/173.98

100 Spanks Pt. 02

 — My 100 spanks challenge taken to a whole different level... by NerdyTalk11/16/174.52HOT

100-0 Orgasm Challenge for Women

 — I'm starting at 100 and cumming at 0, join me. by nerobixx08/29/143.44

18-year-old Masturbating

 — I record my masturbating session. by alittlekitten1804/12/124.03

27 Steps Pt. 01

 — She is under his control, but can she control herself? by Rikki_1311/24/094.21

34 Seconds

 — Quiet 34 Second Countdown. by sleepy3404/03/152.15

69 Bliss

 — He describes a fabulous experience of mutually blisssful oral sex. by michelangelo10011/03/093.38

90 Day Probation

 — New Start why not play the part. by yblack510/20/173.62

A "Lush in Lace" New Year's Eve

 — The perfect 'Lush in Lace' New Year's Eve. by LushinLace01/10/194.24

A Big Cuddly Sugar Daddy

 — Let me take care of you my special good girl. by BoyfromEngland09/17/144.35

A Big Sticky Mess.

 — He tells you what a girl needs to do to get a big sticky mess. by vonstalhine02/03/163.85

A Birthday Present

 — Kay gives Kurt what he wants for his birthday. by KR11/13/054.16

A Blowjob Because You Need It

 — Stereo recording, headphones recommended. by Eves_Garden07/03/184.54HOT

A Brand New Girl

 — From Man to Slut -- A Process of Feminization. by Princess_April04/26/16

A Call In The Dark

 — Woman alone on stormy night calls for sex. by Erotica_Writings06/28/043.90

A Christening

 — A quick attraction leads to an exciting finish. by yourcockismine05/15/134.34

A Cock Sucking Fantasy

 — What would you have me do when all I want is to suck on you? by Galatae01/24/194.65HOT

A Comfy Warm Dressing Gown

 — Morning love making on the recliner. by BoyfromEngland08/20/143.86

A Conversation

 — There seems to be a question as to who is really in charge. by OhSoWitchy11/08/184.37

A Cum-petition Between Friends

 — So, who is the sluttiest of them all? (2 voices m/f) by tarkustrooper10/06/163.76

A Cure for Nail-Biting

 — A unique cure for a bad habit. by zenmackie02/12/084.38

A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)

 — I wanted to save the forest. Now who will save me? by theravenfox04/02/134.47

A Date Turned Sour

 — Please stop . . . you're hurting me . . . by Xyta_Midnyte12/07/173.99

A Day at the Expo

 — Corporate events can be challenging in more ways than one. by BoyfromEngland12/03/143.92

A Day in the Woods Audio

 — A dawn tryst gives Margarete more than she bargained for. by golden smog08/27/154.33

A Desperate Horny Fool Such as I

 — Getting primal and growly as I get off over and over for you by tarkustrooper06/23/164.10

A Dinner Date

 — Taking my girl out for a sexy dinner date. by SomeAussieGuy11/30/114.22

A F*ck For a Shy, Submissive Girl

 — He tells of how a shy girl submits herself. by GigoloGreg01/03/193.75

A Fairy Tale

 — A fairy tale, or was it her nightmare? by Erotica_Writings06/14/043.05

A Fantasy Fuck

 — I get caught up in a sexy daydream. by RoyalBrain03/09/184.32

A Female Panty Perv

 — He caught you sniffing his boxers & playing with his shave brush. by BoyfromEngland10/08/144.10

A Follow Up

 — Thank you for being patient. by dressedinblackagain01/28/144.10

A Frantic Fuck

 — ... against his bedroom wall. by BoyfromEngland10/08/144.21

A Friend in Need

 — Inexperienced young woman asks her male friend to teach her. by HankMillerAudios04/04/194.63HOT

A Fuck For the Road

 — A quick car fuck - British accent! by Eves_Garden05/07/154.36

A Game of Dice

 — Happy Valentine's Day, honey... by MaryBellows197902/15/193.85

A Gif(t) – to Cure Grumpiness

 — Making the most of Michael's mini fantasy. by KingsWoman12/17/134.32

A Gift for Angel

 — My first audio, inspired by angeloftemptation. by feelmydesire11/05/133.34

A Glorious Morning

 — Wife gets an early morning surprise. by dirtyjoe6907/24/063.63

A Good Morning

 — A good morning, made better. by Dashofdifferent08/23/184.27

A Halloween Romance

 — A young woman goes to a masquerade ball and finds romance. by sensualsharon10/01/103.99

A Helping Hand - Swim Coach 01

 — Female coach helps out a student with a ‘long hard’ problem. by LushinLace05/18/174.46

A Helping Hand - Swim Coach 02: The Confession

 — Confessing the real reason I got home late.... by LushinLace05/18/174.58HOT

A Helping Hand - Swim Coach 08: Ace in the Hole

 — Coach finds herself 'helping' the boys at a Vegas Glory Hole. by LushinLace08/17/174.55HOT

A Holiday Induction

 — A companion audio to "Christmas for Cyber Slaves". by masterhypnotist12/09/033.32

A Hot Summer Night

 — A hot night and a cooling fan make things even hotter. by TxRad08/21/144.45

A is for ANAL

 — Erotic Alphabet. by AnnaSpeaks12/07/183.77

A JOI for Good Girls by MD_Alan

 — JOI for Good Girls who follow orders well. by MD_Alan04/05/183.81

A Library Tryst Pt. 01

 — I find more than a few old books. by RedMoon8601/26/10

A Library Tryst Pt. 02

 — I find more than a few old books... by RedMoon8601/26/10

A Lily Alone

 — She steals a moment alone for self-pleasure. by picturesoflily12/22/093.99

A Little Appreciation

 — Your little girl says thank you in her special way. by BunnyTail06/15/174.13

A Little Fun

 — Some quick fun. by luckygirl1812/12/12

A Little JOI

 — Relaxing JOI/ mutual masturbation for men by EZCollegeGrl09/28/174.18

A Little Less Sentimental...

 — Get on top, and cum on my body. Simple as that. by tarkustrooper12/09/163.78

A Little More

 — He eats her pussy some more. by luckygirl1809/27/12

A Little Quickie

 — Sexy voyeur audio; listen in on a hot couple. by sdcouple0309/29/092.61

A Little Shy - Skype Sex

 — A Skype call with a new friend. by ThatOneBloke01/18/183.06

A Little Something Different Pt. 01

 — You want to use handcuffs, darling? Um . . . very well. by Xyta_Midnyte05/03/183.97

A Little Something Different Pt. 02

 — Oh, oh! Is that urine? Ha, women don't ejaculate! Do they? by Xyta_Midnyte05/10/184.14

A Long Time Coming

 — Been a while... by wettmuse02/14/144.53HOT

A Love for Every Creature

 — A short story of falling in love, magically. by Bethyboo10/10/134.46

A Loving Sister

 — My sister left her husband and found comfort in me. by GigoloGreg12/07/183.66

A Loving Whisper to Help You Sleep

 — Just drift off to sleep in his arms, in his bed, in his heart... by BoyfromEngland10/08/144.63HOT

A Magic Garden

 — Complete hypnotic induction with a sensual fantasy. by masterhypnotist09/28/04

A Makeshift Vibrator Thingy

 — A humble hair trimmer can be used for much much more. by BoyfromEngland10/08/144.08

A Man with His Fleshlight

 — A Solo Male audio. by dischargeqwerty12/19/143.24

A Massage

 — A long soft sweet goodnight massage. by SomeAussieGuy12/01/094.42

A Masturbation Session with Ginger

 — Touch yourself for me. Let's have some fun. by GingerStClair05/11/10

A Meeting at the Club

 — A night on the town goes horribly wrong. by Cinner05/08/124.04

A Message From Daddy's Princess

 — Princess helps daddy find pleasure. by twistedwench07/26/184.43

A Message to Come Home Soon

 — He listens to your hot message. by cameramike04/12/112.80

A Midnight Tryst in My Bedroom

 — Explore my body, lover, while I explore yours. by GingerStClair06/16/10

A Missive in Ecstasy

 — She never passes up an opportunity for pleasure. by wettmuse03/29/114.56HOT

A Moment with You

 — Spare moment of your time for a lonely little girl. by WarmMilk11/24/094.56HOT

A Mouthful of Me

 — Listen to the sweet sounds of her sucking. by ATrain102408/10/103.12

A Naughty Christmas Wish

 — She's taken away on a special holiday vacation. by sweet_p102411/24/093.42

A Naughty EW

 — EW tempts her neighbor swimming nude. by Erotica_Writings05/10/043.92

A Night at My Parent's House

 — Do you really plan to tie me down and tease without mercy? by Xyta_Midnyte09/07/173.90

A Night at the Club

 — Story of an intense and painful scene. by glad_girl10/08/153.77

A Night To Remember

 — Tonight, I do things I never thought I'd do - and love it! by LushinLace05/09/194.65HOT

A Night With Erotica

 — Tenant does more than pay his rent. by Whispering_Wolf5706/14/043.54

A Night with Master

 — My first attempt at this type of story. by Desire_Girl09/22/15

A Nocturnal Affair

 — It's 3am. Will you leave his bed and knock on my door? by British Filth04/23/144.56HOT

A Parting Gift

 — Something to remember while I'm away. by Surfer_Rod09/14/114.56HOT

A Pearl in Silk Sheets

 — For Michael. by KingsWoman06/04/134.24

A Perfect Day for a Cock

 — Harry's strange - that's it & not a lot more can be said. by MungoParkIII12/03/072.44

A Personal Touch

 — A blowjob while your in stockings. by southernDraw07/02/13

A Place Called Space

 — Captain Marshall needs a woman. by PussyKat8803/13/124.05

A Quick Blowjob

 — After a long day you just take my pants off and blow me. by southernDraw07/02/13

A Quick First Audio

 — Listen to me play over Thanksgiving Break. by dancingbabydoll12/17/134.31

A Quick Fuck

 — He pleads for a quick fuck in Stereo! by Dr_Impervious01/23/094.51HOT

A Quick Fuck, with Rubberpussy

 — Young man wants to do his girl from behind. by veryhardboy04/07/093.04

A Quick Suck and Fuck

 — Shut up! and take care of Daddy. by princebreed07/05/184.20

A Quicky Before Work

 — A quick orgasm before work. by ThatLuca12/17/133.84

A Quiet Good Morning

 — We have guests, so we have to be quiet. by Endless_Roads08/17/174.43

A Rainy Evening In

 — We have some quiet fun on a rainy evening in. by marlama07/08/153.98

A Satisfied Slut

 — AJ calls for help after edging. What's she made to do? by funluvinaj02/16/174.55HOT

A Satyr Story - Audio Version

 — I'm bound in a sunny meadow by several naughty satyrs... by LilRoseDoll01/04/184.30

A Sensual Suck in Stereo

 — Feel like I'm right there between your legs... by Eves_Garden09/14/174.38

A Shower Before Bedtime

 — Home alone and needing to relax. by steves_mom12/24/143.76

A Sinful Encounter

 — Older woman finds great sex with younger man. by MsGinger7712/09/093.99

A Sirens Love

 — Do not step onto the shore - I beg of you. by Panthera_Amur04/25/194.39

A Slut For My Sister's Husband

 — Being a Slut for My Sister's Husband. by LushinLace09/13/184.23

A Slut's Punishment

 — She follows through with her punishment. by nicnak12/27/114.05

A Spanking Session

 — Swedish Dom gives sexy Waita a spanking. by Mighty Eagle07/07/093.55

A Special Day

 — He takes her shopping for a special gift. by soulchump06/01/034.19

A Special Massage

 — I call upon you for a special treatment. by RoyalBrain03/01/184.54HOT

A Special Valentine Cherry -Lesbian

 — Best friends find a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day. by theravenfox02/05/134.56HOT

A Stay at Home Sex Slave

 — Well...11 minutes and a bit to be honest... (male audio) by BoyfromEngland10/08/144.21

A Stranger on a Train

 — You meet a man on a train. by GigoloGreg11/08/183.97

A Stranger on An Island

 — You meet a man on an island. by GigoloGreg12/07/183.92

A Stroll Down the Beach

 — On Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica. by Cinner07/02/133.60

A submissive Blowjob

 — A narration of a sub sucking her Master's cock. by ancilla0909/15/093.01

A Summer Afternoon

 — She wakes him in the most pleasant of ways. by SexyChele03/11/034.24

A Surprise

 — While in a hotel he receives an email surprise from his wife. by MungoParkIII12/28/073.58

A Surprise For You

 — Come home soon.... by Surfer_Rod05/24/124.53HOT

A Tale of Forbidden Love Pt. 01

 — Dramatic audio of a timeless tale of mother/son romance. by mejau7109/09/103.97

A Tale of Forbidden Love Pt. 02

 — Dramatic audio of a timeless tale of mother/son romance. by mejau7109/28/104.15

A Tale of Forbidden Love Pt. 03

 — Dramatic audio of a timeless tale of mother/son romance. by mejau7104/05/114.51HOT

A Tale of Forbidden Love Pt. 04

 — Dramatic audio of a timeless tale of mother/son romance. by mejau7112/03/134.30

A Tale of the Late-Shift Librarian

 — Things get hot after hours at the local library. by GingerStClair05/11/10HOT

A Tantric Hypnotic Story

 — A Hypnotic Tantric story of Intense desire. by devlinwylde05/03/184.47

A Taste of Eden

 — Recollecting our first meeting. by whisperingkisses06/28/114.04

A Teacher's Little Adventure

 — Teacher receives an invite from a secret admirer. by Sneaky7701/29/13

A Teasing Session

 — I come to sit on your face while you're in chastity. by RoyalBrain02/02/194.64HOT

A Trip to the Dentist

 — A young woman gets more than a cleaning at the dentists. by sensualsharon06/08/104.26

A Trip To The Doctor

 — A woman gets a very unexpected sort of exam at the doctors. by sensualsharon07/14/164.21

A Trip to The Movies

 — A cougar takes her hot cub boyfriend to the movies. by sensualsharon09/03/134.38

A Truly Memorable Memorial Day

 — Quick trip with the tutor takes an unexpected turn. by justjohn101306/01/114.49

A Very Special Message

 — A very special message for a very special lady. by quietlyconfidentgent10/28/153.67

A Virgin Likes to Watch

 — Some guided masturbation for you hungry men. ;) by Miss_Delicious2407/23/134.08

A Visit From Head Office...

 — For some office head... by Eves_Garden10/22/144.47

A Visit to Your Office

 — Things get rough when a naughty sub visits her dom at work. by Drexia12/22/164.45

A Visit with Father Hudson Ch. 01

 — A romp in the rectory! by mastersvoice05/16/194.89HOT

A Waking Dream

 — I wake up from an erotic the reality of you. by Nippie111/03/163.50

A Walk in the Park

 — Jenny meets a dirty old man, a flasher and ... Karen. by KingsWoman08/20/144.37

A Wet Spiral TWB

 — Basic Submissive Induction for women. by craigool11/09/173.43

A Woman's Touch

 — A fantasy about my first time with a woman. by ultrachic02/13/134.23

Aah! Aah!

 — She orgasms, hard and loud. by Qui_Qui09/18/103.67

Abercrombie and Fuck

 — A trip to a clothing store ends in a valuable reward. by theravenfox10/27/094.37

About a Girl

 — First time, bi-curious, middle-aged women. by Bellatrixie10/09/124.15

Acts of Affection

 — A Stroke, Squeeze, Kiss and a Cuddle. by BoyfromEngland05/08/154.51HOT

Acts of Submission

 — she dreams of His big hard cock. by carne_dulce03/23/104.01

Adam and His Ex

 — Adam tells you how he fucked his ex girlfriend. by adamcraves108/15/054.38

Adam Craves a Quickie

 — He's only got a moment. Want to get off with him? by adamcraves105/11/114.24

Adam Craves Anal

 — Adam tells you how he'll fuck your ass. by adamcraves108/15/053.89

Addiction Pt. 01

 — Hypnosis: Anal Addiction, Training, The Anal Slut Challenge. by Sandman_Nightmares07/21/174.37

Addiction Pt. 02

 — Hypnosis: Addicted to Daddy’s tongue by Sandman_Nightmares07/26/184.10

Addiction Pt. 03

 — Prep for Addiction Pt. 04, "Acquired Tastes" by Sandman_Nightmares05/16/194.86HOT

Addiction Pt. 04

 — Hypnosis: Acquired Taste - Forced Cum Slut Training. by Sandman_Nightmares05/23/194.86NEW

Adriano's Corruption

 — Another ball, another innocent added to the flock. by theravenfox10/23/154.52HOTContest Winner

Adriano's Creation

 — On Halloween, she is changed against her will. by theravenfox10/20/104.44

Advanced Induction for Sex Slaves

 — Intense induction for women who crave submission. by masterhypnotist03/02/042.71

Advanced Induction For Women

 — A longer, stronger, more erotic induction. by masterhypnotist12/02/033.20

Adventure Racing

 — A romantic story about an adventure in the Amazon. by SomeAussieGuy12/01/094.27

After a Long Day at the Office

 — I come home after a long day at the office. by SpanishManNWranglersI06/01/174.23

After Effects of Face Down

 — ...still wet and wanting more. by Prcious108/17/17

After Midnight: Cock and Balls

 — Thinking about you from my cock and balls' perspective. by BoyfromEngland08/06/144.09

After Midnight: Cock Worship

 — Let Master teach his special good girl... by BoyfromEngland08/06/144.61HOT

After Midnight: Doctor and Patient

 — Be a good patient and let Doctor inspect your body. by BoyfromEngland08/06/143.85

After Midnight: Sleeping Beauty

 — Are you really asleep though? by BoyfromEngland07/30/144.41

After Midnight: Your (Human) Chair

 — Sit back in me and let me make you comfortable... by BoyfromEngland08/06/144.29

After Our Date

 — I take you back to my place. by theangeloftemptation06/07/184.47

After The Beep . . .

 — A little message for you. by Xyta_Midnyte09/07/174.28

After The Game

 — He helps her after she's injured playing sports. by SomeAussieGuy12/01/094.27

After the Party

 — Man meets woman, man pleasures woman. by justjohn101303/14/114.35

After the Show

 — Putting on a public show. by InMyHands01/03/194.33

After the Spanking

 — Female submissive worships cock. by audiodiva06/01/114.36

After The Storm

 — She waits for her lover as a storm rages outside. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/22/034.31


 — What you need after an intense playtime. by Mirage07/05/184.53HOT

Aftercare 01

 — Soothing my good girl. by InMyHands08/23/184.27

Aftercare 02

 — Feel the afterglow. by InMyHands03/14/194.27

Afternoon Delight

 — She finds a lazy afternoon is the perfect time for private fun. by tickled_pink_6911/12/084.01

Afternoon Delight

 — Pleasuring myself... by SubmissiveSiren2610/02/154.56HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — Sometimes you just need an orgasm... by Tempest_Wolfsong01/24/194.36

Afternoon Fun

 — Listen in as she spends quality time alone. by DirtyCaliGirly11/20/122.00

Afternoon Fun

 — Having some fun in the afternoon with you. by jedimindtrik07/15/143.67

Afternoon Nap

 — Hot afternoon day with the fan blowing over my naked body. by Prcious108/03/17

Afternoon Quickie

 — Just a quickie. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/25/194.17

Against My Will

 — There's someone waiting for me to close the store... by Pinkpeony10106/26/124.15

Against My Will No Longer

 — The stranger returns, and has additional requirements. by Pinkpeony10111/20/134.28

Aim to Please

 — She tells a tale of masturbation and domination. by nicnak11/30/114.40

Ain't Misbehaving

 — Naughty girl steps out of line and gets what she deserves. by Louboutins04/23/144.53HOT

Ain't Too Proud to Beg

 — She wants you to fuck her, and she makes it LOUD and clear. by tarkustrooper09/25/144.02


 — Wife gets made airtight by husband and two friends. by Louboutins03/21/134.47

AJ Can't Wait

 — AJ's phone fun - she just has to cum. by funluvinaj01/12/114.46

AJ Counts Down

 — A 100-1 turns into orgasmic rambling. by funluvinaj12/19/144.40

AJ Crosses a Boundary

 — AJ discovers her nephew isn't away at school as planned. by funluvinaj10/10/134.59HOT

AJ Discovers Girlie Loving

 — AJ tells her tale of a sexy FFM and her first bi experience. by funluvinaj12/07/104.47

AJ Fantasizes About Her Lover

 — I share memories and desires and explode multiple times. by funluvinaj10/08/144.52HOT

AJ Gets Caught

 — AJ's porn viewing gets interrupted. by funluvinaj02/16/174.36

AJ Gives Pegging a Go

 — Older woman has her way with younger guy... yum! by funluvinaj03/02/174.59HOT

AJ Meets a Crush

 — AJ fantasizes about meeting a Lit crush. by funluvinaj01/12/114.42

AJ on the Edge

 — I go over the edge... eventually. by funluvinaj11/05/134.55HOT

AJ Plays with You... Girl Style

 — Girl on girl playtime with some guided instruction. by funluvinaj09/03/134.11

AJ Submits to Her Wolf

 — Being with a dominant man was freeing & fucking sexy. (2 voices M/F) by funluvinaj05/25/15

AJ Wakes Up with You

 — Waking up with you... the fun way. by funluvinaj08/15/134.49

AJ Wants You to Cum

 — Won't you play along? by funluvinaj02/08/114.33

AJ Worships Your Cock

 — AJ talks about her obsession with fellatio. by funluvinaj12/01/164.46

AJ's a Dirty Little Phone Slut

 — Being a naughty girl. by funluvinaj12/02/144.47

AJ's Adventure

 — AJ explores a new fantasy out at a club. by funluvinaj08/07/134.59HOT

AJ's Caught at Work

 — Naughty at work girl is finally caught! What will she do? by funluvinaj12/22/104.48

AJ's Desires & Needs Pt. 01

 — A rambling account of my sexual experiences and fantasies... by funluvinaj12/03/144.43

AJ's Dressing Room Adventure

 — AJ and her girlfriend fully utilize the dressing room. by funluvinaj02/22/114.30

AJ's Fantasy

 — AJ meets an online friend for some mutual "fun". by funluvinaj12/15/104.51HOT

AJ's Four AM Shenanigans

 — After watching porn AJ must play!! by funluvinaj07/21/164.64HOT

AJ's Late for Work

 — Before work, she desperately needs to play. by funluvinaj11/16/104.37

AJ's Masturbation Moans

 — Teasing myself with toys, memories, and my imagination. by funluvinaj02/25/154.27

AJ's Playtime Fun

 — I'm so fucking horny - edging & porn leads to hot playtime! by funluvinaj11/05/144.52HOT

AJ's Your Dirty Little Fucktoy

 — Have you ever imagined using her in any way you please? by funluvinaj02/25/154.34Contest Winner

All Aboard!

 — Happy One Year Anniversary to ME!!! by LushinLace04/19/184.62HOT

All Alone

 — She makes him an extra-long sexy audio. by NewMexicoCpl11/04/082.64

All Five Coins

 — Five coins catalyze a hot evening of dominance & submission. by KR12/27/064.55HOT

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis TWB

 — Basic Submissive Induction for women. by craigool11/09/174.27

All I Want is More

 — The last recording I did for someone special. by sleepy3406/29/154.06

All Riled Up

 — Just another AJ edging and masturbation session. by funluvinaj02/24/174.78HOT

All That Jazz - First Time

 — She came to her for lessons in music and learned how to love by theravenfox07/10/134.59HOT

Allowed to Cum

 — Listen in as a lucky girl is given permission to orgasm. by luckyxlindy11/01/114.13

Alluring Rough Hard Penetrative Sex

 — You wanted it rough... by BoyfromEngland06/19/144.28


 — She's home alone - and horny. by blackdawn21308/02/112.74

Alone in My Hotel Thinking of You

 — He's all alone with you on his mind. by aslygrin06/26/124.02

Amazing Pussy

 — She loves the sound of me emptying into her tight wet pussy. (2 voices) by neno1306/26/123.28

An Aid to Female Masturbation

 — He guides you to a (hopefully) fantastic and relaxing orgasm. by pjd10307/07/172.52

An Audio Love Letter to Lit

 — Alone time leads to a Literotica audio inspired fantasy! by Tempest_Wolfsong02/02/194.59HOT

An Early Morning Public Orgasm

 — Ending to Master's 24 Hr Training. by ditto7911/20/13

An English Master and Two Slaves

 — Bound and helpless, she watches Sir fuck another woman. (male voice) by Venture158806/17/164.19

An Erotic Induction

 — Masterhypnotist does a sample induction. by masterhypnotist04/01/033.34

An Erotic Induction for Couples

 — A hypnotic induction for couples (MF, FF, or MM). by masterhypnotist09/14/032.46

An Erotic Opera

 — A couple have a little too much fun at the opera. by ancilla0909/22/094.05

An Evening of Bi Fun and Games

 — Friends come for game night and boundaries are explored. by BiGuyIowa03/14/194.59HOT

An Induction for a Female Sex Slave

 — For women who want to feel like a sex slave. by masterhypnotist11/18/033.30

An Induction for Couples Plus

 — Induction for couples wishing to improve their sex. by masterhypnotist12/15/032.91

An Induction for Stephanie

 — A personalized induction for Stephanie. by masterhypnotist08/18/033.23

An Intimate "A" Affair

 — A sexy intimate recording just for you...with some anal play. by quietlyconfidentgent04/27/174.57HOT

An Introduction

 — A hello and an orgasm. by SophiesBoss03/30/174.62HOT

An Introduction to faunaDoll

 — She wants to be your interactive sex doll. by faunaDoll12/15/104.34

An Older Man to Own

 — What I wouldn't do to get my hands on an older man... by tarkustrooper08/28/154.35

An Unexpected Massage

 — Her massage goes further than she expected. by hornyhandyman06/28/114.17

An Unexpected Meeting

 — Kitten has an unexpected meeting in an expat bar. by HisSweetKitten09/08/164.43

An Unexpected Reaction

 — A very Primal reaction to audios by another lit author. by Tempest_Wolfsong05/02/194.59HOT

Ana Has Other Plans

 — Spontaneity at its finest. by xxxanaxxx10/22/144.12

Anal Makes Me Feral

 — There is something about anal that drives me wild. by AuralHoney04/13/174.07

And Then We Met

 — After months of phone fucking, you finally meet. by LoreLai03/26/074.59HOT

Angel Admitting Her Cum Addiction

 — It's all I think about. by theangeloftemptation08/24/174.47

Anger Management

 — How she deals with my anger. by Dracona10/20/104.08

Angry Quickie

 — She hates you, but loves your cock. by EZCollegeGrl07/08/164.29

Angry Sex

 — Sometimes the only way to resolve a fight is with sex. by Mirage06/20/124.43

Animalistic Passion

 — I am consumed by my passion. by funluvinaj03/04/154.49

Anne: "Don't Be So Shy"

 — She shared her secret with me and I showed her she was wrong. by RichardHardy02/09/123.68


 — Yet another one. by pure_imagination02/23/124.44

Another New Voicemail

 — I can't stand being apart from you... by Surfer_Rod07/04/124.50HOT

Another Place

 — Reflections of an aching heart. by simply_cyn08/03/043.85

Another Thing Cumming

 — He's got another thing cumming on a Hot Summer Night. by theravenfox09/01/103.95


 — She is helpless to his whims. by Chicklet07/31/024.10


 — It's about the anticipation. by LadyJackie10/13/163.57

Anyone But You

 — An unexpected encounter when enemies have to work together. by SomeAussieGuy01/12/104.41


 — You are a very lucky man to have such an attractive wife. by Middleagepoet12/16/093.70


 — You're the office tease, and it's time for your review. by British Filth05/09/134.59HOT

April's Trick Untried

 — A new girl in town is hotter than he ever thought. by MSTarot03/04/154.39


 — I apply for a position inside you---r organization. by TheGreyKnight07/24/154.27

Archives - Chatty

 — Older recording where he chats and cums. by SecretDreamer12/17/133.50

Archives - Oily

 — Older recording where he masturbates using oil and cums. by SecretDreamer12/17/133.50

Archives - Saliva

 — Older recording where he masturbates using saliva. by SecretDreamer01/09/142.79

Archives - Vaseline

 — Older recording where he masturbates using vaseline to cum. by SecretDreamer07/28/163.54

Are You Good Enough for Daddy Tark?

 — Idle talk about you boys being sluts for my strap-on cock by tarkustrooper02/02/164.26

Are You OK?

 — A tea drinking chat with you... my special friend by BoyfromEngland12/03/144.47

Are You Teasing

 — Is it a tease, or a promise to please? by Havocnight02/23/123.70


 — There aren't any cameras in this cell.. by Pinkpeony10107/19/123.83

Artificial Intelligence - E.V.E.

 — Erotic Virtual's a long space mission... by Eves_Garden09/02/164.65HOT

As Always... Thanks for Listening!

 — Come Play with Me. by funluvinaj06/07/184.70HOT

As I Look At You

 — As we look at each other from across the room... by TenderBranson05/21/083.97

ASMR 3d Audio JOI for Women

 — This is an ASMR Audio JOI. by sammdavis11301/18/183.41

ASMR Gangbang for Women and for Men

 — Headphones and dark room is a must. by Rebyal3507/27/173.18

Ass Virgin No More

 — Sir has his slave-in-training go a step farther . . . by ditto7910/23/12

Assignment: How To Undress

 — He instructs you how to undress... by GideonKapre08/08/124.09

At My Mercy

 — Relinquish control and seek pleaser in me. by yblack507/27/174.37

At The Mirror

 — Practice your patience; she'll get to your cock, eventually. by TrulyRed04/16/074.08

At the Park

 — We meet at the dog park... by Pinkpeony10106/13/123.66

At The Pool

 — After a swim, will anybody hear us in the shower? by luke_k11/30/173.60

At the Store

 — You surprise me at work. by Pinkpeony10106/06/123.94

At the Tables

 — Ah, revenge, it really is worth the wait. by justjohn101302/01/114.15

At Your Parents' House

 — Take care of Daddy while your Father is in the other room. by princebreed01/04/184.32

At Your Service, M'lord #01

 — A timid maid greets her master as he returns from the hunt. by Xyta_Midnyte05/18/174.26

At Your Service, M'lord #02: Still at Your Service

 — Timid maid serves her master and his friends in private. by Xyta_Midnyte11/23/174.27

At Your Service, M'lord #03: Forgive Me, M'lady

 — Service you, M'lady? But I don't know how. You'll teach me?! by Xyta_Midnyte07/05/184.24

Audioerotica I

 — Sub cums for her Dom. by ks_sub23406/13/124.12

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Basic Level

 — A simple self help for women. by craigool10/20/174.50HOT

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Basic Level TWB

 — A simple self help for women - Theta Wave Beats version. by craigool10/26/174.14

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Power Slut

 — Advanced self help for women. by craigool10/20/173.50

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Power Slut TWB

 — Advanced self help for women - Theta Wave Beats version. by craigool10/26/174.00

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Slutocracy

 — Advanced Slut Conversion techniques for women. by craigool10/20/173.67

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Slutocracy TWB

 — Advanced Slut Conversion techniques for women - Theta Wave. by craigool10/26/174.40

Awards Banquet by TXAce and AudioD

 — Naughty fun at a formal awards dinner. by audiodiva09/14/114.66HOT

Babe, Watch Porn with Me... Again

 — Hey baby... So last time you liked watching... by simonizerXXX02/15/113.98

Baby Boy

 — To Mommy's good boy. by ChickadeeLittle05/10/184.42

Baby, I Like You to Cum for Me

 — Audio recording of the finest handjob I have ever received. by Jason_NYC07/02/133.38

Baby, Was That OK?

 — He shares another late night romp recording. by ATrain102409/21/103.73

Baby, Watch Porn with Me?

 — He wants to spend hot quality time with you. by simonizerXXX10/26/103.37

Babysitter Pt. 01

 — The babysitter helps out after a hard day at work. by Mirage06/06/144.00

Babysitter Pt. 02

 — The next morning... by Mirage07/30/144.48

Babysitter Pt. 03

 — The continuing adventures of the babysitter... by Mirage08/12/144.32

Babysitter Pt. 04

 — Another night alone with the babysitter. by Mirage10/22/144.21

Babysitter Pt. 05

 — More adventures with the babysitter. by Mirage10/02/154.44

Babysitter Pt. 06

 — You give me something special for my birthday. by Mirage08/18/163.94

Back for a Visit

 — Molly is back - and she wants your cock. by mollyisme206/13/124.10

Back of the Bookstore

 — Sometimes it's what you want, sometimes it's what you need. by justjohn101301/03/193.71

Back to Our Bed

 — Playtime back in our bed. by InMyHands08/17/174.46

Back to School

 — Naughty thoughts during my college classes. by Babydoll65532109/25/143.96


 — Indulging myself in a little ass touching... by meowkitty12301/19/164.61HOT

Backdoor Orgasm

 — Sexy wife has intense anally-inspired orgasm. by larson6710/06/093.26

Backseat Office Slut

 — Fucking in the car after I pick you up from work. by InMyHands03/15/184.59HOT

Bad Girl

 — She loves spankings. by luckygirl1810/23/12

Bad Little Slut

 — Showing my little slut who owns you. SPANK by InMyHands05/31/184.42

Bake and Take

 — Just icing some cookies in the kitchen. by TheGreyKnight07/08/154.48

Bali Fantasy Pt. 01 (Audio)

 — Woman on trip meets a stranger for a passionate encounter. by RBrown1105/09/191.25

Banging Mrs. Banks

 — A chance encounter with your friend's mom. by LushinLace04/25/194.36

Bar Encounter

 — I met you at a bar... The chemistry was undeniable... by MaryBellows197901/03/194.12

Bar Stool Slut

 — A bar stool fuck fantasy fulfilled. by LushinLace11/16/174.50HOT

Bask Audio

 — Audio version of Bask. by TheGreyKnight03/13/153.85

Bathroom Antics

 — She lures you in for wet hot sexy play. by asian_princess10/31/054.41

Bathroom Antics Pt. 02

 — The play continues - and the more, the merrier. by asian_princess11/13/054.52HOT

Bathroom Quickie

 — You need it bad. by Mirage08/07/134.11

Be a Good Girl and... Wank Me Off

 — It's one of your many duties sweet honey x by BoyfromEngland09/29/163.98

Be Gentle, It's My First

 — Testing the waters; she plays alone. by lepetite02/26/164.34

Be Mine

 — Come live with me and be my love. by Angelbabyx04/27/16

Be Right There

 — A Friday night alone turns into a delicious dinner for two. by Mister_Song06/29/174.11

Beach Remembrances

 — An Aussie gal remembers her first time at a nude beach. by CuriousAusGal12/05/124.40

Beaded Kisses

 — Sensual kisses down her back aiding her to relax. by yblack508/24/174.04

Bearing Gifts

 — Would I come home empty-handed? by notwhorosethinks04/18/194.60HOT

Bed Rest

 — Sick and Tired and needing you. by TheGreyKnight10/28/154.19

Bedroom Talk 01: New Surroundings

 — Small talk under the sheets as I stroke your body. by BoyfromEngland05/20/144.38

Bedroom Talk 02: Ten Fingers Play

 — We masturbate you jointly. by BoyfromEngland05/20/143.93

Bedroom Talk 03: Sensual Domination

 — Whispers of Sensual Domination by BoyfromEngland05/28/144.23

Bedroom Talk 04: Naughty Girl

 — What you did this morning, young lady? by BoyfromEngland06/06/144.52HOT

Bedroom Talk 05: Darling

 — Clothed male, naked female. by BoyfromEngland06/12/144.50HOT

Bedroom Talk 06: Once upon a Time...

 — In a land far, far away lived a good special girl. by BoyfromEngland08/20/144.06

Bedtime Story

 — She gets you off with a sexy bedtime story. by rydia5703/20/064.35

Bedtime Story 01

 — A woman meets her lover and his friend for a threesome. by Louboutins10/23/124.36

Bedtime Story 02

 — You get cheered up after being called into work Saturday. by Louboutins11/06/124.53HOT

Bedtime Story for My Pet #01

 — For good little girl submissives to listen to in bed. by zenmackie01/15/143.96

Bedtime Story for My Pet #02

 — More instructions for good little submissive girls. by zenmackie02/14/144.25

Bedtime Story for My Pet #03

 — New instructions for submissive little girls. by zenmackie04/08/143.69

Bedtime Story for My Pet #04

 — Additional instructions for submissive little girls. by zenmackie08/06/143.89

Bedtime Story for My Pet #05: Blackmail

 — An audio role-play for submissive little girls. by zenmackie07/24/153.84

Bedtime Story for My Pet #06: Used in Public

 — Instructions for submissive girls to follow in public (or just pretend to). by zenmackie02/15/194.05

Been Looking for You

 — She describes what she wants you to do to her. by Pinkpeony10105/08/124.08

Before the Fireworks

 — I will make you explode. by GingerStClair06/29/10

Beg For It

 — I love hearing you beg for it. by LushinLace02/08/184.49

Beg For Mama's Milk

 — You've been bad, so you're gonna have to beg for my milk. by tarkustrooper12/21/154.59HOT

Begging for More

 — Make me cum multiple times....please I'm begging you Baby. by Prcious107/26/183.57

Begging You

 — I beg for your attention. by EZCollegeGrl02/15/194.64HOT

Being a Naughty Little Kitten

 — I was playing without Daddy's permission.. Oopsies. by littlekitten73810/02/154.41

Being Master

 — Thoughts of ownership and control over your good girl body. by BoyfromEngland05/07/144.52HOT

Belinda Shows a House

 — They check the second story, and she checks the dirty story. by Boxlicker10102/15/113.28

Bend Over, Bitch

 — Feel me fill your ass, you cocky man-whore! by Xyta_Midnyte04/27/183.64

Bent Over a Table

 — Come here. Bend over. You're mine. All characters 18+ by TheGreyKnight06/05/154.22

Best Ever

 — She loves his cock in her mouth. by luckygirl1810/23/12

Best Friends

 — What best friends are for..... by InMyHands06/21/184.45

Beth's Conditioning

 — Listen to Beth as she's conditioned to enjoy her own ravishment. by Mythil02/26/164.38

Beth's Conditioning Continued

 — Beth's continued conditioning, she's almost there... by Mythil04/27/164.28

Better Than You

 — Watch this stranger fuck me good . . . by Xyta_Midnyte09/27/184.26

Better Than Your Wife

 — Let me remind you why I'm better than your wife... by LushinLace06/08/174.46

Better Than Your Wife 02

 — While Your Wife's're listening to my voice. by LushinLace07/21/174.57HOT

Better Than Your Wife 03: Beginning

 — Listen as I remember the day I first corrupted you... by LushinLace08/10/174.53HOT

Better Than Your Wife 04

 — A good slut doesn't give up easily. by LushinLace09/14/174.37

Better Than Your Wife 05

 — Tempting You Again While Your Wife's Asleep. by LushinLace10/26/174.57HOT

Better Than Your Wife 06

 — Good luck talking to your wife, while I suck your cock ;) by LushinLace01/04/184.41

Better Than Your Wife 07

 — You wonder what a perfect slut like me sees in you... by LushinLace02/15/184.39

Better Than Your Wife 08: Addicted

 — You're nervous your wife suspects I want your cock. by LushinLace04/19/184.54HOT

Between Friends

 — Amber talks Nikki into a little girl on girl fun. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/09/034.40

Big Handsome Man

 — Sucking and fucking my big handsome man! by Eves_Garden04/26/164.45

Big Timmy: The College Years-Audio

 — Hot teacher takes on well-endowed student. by SizeQueenSupreme11/09/104.32

Big Tits Sex Therapist

 — Voiced by ritten KingsWoman, by Charlie the Wanking Wanker. by KingsWoman11/20/133.95

Bird and the Blonde

 — Strangely distracted girl makes Bird’s day more interesting. by zenmackie05/25/174.58HOT

Birthday Cake

 — ...or a Self Indulgence. by KingsWoman02/25/154.69HOT

Birthday Fun and Games

 — Let's play around for my birthday... by redhotbothered09/02/164.11

Birthday Girl Fantasy

 — My biggest fantasy about an amazing birthday party. by Tempest_Wolfsong10/25/184.10

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

 — So you don't like my frequent use of the word bitch... by princebreed08/09/183.75

Black Cock

 — Rebekka's encounter with the yard man. by RebekkaBrown12/17/134.05


 — Let's make this game of Blackjack a little more interesting. by Rebyal3503/22/183.40

Blackmail Pt. 01

 — You find yourself in a compromising situation at work. by Mirage05/15/124.41

Blackmail Pt. 02

 — The story continues... by Mirage05/24/124.48

Blackmail Pt. 03

 — Another day in the office. by Mirage01/23/134.51HOT

Blackmailing Step Daddy

 — Step Daddy: before I go to college, take my virginity. by theangeloftemptation08/24/174.34

Blind Lust

 — He shows you a little blindfold fun. by domain03/26/074.24


 — He blindfolds you to give you pleasure. by cameramike08/13/074.16


 — A blindfold to enhance your other senses. by Mirage11/10/114.35


 — He wanted to blindfold me. Am I ready? by DPMCZ08/06/153.38


 — She only wants one thing. Can you guess? by asian_princess04/16/064.51HOT

Blow-Job Perfection

 — Listen in as she gives him perfect head. by Jade_Pillow07/27/102.20


 — You suck multiple cocks. by Mirage02/26/144.10

Blowjob for a Broken Heart

 — A friend soothes you through a breakup with a loving blowjob. by Eves_Garden01/18/164.56HOT

Blown Away

 — When the only thing that matters is his cock and my mouth. by Bellatrixie02/23/124.54HOT

Bluebeard's Wife Ch. 01

 — She discovers her husband has been keeping secrets. by Selena_Kitt03/20/064.47

Bluebeard's Wife Ch. 02

 — Tara discovers more of husband's secret life. by Selena_Kitt04/03/064.59HOT

Bluebeard's Wife Ch. 03

 — Tara tries out new toy with her friend & her husband. by Selena_Kitt04/04/064.59HOT

Bonding at the Beach

 — Kay and her lover play with another couple. by KR01/09/064.52HOT

Boom, Boom

 — A woman's lustful fantasy. by Erotica_Writings07/20/043.90

Booty Call

 — Booty Call......and that’s all. OUT! by InMyHands07/03/184.58HOT

Boozy Christmas Wishes

 — Walking home after the Christmas Party and thinking of you x. by BoyfromEngland12/22/163.97

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