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Listen As I...

 — Listen as I cum while imagining you fucking me. by jennahale01/07/134.06

Listen In

 — Listen in to one side of this sexy phone conversation. by mollyisme204/21/094.29

Little Dog Lost Pt. 01

 — He lends a hand, she lends both of hers...and more. by RichardHardy06/01/113.81

Little Dog Lost Pt. 02

 — Time for the second coming... by RichardHardy06/01/114.00

Little Dog Lost, Part 3sum

 — It's the stuff that dreams are made of. by RichardHardy02/09/124.11

Little One

 — Dominant male voice commands his sub. by InMyHands07/07/173.61

Little One Tuck In

 — Tucking in my little girl. All characters over 18. by TheGreyKnight06/18/153.66

Little Urges

 — Her husband's big cock leaves her aching for something small. by LushinLace01/25/184.44

Live Sex Show

 — You've always wanted to be watched, and now you are the star. by Mirage07/16/154.39

Liverpool Penthouse

 — I've missed you so much baby x. by BoyfromEngland06/01/164.56HOT

Living Next Door to a Closet Sissy

 — Peeping Tom turns into a sexy girl for his lesbian neighbor. by tarkustrooper06/09/164.64HOT

Long Distance Call

 — He makes a sexy call to an old flame. by domain01/08/074.20

Long Night

 — Some refrains never get old. by notwhorosethinks01/17/194.70HOT

Long Night with My Pet 01: Arrival

 — A very long, very kinky, evening with my pet begins. by aslygrin01/28/143.13

Long Night with My Pet 02: Prepare

 — Part 2 of long, kinky evening, final preparations. by aslygrin01/28/143.60

Long Night with My Pet 03: Crop

 — Part 3 of a long kinky night. by aslygrin01/28/143.89

Long Night with My Pet 04: Spread

 — Part 4 of a long kinky night, punishment begins. by aslygrin01/28/143.80

Long Night with My Pet 05: Wet

 — Part 5 of a long kinky night. by aslygrin02/14/143.76

Long Night with My Pet 06: Thrust

 — Part 6 of a long kinky night. by aslygrin02/14/144.43

Long Night with My Pet 07: So Close

 — Part 7 of a long kinky night. by aslygrin02/14/143.75

Long Night with My Pet 08: Throat

 — Part 8 of a long kinky night. by aslygrin02/14/143.67

Long Night With My Pet 09: Sensitive

 — Part 9 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin11/20/143.83

Long Night with My Pet 10: In

 — Part 10 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin11/20/144.12

Long Night with My Pet 11: Cum

 — Part 11 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin11/20/143.48

Long Time Cumming

 — Settle in for a while...this is NOT a quickie... by alimae07/02/134.08

Long, Hard Day

 — I love curling in next to you after a hard day. by Umbrellabound10/26/164.13


 — She wants you. Every inch of you. by WarmMilk06/01/104.54HOT


 — Can you convince her to call in to work today? by Rikki_1307/06/104.05

Longing For You

 — She's been away, and wants to make it up to you. by SweetSam4204/03/154.58HOT

Longing for You

 — His first audio submission. by Suit_and_Tie03/29/164.00

Look at me While He's Fucking You

 — You wanted an MMF? Let's make sure you're ready... by TheGreyKnight06/05/154.35

Look in The Mirror

 — They watch in the mirror as she is thoroughly pleased. by Rikki_1301/26/104.56HOT

Looking But Not Touching

 — Portion of 'Look But Don't Touch' story in audio. by victoriawhita08/06/064.46

Looking for a Toy

 — Who volunteers to be my play thing tonight? by theangeloftemptation08/16/184.45

Looling in a Mirror

 — I am anonymous, a faceless form in the crowd. by MungoParkIII12/28/072.86

Losing Our Anal Virginity Together

 — We've never tried it--until now. by jaymasters4506/01/173.98

Lost Days Make for Memories and Souvenirs

 — A man, a woman, and a snow storm. by SplendidSpunk06/07/114.57HOT

Lost Flame

 — Two old friend who always wondered 'what if', get to find out. by SomeAussieGuy05/19/094.44

Love and Appreciation

 — Let me show you how much I appreciate you. by Prcious102/08/184.24

Love Has a Scent

 — The scent of sex and the memory of sexual surrender. by Silkenvoice09/14/104.37

Love His Cock More

 — In this audio, I have devoured his cock and made him cum. by Kruzayneeds02/01/184.12

Love in the Haunted Woods

 — Ghost hunters in the woods get naughty. by sensualsharon03/30/164.24

Love Letter

 — A sexy day at the office. by TexasJay03/29/053.13

Love Letters: L for Love

 — Longing, Lust, Love... by BoyfromEngland05/25/154.29

Love Letters: T for Tenderness

 — Touch, Tease, Taste... by BoyfromEngland05/25/154.57HOT

Love You, Honey

 — A sexy voicemail message. by velvetpie06/28/043.89

Lovely Gina Sucks and Swallows

 — Gina gives me a passionate New Year's blowjob. by kitalogos02/09/173.74

Loving a Man

 — A lustful, loving, sex-positive ode to men everywhere. by Eves_Garden01/22/154.54HOT

Loving Breast Worship

 — You Sex Goddess you, I can't get enough of your breasts. by theangeloftemptation06/29/174.14

Loving You to Sleep

 — Positive affirmation and love making before bed. by EZCollegeGrl08/11/164.63HOT

Loving You, Missing You...

 — Wanting to fuck you on Valentine's Day. by tarkustrooper02/25/153.67

Lucid Dream Corridor Into The Mind

 — Lord of dreams takes you into a lucid dream. by Sandman_Nightmares02/04/154.22

Lunch Break

 — She invites you to her house for lunch break sex. by cyofantasy03/05/094.33

Lunch Break

 — Outdoors with your lover. by Dr_Impervious03/09/104.07

Lunch Break

 — We meet at the house for a quickie. by K_2301/05/174.34

Lunch Break Quickie

 — She just had to drop by your office during lunch... by MaryBellows197901/03/194.20

Lunchtime Fuck

 — I fuck you from behind up against the refrigerator. by jaymasters4502/09/173.81

Lying Awake in the Morning

 — He's waking up in the morning - thinking of you. by iliketoeatyou05/20/144.19

Lyla Christens the Ford Pt. 01

 — Sexual play in the backseat of a classic show car. by ditto7904/02/13

Lyla Christens the Ford Pt. 02

 — She's granted permission to cum in the backseat of a Classic Car. by ditto7904/02/13

Lyla's Rocking Horse Ride

 — Remote-controlled training session on rocking horse. by ditto7903/21/13

M4F - Technical Difficulties Update

 — Need community help and permission to read your stories. by digital6909/28/175.00

Magical Tea

 — Her first time having wild sex with Magical Tea. by Erotica_Writings05/16/053.84

Make Love To It 01 & 02

 — Passionate speak into the mic. by yblack501/11/184.41

Make Me Cum

 — Can you help her to a hot, wet orgasm? by yourbfwantsme0707/20/104.01

Make Me Squirt Daddy

 — When I first experienced a squirting orgasm. by LittleMissMami05/09/134.34

Make Me Yours

 — She wants you to take me & make her as yours. by Rikki_1311/17/094.34

Make Some Noise...

 — And whimper and beg along with Tark. by tarkustrooper10/28/153.29

Making a Baby in Baby

 — A sweet, loving impregnation story. by TheGreyKnight06/29/153.85

Making a Man Out of You

 — A father hires a professional woman for his shy, nerdy son. by LushinLace07/07/174.35

Making Her Cum on my Face

 — Listen in as he pleases her with his tongue. by NewEnglandLovers07/12/184.44

Making Love and Music

 — I catch you playing the cello, and we turn it into a duet. by SomeAussieGuy05/05/094.14

Making Music (Audio Version)

 — Piano teacher teaches student new way to make music. by StellaStories09/09/104.50HOT

Making Myself Cum

 — Thinking about you while I fuck my pussy. by ButterflyPea11/02/174.13

Making Myself Cum

 — Trying not to make to much noise... ;) by FreeSpiritBird05/17/183.97

Making You a Legend

 — A MILF teaches her employee some tricks of the trade. by LushinLace05/03/184.39

Making You Cum For Me

 — Listen to me tell you how much I love to cum for you. by jaymasters4509/07/174.52HOT

Making You My Office Slut

 — You're called into my office for inappropriate behaviour. by nerobixx07/16/153.25

Male Masturbation with Fappy Sounds

 — Me masturbation with fappy sounds, moans, groans and orgasm. by nerobixx08/27/153.51

Man Sounds

 — Sometimes the moans are all you need. by Endless_Roads06/05/154.53HOT

Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 01

 — Tark spices up her porn-watching routine with something new. by tarkustrooper12/11/143.99

Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 02

 — She gets her off again and again with her new favorite thing. by tarkustrooper12/11/144.20

Mandy's Indiscretion

 — Her fantasy comes true and a bit more than she bargained for. by johnnytee04/27/124.09

Mansounds with Orgasm

 — He was sort of enjoying himself. by nerobixx08/12/143.62

Married Women and My Desires

 — Let me be your fantasy lover your dirty little secret. by SlyDog96902/23/123.80

Marsha Gets Religion

 — We talked about cunnilingus, and she made me eat my words. by RichardHardy04/13/104.14

Mary Finds Her Mojo

 — I find out that Mary knows what she wants and how to get it. by hornyhandyman08/30/114.42

Mary's Dream Boy

 — He fantasizes about making love to an incredible woman. by Big_Ron08/13/074.27


 — Something to help you sleep. by Cinner08/07/134.33

Massage at the Beach

 — Public sex on the beach. by InMyHands10/12/174.02

Massage in a Bottle

 — He shares a special bottle with his princess. by BoyfromEngland03/04/083.80

Massage with Federico

 — It begins like usual, but changes into something else ... by Pinkpeony10103/15/183.28

Master's Exhibitionist

 — Master had an idea... by Tempest_Wolfsong01/10/194.46

Masturbating For You

 — I stroke my wet cock hard & fast while fantasizing about you. by jaymasters4509/01/174.17

Masturbating in a Field

 — Having a wank out in the countryside while you watch. by luke_k09/06/184.46

Masturbating in the Shower

 — Wanking in the shower while you watch. by luke_k03/01/184.18

Masturbating on a Plane

 — Joining the Mile-High Club - Solo Flyers division! by luke_k02/01/184.59HOT

Masturbating Pt. 01

 — Rebekka masturbates to her audio story "Three Nights-Part 1". by RebekkaBrown12/21/114.53HOT

Masturbating Pt. 02

 — Rebekka masturbates to her audio story "Three Nights-Part 2". by RebekkaBrown02/09/124.37


 — Getting off. by michie02/15/183.41

Masturbation 01

 — A Solo Male audio. by dischargeqwerty12/03/143.00

Masturbation 02

 — A Solo Male audio. by dischargeqwerty12/11/142.44

Masturbation 03

 — Mmmmm.... (A solo male audio) by dischargeqwerty06/05/153.49

Masturbation 04

 — The fourth time is the charm.... by dischargeqwerty06/29/153.55

Masturbation 05

 — He's still hard for you, baby... by dischargeqwerty07/24/153.79

Masturbation 06

 — Cocks and Good Times. by dischargeqwerty12/31/153.94

Masturbation 07

 — I'm back, ladies! by dischargeqwerty05/13/163.63

Masturbation Fantasy

 — This one is about you. Yes, you. by KR12/03/074.11

Masturbation For You

 — Just a simple masturbation sesh recorded for your pleasure. by ThatOneBloke12/28/174.30

Masturbation Mutterings

 — Being oral. Very oral. Before, during and after orgasm. by SerendipitouslyMe11/13/154.62HOT

Masturbation Mutterings Vol. 01

 — Enjoying myself and the thought of you. by K_2305/11/174.34

Masturbation Mutterings Vol. 02

 — You're on my mind again, and I can't help myself. by K_2305/11/174.00

May I

 — Ravishing her with a barrage of passion with her consent. by yblack508/24/174.46

May I Sit On Your Face

 — I'm craving to feel your tongue tonight. by theangeloftemptation02/22/184.17

Me Masturbating

 — Listen in as she brings herself to two orgasms. by sensualsharon03/30/104.37

Me Masturbating in the Shower

 — Listen in as I bring myself to a water induced orgasm. by sensualsharon11/02/104.29

Me Masturbating: Phone Sex Partner

 — Me masturbating for a phone sex partner. by sensualsharon04/16/133.84

Me?... Jealous?... Of Her?!

 — I'm tired of listening to you fuck your girlfriend. by LushinLace03/29/184.45

Mea Culpa: Roll the Dice

 — A guilty conscience begging for atonement. by TheMrBurns02/07/194.00

Measuring Up

 — Open your legs for me. Let's see how you measure up. by Xyta_Midnyte10/05/174.36

Meet and Greet - 1st Audio Post

 — His first audio post... Open to requests... by HiddenDeep8807/26/184.34

Meet Jezebel

 — Directed Erotic Visualisation for Men. by smotp11/13/153.67

Meeting Mary

 — A handyman's accidental touch on her breast leads to more. by hornyhandyman07/19/114.02

Meeting You

 — Meeting you in real life. by ChickadeeLittle05/10/184.41

Mein Cockwhore

 — A hot audio of author and his sexy cockwhore. by Beckman05/17/073.87

Memories of Memphis

 — We only had a few hours, but we made timeless memories. by RichardHardy03/30/104.49

Met You at Book Club

 — My first submission -- meeting you at the book club. by sandjack4211/20/133.00


 — Advanced Submissive Induction for women. by craigool11/09/173.71

Middle of the Night Quickie

 — Baby, please wake up, I need you! by theangeloftemptation05/03/184.42

Midnight Fuck

 — Woke up and needed to fuck you, must I say more? by K_2302/24/174.10

Midnight Play

 — Hot nights make her hot for you. by asian_princess12/14/044.49

Midnight Quickie

 — Listen in as a couple shares a hard late-night sex session. by ATrain102406/08/103.85

Midnight Wakeup Call

 — I’ll let you wake me up any night of the week by Umbrellabound09/20/184.09

Midori's New Toy

 — Playing with my new toy. by MidoriDal06/22/174.37


 — She's looking for a new Boy - and it might just be you. by WickedVoyce12/12/074.45Contest Winner


 — A people watcher has an erotic encounter. by Bethyboo05/11/114.39


 — Cold, quick and dirty. by SweaterWeather12/31/144.11

Miranda's Blind Date

 — She discovers a new side of herself. by SexiLexi810/27/113.67

Mirror, Mirror

 — Daddy-dom and 'little girl'. (All characters are 18+) by TheGreyKnight12/21/154.35

Miss Jones

 — Your first week as my assistant cums to an end. by aslygrin12/21/154.29

Miss Me?

 — Have you missed your little girl? by WarmMilk06/28/114.54HOT

Miss Me? Pt. 01

 — Have you missed me? by EZCollegeGrl02/02/173.87

Miss Me? Pt. 02

 — Part 2 Miss me still? Lol by EZCollegeGrl02/02/174.44

Missed You

 — Listen in on one of our vocal passionate tryst. by Grifter1609/20/184.55HOT

Missing My Babygirl

 — Buckinghamshire lad tells his girl how much he misses her. by Legman UK10/03/044.33

Missing my Master

 — Submissive young woman needs to cum so badly. by vrywetslut09/22/093.63

Missing You

 — Can you reignite your passion with her? by victoriawhita08/06/064.29

Missing You

 — Listen as she tells you just how much she misses you. by mollyisme205/21/084.49

Missing You

 — She's making up for lost time. by EllaEcstasy08/25/094.56HOT

Missing You

 — Don't keep her waiting any longer...she's ready. by yourcockismine04/12/114.49

Missing You

 — EZ whispers how much she misses you. by EZCollegeGrl08/18/164.49

Missing You

 — Thinking and wishing you were with me. by Prcious108/03/17

Missionary Can Be So Much More

 — The missionary position doesn't have to be boring. by Endless_Roads05/25/174.50HOT

Mistress and Her Pet Pt. 01

 — Teaching my Pet denial and not to touch himself. by twistedwench10/25/184.62HOT

Mistress and Her Pet Pt. 02

 — Mistress caging you and using you. by twistedwench11/08/184.69HOT

Mistress and Her Pet Pt. 03

 — Mistress takes what she wants from her Pet. by twistedwench11/09/184.20

Mistress Gives You a Reward

 — You've been such a good pet. I'm coming to reward you. by RoyalBrain09/07/174.61HOT


 — Author pleasures herself while you listen. by Jazzyhoe06/16/033.59

Moan Slutty with Me!

 — Are you ready to get slutty with me? by tarkustrooper03/15/184.03

Moanin' & Groanin'

 — Masturbating with a touch of fapping. by ThatOneBloke01/18/183.66

Moaning, Cumming, and Dirty Talk

 — Baby...make me cum... by EZCollegeGrl09/02/164.38

Moans and Whimpers

 — She has a special message for her "Daddy". by daddys_good_girl11/10/094.17


 — Rebekka's encounter at the gym. by RebekkaBrown01/23/134.27

Mohana, Audio Interpretation

 — Coeds promote lesbian international relations. by theravenfox06/08/104.39

Molested on the Train

 — A mysterious, yet exciting encounter on the train. by marlama06/29/153.78

Mom & Son on Vacation

 — Audio voyeurism and a quickie for two! by DeliciousD4512/14/184.21

Mom Gets a Call from Her Son

 — Mom masturbates with her son on the phone. by DeliciousD4504/12/184.28

Mom Interrupted During Private Time

 — Mom is sexually worn down by her college-aged son. by DeliciousD4503/01/184.37

Mom Interrupted During Private Time Pt. 02

 — Mom surprised by son while sleeping. by DeliciousD4503/15/184.19


 — This is one for any Mommy out there!! <3 by littlekitten73802/26/164.09

Mondays and Humping

 — Mondays can be amusing, and recalling a past lover. by LadyJackie09/22/163.39

Moon & Stars

 — A trip out back just to go down under. by yblack501/03/194.00

Moonlit Fuck

 — Late night public training session . . . by ditto7912/12/12

Moonlit Meeting On The Beach

 — He meets his soulmate on moonlit beach. by Whispering_Wolf5707/20/043.40

More Playing

 — Just me again. by luckygirl1812/12/12

Morning Arousal

 — Her erotic oral attentions awaken her slumbering lover. by CreekPrincess02/09/104.25

Morning Breakfast Pussy

 — Tasting you first thing on a lazy morning. by InMyHands10/12/174.42

Morning Delight

 — He rubs you down with oil, then fucks you good. by hidden_shadow10/26/104.04

Morning Delight

 — She shares her morning playtime with you. by Prcious109/21/173.98

Morning Fun

 — A little morning sex. by luckygirl1804/02/13

Morning Fun

 — Dominant quickie with hubby. by ChickadeeLittle05/11/174.01

Morning Fun

 — Just a little me time this morning... by AmeliaCharles06/14/184.31

Morning Head

 — EZ wakes you up nicely in the morning ;) by EZCollegeGrl07/08/164.28

Morning Inspiration

 — Emails lead me to a fucking hit play session. by funluvinaj06/29/154.45

Morning Masturbation

 — Me and my dildo. by SubmissiveSiren2609/15/154.57HOT

Morning Meal

 — Can you satisfy my hunger this morning? by Prcious108/16/183.88

Morning Moaning

 — He's got a little moaning in the morning to start the day off right. by steve_hansen_703/30/163.81

Morning Moans

 — Just enjoying myself in the morning. by Mirage01/28/144.36

Morning Moans 02

 — Just moaning as I get off by Mirage06/24/144.38

Morning Moans 03

 — Just moaning as I get off. by Mirage08/20/144.31

Morning Moans 04

 — More moans for you. by Mirage01/22/154.51HOT

Morning Moans 05

 — I really needed to get off... by Mirage08/27/154.49

Morning Moans 06

 — You know the drill by now... by Mirage10/06/164.58HOT

Morning Moans 07

 — Get comfortable and cum hard with me. by Mirage11/09/174.32

Morning Moans 08

 — Moans for your pleasure. by Mirage04/12/184.53HOT

Morning Oral

 — It's 3am, I'm horny and ready to play, but need to wake you up. by MidoriDal09/28/174.41

Morning Orgasm (Irish Accent)

 — He's waking you up. by AttractiveGeek03/09/174.73HOT

Morning Orgasm 02 (Irish Accent)

 — You wake me and surprise me by taking control. by AttractiveGeek11/23/174.68HOT

Morning Quickie

 — Wake up. I need you. by TheGreyKnight05/07/154.28

Morning Quickie

 — My audio includes Morning Oral session. by Kruzayneeds02/22/184.15

Morning Quickie

 — You wake me up in a deliciously sexy way. by RoyalBrain07/12/184.16

Morning Rambling Cum

 — I'm turned on this morning by the thought of you. by queenofdeviance10/02/154.41

Morning Thoughts

 — What is more erotic than waking up in bed with your lover? by Bellatrixie12/21/114.41

Morning Thoughts

 — She spends some time thinking about her lovers. by purringbaby12/24/143.49

Morning Treat

 — Baby girl's so horny for your cunny, Mommy! by tarkustrooper04/26/164.27

Morning Wood

 — Thinking of you in the morning. by princebreed10/25/184.14

Morning Workout

 — You take my yoga workout in a whole new direction. by redhotbothered10/02/154.33

Moving In (Experimental)

 — You've taken the room, and today you're moving in. by British Filth02/05/134.45

Mrs Stapleton

 — Join me on the moor, Mr Holmes. No one around but us... by Xyta_Midnyte10/12/184.67HOT

Mrs. Claus is Coming to Town (Audio)

 — Audio version of the holiday tale. (read by sensualsharon) by AaronTraugott12/22/103.97

Multiple Anal O's

 — Listen in as wife is anally pounded. by larson6710/27/113.75

Multiple Orgasm Morning

 — Listen in as I go down on her and she cums over and over. by Big Jay04/04/164.14

Multiple Orgasms

 — As requested, I cum again and again and again and again... by littlekitten73810/02/154.58HOT

Multiple Os

 — EZ talks to you both as she cums again and again. by EZCollegeGrl12/22/164.37

Music Lessons

 — A story for me by Suzannah. by SomeAussieGuy07/14/094.46

Mutual Masturbation

 — Playtime with our hands. by InMyHands06/14/184.09

Mutual Masturbation & Edging

 — I find mutual edging to be very exciting. Come play with me! by funluvinaj05/31/184.51HOT

Mutual Masturbation with Dicky

 — Mutual masturbation fantasy as we watch each other wank. by DickyUK09/05/124.26

Mutual Office Masturbation

 — You catch me jerking in my office and decide to join me. by jaymasters4507/13/174.22

Mutual Orgasm

 — Me and my wife cumming together. by Gorgeous_George03/21/133.65

My Ass is Your Toy

 — And toys never say no. by theangeloftemptation03/01/184.38

My Ass is Yours

 — I want to lose my anal virginity, will you help me? by K_2305/25/174.30

My Baby Cums for Me

 — We tape her orgasms. Listen in to this hot couple! by sexploration796502/22/113.69

My Babygirl Cum for Daddy

 — Hypno-erotica over 18 Girl for a Daddy. by Sandman_Nightmares01/22/153.99

My Beautiful Bitch

 — Leashed, you come to me like a good bitch should. by heidismaster02/01/123.85

My Best Friend's Father

 — I've always wanted to experience an older man... by Panthera_Amur01/10/194.37

My Blowjob Fantasy

 — Just a quick blowjob fantasy... by ThatLuca08/05/143.42

My Body, My Self

 — A little bit of fun... by KingsWoman07/05/154.18

My Christmas Toy

 — All I want for Christmas is THIS. by theravenfox11/16/104.35

My Cup of Tea

 — Plumber needs a mate. by KingsWoman10/02/134.56HOT

My Favorite Position

 — Describing it after 16 long days of denial. by Endless_Roads12/21/154.62HOT

My Favorite Toy

 — I finally get the nerve to submit an audio story. by Kat051103/21/134.26

My Favourite Victim

 — You are the favourite victim of this honeyed succubus. by AuralHoney04/13/174.54HOT

My Filthy Mind

 — I just love to get lost in it. by theangeloftemptation03/01/184.42

My First

 — Me getting myself off. by jedimindtrick11/05/133.83

My First (and probably only) Audio

 — Short and sweet, a quick blowjob. by TheClaireProject10/25/184.48

My First Audio

 — My first audio story I did for lit. by jedimindtrik06/12/143.41

My First Audio

 — A little something. by Littlewolf2409/15/154.40

My First Audio Submission!

 — Just me moaning a little. by Little_Mischevious6912/22/104.02

My First Literotica Audio

 — Lonely female fantasizing about you. by MakeMe9310/12/174.59HOT

My First Public Masturbation

 — I'm so nervous but so aroused...won't you listen...? by GentleWhisper06/29/154.40

My First Taste of a Woman

 — Husband's surprises just keep getting better. by Wicked-N-Erotic08/11/024.39

My First Time

 — Soooo I came home and was feeling incredibly horny... by babygirlfromengland03/09/174.58HOT

My First Time

 — His first audio submission. by SpanishManNWranglersI04/20/174.07

My First Time with Mom

 — Coming home from college, I get close with my Mother... by stressor_glasgow05/13/163.79

My Fuck Boy

 — My boy gets to please me. by LadyJackie09/29/164.64HOT

My Gift to You

 — Sorry I have been away. Let me make it up to you. by Surfer_Rod12/21/114.42

My Girlfriend's Coworker is a Slut

 — Picked my girlfriend up from work and found a new slut toy. by princebreed12/09/164.15

My Girlfriend's Coworker is a Slut Pt. 02

 — Sluts must be punished when they disrespect Daddy's rules! by princebreed12/07/174.33

My Good Little Slut

 — A story inspired by a listener who wants to be dominated. by DickUnderwood11/30/114.34

My Greedy Cunt

 — I have a dirty, needy, greedy cunt, can you help... by Panthera_Amur12/14/184.51HOT

My How You've Changed

 — Running into a high school crush at a bar. by LushinLace01/17/194.45

My Internet Lover

 — She makes him cum so hard with her. by Erotica_Writings07/20/043.76

My Kind of Check-Up

 — My nurse has more on her mind than just a check-up. by neilisyourfantasy02/02/193.43

My Minotaur

 — Lady Ailara buys her last slave. (with audio) by SizeQueenSupreme02/01/114.56HOT

My Mistress, The Puppy

 — Do you want to be my puppy tonight, Mistress? by tarkustrooper07/21/174.37

My Moans

 — He moans for the ladies. by ZipBlockBloodie02/08/112.98

My Mouth or My Ass, You Choose

 — Hot wife gives husband a choice. by larson6705/11/103.87

My Movie Night with Daddy

 — Daddy, this is boring! Can't we do something else? by Xyta_Midnyte06/15/173.77

My New Toy

 — I cum hard playing with my new vibrator...and a second toy. by pure_bliss06/11/134.30

My New Toy

 — Hey baby, welcome to my first recording I hope you enjoy!~ by ButterflyPea07/07/174.03

My Next Door Neighbor

 — I see my neighbor undress and I go over there. by jedimindtrik07/02/142.78

My Office

 — A businessman takes his receptionist over his desk. by SomeAussieGuy10/20/094.42

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 01

 — You volunteer to your boss' sissy slut. by RoyalBrain03/15/184.32

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 02

 — You were a good boy. Now you get to watch me touch myself. by RoyalBrain03/29/184.36

My Office Sissy Slut Pt. 03

 — Such a good boy. I need to train you to come upon command. by RoyalBrain04/19/184.37

My Orgasms: Orgasm Bueno

 — His extended, no-touch, no-ejaculation, full-body Tantric orgasms. by andresina206/08/101.79

My Orgasms: Orgasm Tipico

 — Another example of my no-touch, no ejaculation, full-body orgasms. by andresina206/08/102.70

My Pet Brings Home a Friend

 — You help fulfill your fantasy of being taken by a man. by RoyalBrain05/31/184.19

My Present

 — An erotic gift of another women leads to a greater reward. by RedHairedandFriendly10/09/124.51HOT

My Presentation

 — In this audio, I'm masturbating while working.. by Kruzayneeds02/01/184.52HOT

My Pretty, Little Apron

 — You've Had A Rough Day. Daddy. Let Me Take Care Of You! by anonymissygwa11/12/154.43

My Punishment

 — I'm ordered to punish myself with nipple play and spankings. by pussablywet04/26/164.45

My Pussy Needs Attention

 — Pretty please play with me. by theangeloftemptation10/26/174.07

My Response to Him

 — I respond to him with a recording of my own! by NewEnglandLovers09/20/184.40

My Response to Slow & Easy

 — My response to hotlilfucktoy's sexy audio story Slow & Easy. by dukeofdetail05/20/143.54

My Secret Love Sylvia

 — Italian hunk has a message for his special lady. by whoreshipper07/21/093.47

My Shiny New Toy

 — First time with a new attachment for the Hitachi Wand. by dylan_t10/02/154.34

My Taboo Fantasy 01

 — What goes through her mind as she gets off. by switchypet09/11/083.99

My Tryst - A Section Reading

 — This is me reading a section of one of my stories :) by michie10/12/173.80

My Turn (Sequel to Nice To Meet You)

 — The adventure it's my turn. by steve_hansen_702/05/134.67HOT

My V-Day Fantasy

 — I want to be your little Porn Star tonight. by theangeloftemptation02/22/184.22

My Warm Mouth

 — Let me warm your cock... by Panthera_Amur02/07/194.39

My Way

 — Make tonight about me. by yblack507/19/184.10

My Wet Pussy

 — She strokes her pussy while you talk. by dirtyjoe6908/14/063.56

My Wife Comes Home

 — Wife tells husband about her night out with the girls. by dirtyjoe6908/06/063.60


 — a slow whispering cum for you... by sloeburn04/03/154.51HOT

Mystery Meat

 — April Fool's at the local glory hole. by theravenfox03/13/154.44

Mystic Veil Dance Ch. 01

 — The first part of a Gorean style veil dance. by Joseki Ko01/03/052.50

Mystic Veil Dance Ch. 02

 — Second part of a Gorean style veil dance. by Joseki Ko01/03/052.40

Nasty Cumslut Fun

 — I reward you for keeping my cum inside you. by Nasty_Man02/25/153.13

Nasty Things You Want to Do to Me

 — You're sweet … and incredibly nasty. by RoyalBrain10/05/174.41

Naughty Boy

 — You have been a naughty boy. by ChickadeeLittle05/11/174.36

Naughty Fun

 — A audio recording of himself having some naughty solo fun. by jlincoln12/31/143.83

Naughty Professor

 — College co-ed gets told to stay after class. by Louboutins05/15/134.47

Naughty Revenge

 — Making my husband watch is sweet revenge. by LushinLace06/21/184.50HOT

Naughty, Hot, Literotica Ladies

 — Dedicated to the ladies of Literotica by Whispering_Wolf5707/06/043.55

Needed a Release

 — Just a wordless release. by ThatOneBloke09/27/184.14

Needing Daddy Pt. 01

 — EZ needs her Daddy right fucking now! by EZCollegeGrl07/08/164.41

Needing Daddy Pt. 02

 — Daddy picks EZ up from school. by EZCollegeGrl07/14/164.38

Needing Daddy Pt. 03

 — You fuck EZ gooood. by EZCollegeGrl07/28/164.54HOT

Needing You

 — Alone in a hotel room, wanting you. by SweetSam4206/06/144.44

Needy, Greedy Kitten

 — Kitten’s owner left her needy. by Tempest_Wolfsong10/12/184.64HOT

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter awakes AJ's more assertive side. by funluvinaj04/08/144.39

Neighborly Surprise

 — Your hot girlfriend surprises you with a sexy video. by LushinLace02/22/184.47

Never Forget

 — Touch feels smells tastes. by InMyHands11/29/184.26

New Awakenings Ch. 01

 — Nancy & Chele discover the joys of female love. by SexyChele02/04/034.52HOT

New Awakenings Ch. 02

 — Nancy's husband joins the fun. by SexyChele02/03/034.44

New Toy

 — Big Daddy bought his little Vixy a new toy.... by TheVixen10/22/143.84

New Toy

 — Bored in the afternoon, testing out my new dildo. by Lottiexo06/21/184.31

New Toys

 — Unboxing and testing new toys. by ChickadeeLittle08/09/184.43

New Toys Pt. 02

 — Playing with my ass. by ChickadeeLittle10/04/184.40

New Toys Pt. 03

 — Double Penetration. by ChickadeeLittle10/05/184.53HOT

New Year's Eve Stranger

 — We meet at a house party and ditch our dates to fuck. by jaymasters4501/05/174.55HOT

Nice to Meet You

 — After weeks of flirting, we decide to meet. by steve_hansen_712/27/122.81

Nice Way to Come Home

 — A great way to end a long hard day. by SomeAussieGuy04/21/094.40

Night At The Museum

 — Things heat up at the art museum. by Mirage02/25/154.31

Night Chat

 — EZ calls to tell you goodnight. by EZCollegeGrl07/08/164.67HOT

Night Light

 — Daddy-dom and 'little girl'. (All characters are 18+) by TheGreyKnight12/22/154.19

Night Out

 — You get him so horny when you dance. by K-Kwik05/25/154.12

Nightly Wet Dreams Pt. 01

 — Hypnosis: Sex Dreams – Pussy edging, Denial, Orgasm Inducing. by Sandman_Nightmares07/07/174.35

Nipple Play

 — He wets your nipples with your juices. by Dr_Impervious08/25/093.99

Nipple Play

 — I want to tell you all about how I play with my tits. by meowkitty12310/02/154.55HOT

No "Fuck"s Given!

 — Tark tries getting off without saying her favorite word... by tarkustrooper02/25/154.32

No Agenda

 — No agenda here. Just a simple story of me. by SpanishManNWranglersI10/20/174.27

No Foreplay Today

 — Getting to it quick and dirty. by Smooth201411/20/144.05

No Going Back

 — Well I guess that's that.... by ChickadeeLittle02/09/174.21

No JOI For You...A Little Game

 — I have a game for you... can you resist stroking for me? by Eves_Garden01/19/164.47

No JOI For You...A Little Game - Level 02

 — Did you pass Level 1? by Eves_Garden06/01/164.71HOT

No JOI For You...A Little Game - Level 03

 — The final installment of my No JOI game. Can you hold out? by Eves_Garden06/23/164.61HOT

No More Ms. Nice Tark

 — My time to get a little rougher with you, pet. by tarkustrooper04/03/15

No Nut November

 — Can you resist the temptation of not cumming? by Prcious111/15/184.33

No Rest for the Wicked

 — A five minute quickie. Let's get off together... by British Filth02/27/134.40

No Strings Attached

 — All she wants is a chance at ecstasy. by WarmMilk11/30/104.53HOT

No Talking Just Stroking

 — It's in the title... by dischargeqwerty01/04/183.07

No Talking Just Stroking 02

 — Hear that bog cock? Me neither! by dischargeqwerty08/02/183.36

No Words

 — Don't speak; just moan with me. by tarkustrooper10/02/154.23

No, Baby. Don't Cum Yet

 — I tell you what to do for a change. by Umbrellabound10/27/164.00

No, Daddy! Not Again!

 — You made me cum so much, I don't think I can do it again! by theangeloftemptation01/25/184.24


 — Listen in as he gives her a second orgasm. by pantyshot10/15/083.61

Not Just My Hands

 — Soothing hands and sounds bring the relief you crave. by justjohn101310/05/103.27

Not So Lazy Sunday Morning

 — We have all day to spend together, let's spend it in bed. by MidoriDal09/28/174.17

Notice Me

 — Will you notice me at work today? by LadyJackie10/13/164.23

Nurse by DarkAngel001

 — Amnesia patient gets a late night visit from his nurse. by audiodiva10/12/114.51HOT

Nurse Eve...Tender Loving Cunt

 — Let Eve give you some TLC. by Eves_Garden08/06/154.52HOT

Nurse T Playing

 — She gets wetter in the shower. by N2TsAss07/01/083.22


 — You can tell from her moans that the Mistress is pleased. by TeresaB12/03/083.54

O'Malley's Bar - Audio

 — A college girl needs a piss. by electricblue6604/06/174.24


 — 3 is a great number of orgasms. by theangeloftemptation03/29/183.97


 — Her wish is your command - but for how long? by asian_princess12/18/054.48

Obeying You

 — I follow your instructions to pleasure myself after work. by pussablywet05/13/164.54HOT

Obsessive Memories of Dona

 — Recreating phone sex using text to audio recording. by blqlite11/24/162.53

Office Cumslut

 — EZ visits you at work for lunch. by EZCollegeGrl08/18/164.44

Office Hours

 — My imagined first time with my college advisor... by Pinkpeony10107/04/123.74

Office Hours

 — You're her TA. She's been eyeing you all semester. by RoyalBrain10/05/174.41

Office Party

 — You've been a less than stellar employee... by Mirage06/29/154.40

Office Sex

 — Fun in the office. by K_2311/16/173.86

Office Surprise

 — She surprises you with a little oral lovin' in the office. by tarkustrooper09/17/144.12

Office Visit

 — Just another day at work. by ChickadeeLittle05/11/174.63HOT


 — Often, she thinks about having you. by WarmMilk10/12/104.53HOT

Oh Fuck Yes

 — After hearing that song I just needed that release again. by Lust_ismy_sin01/12/174.25

Oh God, You Feel So Good!

 — All she wants is just a slow fuck in the afternoon... by ATrain102406/22/103.56

Oh Greg!

 — She masturbates thinking of him. by XGREGSSLUTX06/23/093.62

Oh Kevin!

 — Sexy, horny Black lady thinks about her special man. by trace6907/22/033.44

Oh My God

 — Listen in as a couple makes hot love. by sdcouple0307/21/093.59

Oh My Pt. 01

 — Just us again. by luckygirl1810/09/12

Oh My Pt. 02

 — Continuation of Oh my. by luckygirl1810/09/12

Oh The Things You Do

 — Another AJ masturbation session... I get all sorts of nasty! by funluvinaj02/24/174.48

Oh, Yes!

 — Enjoying some alone time... by shameless_wanton06/28/114.07

Oh, You...

 — She gets hot for you, only you. by tickled_pink_6909/16/103.90

Ohh Fuck!

 — He brings her to intense orgasm again with his hard member. by neno1306/22/103.27

On Lute and On Lyre Audio

 — A 16th Century musician is offered an unforgettable duet. by golden smog09/25/144.86

On My Desk

 — A frantic nooner at the office. by justjohn101308/24/104.15

On the Couch

 — Sit next to him, and stay very still. by cameramike06/06/074.21

On The Couch

 — I'm sitting on the couch, waiting for you. by Curly_brunette11/20/134.22

On the Edge

 — I'm not allowed to cum yet but that doesn't stop me playing. by redhotbothered03/13/154.51HOT

On The Fly Storytime

 — When I let my mind wander, what kinky treasures emerge? by Xyta_Midnyte10/25/184.38

On The Job

 — For listening at work. by pure_bliss07/23/134.37

On The Massage Table

 — You can't control your desire as he massages your body... by jaymasters4503/09/174.51HOT

On the Receiving End

 — Listen as he gets a wonderful hummer from a beautiful friend. by RichardHardy03/23/103.07

On Your Knees

 — Are you ready for him? by Dr_Strange06/06/074.20

Once Upon a Time Warp (audio)

 — An old-fashioned lass magically lands the man of her dreams. by Smokey12506/05/155.00

One Blue Pussy

 — Is it art or is it sex that Andy paints? by MungoParkIII12/28/072.67

One For The Girls

 — Xyta spends time with her baby girl, guiding her to come ... by Xyta_Midnyte01/04/184.60HOT

One for the Girls!

 — I've been thinking about you a lot, will you listen? by littlekitten73809/22/154.46

One Horny Couple

 — She demands his cock, and he gives it to her. by kfennet01/15/09

One Hot Voice

 — She talks you through a hot anal session. by dirtyjoe6907/24/062.69

One More Time

 — Adam gives his ex-girlfriend a massage. by adamcraves108/15/054.50HOT

One New Voicemail

 — Something to keep you company while I'm gone. by Surfer_Rod09/27/114.49

One Night in Paris

 — Amazing night of passion between two strangers. by Big_Ron10/11/074.47

One Night Of Passion

 — You're at a hotel with someone you just met. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/09/034.28

One Night Out Ch. 01

 — Come get dirty at the Night Club. by Dr_Impervious09/10/104.29

One Night Out Ch. 02

 — Down and dirty in the alley. by Dr_Impervious09/28/104.53HOT

One Night with Mistress Angel

 — There's no submissive Angel here. Tonight I Dominate you. by theangeloftemptation07/27/173.94

One Squirty Daddy, Coming Up!

 — Tark wants to make it rain all over you...and inside you. by tarkustrooper01/03/194.13

One Taste

 — Please Sir, hold me. Please Sir, hurt me. by Dichotomyofdesire03/01/183.83

Online Lovers Finally Meet

 — We've been friends for years. Today we finally meet. by DarkHungers09/04/154.49

Only a Character

 — An actress grapples with attraction to her co-star. by howwonderfullifeis05/11/173.55

Ooh La La Pt. 01

 — Your shy French girlfriend wants to learn how to please you. by Eves_Garden09/08/164.47


 — You catch EZ. by EZCollegeGrl09/15/164.66HOT

Open Arms

 — My arms opening to you. by cameramike04/05/114.21

Opening Available

 — Submit yourself for consideration. by TheVoiceInside08/30/113.00

Oral Fixation

 — Talking about oral sex leads to threeway fantasy. by funluvinaj05/31/184.51HOT

Oral Pleasure

 — It's all about you... by Mirage02/01/124.48

Oral Stimulation

 — Audio oral sex for the ladies. by WuddaWad09/27/123.76


 — Just a quickie. by TheVixen03/13/154.02

Orgasm Diary 001

 — First installation into the Orgasm Diary. by Dr_Impervious01/15/093.92

Our First Submission

 — This is our first recording we wanted to try. by NaughtyDuo02/03/164.38

Our First Threesome

 — You surprise me with an extra cock. by RoyalBrain10/20/174.29

Our First Time (I Love You)

 — Tonight, we say goodbye to your virginity. by British Filth05/21/134.51HOT

Our Little Secret

 — What happens next is between you and me... by British Filth05/20/144.31

Our Little Secret

 — She loves being your naughty little secret. by SweetSam4208/06/144.44

Our Morning After

 — The morning after our wedding night, trying something new. by DanWants06/01/11HOT

Our Night In

 — A rainy night means we stay in... by Surfer_Rod10/23/124.48

Our Secret

 — A short story. by EZCollegeGrl09/02/164.54HOT

Our Weekend

 — After chatting online, you make our fantasies a reality. by SophiesBoss12/07/184.36

Out of Control

 — I need to be fucked... like the whore that I am. by funluvinaj11/30/174.47

Out on the Balcony

 — She saw you at the office, and wanted you. by Rikki_1310/06/093.93

Outdoor Adventure

 — She describes an erotic trip on a new motorcycle. by MikeyLoves26912/23/084.03

Over the Rainbow Ch. 02

 — Tara's phone sex and then some... by Tara_Neale08/12/144.45

Ownership of a Good Girl

 — My bedroom needs seek fulfilling. by BoyfromEngland07/01/164.59HOT


 — I have to go away. by TheGreyKnight10/29/154.12

Packing It In ... 1941 Packard

 — Packing it in ... the front seat of vintage Packard. by ditto7901/28/14

Paddle Ball

 — You've heard of blue ball. Get ready for red! (two voices - M/F) by ChickadeeLittle10/12/173.62

Paging John

 — John's girl tells him just how much misses him. by rydia5702/23/054.26

Pain Relieving Comfort Sex

 — You make all the pain drift away my sexy loved one. by BoyfromEngland07/08/164.31

Painslut Instructional

 — Graphic content advisory: Verbal abuse and degradation. by TheGreyKnight06/29/154.32

Panties Jack-off

 — I take a pair of your used panties and use them by jedimindtrik08/06/143.50

Papa Joe

 — They meet in their dreams. by Erotica_Writings05/16/053.66

Park Masturbation

 — She buys her first dildo and uses it quickly. by koalagirl109/08/094.07

Part 01: Attorney's Lil Secretary

 — Attorney EZ has a chat with her sexy secretary, Nippie1. by EZNippie6910/27/164.10

Part 01: With My Mouth

 — She imagines what it'd be like to pleasure you. by Girl_Grace09/01/09


 — You find what you've been seeking at a party. by Mirage11/30/114.47

Passionate Sex after a Long Day

 — Let me take care of you... by MaryBellows197902/02/194.23


 — Four minutes of pleasure done on a dare. by AbsintheGrrl03/26/074.24

Peeper Captured

 — Peeper wakes up restrained. by BlueMaestro02/22/113.77

Penetrating You

 — I finally take you. by southernDraw08/07/13

Pent Up

 — After a week without orgasm I am eager to get off with you. by Nasty_Man02/04/153.53


 — An illicit rendezvous. by Mirage02/09/124.46

Peppermint Pussy-Fire in the Hole Pt. 01

 — Sir trains his slave with Peppermint Oil Extract. by ditto7901/07/13

Peppermint Pussy-Fire in the Hole Pt. 02

 — Continuation of Sir's Session with his Slave by ditto7902/05/13

Peppermint Pussy-Fire in the Hole Pt. 03

 — Continuation of Sir's Session with His Slave. by ditto7902/05/13HOT

Peppermint Pussy-Fire in the Hole Pt. 04

 — Conclusion of Sir's Session with His Slave. by ditto7902/05/13HOT


 — A woman succumbs to Loki and her weapon, Mind Killer. by theravenfox08/12/144.54HOT

Perfect Fit

 — Moans, Growls, Cums...Mmmm by InMyHands11/22/184.25

Perfect Girl

 — She's perfect for me. by ChickadeeLittle08/24/174.31

Perfect Strangers

 — Finally meeting for the first time. by Surfer_Rod04/08/144.54HOT

Perfecting the Act (Audio)

 — Audio version of a story currently in Mind Control section. by Dutchboy5111/29/183.00

Perks of Being the Boss

 — A husband lets the contractor use his wife. by LushinLace11/23/174.41

Personal Blowjob

 — just a quickie. by southernDraw06/11/13

Peter Calls Jenny and She's Ready!

 — Peter calls Jenny one night after chatting with her online. by PlayingPeter12/15/103.51

Peter has a Talk with Quinne

 — Peter has a talk with Quinne about why she was late. by PlayingPeter03/08/113.83

Peter Punishes Himself for Mistress

 — Naughty Peter spanks his ass red for Kira. (2 voices M/F) by PlayingPeter12/07/103.62

Peter's Early Morning with Janie

 — Peter sees Janie login early morning & asks if she's horny. by PlayingPeter03/29/113.63

PhatHo - Trance Sexual

 — Erotica set to the sounds of trance electronica. by Beckman09/06/044.10

Phone Call

 — You receive a phone call at home. by Mirage12/27/114.42

Phone Fun

 — After months of cyber, she gets a call. by Desire_Girl05/17/07

Phone Quickie

 — You call me while masturbating and invite me to join. by RoyalBrain03/22/184.03

Phone Session

 — You're away for work. I remind you of what you're missing. by RoyalBrain06/21/184.45

Phone Sex with My Master

 — How she sounds getting off. by subslut4006/07/113.61

Phone Sex: Cum with Me

 — We're apart...but we can still make each other cum. by Eves_Garden08/11/164.48

Phone Slut

 — A conversation between a Dom and a sub. by chickle01/29/074.43


 — A phone sex scenario. by Dr_Impervious02/02/104.01


 — Showing off for the camera. by cameramike06/29/152.85

Piano Lesson

 — A piano lesson leads to something more. by Mirage04/03/154.17

Pick Out Something Nice

 — Because when you're happy, I feel amazing xx by BoyfromEngland10/06/164.58HOT


 — A picnic in the park leads to some naughty fun. by Mirage09/25/144.56HOT

Pillow Play

 — Naughty girl riding her pillow and trying not to be heard. by theangeloftemptation07/27/174.24

Pinch them Please

 — I’m too nervous to get my nipples pierced. by LushinLace06/22/174.55HOT

Pinch, Pull...Cum

 — Nipple play. by InMyHands08/16/184.09

Pint House Loving

 — You and EZ share a romantic evening. by EZCollegeGrl08/04/164.30


 — More like "fuck like a pirate day" yoho. by TheGreyKnight06/18/154.18

Pit Stop

 — A quick stop to pee in a bush. What could go wrong? by Xyta_Midnyte06/14/184.06

Pizza Girl Gangbang

 — You show up late to deliver our pizza... by Mirage04/13/173.88

Plane to London

 — Asleep, sitting next to a stranger, I think he touched me... by Pinkpeony10106/20/123.49

Plans For You

 — Premeditated pleasure of your frame is my only aim. by yblack504/06/174.60HOT


 — Why only watch when you can play along? by yourcockismine01/04/142.86

Play Again

 — Why only watch when you can play along? by yourcockismine01/09/144.43

Play Along

 — She wants you to cum with her. by SweetSam4201/28/144.36

Play Session

 — Listen as I start my day off right. by K_2309/29/164.60HOT

Play Time with My Toys

 — Another audio for my favorite boy toy. by milf_ink06/30/09

Playful Pet Names

 — Morning Loving Chit Chat. by BoyfromEngland06/18/154.63HOT


 — Just me again. by luckygirl1810/09/12

Playing Again

 — Me and a toy. by luckygirl1812/12/12

Playing for Daddy

 — Unscripted masturbation session with multiple orgasms. by Babygirlmindy08/02/184.56HOT

Playing for Sir

 — May I entice you to join me? by redhotbothered11/05/134.26

Playing for You

 — Your Bunny wants to tell you what's on her mind. by BunnyTail05/25/174.50HOT

Playing in Traffic

 — I make a traffic jam a little more interesting with a blowjob. by RoyalBrain02/15/194.60HOT

Playing Pretend

 — She plays with herself and pretends it's all you. by PeytonsPussy08/27/154.48

Playing While Listening To You

 — I play while listening to your audio. by jaymasters4501/05/174.49

Playing with Daddy's Good Girl

 — Daddy's gone away, and so the kittens will play. by tarkustrooper12/19/143.89

Playing with my G-Spot

 — My body gets some special treatment as I play with my G-Spot. by Prcious102/15/194.33

Playing with My Sissy Bitch

 — Whispered fun and games with my Sissy Bitch. by Xyta_Midnyte04/05/183.93

Playing with Myself

 — I was cumming over and over so I decided to record one! :) by littlekitten73809/15/154.28


 — Listen in as she cums hard playing by herself. by sweetjenny23307/06/103.82


 — No story or fantasy, just you and me. by Surfer_Rod10/12/114.47


 — Let's play an edging game together. by pure_bliss09/03/134.32


 — Spare a few minutes and come play with me... by British Filth02/14/144.35

Playtime in the Park

 — Just us together in the park at night. by Babydoll65532108/12/144.49

Playtime Pt. 02

 — By popular demand... by Surfer_Rod03/21/134.45

Playtime with AJ

 — AJ plays with Daddy (not incest) & has lots and lots of fun! by funluvinaj12/21/174.67HOT

Playtime with My Pussy and You

 — JOI for Sexy Women and Sexy Men!! by theangeloftemptation10/12/173.75

Playtime with Princess

 — Princess talks to Daddy and then they play. by twistedwench08/30/184.32


 — She needs your help. by bisexplicit05/16/054.49

Please Don't Say No...Not This Time

 — I've been waiting too, give it up. by tarkustrooper05/18/173.74

Please Fill Me Up

 — Please cum in me Daddy. by AmeliaCharles07/19/183.24

Please Let Me Cum

 — Just some edging to start the new year off right. by Prcious101/03/194.13

Please Let Me Love You - Lesson 01

 — Her training begins. by junejune07/31/073.43

Please Master

 — I want you so bad; won't you please give me a reward? by Oknaw08/15/124.38

Please Me

 — Taking care of her man. by yblack507/07/174.25

PLEASE Sit On My Face!

 — She wants your pussy on her face, and she wants it NOW! by tarkustrooper09/16/144.14

Please Squirt All Over Me

 — Suddenly, I find myself extremely thirsty...indulge me? by tarkustrooper03/13/153.83

Please Stay The Night

 — You rescue me from an embarrassing situation. by theangeloftemptation03/29/184.50HOT

Please Wreck My Hole

 — I need my pussy wrecked for my new boyfriend. by LushinLace05/10/184.56HOT

Please Wreck My Other Hole

 — I need my ass stretched out before my boyfriend comes home. by LushinLace09/27/184.50HOT

Please, Fuck Me.

 — I woke up so horny... by mgrrl_3511/08/184.63HOT

Please, Please, PLEASE Fuck Me!

 — Waiting 10 days to cum has brought out the slut in me. by tarkustrooper12/11/143.73

Please, Sir?

 — She begs desperately to be used. by litjosie02/03/094.44

Please, Sir? Pt. 02

 — She begs her boss to use her again. by litjosie07/14/094.38

Pleasing My Master

 — She does what he tells her - willingly. by ima6uldv806/30/094.16

Pleasing Myself

 — Pleasuring myself to your sounds. by MidoriDal09/07/173.92

Pleasure at Work

 — He finds release unexpectedly. by anenglishmanabroad11/06/124.28

Pleasure by Candlelight

 — "Come with me into the candle light.." by MaskedLion11/24/094.20

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