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Why Femdom BDSM

 — One submissive's encouraging words to budding female dommes. by microwave oeuvren07/23/083.10

Why I Give Head

 — A bit of emotional exhibitionism about a quirk of hers. by StressingAsian01/30/074.61HOT

Why I Hate Canadians Ch. 02

 — Black American's thoughts on real life in Canada. by Samuelx07/01/101.15

Why I Like Porn

 — Why you like porn, too. by Lothario the Great07/20/044.48

Why I Love Black Men

 — An inadequate exploration of interracial love. by wife2hotblk01/18/093.99

Why I Love Lesbian Porn

 — It's obvious to some, for some it's more. by Dj_Maximus08/19/023.81

Why I Prefer Black Women

 — A short essay. by IronDragon06/14/134.58HOT

Why I Prefer Sex Work to Dating

 — What it's like being Trans, and why I prefer sex work. by ShyTammy02/12/174.60HOT

Why I Really Hate Canada

 — Haitian-American reflects on a year in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/06/101.04

Why I Shoot

 — A little background on why I shoot. by JagFarlane03/17/134.68HOT

Why I Will Read Your Work

 — A "catch-all" review for authors about improving writing. by AnnOnymousFantasia05/19/084.19

Why I Write Erotica

 — Because it turns me on. by istanbulnoir01/07/104.00

Why I Write Incest Stories

 — ThomX explains why he writes incest stories. by ThomX11/11/014.08

Why I Write Incest Stories

 — Why I write incest stories. by WFEATHER06/24/094.48

Why Interracial is Fun

 — Cuckolding husband with Interracial. by deborahsue04/28/164.32

Why Is Incest So Hot?

 — Essay on the Incest category. by dirtyjoe6909/16/063.95

Why Is It Hot?

 — My thoughts on facials. by in_use12/23/084.52HOT

Why Momma Was Wrong About Women

 — Don't listen to your Momma about how to treat women! by sirsemega03/08/094.32

Why Porn Matters

 — Shouldn't we all be too busy fucking to bother with porn? by WaltForest09/20/124.59HOT

Why Sex Education Doesn't Work

 — A personal opinion on sex education. by PrincessErin10/22/083.78

Why Sex Isn't Equal

 — Orgasmic differences between genders. by DeniseNoe06/26/084.25

Why They Don't Work

 — Threesomes, doomed from the start. by Chicklet03/19/034.38

Why Us?

 — An exploration of fetishism. by Mareus07/25/103.83

Why Write Incest Erotica?

 — Why do we and can we justify or explain why? by PanzerFeck09/14/164.75HOT

Why YOU Must Enter Survivor 2010

 — Have you always dreamt of being a writer, then don't miss it. by wife2hotblk01/07/103.88


 — Review of a Literotica author. by Bakeboss03/30/104.07

Winging It! 01

 — Mid-life crises: one man's humorous look. by Fyrewing06/05/114.56HOT

Winging It! 02

 — Why touching is important. by Fyrewing06/13/115.00

Wishing on a Star

 — Science helps to make your wishes come true. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/27/103.00

Woman Seen By A Blindman

 — Who women are. by Deighgar09/28/034.22

Women Are Nasty, Too

 — A few myths about women's sexuality. by AppleBiter04/06/054.64HOT

Women Filmmakers and Submission

 — How women directors treat women's submission. by DeniseNoe06/28/084.00

Women Like Porn

 — An important revelation for the sex industry. by PrincessErin10/21/084.61HOT

Women Really Don’t Like Sausage

 — Anatomical incompatibility of men and women. by Everettcb01/24/111.36

Woody Allen at 80

 — 'Irrational Man" Woody Allen! You did it again. by wrdonway08/30/155.00

Words, Words, Words

 — Language, and its use in erotic literature. by Thomas Drablézien02/21/103.67

Writing Healthy Relationships

 — Writing respectfully as/about women, cis or trans. by yumeko04/18/153.98

Writing Literotica Ch. 01

 — One approach to writing. by hickoryfarmer02/09/084.58HOT

Yes, Sir

 — The benefits of obedience in a D/s relationship. by TigersPet09/18/122.90

Your Ideal Lover

 — Why I prefer written erotica to porn. by AdamWashington07/13/134.64HOT

Z'mbutu's World: A Brief Primer

 — Essay on the evolution of Etlaus, a world of sword & sorcery. by Alii Nui02/11/064.50

Zero Tolerance

 — What zero tolerance policies in schools are really teaching by Selena_Kitt12/23/084.61HOT

Zombie Strippers

 — A movie review of Zombie Strippers. by Sean Renaud08/09/093.92

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