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The Venus Experience

 — A review - masturbation by machine. by Ian_Mason10/30/084.18

The Violence of Desire

 — An essay about the depth of our desires. by jjsharshaw09/01/024.40

The Worst of Red

 — A review of my lowest scoring stories on Lit. by RedHairedandFriendly01/25/124.00

Thinking & Sex: It's Not Just Guys

 — Essay on the psychology of sex. by Serenata07/06/023.97

Thinking of My Woman

 — Erotic thoughts of a distant lover. by darkrealm109/29/024.18

This is you,/This is they,

 — The alignment mentality. by Everettcb08/11/123.33

Thoughts of an Alpha Male - I Breed

 —  My bad boy alter ego speaks out. by SlyDog96901/12/124.22

Thoughts on 'Safe, Sane, Consensual

 — Essay examining the building blocks of a BDSM relationship. by slutty_jannelle08/08/074.20

Thoughts on Anonymous Comments

 — One Lit Author's thoughts & humor. by V.Rich03/05/044.62HOT

Thoughts on Cuckolding

 — Discussion of cuckolding and its implications for participants. by Youami03/30/183.82

Thoughts on Sibling Relationships

 — Reflections on taboos and relationships. by jimbo195602/20/174.64HOT

Thoughts On Size

 — Ruminations on size from a man with a lack of it. by simpleup01/14/074.63HOT

Thoughts on the 12 Steps of Domination

 — Author's views on the Dom's daily role. by QuietlyMakingNoise02/24/063.88

Thoughts On Writing Erotica

 — POVs, plots, pacing, and pudendas. by slitlicker6904/28/064.32Editor's Pick

Three Days of Crying & Prayers

 — If you love animals, this will break your heart. by Julian09/25/093.80

Three Great Films about BDSM

 — Short film reviews, ranking each entry in the bottom to top. by Nick_Faraway09/16/16

Tips Concerning Rimming On-Camera

 — What's the best way to do it? by Nudemodel10/28/024.12


 — Author acknowledges his fetish for breasts. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/21/073.46

To Touch A Man

 — From a woman who loves to touch, taste, smell a man. by not_so_innocent_flirting04/17/034.64HOT

Toe Nail Polish

 — Sex is biological - gender is imaginative. by Peaceful Man05/14/044.19

Tolkien Erotica

 — Sexing up a universe that's very seldom naughty by Barahir10/25/174.68HOT

Top 4 Shows of 2013 for Taboo Sex

 — A look back at some of this year's edgiest sex on TV. by javawarrior12/08/134.07

Torchwood: A Review

 — A review of the sexy BBC series. by KarennaC02/25/083.94

Touched by an Artist

 — A tribute the woman who has awakened him. by vet4202/04/083.29

Training The Submissive In You

 — Relaxation and Orgasm Control Training. by Master_n_Mentor02/15/074.56HOT

Transportation Challenge

 — An Author's Hangout writing exercise. by Coming Together02/14/074.69HOT

Trinity Brown - Voyeur

 — Review of two classic x-rated films... by venomlegions04/01/134.11

TripleD Titties: A Guide to Reality

 — Having a big rack can be fraught with peril. by tangiblemorsel04/23/074.44

Trolling For Sexy Talkers

 — How to find women you like on adult sites by Captain Midnight04/22/04

Trolling For Sexy Talkers Ch. 02

 — 3 months later, he recalls women he knew online. by Captain Midnight08/18/04

Trolling For Sexy Talkers: Conclusion

 — The demise of Sexxxychat: what does it portend? by Captain Midnight07/10/05

Truthy Sperm

 — What does she really feel? by TheErotiX10/18/164.10

Trying to Write a Story

 — I am trying to get myself to think about sex for once. by Rachele06/09/122.75

Tunnel of Love Pt. 05

 — Story-behind-the-story and other DVD extras. by Aruban06/24/104.12

Twenty Great Films, Twenty Great Gifts!

 — For the Movie lover on your list. by lindiana12/14/053.78

Twenty Questions

 — Jasmine answers questions from readers. by silkstockingslover12/29/174.84HOT

Twice-Told Tales

 — In defense of returning to the well. by CeliaisAliena05/23/104.31


 — Book review of the novel by Stephenie Meyer. by PrincessErin12/27/083.00

Two Dogs Fucking

 — Life is like 'two dogs fucking'. by My Erotic Tale05/24/053.90

Two To Three Times Daily

 — Ramblings from a compulsive masturbator. by estories6909/19/024.29

Types of Cuckolds

 — A Guide. by cuckwhofucks06/10/144.10

Understanding the Sublime

 — Examining cuckolding from its rewards and motivation. by roomfor1more07/19/113.48

Unforgettable Hairdresser Greg

 — My tribute to a student hairdresser I'll never forget. by DeniseNoe01/16/093.57

Universal Sexuality

 — Sex in the fictional realm, Star Trek & Sci Fi universe. by Shale02/11/024.32

Unsimulated Sex in Mainstream Film

 — Movies are pushing the boundaries; is it good or bad? by cand8608/18/074.00

Use versus Abuse

 — More slave musing. by CherryCummins11/28/053.93

Variations on a Nude Theme

 — Fifteen fifty-word essays on the Nude. by oggbashan06/29/064.14

Viewing My First Porn Movie

 — Was the Golden Age that great? by gunhilltrain05/27/184.13NEW

Violence in Writing

 — I want a hero, not a weapon strapped with pecks. by RC_of_Doom01/21/114.40

Voting and Comments

 — An essay for writers. by 49greg07/15/134.27

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

 — Evidence of the difference between voyeurism/exhibitionism. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/13/083.13

Waiter, There's a Lump in My Breast

 — Author's tale of fear, surgery and recovery. by MagicaPractica12/24/074.60HOT

Want to Combat Climate Change? Advo

 — How advocating for sexual choice can help the environment. by quietmalelife04/28/162.00

We Are Frankenstein

 — Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the bereaved mother. by unpredictablebijou07/04/074.33

We Are Gathered Together...

 — Plan for a nondenominational Neopagan wedding celebration. by Remec01/22/042.50

We Were All Fucked Up By Feminism

 — Post-feminist guy has an epiphany. by PrinceThelo01/16/093.97


 — Sample commands from a blog community. by WFEATHER09/22/094.82HOT

Wet Dream

 — Review of 'Wet Dream', an oil painting by Jaisini. by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb10/11/003.45Contest Winner

What Are You Thinking

 — A Black Man's thoughts on black relationships. by indianaboi3308/27/073.45

What Defines a Lady?

 — Does being a Lit writer qualify her as a Lady? by Brookell05/12/074.14

What Do Women Want?

 — They want to feel emotions. by smy3th04/28/054.55HOT

What Does Descriptive Writing Mean?

 — A short essay on my views on verbose in a story. by RedHairedandFriendly02/13/124.21

What Goes Around Comes Around. Not.

 — A small essay about the author DanielQSteele1's storyworld by Mousse909/05/104.20

What I Don't Understand

 — One author's view on feedback. by Goldeniangel08/08/054.73HOT

What I Learned From Anony

 — "True love" - why you can't win. by justbobkc08/09/174.06

What If There Is No Global Warming?

 — What if my government lied to me and all of us...again? by andtheend04/12/103.37

What is Beauty?

 — The search for & discovery of beauty. by Toxico12/20/034.13

What is Literotica?

 — A fancy name, or a pointer to the content? by starrkers11/28/084.23

What Is Polyamory?

 — An essay on the history of Polyamory. by darkgoddess247802/13/054.65HOT

What is Sexy?

 — Lack of sexual stimulation--does that make one asexual? by MissO05/31/054.21

What Jeanie Loves

 — Things she loves for you to do to her. by JeanieOfUDreams10/02/014.40

What Kinda Clit You Got?

 — Inquiring minds want to know. by bbcbarry903312/20/174.32

What Makes You Cum?

 — Ramblings on the theme of sexual enjoyment. by WillOxford11/13/084.20

What Really Is Cheating?

 — Author's view on what constitutes cheating. by SEVERUSMAX03/12/074.49

What Sex Scandals Mean

 — Political sex scandals force us to face the sexual reality. by WaltForest09/07/133.60

What's Been In Me?

 — Author answers recently-asked question. by Marilynmwf06/06/054.49

What’s the Difference: Is the Sex Act...

 — A essay about act of sex. by History Nut10/01/114.33

When Good Men Do Nothing

 — that evil enough? by Everettcb07/30/124.29

When the Cubs Win the World Series

 — Less politickin' & more good lovin'. by l8bloom10/11/074.32

Where Do We Draw The Line?

 — One author's opinion on free expression & censorship. by angelicminx05/19/054.66HOT

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

 — Author's unfortunate but persistent attraction to smokers. by bourbonslut04/08/074.10

Which God, If Any?

 — A look at God and the Bible. by wistfall104/24/14

Whips: A Review

 — Information on variety & uses of whips. by Joseki Ko06/27/044.20

Who Are You?

 — Optimists vs. Pessimists - similarities and differences. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.61HOT

Who Cares Where a Page Breaks?

 — My rationale for irritating almost everyone. by A_Bierce03/02/184.46

Who is Hornier?

 — Is it men or women who are more interested in casual sex? by Boxlicker10108/27/084.05

Who is the Chump?

 — A short, probably heavy-handed essay: giving love to a cheat. by sirsemega01/16/104.53HOT

Who is the Writer, SusanJillParker?

 — An up close, personal look at the writer behind the stories. by SusanJillParker04/25/12HOT

Who Wants to be a Shieldmaiden?

 — Let's get Eowyn laid, shall we? by Barahir10/30/174.50HOT


 — Freddie reflects on the quality or lack thereof of life. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER11/21/073.38

Why a Plump Woman Is Better

 — My list of reasons why... by hotturkey05/02/064.60HOT

Why a Rape and Impregnation fetish?

 — Answer to the FAQ of "How did I develop my fetish?" by Christie05278005/03/034.58HOT

Why a Stud Ranch For Women Won't Work

 — Why gigolo fantasies are simply fantasies. by DeniseNoe07/13/084.08

Why Black Love is Eternal

 — Why Black Love will never die. by Samuelx10/23/102.75

Why Cripple Sex is Not a Fetish

 — An opinion essay on disabled sexuality. by kittycalamity02/15/174.55HOT

Why Dis Saggy Tits?

 — The argument against the discrimination of saggy breasts. by Azuldrgon07/16/094.67HOT

Why do I write, by SusanJillParker?

 — As if a sudden epiphany, I ask myself, Why do I write? Why? by SusanJillParker09/15/14HOT

Why Do I Write?

 — Thoughts on why I write erotica. by WFEATHER01/05/084.86

Why Do Men Love Doggystyle So Much?

 — But there are other benefits as well... by AJQuick07/29/134.43

Why Do We Do This?

 — Why write erotica? What do we hope for from our readers? by ldrequiv04/13/104.36

Why Even Bother?

 — Essay on the UN Climate Change. by JagFarlane04/07/143.77

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