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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Babes in the Woods

 — Two friends are liberated by lust on a camping trip. by LacieLovegood04/09/124.16

Baby and Lover

 — Girrlfriends meet out back for a smoke break. by Darling_Nikki2508/02/103.83

Baby Dyke

 — 18 yo lesbian has a birthday she won't forget. by dyketykeinva06/28/104.30

Baby It's Cold Outside

 — Sugar and Spice and everything Nice! by monamante12/31/114.57HOT

Baby Teeth

 — A young woman decides to put her baby teeth under her pillow. by blondsubles03/28/174.33

Zara's Stilettos

 — Zara gets sexy birthday gift from Dani & Racquel. by BrettJ01/23/064.17

Zekia & Trina

 — Two ebony women find each other. by HornyEbony04/21/012.85

Zita's New Apartment

 — Coed finds what she didn't know she sought. by 11pm09/30/064.52HOT

Zita's New Apartment Ch. 02

 — She gets to know her new roommates. by 11pm10/28/064.47

Zita's New Apartment Ch. 03

 — Zita continues her ride in the back seat with a lesbian. by 11pm02/22/074.36

Zita's New Apartment Ch. 04

 — She can't hold back any longer. by 11pm04/06/074.47


 — A selection from 'Imperfect Beauty'. by sweetnpetite11/12/044.63HOT


 — A lingerie party gets out of hand. by jjcole09/03/074.42

Zoe & Denise

 — She lusts for sexy coworker. by shy_january01/17/014.08

Zoe and Lizzy's Excellent Adventure

 — Beauty Pool Knockout II: just refer right back to the title. by Smokey12506/19/164.88

Zoe Finds Her Truth

 — Discovering her sexuality. by ShyKatrina9803/06/164.06

Zoe Takes Control

 — Zoe forces her roommates to notice her - & each other. by PantyhoseFan10/06/074.48

Zoe's Night Out

 — Zoe finds two new friends to show her the ropes. by Bethicus1806/29/014.34

Zoe's Vacation

 — Zoe takes a trip to Austrailia to meet Sarah! by PrincessZoe04/27/104.21

Zoe: Queen of the City Ch. 01

 — Promiscuous blonde learns from strong-willed redhead. by daprich4904/05/124.74HOT

Zoey and Me

 — My first time with a woman in college. by HereKumsKatie09/12/134.69HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 02

 — My second time with Zoey in college. by HereKumsKatie10/06/134.73HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 03

 — Zoey and I get an unexpected lesson in anal play! by HereKumsKatie10/07/134.68HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 04

 — I go one on one with Sam - lesbian butt play and then some! by HereKumsKatie10/10/134.68HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 05

 — Zoey and me seduce Lindsey! by HereKumsKatie10/11/134.62HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 06

 — Me, Zoey, Lindsey & Sam and then just me and Lindsey. by HereKumsKatie10/11/134.75HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 07

 — Lindsey and I explore my new toy. by HereKumsKatie10/13/134.71HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 08

 — I pose nude for Beth and have a remarkable time! by HereKumsKatie10/18/134.74HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 09

 — Beth and me. Lindsey and me. And a little bit of Zoey! by HereKumsKatie10/20/134.75HOT

Zoey and Me Ch. 10

 — Lindsey seduces Sam with interesting results! by HereKumsKatie10/29/134.80HOT

Zoey's Perfect Man is a Girl

 — We can all be surprised where love will take us. by foxyfiona01/22/174.67HOT


 — A fitness instructor is taken in the locker room. by co102905/29/083.80

Zumba 01

 — A girl's first same-sex experience has serious consequences. by Auria08/19/104.26

Zumba 02

 — Lisa gives in to seduction by Megan and Megan's friend. by Auria08/20/104.56HOT

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