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Lesbian Sex Stories

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"A Little Girl on Girl Time!"

 — Kelly and Crystal meet for a HOT lunch break! by kellyjojo11/14/164.44

"Can I Lick Your Pussy?" She Asked

 — A tale of a lesbian inquisitiveness. by Bazzza12/21/064.18


 — A fantasy about women's soccer. by leBonhomme07/24/154.12


 — A hotel maid vows retribution after being carelessly dumped. by Smokey12501/13/164.41

"Housekeeping!" Ch. 02

 — Lilly finds out the May hours have brought her June Flowers. by Smokey12508/01/174.69HOT

"Lady, you buy me some gin?"

 — Eighteen yr old girl's thirst awakens woman's hunger. by JimBob4405/04/174.36

"Stocking Tales": Boss's Pet

 — College student is drawn into the world of sexual submission. by silkstockingslover03/02/154.72HOTContest Winner

"What's My Name...?"

 — A raunchy dream I had with a woman I had never met. by amityxo10/30/133.91

"When did you start to shave?"

 — College freshman roommates discover they both want to. by leBonhomme06/25/154.36

"Who's Boat is This?"

 — A continuation of a torrid affair. by herslave42003/02/093.95

'Braska Ch. 01: O'er the Barrel

 — Cat gets a bit rowdy at the tavern and Cole isn't having it. by maria1eshu05/21/194.27

'Braska Ch. 02: Hustlin'

 — Cat hits it off with Kim, but who runs the better hustle? by maria1eshu05/22/194.52HOT


 — My wife treats me to hours of pleasure. by LovingLesbianWife01/27/154.01

- 3AM -

 — A one-off slice of life; long after dusk, well before dawn. by MoreHeatThanLight02/27/194.52HOT

...I'll Call YOU

 — Patty Dimberg's 23rd birthday party, 2nd try, and aftermath. by Smokey12504/11/194.00

05 - Angel of Mercy

 — Two very different women are brought together by a tough job. by AnAngelReally01/04/174.66HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 01

 — Some would call her a pussy-hound; she would agree.... by boo_dreaux07/15/114.26

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 02

 — Tess and Dr. Willie's relationship heats up. by boo_dreaux07/19/114.44

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 03

 — Tess and Jean entertain Dr. Willie and her friend. by boo_dreaux07/29/114.56HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 04

 — Jean experiences her masturbatory fantasy. by boo_dreaux08/15/114.48

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 05

 — Decisions are made for the new semester. by boo_dreaux08/31/114.54HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 06

 — The aftermath of The First Annual Girls Night Soiree. by boo_dreaux09/05/114.56HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 07

 — So who's really in control? Tess or Dr. Willie. by boo_dreaux09/13/114.57HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 08

 — Step-sis was coming for a visit and Tess couldn't wait.... by boo_dreaux09/19/114.52HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 10

 — Tess survives Thanksgiving with her parents. by boo_dreaux10/05/114.47

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 11

 — Semester pressures and boredom lead Tess to.....? by boo_dreaux10/09/114.54HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 12

 — The Three Amigoes were now two after the Summer. by boo_dreaux10/16/114.64HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 13

 — Tess guides a teenager around campus... by boo_dreaux10/30/114.54HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 14

 — Tess takes on the role of teacher with Meg. by boo_dreaux11/03/114.58HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 16

 — It wouldn't be Christmas as usual for Tess and Jo. by boo_dreaux11/10/114.49

1,001 Nights: Day 03

 — Sara. by sensualwriter10/25/064.08

10 Licks for Christmas

 — A lesbians dream gift. by chimicawriting09/20/154.32

10 Minutes

 — How long is it from lust to love? by M-Y-Erotica10/08/054.64HOT

10 O'Clock

 — I bite my lip as I wait for the clock to hit 10 pm. by YourHopelessRomantic02/03/123.94


 — A mundane flight turns electric thanks to a napping stranger. by Bluegrassemily03/02/164.71HOT

1714 Ch. 01

 — A sex slave is discovered by pirates on a trade ship. by TeresaAnn08/31/164.24

18 Today Ch. 02

 — Bisexual girl gets a gift from older lover. by Anna Maria_2511/12/044.34

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Forever 01

 — The story continues. by MercuryLove3105/24/154.80HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Forever 02

 — The story continues. by MercuryLove3102/18/164.76HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Forever 03

 — The story continues. No sex. by MercuryLove3106/16/174.85HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Tomorrow

 — Violence brings 2 women together. Part 2.5 of 3. by MercuryLove3107/16/114.69HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Tomorrow 02

 — Violence brings 2 women together. Part 2.75. by MercuryLove3112/10/134.76HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Tomorrow 03

 — Violence brings 2 women together. Part 2.80 by MercuryLove3104/13/144.79HOT

180 Degrees-Tae & Vicky's Tomorrow 04

 — Violence brings 2 women together. Final. by MercuryLove3105/12/154.89HOT

180 Degrees-Tae's Yesterday

 — Girl finds trouble in the hood. by MercuryLove3105/06/104.44

180 Degrees-Vicky's Today

 — Violence brings 2 women together. No sex. Part 2 of 3. by MercuryLove3105/07/104.65HOT

18th Birthday

 — A sexy girl-on-girl experience on my 18th birthday. by SistaSledge07/30/093.48

1st Time With Mother In Law

 — My lesbian mother in law seduces me. by niindel07/31/103.71

1st Time With Mother In Law Ch. 02

 — My lesbian mother in law seduces me again. by niindel08/04/104.03

2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 01: Do You Want That?

 — Two women change their lives. by ExperiencedStoryteller09/22/184.46

2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 02: The Flower

 — 'Out' and about the first time as a couple. by ExperiencedStoryteller09/11/184.22

2 Mistresses: A Study in Seduction

 — 2 powerful women seduce straight women in different ways. by silkstockingslover12/18/154.67HOT

2 Mistresses: Different Styles

 — Two dommes train straight women in very different ways. by silkstockingslover04/13/164.77HOT

2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 01

 — Submissives learn that every cunt has its own unique flavor. by silkstockingslover07/28/164.55HOT

2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 02

 — Submissives are taught to say thank you with their tongues. by silkstockingslover09/21/164.61HOT

2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 03

 — Two women train their pets about obedience in different ways. by silkstockingslover08/18/184.74HOT

2000: My Wife's Prey

 — Wife turns into a girls-hunter to protect her marriage. by gggsss196204/20/074.44

2015 - Kiss Me, You Fool

 — Mia and Tia find a new sister, but she's skittish. by AnAngelReally08/24/164.85HOT


 — Invitation leads to another world - or does it? by angelmichael10/25/034.11

30 Days And One Hot Night

 — A simple bet had now become a test of wills. by lovelorn7807/09/124.03

30 Days of Sex - Day 03 Pt. 01

 — Day 3 of Chelsea's journey. Time to explore her sub side. by AZDV09/26/184.04

30 Hours

 — 30 hours with my lover. by Shorthairdontcare04/13/164.35

4-6 Weeks-Wylder Sisters in Alabama

 — Hannah & Julianna arrive in Alabama. by succa4luv09/06/143.89

4-for-1 Special

 — Strange inventory in a supermarket. by petemgurk10/24/073.65

5 Floors of Claire's Submission

 — She meets her idol (who’s a secret lesbian). by HeyAll10/12/154.62HOT

50 Shades of Sharon Pt. 01

 — Not based on 50SoG, just a very unoriginal title. by TywayAfterDark02/19/154.17

73 Things To Do Ch. 01

 — A mysterious older woman visits a strip club. by nineveritae05/15/134.63HOT


 — Jenny's real...and she doesn't like prank callers. by JukeboxEMCSA04/16/114.45

86th and Park

 — Four women share an apartment; imagine the possibilities. by jernigan09/01/074.19

92.9 KITN, The Kitten That Roars

 — Former bully turns to former victim for help. by JimBob4409/26/184.78HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 08

 — Sisters never see the movie. by Wm_Sexspear10/11/024.43

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 11

 — Sisters rub each other the right way. by Wm_Sexspear10/13/024.27

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 40

 — Beth opens Carly's eyes - and thighs. by Wm_Sexspear11/06/024.71HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 41

 — Carly invites Beth to Lynn's surprise party. by Wm_Sexspear11/08/024.60HOT

A Backwoods Awakening

 — Hate killed her life-partner, love will save her woods. by YDB9504/06/134.57HOT

A Bad Day At The Jail: Lesbian Version

 — Convict has fun with Her new cellmate. by sexygirl7610/14/084.10

A Bad Night for Brandi

 — Actually, it turned out to be a pretty good night. by Kansas03/11/034.38

A Bakery, Ruminations & Fucking...

 — Queer femme/d sex, mortality, cuisine, plot, & a strapon. by Shadowsucks02/11/154.74HOT

A Bakery, Ruminations & Fucking... Ch. 02

 — A lesbian sleuth & philandering shrink reconsiders her life. by Shadowsucks02/27/154.78HOT

A Bangin' New Year

 — Two enemies are forced to spend New Years together. by Stacie_Maddoxxx01/01/154.78HOT

A Bathroom Encounter

 — Jacks catches the eye of another woman at the bar. by ode2aphrodite11/07/174.15

A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 03

 — Veronica arrives in Key West. by Selena_Kitt09/03/074.68HOT

A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 04

 — Ronnie & Gretchen get reacquainted but Janie remains distant. by Selena_Kitt07/26/094.65HOT

A Beautiful Beast for Christmas

 — For two unlikely people it's still a hopeful Christmas. by TaLtos612/25/134.74HOT

A Beautiful Day

 — A sunbathing session turns into hot sex by greenfly06/23/073.99

A Beautiful Flirty Blond Wife

 — And an equally beautiful black wife. by qualitywheat08/24/144.47

A Beautiful Night

 — A Mistress and Charlotte Playdate. by WaxPhilosophic08/05/174.51HOT

A Beauty Therapist Appointment

 — A visit with a difference - Brazilian; fem; black cock. by bizzylizzy07/20/093.95

A Beggar's Nap

 — Eva's choice. by angiquesophie02/17/184.36

A Benign Something

 — Straight and Lesbian come together. by jtmalone7010/23/054.80HOT

A Best Friend in Need

 — A lesbian first time encounter with best friend. by CoyoteGirl6905/07/074.43

A Best Friend's Duty Pt. 01

 — You can always count on your best friend... by candy_squirt06/08/194.28

A Bird's Eye View

 — Voyeur is entranced by surprise lesbian lovers. by Lia Monde12/03/14HOT

A Birthday Favor Ch. 01

 — An erotic Bi encounter between two roomates. by ladywolf52608/23/044.02

A Birthday Favor Ch. 02

 — Second half of surprise is a bi experience. by ladywolf52609/03/044.16

A Birthday Surprise

 — Julie has a Birthday she'll never forget. by TheReticentWriter07/08/174.62HOT

A Birthday Surprise For Three

 — Two friends make more than a cake. by 1seeyou6902/18/144.40

A Birthday to Remember

 — Jenny's life starts to take an alternative path. by Mandyxxx4210/12/124.29

A Birthday to Remember Ch. 02

 — Helen helps Jenny celebrate her birthday. by Mandyxxx4210/20/124.55HOT

A Birthday to Remember Ch. 03

 — Jen remembers her night with Helen. by Mandyxxx4210/25/124.15

A Bisexual Cucumber Salad

 — Bi wife gets to know the woman she desires. by MysticSwing09/15/014.18

A Bisexual Haircut

 — I am seduced by a 23 year old hair stylist. by Catmoore10/18/144.62HOT

A Bitter Rivalry

 — A catfight decides who the better woman really is. by StoneKidman01/16/173.85

A Bittersweet Moment

 — Two women have a passionate fight. by LovelySweetDream01/05/134.02

A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 03

 — White butch dominates black femme. by Samuelx04/26/102.73

A Black Lesbian Holiday

 — Black lesbian athlete meets woman of her dreams. by Samuelx01/08/092.80

A Black Lesbian's Haitian Wife

 — Life and times of two Haitian lesbians in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/06/191.85

A Blackmailling Bitch

 — Susan agrees to be Jenny's slut for a night. by TheDarkCloud06/20/054.24

A Body to Worship

 — Friends end up in a lusty night to remember. by Yuppers77701/05/023.76

A Bottle of Merlot

 — Merlot for the new neighbor celebrates more than expected. by marybethf10/29/064.31

A Box of Milk Duds, Please

 — Patti and Jennifer 'meat' at the theater. by RavenSSS02/24/104.21

A Brazilian Birthday Present

 — Young brazil hooker can be quiet a birthday. by pussylove6908/21/034.43

A Breath of Forever Ch. 2

 — Rebecca gets by with a little help from Stacy. by dgthomas08/09/024.21

A Breath of Forever Ch. 3

 — The girls get together. by dgthomas08/09/024.15

A Breath of Forever Ch. 4

 — Rebecca and Stacy pick up where they left off. by dgthomas08/10/024.31

A Breath of Fresh Air

 — When dreams come true. by elphinberry12/21/134.16

A Bride and Cheat by Rita

 — About women's fall in love, finally married and cheats. by reeta07/24/094.28

A Bride's Request

 — A bride has a fantasy before she gets married. by KansasTrouble01/27/104.16

A Brighton Weekend Pt. 01

 — Lesbian "Seduction?" by Aimie246906/19/154.57HOT

A Brighton Weekend Pt. 02

 — Continued Lesbian Encounter. by Aimie246906/20/154.74HOT

A Brilliant Plan Ch. 01

 — Two women devise a plan to get the man they both desire. by AndySchmidd10/31/124.29

A Broken Mind

 — Tessa gets a piece of Lili that she desperately needed. by loveyou1812/31/184.42

A Broken Woman Can Still Heal

 — An abused woman overcomes her demons and tries to find love. by -Ripley-11/14/134.85HOT

A Capitol Couple Pt. 06

 — Stephanie and Ella have a late night at the office... by OHcpl071012/12/184.57HOT

A Challenge

 — She's given the ultimate taste test. by StarryEyz10/09/003.48

A Chance Affair

 — Two women discover their shared past. by Alex the Cat11/13/044.81HOT

A Chance Encounter

 — She spends lusty weekend with lovely Colleen. by Trish Martin10/11/004.26

A Chance Encounter

 — Hannah meets a hot older lady at the movies. by gen_man6907/09/074.32

A Chance Encounter Ch. 1

 — Girl spices up a train conductor's late shift. by CrazyBlade01/25/023.93

A Chance Meeting?

 — Two women meet and begin a highly erotic, relationship. by laffalot03/07/124.41

A Change in Lifestyle

 — Straight Erin discovers Kelly. by Sxxyangl10/09/003.92

A Change of Direction

 — New beginnings. by Ann Douglas12/08/174.76HOT

A Change of Direction

 — Michelle finds herself drawn to Sarah after Brad dumps her. by jackie_em05/28/194.73HOT

A Change of Habit

 — Fun in a convent. by me_thestoryteller04/09/123.59

A Change of Plans

 — Two women and a torrid affair. by herslave42002/23/094.15

A Change of Plans?

 — Rob isn't at work, so what's poor Leilah to do? by Colleen Thomas06/16/024.59HOT

A Change of Seasons Ch. 1

 — Friends reunite with mixed feelings. by kronan12/13/003.64

A Change of Seasons Ch. 2

 — Kelly discovers her lesbian side. by kronan01/09/013.93

A Chemical Moment

 — Allison falls in love with her college roommate. by Salish05/22/144.74HOT

A Childhood Game

 — Maddie and I finally hook up at my sleepover. by babyred9907/31/123.67

A Chinese in the Red-Light District

 — Well, Chinese are the sexiest, if you've the eye. by franklovestoplay08/13/183.00

A Choice of Four

 — Staying with les-be-friends has never been such fun. by AVRH03/25/043.72

A Christmas Present for Saga

 — Saga, from Sweden, and I meet, and she gives me a present. by phfina09/21/114.19

A Christmas Wreck-oning

 — When feuding Sisters-in-law are left alone, sparks fly. by Rivals_Rapture12/11/18

A Clandestine Affair

 — A spontaneous encounter more planned out than you know. by SymphonicBliss09/09/064.35

A Clandestine Affair

 — I entered the boardroom... by Dawns03/09/123.86

A Cleaning Affair

 — New cleaning girl walks in on woman of the house. by HeatherAnne1205/11/183.97

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 01

 — Two new college roommates indulge in clichés. by PointSix03/02/184.50HOT

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 02

 — Lily and Rose try to enjoy their last nights of freedom. by PointSix03/05/184.64HOT

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 03

 — Rose and Lily have a day at the park. by PointSix04/22/184.66HOT

A Coed's Sapphic Lusts

 — Megan discovers sapphic anal pleasures on campus. by straponsamantha10/26/034.51HOT

A Coffee Morning Surprise

 — First, sex with internet friend at a coffee morning. by sarahloveitt02/03/074.27

A Coincidence at The Avalon Hotel

 — Will a random coincidence change Jordan's rules? by herslave42006/16/114.66HOT

A Cold Dish Ch. 01

 — A bully and victim reunited. by Nature4all08/10/134.11

A College Girl's Sexual Hazing

 — Girls' first time lesbian sex. by hotangel3x12/19/15

A College of New Perceptions

 — Two girls share more than just a room. by Kary_M08/24/024.43

A College of New Perceptions Ch. 2

 — More of Kelly's & Sandra's explorations. by Kary_M09/04/024.50HOT

A Conspiracy of Circumstances

 — Annie's bi-sexual curiosity tempted fate, and fate won! by derek3302/16/194.60HOT

A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 02

 — Annie gets her just 'desserts!' by derek3304/05/194.40

A Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 01

 — Our heroine makes a sexy new friend. And vice-versa. by fastandsloppy01/01/134.34

A Conversation Online - Paula

 — Paula seeks sex online with another woman. by sarahloveitt09/11/094.27

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 01

 — Two writers of erotica get together. by sarahloveitt10/20/093.87

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 02

 — We have wild virtual sex on line again. by sarahloveitt11/20/09

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 03

 — Clara's sexual demands are overwhelming her! by sarahloveitt01/10/10

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 04

 — Dee has orgasms whilst at a meeting. by sarahloveitt11/27/124.22

A Conversation Online with Dora

 — I seduce Natalie's sister online. by sarahloveitt02/26/114.00

A Conversation Online with Jeannie

 — A college student wants online sex. by sarahloveitt02/24/114.07

A Conversation Online with Julie

 — Julie was a squirter. by sarahloveitt02/28/114.22

A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 01

 — Natalie loses her online virginity. by sarahloveitt09/05/104.13

A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 02

 — Natalie discovers lesbian sex - and likes it. by sarahloveitt09/10/104.13

A Conversation Online with Rose

 — Rose achieves her lesbian ambition. by sarahloveitt09/13/094.71HOT

A Conversation with Alwyn

 — Alwyn wanted sex with her mom. by sarahloveitt11/01/114.21

A conversation with Dee

 — Dee wanted to experience online sex. by sarahloveitt11/11/124.50HOT

A conversation with Dee Ch. 02

 — Dee wanted more online sex. by sarahloveitt11/19/124.40

A conversation with Dee Ch. 03

 — Dee is hooked. by sarahloveitt11/25/124.77HOT

A conversation with Dee Ch. 04

 — Dee has a double during the meeting. by sarahloveitt12/05/124.22

A conversation with Dee Ch. 05

 — Dee plucks up courage. by sarahloveitt12/14/124.12

A conversation with Dee Ch. 06

 — Dee's first encounter with another woman. by sarahloveitt12/15/124.38

A conversation with Dee Ch. 07

 — Dee returns from abroad and wants spanking. by sarahloveitt01/18/134.08

A conversation with Dee Ch. 08

 — Dee enjoys anal sex. by sarahloveitt01/21/134.45

A conversation with Dee Ch. 09

 — 5 am in the USA. by sarahloveitt01/29/133.88

A conversation with Dee Ch. 10

 — The return of Dee. by sarahloveitt07/01/134.62HOT

A Conversation with Diana

 — Di tells me about wanting sex with her daughters. by sarahloveitt04/09/114.07

A Conversation with Emily May Ch. 02

 — Emily came back for more online sex. by sarahloveitt10/22/124.47

A Conversation with Janie Ch. 01

 — Janie lusts after her niece. by sarahloveitt01/09/144.16

A Conversation with Janie Ch. 02

 — I have sex with Janie on line. by sarahloveitt01/10/144.36

A Conversation with Janie Ch. 03

 — Janie seduces Betsy. by sarahloveitt01/10/144.44

A Conversation with Jeannie

 — A brief exchange with Jeannie. by sarahloveitt01/16/134.14

A Conversation with Jinny Ch. 03

 — The daughter joins in the family fun. by sarahloveitt10/02/114.46

A Conversation with Judy

 — Judy wanted to experience another woman. by sarahloveitt07/07/134.52HOT

A Conversation with Karen

 — Mom and daughter and me. by sarahloveitt03/11/113.99

A Conversation with Kate

 — Kate wanted to read our chat on Literorica. by sarahloveitt02/20/134.54HOT

A Cool Summer's Breeze

 — A night's stargazing brings out hidden feelings. by GeekyAsh08/09/113.99

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 01

 — A seduction doesn't go quite as planned. by AVixenLiterally07/01/124.65HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 02

 — Friday: A top gets turned. Saturday: OMG! Saturday!! by AVixenLiterally07/05/124.78HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 03

 — Sunday: An early shock, conference ends, the girls head home. by AVixenLiterally07/09/124.73HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 04

 — Back to work. A surprise & a test of submission for Julia. by AVixenLiterally07/13/124.75HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 05

 — Buzzz, A Holiday Weekend, an adventure and Nikki!! by AVixenLiterally07/22/124.79HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 06

 — A trip to Charlotte & the unthinkable happens. by AVixenLiterally07/27/124.77HOT

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 07

 — Recovery, Lovers Loving, Linda & Kat, Conclusion & Epilogue by AVixenLiterally08/08/124.81HOT

A Crash Course In Losing Virginity Ch. 07

 — She finds friendship, and maybe even love, at work. by andros1401/10/104.20

A Creamy Beach Surprise

 — Sunlotion ends with a very juicy with lady. by pussylove6901/04/034.27

A Cure for Depression

 — Depressed Katie falls prey to an older student. by deebow10103/22/013.47

A Curious Day at the Spa

 — Sherry and Charlotte decided to do some exploring. by tk555501/15/144.19

A Cute Little Valentine's Gift

 — Who keeps leaving the roses? by Brandy Chase09/10/024.67HOTContest Winner

A Damsel in the Tower Pt. 01

 — A jaded housewife has a sexual reawakening. by RosieVelvet02/02/194.10

A Dangerous Game

 — Rachel is very good at getting in over her head. by katiequint10/06/173.87

A Dark and Stormy Night

 — Two friends rediscover each other on a dark and stormy night. by Ann Douglas09/18/184.65HOT

A Date with Destiny

 — Jennifer hires a woman for the evening. by musiclover62812/30/014.18

A Date with Mother Nature

 — A hiker gets in touch with nature. by chocolatecookie304/12/133.80

A Date with The Devil

 — Has Mary Rose bitten off more than she can chew? by LimeyLady12/02/174.53HOT

A Date with The Devil Pt. 02

 — Now Mary Rose really is heading for trouble. by LimeyLady12/19/174.58HOT

A Date with The Devil Pt. 03

 — The trap is closing on Mary Rose. by LimeyLady05/09/184.47

A Date with The Devil Pt. 04 - Final

 — Final Part - Heather to the rescue. by LimeyLady04/19/194.77HOT

A Daughter's Revenge

 — Tracy plans her cheating father's demise. by babylez08/19/054.64HOT

A Dawn Like No Other

 — Gymnasts meet. by Selbryth03/15/07

A Day and a Night in The Sun

 — On vacation in the Caymans, Christina meets a movie star. by ameliedelacroix01/28/114.58HOT

A Day at the Beach

 — An orgy on the beach. by jasminia11/08/023.84

A Day at the Beach

 — An older woman finds love at the beach. by Gudrun08/25/104.21

A Day at the Beach

 — On a deserted beach, two young women give in to temptation. by StealingLight10/18/044.04

A Day at the Gym Ch. 01

 — Gym trip provides a new lesbian lover. by MsLinnet09/22/043.99

A Day at the Gym Ch. 02

 — Rekindled relationship leaves her wanting more. by MsLinnet05/03/054.02

A Day at the Gym Ch. 04

 — Introduction to friend leads to more in the shower. by MsLinnet06/06/053.77

A Day at the Gym Ch. 05

 — Shopping trip leads to another sexual encounter. by MsLinnet06/09/053.61

A Day at the Mall

 — An introspective tomboy discovers hints of femininity. by LovelyBobbie12/06/153.84

A Day at the Nude Beach

 — Two friends reminisce & explore at nude beach. by lstn1drlnd09/12/053.79

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