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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Just Another Trip to the Salon

 — Missy gets an unexpected surprise, and a pedicure. by redhotzazu06/28/084.11

Just As Good

 — A jilted fiancee's first lesbian encounter. by ShagsTheDustmop12/15/043.96

Just Beachy

 — Two girls partake in fun at the beach. by theH04/19/143.54

Just Before Dawn

 — Bodybuilder wakes her girlfriend with demands for attention. by Redtoffee12/09/093.14

Just Being Neighborly

 — Widow learns a shocking secret. by aprilmemories02/19/013.21

Just Driving Around

 — Girl goes further than she meant to. by sevenofnineteen09/20/014.32

Just Enjoy It

 — Sisters toy with reluctant female friend. by Smokeycat01/08/044.15

Just Enough Time

 — Two women share a brief moment of passion. by patricia5105/14/034.18

Just for Fun

 — Sam shows Lily what she's been missing out on. by bustybibbwbabe04/11/084.19

Just Fun Ch. 03

 — Riya & Lisha continue having fun. by enup12/14/083.75

Just Fun Ch. 04

 — Two Indian Bhabhis have their first lesbian experience. by enup07/09/093.64

Just Good Friends

 — Two work friends get closer than they expected. by walkwolf209/06/064.37

Just Good Friends Ch. 01

 — I always thought of her as a 'special' friend. by Scarlett1210/20/104.55HOT

Just Good Friends Ch. 02

 — Mel and I finally get to taste each other. by Scarlett1201/04/114.51HOT

Just Juxtapose

 — Yes, it's a whole lot of trouble. by TMAJO10/17/064.67HOT

Just Like in the Movies Ch. 03

 — Lacy and Amy are on their way to the lingerie store. by keeperoflacy06/16/094.27

Just Like Old Times

 — Jen loves Liz...but Liz is her best friend and straight. by Dracona07/07/054.73HOT

Just Like Riding A Bike

 — A lonely wife visits her old college and meets a pretty stud by patricia5104/03/034.47

Just Like That?

 — Does she dare? by Colleen Thomas02/18/064.77HOT

Just One Kiss

 — Jennifer said just one kiss. As if... by dnchapman03/04/154.10

Just One Night

 — Online friends meet for one night of fun. by LiveCat10/18/124.33

Just One of the Guys

 — She disguises herself as a guy - and finds true love. by manyquestions05/07/094.52HOT

Just One of Those Nights

 — A night with a couple in love. by HeartnSole08/13/114.28

Just One of Those Things

 — She gets together with an old friend. by Ange1icious09/28/083.98

Just Pure Raw Lust

 — Chance encounter with an older lady took me over the edge. by LadySugar11/07/104.24

Just That Kind of Woman

 — Chris sees his wife succumb to an arch-seductress. by atlas36003/06/114.62HOT

Just the Two of Us

 — Two girls have the house to themselves. by Jabeebee07/20/044.39

Just the Two of Us

 — Amy and Laura without their man. by soroborn08/06/113.92

Just Try It

 — She had been burned in love before, could she risk it again? by taknbistorm09/25/064.53HOT

Just Try It Ch. 02

 — What will Jaz do? by taknbistorm01/26/124.23

Just Us

 — A story of lady love. by RavRainz08/27/104.14

Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like

 — Your sexy ex is waiting for you when you get home. by Degausser12/25/144.49

Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 01

 — Running into your ex is hard when you know the sex was great. by Degausser11/19/144.53HOT

Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 02

 — All she wants is to see you come one more time. by Degausser11/23/144.47

Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 03

 — Daisy enjoys a one night stand with a sexy blonde. by Degausser11/27/144.75HOT

Just What She Needed

 — Two girls taking the edge off. by ladyhawk10005/10/064.36

Just What She Needed

 — A woman helps her wife unwind. by DiscreetLover03/08/114.26

Just What She Needs

 — A woman helps her wife unwind. by DiscreetLover03/13/113.94

Justice For Dawn Ch. 01

 — Finale for LONG LIVE THE KINKY by SplitLicker6904/03/114.22

Justice For Dawn Ch. 02

 — Friday Night Fun by SplitLicker6904/04/113.44

Justice For Dawn Ch. 03

 — Surprise whitness. by SplitLicker6904/05/113.90

Justice Gets Served

 — Justice finds more after divorce. by XXNoraJeanXX09/05/074.36

Kacey's Adventure Ch. 01

 — A girl's first experience with a new friend. by chrispnutts11/07/153.68

Kacey's Adventure Ch. 02

 — The second day in Bleden California and things get heated. by chrispnutts11/08/154.18

Kacey's Adventure Ch. 03

 — Kacey takes matters into her own hands. by chrispnutts11/10/154.04

Kansas 1868

 — Two women find each other in post Civil War Kansas. by jessme07/04/063.01

Kara Moves On

 — Kara has new experiences after leaving her boyfriend. by bi_sunshine8611/17/104.13

Karaoke Adventures

 — She never expected to find her tonight. by XXXMare12/13/084.33

Karen & Kylie Ch. 01

 — Suburban wife gets seduced. by RenzaJones10/27/034.50HOT

Karen & Kylie Ch. 02

 — Seduction of the housewife continues. by RenzaJones11/02/034.68HOT

Karen and Kylie

 — An interlude. by RenzaJones08/08/064.63HOT

Karen's Adventure Ch. 1

 — A wife's first lesbian threesome. by yojoeph11/03/014.10

Karen's Adventure Ch. 2

 — Husband joins the threesome. by yojoeph11/04/014.13

Karen's All Girl Party Ch. 3

 — Karen tells her hot story. by yojoeph01/31/024.29

Karen's All Girl Party Ch. 4

 — The ladies gives Brenda her first experience. by yojoeph02/01/023.78

Karen's All-Girl Party Ch. 1

 — Karen invites girlfriend's: Jenny's story. by yojoeph01/25/024.09

Karen's All-Girl Party Ch. 2

 — Linda's shares her story. by yojoeph01/26/024.27

Karen's First Year Ch. 03

 — Karen goes to Jeannie's spa. by MastrStoryTeller11/19/104.50HOT

Karen's First Year Ch. 06

 — Melissa becomes Karen's girl toy. by MastrStoryTeller07/19/144.53HOT

Karen's Massage

 — Karen finds a new pastime. by trappedinside01/28/144.56HOT

Karen's Next Adventure Ch. 1

 — Wives gives husbands a show. by yojoeph11/07/014.11

Karen's Revelations

 — Karen tells her co-workers how she became a lesbian. by SilkenLace02/24/104.45

Karen's Revelations Ch. 02

 — Karen seeks Mayu but finds Simone instead. by SilkenLace02/24/104.56HOT

Karen's Revelations Ch. 03

 — Karen goes to Paris for a seminar and meets Tina. by SilkenLace03/10/104.58HOT

Karen's Revelations Ch. 04

 — Karen reveals how she taught Georgia. by SilkenLace04/07/104.64HOT

Karen's Revelations Ch. 05

 — Beautiful Brenda is Karen's final revelation. by SilkenLace04/25/104.68HOT

Karen's Second Massage

 — Karen returns to meet Claire and Tess. by trappedinside02/05/144.53HOT

Karin's First Time

 — Woman reveals her first lesbian experience. by Tawny T07/17/004.37

Karly's Magical Cock Ch. 01

 — Karly gets her magic cock from the fairy Futanaristi. by annie_slick08/26/154.20

Karmina Ch. 03

 — Julie stumbles upon a shocking scene. Her two girls in bed. by Void_Sprite08/05/114.34

Kat and Liz Go Out of Town

 — Lovers explore San Diego. by SplendidSpunk06/04/104.42

Kat's Cruise Ch. 04

 — Kat and Daisy get to know one another. by Merry_Mack01/04/154.40

Kate & Lucy Ch. 1

 — Two prostitues pick each other up. by AlwaysFalling2108/09/023.68

Kate & Natalie

 — A potential threesome melts into a lesbian meeting. by Sean Renaud08/12/093.46

Kate and Ashley

 — Two girlfriends enjoy each other. by Zgirl87409/14/064.37

Kate and Laura

 — Two lesbians agree to film their best sex ever. by my_michelle04/09/114.34

Kate and M

 — After a small fight M and Kate make up. by brokendarkone06/17/074.27

Kate Tries Another Way And Likes It

 — She explores other options. by baldmisty01/23/063.63

Kate's Headache

 — Kate has a bad headache & stays home from work. by TheEnchantress03/03/074.22

Kate's Other Life

 — Becky's life gets turned upside down by RebeccaBrowning12/06/084.39

Kate's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Older woman gets surprise from young stripper. by OzRobert01/29/033.46

Kate's Trip to the Lake

 — Erica heats up Kate's summer camping trip. by chasing_ivy08/10/074.53HOT

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 03

 — My first time, aged eighteen, with an older Lesbian. by redkathleen02/01/114.44

Kathy at Eighteen

 — Kathy discovers sex-- with a girlfriend, then a stranger. by Paris Waterman12/18/104.17

Kathy Likes Women

 — Straight girl becomes curious, then more curious. by Pelios09/18/044.71HOT

Kathy Likes Women Ch. 02

 — Kathy meets some new friends. by Pelios10/01/044.77HOT

Kathy Likes Women Ch. 03

 —  Kathy goes to college and finds coeds. by Pelios10/08/044.74HOT

Kathy Likes Women Ch. 04

 — Kathy wins Sheila & discovers teachers. by Pelios10/15/044.75HOT

Kathy Likes Women Ch. 05

 — She seduces teacher and makes new friends. by Pelios10/20/044.74HOT

Kathy's Fantasy

 — Her lesbian bondage fantasy is fulfilled. by scorpioblonde108/03/054.21

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 01

 — Lesbian lovemaking as wife and wife. by sugarisnice09/16/084.13

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 02

 — Katie toe fucks Amanda. by sugarisnice09/17/084.19

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 03

 — Amanda keeps Katie busy at work. by sugarisnice09/18/084.40

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 04

 — Fun at home after returning from the beach. by sugarisnice09/20/084.38

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 05

 — Dancing leads to lovemaking & multiple orgasms for Katie. by sugarisnice09/21/084.52HOT

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 06

 — Katie daydreams about Amanda & pleasures herself. by sugarisnice09/22/084.46

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 07

 — Katie takes a pleasurable bath. by sugarisnice09/23/083.95

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 08

 — Amanda sits on Katie's face. by sugarisnice09/23/084.41

Katie and Emma Ch. 01

 — Emma thought she was straight until she met Katie. by Lovely_Emma_2105/02/114.46

Katie and the Boss

 — Young office girl learns to obey her boss. by Crazeems09/08/094.36

Katie Begs Ch. 03

 — The girlfriend and the girl who just blew me get down. by fuckingenglish02/19/114.40

Katie Gets Around Ch. 5

 — Katie and Claudia join forces. by chrisfromlondon02/07/024.47

Katie Gets Over It By Britt's Help

 — What happens when these two leave the movies? by sexplz_x02/07/094.24

Katie Gives Lizzy Her First Orgasm

 — Lizzy finds out her body is capable of more than she thinks. by loveyou1807/19/154.33

Katie's Exploits Ch. 04

 — Katie gets to know Louise better. by swingingpuss06/13/044.48

Katie's First Lesbian Sex

 — While working at a bar, Katie gets introduced to lesbian sex. by stevemike0806601/17/084.16

Katie's First Lesbian Sex Ch. 02

 — Later that night, Katie can't stop thinking about Ashley. by stevemike0806603/02/084.33

Katie's First Lesbian Sex Ch. 03

 — The next morning, Ashley takes total control of Katie. by stevemike0806604/08/084.31

Katie's First Lesbian Sex Ch. 04

 — Samantha introduces Katie to Waxing & Piercing. by stevemike0806601/10/124.13

Katie's First Time

 — Gal penfriends get freaky. by Kat Girl10/13/004.01

Katie's Muscle Journey 002

 — Katie and her friend Penny wrestle with surprising results. by KatieTay08/28/104.02

Katie's Night Out

 — Katie tries to deny what she knows to be true. by katiesadventures10/12/044.46

Katie's Night Out Ch. 02

 — Kira's turn. by katiesadventures11/04/044.26

Katie's Shorts

 — She's horny and sick of peeking. by tightkaro03/26/033.47

Katie's Story

 — Katie's first time lesbian experience. by sexharvester03/29/113.58

Katie, Class President Ch. 03

 — Father's fury. by Zechs19503/13/144.10

Katrina and Mama

 — Daughter's best friend becomes Mama's lover. by pusylvr6903/08/094.75HOT

Katrina and Mama Ch. 02

 — New found lovers explore a little bit more. by pusylvr6903/16/094.86HOT

Katrina to Kat

 — Housewife indulges her fantasies. by ShyKatrina9806/11/153.98

Katrina to Kat Pt. 02

 — Housewife indulges in Lesbian Fantasy. by ShyKatrina9806/16/154.27

Katrina to Kat Pt. 03

 — Housewife indulges in lesbian fantasy. by ShyKatrina9806/17/154.48

Katrina to Kat Pt. 04

 — Housewife falls deeper into her fantasy. by ShyKatrina9806/19/154.38


 — Katy breaks a relationship & is comforted by her friend. by RjThoughts05/14/014.07

Katy and the Girl

 — Office worker has sex with the girl who seduced her boss. by tayla703/31/084.22

Katy Gets a Mommy

 — Katy finds comfort with an older woman. by StressingAsian06/09/074.46

Katy Kisses

 — Meeting Ivana. by geronimo_appleby12/18/064.22


 — Katya finds much more in her best friend. by goke08/14/103.74

Katya and Sara

 — Two dear friends find a deep and abiding love together. by BrettJ01/13/134.32

Katya and Sara Return

 — Sara and Katya are photographed by exotic Diana. by BrettJ01/31/144.16

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