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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — Budding author finds inspiration in her enigmatic classmate by Colleen Thomas08/25/034.73HOT

Instinctive Lust

 — Female friends feel compelled to explore. by brit_tami02/28/054.16

Intention and Design

 — 18 year old woman is groomed for sex. by Xamphos03/19/084.19


 — A little relaxation. by allyliterally08/01/114.38


 — The best kind of seduction requires subtlety, & patience. by Melacynthe09/11/023.30

Interludes: Limited Space

 — Work environment heats up for two female colleagues. by Honey12303/08/064.38


 — Ray encounters her favorite rock singer in the bathroom. by Gothrockboheme10/06/043.94

Intern Lust

 — Cute intern gives her her first. by fatang01/16/084.23

Internet Dating Can Be Fun

 — You meet your online lover for the first time. by odingirl12/12/054.21

Internet Dreamers

 — Two women meet after internet dreaming for months. by KAnneMeinel09/04/114.55HOT

Internet Lovers Meet

 — You meet for first time after 'Net love affair. by pamper111/09/034.03

Internet Pals

 — ICQ pals meet in hotel for wild encounter. by Kip Carson06/24/003.72

Internship Affair by the Window

 — Joanna's new intern has some naughty habits. by HeyAll03/31/184.67HOT

Interracial Twist

 — White lady seduces young black woman. by EbonyGoddess198705/30/103.28

Interrogation in Dominance

 — A lesbian couple gets kinky... by AmethystMare11/25/174.62HOT


 — Hubby interrupts a hot lesbian love scene. by WindyD07/31/034.27


 — Two friends inspire each other to new heights. by JUDO05/04/014.55HOT


 — The girls take 'turns' as the DVD plays on. by JUDO05/06/014.61HOT


 — The girls reach new heights in their relationship. by JUDO05/12/014.65HOT


 — The girls travel to Ensenada, Mexico for shopping & more. by JUDO06/07/014.70HOT


 — Is this what love is like? by eroticaptivation08/27/104.00


 — Sharon gets an offer from Nancy Chu. by Lesly Sloan12/26/054.11

Interview With The Roomie

 — A college girl's first love. by Borgen12/16/074.25

Interviewing The New Girl

 — Amy interview's a new girl for her lover. by Kalira08/27/123.98

Intimate Examination

 — Sharon's visit to her new doctor turns interesting. by Slutty6307/02/134.51HOT

Intimate Internet Encounter

 — The internet can be fun. by SweetJosie109/29/064.50HOT

Intimate Public Pleasures

 — Girfriend gets rammed on a recliner. by lfnikita12301/13/023.60

Intimate Revelations

 — Novice finds out what goes on beyond the camera. by Maggie Red Rose01/15/074.58HOT

Intimate Shaves

 — She helps Tammy go smooth. by Tawny T07/17/004.41

Intimate with Shara!

 — Blond lesbian seduces a wanna be male lesbian! by Bi_Siamese03/02/124.16

Into the Arms of True Love

 — Straight woman leaves husband & falls for her trainer. by eroticpen6902/03/074.46

Into the Fire

 — When straitlaced Steph meets cosmopolitan Steph, sparks fly. by MayhemLass03/02/064.69HOT

Into the Fire Ch. 02

 — Love deepens; Steph has a decision to make. by MayhemLass05/18/064.68HOT

Into the Maelstrom

 — The seduction of Ms Carolyn Lord. by LCDRJMC03/26/064.68HOT

Into the Tribe Ch. 01

 — A pair becomes a part of the tribe's experience. by AmeriRam07/23/114.36

Into the Tribe Ch. 02

 — Beth is seduced by her bride. by AmeriRam07/31/114.45

Into The Woods

 — Sunlight and shadow. A girl and her Mistress. by SuzyS02/22/174.43


 — She finds herself lost in another woman. by kashmir537604/09/114.27


 — Sexy senatorial candidate has an agenda. by Tommi06/22/003.11


 — Curiosity is fulfilled after years of sexual tension. by athletewriter702/01/09

Introduction to Womanly Love

 — Mithu rekindled my love for woman's body. by rubysen03/27/044.08


 — A story that will include many different things. by Celticfae03/28/044.26


 — A tale in which very little is as it seems. by VMKane02/27/134.52HOT

Investigative Journalism

 — Reporter looks into a new night club for women only. by patricia5106/28/064.53HOT

Invisible Passions

 — Student uses a drug to take advantage of her crush. by KKILOEPPS08/26/063.38

Involuntary Pleasure

 — Girl finds pleasure with a stranger in the dark. by katienight07/31/114.21

Iowa Corn and Porn

 — Little lady from Iowa is seduced by another kind of green. by mountieman11/30/023.94

Iowa Corn and Porn Ch. 02

 — Little miss goes all the way with a porn star. by mountieman12/05/024.21


 — Erin meets a beautiful girl at the beach. by hunterwren12/02/104.37


 — You bleed just to know you're alive. by TrueMort04/14/184.70HOT

Iris Ch. 01

 — Ivy has had enough and can't stay away from Iris. by rainydaydance12/04/144.24

Iris' New PA

 — Iris takes on Jane and gets more than she bargained for. by MELD900304/09/144.46

Irish Eyes

 — Woman returns to her native soil to keep a date. by Colleen Thomas03/31/024.57HOTEditor's Pick

Irish Eyes

 — A mock audition suddenly turns serious. by Shaima3210/31/164.64HOT

Irresistible Force

 — Cunnalingual lust and desire. by Aimie246910/10/144.52HOT

Irresistible Isabella

 — She is a squirter too! by LustyLee7706/03/104.39

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 03

 — Lex goes over to Faith's in the middle of the night. by SexyLexy4110/25/094.30

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 06

 — Lex finds her way back to Faith's house to talk. by SexyLexy4104/23/104.58HOT

Is He Really a 10+ in Bed?

 — Nancy wakes and wonders if he was a 10+ in bed. by manyquestions11/28/094.40

Is She, Isn't She?

 — Ashley tries to seduce straight Jeanie. by HarmonyHaze02/05/104.79HOT

Is She, Isn't She? Ch. 02

 — Complications ensue for Ashley and Jeanie. by HarmonyHaze02/22/104.74HOT

Is She, Isn't She? Ch. 03

 — More conflict. Will Ashley and Jeanie end up together? by HarmonyHaze03/10/104.79HOT

Is She, Isn't She? Ch. 04

 — Did Ashley and Jeanie stay together? by HarmonyHaze04/06/143.85

Is This It?

 — A broken mind could be mend by love. by ijay03/22/114.57HOT

Is This My Imagination?

 — Melissa & Jayde get wild. by erinluvsjay0410/01/044.47

Isabella and Zoe's First Time

 — Two college roommates take friendship to another next level. by lbelle05/02/114.03

Isabelle's Awakening

 — Isabelle is tormented via a quirky game by Jessica. by StarlessNight01/23/103.56

Island Exotic

 — A woman's touch was all she needed. by LeatherCandle12/25/044.35

Island Fever Ch. 03

 — Ami and Liesel rub each other the right way. by ReggaeMan11/19/174.33

Island Fever...

 — A 'gal's only' island getaway leads to serious playtime. by jaismith12/18/124.44

Island Fever... Ch. 02

 — They were off the island, but the fever still raged. by jaismith12/27/124.30

Island Girls Ch. 01

 — Lesbian couple + two young friends = vacation of a lifetime. by Letoria02/21/134.35

Island Girls Ch. 02

 — A walk, raspberries, and a kiss. by Letoria02/22/134.60HOT

Island Girls Ch. 03

 — Stephie becomes a big girl. by Letoria02/23/134.60HOT

Island Girls Ch. 04

 — Stephie gives as good as she gets. by Letoria02/24/134.71HOT

Island Of Ibiza

 — She meets you by the Mediterranean Sea. by abracadabra_197710/22/014.25

It All Began with a Munch

 — A young curious lawyer explores her lesbian submissive side. by silkstockingslover01/11/134.71HOT

It All Starts With A Kiss

 — One very hot encounter with an ex girlfriend. by livwir7005/15/084.00

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 06

 — Sian stays over at Don and Bridget's on Christmas Eve by -Ripley-03/17/144.70HOT

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 11

 — Her relationships collapse but Bridget accepts herself. by -Ripley-03/27/144.81HOT

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 12

 — Epilogue. by -Ripley-03/28/144.67HOT

It Happened Again Ch. 01

 — Drinking brings roommates together. by mollyisme204/04/044.21

It Isn't Just an Orgy

 — Trying to get over Rachel, Isabel goes to Burning Man. by -Ripley-12/09/174.78HOT

It Just Happened

 — Trish walks in on her mom and best friend. by leanne2k08/23/024.15

It Should Never Have Happened

 — But it did and we took each other's virginities. by annacarrington196010/07/174.59HOT

It Started at Work

 — Christy ends up with her female coworker. by fnchristie8110/24/174.40

It Started in the Office

 — Lesbian bdsm relationship begins between coworkers. by Amanda_T11/02/134.52HOT

It Started Out With A Kiss

 — Seemingly innocent touch brings two women together. by MydnytRayn09/03/014.51HOT

It Started Out With A Kiss...Ch. 2

 — Sabine finally gets the nerve. by MydnytRayn10/01/014.61HOT

It Started with a Kiss

 — Hot Chocolate sure knew what they were singing about. by ManInTraining06/12/083.93

It Started with a Kiss

 — And it led to a whole lot more! by LimeyLady08/14/184.66HOT

It Started With An Email

 — She's punished for wearing panties to work. by zeke8112/13/033.97

It was 1930

 — Young woman discovers sex play with a girlfriend. by amazon220407/03/084.22

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

 — Two neighbors find love at the end of their world. by KrisBluth09/19/093.42

It Was Better Than She Imagined

 — Married woman runs into a sorority sister at a club. by -Ripley-02/21/124.47

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 03

 — It's not just Stacy & Dawn that share. by Nemasis Enforcer12/11/034.63HOT

It Was Paradise

 — Three more days & she’ll be orgasm-drunk. by sbrass06/11/044.24

It was Wrong, But it Felt Good

 — Girl has her first lesbian encounter. by Miss_Peach07/10/143.88

It's a Colorful World Ch. 01

 — Woman disappointed with co-workers' attire makes a bet. by Silver Sea07/24/144.57HOT

It's a Colorful World Ch. 02

 — Leigh stays late to be with Margaret. by Silver Sea12/10/144.79HOT

It's a Deal

 — College lesbian couple both get what they really want. by Saaren10/24/044.34

It's a Gift

 — Training a playmate doesn't go so well. by WaxPhilosophic06/28/184.73HOT

It's a Ticklish Situation

 — Her neighbors make a lot of noise. by kellygirlaj03/09/094.03

It's About Time

 — My new flatmate introduces me to lesbian sex and shaves me. by JoeyKenilworth05/25/184.16

It's All Becoming So Clear

 — Best friends find something deeper. by freefallwithme06/11/094.13

It's All Becoming So Clear Ch. 02

 — Best friends delve even deeper in their relationship. by freefallwithme06/14/094.36

It's All Becoming So Clear Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Part one of the confrontation. by freefallwithme08/18/094.16

It's Always Been You

 — Laura finally reveals her feelings to her best friend, Sara. by rowdygal2206/19/114.59HOT

It's Always Been You Ch. 02

 — Laura's relationship with Sara deepens. by rowdygal2206/06/124.56HOT

It's Danielle's Birthday!

 — And Meghan wants to give her BFF an extra-special gift! by drteetho01/08/154.50HOT

It's Her Story

 — She picks up young lady hitchhiking. by WeJaySal12/24/024.51HOT

It's His Own Fault

 — Her first lesbian experience in the art house. by Lick_Me_Lady12/29/074.32

It's Just Us Girls

 — An older woman invites her younger neighbor over to her pool. by AptRow05/26/184.57HOT

It's More Fun Losing

 — Gwen joins a nude lesbian wrestling club. by Perfideous03/02/183.20

It's My Life: Four

 — New neighbor Suzanne is just what Mike wanted. by RebeccaBrowning11/12/054.64HOT

It's Not a Secret Anymore

 — A bad day leads to revelation. by SwtCountryGirl08/17/054.19

It's Not Lipstick, Is It?

 — She opens neighbor's mail and discovers a vibrator. by C. Lingus06/23/004.41

It's Not Lipstick, Is It? Ch. 2

 — Connie & Alice are blackmailed. by C. Lingus10/13/004.24

It's Not Really Unfaithful - Is It?

 — My induction into bisexual lovemaking. Mmm. by Catmoore05/11/144.70HOT

It's Okay, We're Girls

 — She spends the night over at her friend's house. by rachelbagel06707/06/063.74

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 05 (1 pm)

 — He gets an amazing after-lunch show, and gets to join in. by MemberX09/01/104.56HOT

Italian Delight

 — Chance encounter leads to hot Lesbian events by joanne697404/09/034.11

Italian Lingerie Store

 — I get extra special service at an exclusive lingerie store. by SilkPantyGirl03/31/144.53HOT

Italian Tasting

 — A love for cooking leads to unbridled, passionate sex. by Amorepassione10/11/124.29

Italian Tasting Ch. 02

 — Celia is finally allowed to have her dessert. by Amorepassione10/16/124.28

Ivy: An Introduction Ch. 02

 — Ivy and Anja have tea and share their stories. by sihaya02/26/094.34

J'ai Envie de Toi

 — Pub flirting between French tourist and redhead. by bi_cathy07/20/144.68HOT


 — First time love between ladies. by SylverLyf09/03/024.14

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 01

 — Innocent girl's reluctant sexual awakening. by Aspire2Provide03/17/124.42

Jack & Mike Pt. 01

 — Shanelle meets her new boss. by chocolatebunny7712/23/164.71HOT

Jack & Mike Pt. 02

 — Things go deeper between Shanelle and her new boss. by chocolatebunny7712/29/164.76HOT

Jack & Mike Pt. 03

 — Anne gives her all to reach Shanelle's heart. by chocolatebunny7701/10/174.76HOT

Jack n' Coke Ch. 01

 — Jenna's first lesbian encounter with the girl of her dreams. by RedHeadedSlutRaina09/11/064.38

Jack n' Coke Ch. 02

 — Jackie loves "virgins" but gets a surprise from Candy. by RedHeadedSlutRaina09/21/064.18

Jackelettes- Initiation

 — Three college bound girls are broken in at an old faternity. by CatspawVP12/01/023.82

Jackelettes: Learning the Ropes

 — Jackie, Rachel and Irene get another lesson from the mentors. by CatspawVP12/08/024.04


 — Young girl discovers herself while away at school. by Crew Cut10/13/004.15

Jackie & Jane

 — Two women get wild next to a man. by Lasight04/06/023.23

Jackie Barnes Ch. 01

 — Lady Luck takes a day off. by qdata05/28/144.46

Jackie Makes a Move

 — Jackie blackmails Nurse Callaway with her sound byte. by Destiny_Parker04/19/124.48

Jackie's Gets To Know Her Employers

 — She's initiated into the lesbian world. by Rosko Busby 200512/08/044.45

Jackie's New Friend

 — Woman has a new experience in a porn theater. by casey_1306/13/024.35

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