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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Evelyn & Anna

 — New spin on an old fairy tale. by Sappho Grrrl07/07/024.00

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 05

 — Evelyn finally obeys her Mistress. by SplendidSpunk11/16/084.32

Evening Falls

 — Her sorrow is overcome by another's love at Christmas. by ungenderless11/11/064.38

Evening of Desire

 — An intimate massage between two lovers. by lizthewizz200009/01/023.88

Evening Relaxation

 — Two ladies share erotic massage. by Newbie8505/24/084.11

Evening Splendours

 — She was straight, until tonight. by romantic_soul10/20/043.73

Evening Up The Score

 — Tori explores her bi-side, & may never go back! by Blue_shoes198005/09/074.47

Evening with the Girls

 — They have fun while she watches. by RebaRocks04/03/054.24

Evergreen Kiss

 — Sarah and Meaghan find love. by Salish01/24/144.85HOTContest Winner


 — Two lovers share a special morning together. by alovlina10/14/074.22

Every DJ Has a Fantasy

 — Overnight jock gets in-studio visit from her past. by obscured07/02/054.67HOT


 — The new girl gets trained. by OliviaWeston02/20/083.99


 — Raewyn meets her someone at the Tattoo Parlour. by Perfideous06/09/134.22

Everything About You

 — Simple project meets with rave reviews. by lucky-E-leven01/30/044.77HOT

Everything's Hotter In June

 — June has sexual encounters during girls night. by Morbid_Saint10/31/083.89

Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 01

 — Evey survived four years of college. Can she survive Vivien? by kategilmore8403/03/134.60HOT

Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 02

 — It wasn't a one time thing, was it? by kategilmore8403/07/134.72HOT

Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 03

 — Evey decides it's time to tell Pete. by kategilmore8403/15/134.43

Evi & Grace Ch. 1

 — Grace dreams of her first lesbian experience with Ali. by aly77r01/17/024.16

Ex "Q" Me! Ch. 01

 — Intern and student relationship. by KKILOEPPS08/25/063.88

Ex "Q" Me! Ch. 02

 — Intern and student relationship. by KKILOEPPS08/26/063.31

Ex-Teacher Fun

 — An ex-teacher calls one of her favorite students. by puscat6906/21/07

Excellent Timing

 — Two beautiful girls meet in the gym. by kurlykayaker2302/11/063.43

Excellent Timing Ch. 02

 — Two beautiful women enjoy the outdoors. by kurlykayaker2302/18/064.04

Excellent Timing Ch. 03

 — Val and Kaden get close emotionally. by kurlykayaker2302/25/064.04


 — Teacher/Student meeting takes an unexpected turn. by LunaTigre08/04/094.61HOT


 — Story of an all-girl rock group. by bradley_stoke05/13/074.00


 — A late night meet up evokes a moment of passion. by 12shadesofred10/12/143.90

Excursion Ch. 01

 — Following a couple, Stephanie focuses on the woman. by jthserra12/28/043.47

Excursion Ch. 02

 — Stephanie follows another woman into fitting room. by jthserra12/29/043.98

Excursion Ch. 03

 — Stephanie arranges to meet the perfume lady. by jthserra12/30/043.88

Executive Assistant

 — She turns the tables on the table. by thewetspot09/27/114.20

Executive Decisions

 — Upscale executive finds mystery lover. by usm1carbine03/05/014.41

Executive Priviledges

 — A beautiful executive enjoys special private meetings. by Heels Lover02/13/094.39

Executive Stress Ch. 01

 — Wife stumbles into first lesbian encounter. by DanDare03/15/034.55HOT

Exhibiting & Exploring

 — Cher's & Katie go exploring each other. by Katie_did_it04/29/074.61HOT

Existence in the Shadows

 — She has encounter with sexy vampiress. by smj54ap05/15/064.43

Exotic Seduction

 — Older woman seduces young employee. by Bakeboss05/04/104.02

Expect the Unexpected

 — Two girls long for their first time. by eddy8709/02/084.39

Experiencing Sandra

 — She falls for Sandra and introduces her to her husband. by maxxmann8107/20/054.25

Experiment 221

 — C21 attempts to breed a pair of humans. by adambishop01/17/124.03


 — Are Annie and Sinead more than just friends? by EldritchSandwich07/19/154.65HOT


 — Kay hasn't done this before, but better to experiment. by meriepa08/12/064.01

Experiments by Sam Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Background for the Experiments. by Belle4Belles08/16/153.95

Experiments by Sam Ch. 01

 — Tasting Holly. by Belle4Belles08/30/153.87NEW

Experiments by Sam Ch. 02

 — Addicted to Holly. by Belle4Belles09/01/153.97NEW


 — Memories of a special love torn apart by war. by Samandiriel04/12/054.82HOT

Explanation of Love 01

 — "You can't hurt me," she said. by JimBob4409/06/134.25

Explanation of Love 02

 — "You don't want me," Terry said heavily. by JimBob4409/12/134.49

Explanation of Love 03

 — "I love you enough to let you hurt me," Terry said. by JimBob4409/19/134.48

Explorations Ch. 04

 — Jessica seduces her college roommate. by Reardon107/04/084.54HOT

Explorations Ch. 10

 — Jessica makes a bold decision. by Reardon103/17/144.28

Exploring and Experimenting

 — Katie and Cheryl try exploring each other. by Katie_did_it05/07/074.53HOT

Exploring Another Female's Cunt

 — She tries female on female. by -WetPanties03-01/03/053.93

Exploring Megan Ch. 3

 — Jill finds Megan in a compromising position. by bonzob3406/03/014.24

Exploring Megan Ch. 4

 — Megan's package comes in the mail. by bonzob3406/04/014.49

Exploring Megan Ch. 5

 — Megan awakes in the night to a special surprise. by bonzob3406/05/013.79

Exploring Megan Ch. 6

 — Jill & Molly have special plans for Megan. by bonzob3406/06/014.36

Exploring Megan Ch. 7

 — Megan gives Molly a hand in the bath. by bonzob3406/07/014.25

Exploring My Bisexuality

 — Her first bisexual experience gets hot. by Haley__F02/29/044.61HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 02

 — She & Karen explore each other's bodies. by Haley__F03/13/044.72HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 03

 — Risky encounters with Karen & a sex-fueled party. by Haley__F05/12/054.75HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 04

 — Guilt, anger, and deep sensuality with Karen. by Haley__F05/28/054.73HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 05

 — Erotic & emotional holiday adventures. by Haley__F07/21/054.78HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 06

 — Summer 2005 Diary - Part 1. by Haley__F02/08/064.54HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 07

 — Summer Diary 2005, Part 2 - Dildos & Webcams. by Haley__F03/14/064.63HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 08

 — Summer Diary 2005, Part 3 - Sexual Revalations. by Haley__F06/14/064.76HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 09

 — Webcam sex & confessions. by Haley__F03/30/104.65HOT

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 10

 — Karen and I connect spiritually. by Haley__F04/06/104.71HOT

Exploring The Undercurrents

 — Sexy coed seduces her muscular psych professor. by NiceGuyInVa05/04/064.43

Exploring the World: Jennifer's Way

 — Jennifer's submission turns straight girl into mistress. by ameliedelacroix12/08/104.77HOT

Exploring Youth Ch. 2

 — Shower gets wetter than expected. by Beaker02/20/023.77

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 04

 — Pam seeks to understand Betty's action by cdhawkeye96a10/24/064.18

Exposing pussy to sexy neighbor

 — Hot lesbo masturbation. by PalomasPussy07/17/114.00

Exposure Ch. 01

 — First-year coed is enrolled in a special school. by writermike04/21/064.38

Express Service

 — A commuter is taken by surprise on a train journey. by Pussrider12/31/124.26

Extorting Gym Teacher

 — The pretty, blonde schoolgirl better do what she's told. by Boxlicker10105/31/094.41

Extra Credit

 — A college professor gets an unusual request. by Charmadillo03/26/144.48

Extra Special Lingerie

 — A boss takes a keen interest in her young pa by jocelynspiller01/10/034.54HOT


 — Beth's packed colon relieved by Svetlana's rectal expertise. by VeryDirtyDenise11/15/124.32


 — McKenzie Jordan is quite a hit with the college faculty. by ArcherDarke11/02/114.19

Extracurricular Love

 — Hot Mediterranean salad days. by bradley_stoke08/17/013.53


 — A sideways look at lesbian activity. by Marie Marshall05/04/054.27

Face of an Angel

 — Have you ever seen a face of an angel camping? by Silentshade03/08/074.30

Facing My Demons Ch. 01

 — Nikki and Angie run into problems when Tia returns. by juicyj1908/28/094.45

Facing My Demons Ch. 02

 — Tia gets an answer from Nikki. by juicyj1909/06/094.56HOT

Facing My Demons Ch. 03

 — Nikki and Tia get into a fight... again. by juicyj1910/01/094.62HOT

Fair Play! Ch. 01

 — Turn about is always Fair Play. by x_ray_glasses07/31/094.53HOT

Fair Play! Ch. 02

 — Donna and Claire put their heads together. by x_ray_glasses08/11/094.18

Fair Play! Ch. 03

 — The, uh, plot, thickens! by x_ray_glasses10/31/093.79


 — She explores her bi side and finds love. by smj54ap07/09/064.53HOT

Faith and Fate Ch. 01

 — Katy gets a chance to finally be with her dream woman. by GinaKincade12/18/094.19

Faith and Fate Ch. 02

 — Another small tidbit of the story of Faith and Faith. by GinaKincade02/23/104.43

Faking it

 — Samatha pretends to be a lesbian. by adambishop08/28/104.18

Falling for a Girl Ch. 01-10

 — A beautiful lesbian sorority. by BenevolentDCC10/22/144.86HOT

Falling for a Girl Ch. 11

 — The sorority girls on break. by BenevolentDCC10/24/144.77HOT

Falling For A Girl, Too Pt. 01

 — Spencer and Callie after 10 years... by BenevolentDCC11/11/144.46

Falling For An Angel

 — Two females find love. by draculess06/01/044.22

Falling for Jessica

 — A married women begin to fall for her surrogate. by confused_girl08/14/134.37

Falling for Jessica Ch. 02

 — What happens now? by confused_girl09/09/134.63HOT

Falling for Jessica Ch. 03

 — It's a boy! by confused_girl10/25/134.58HOT

Falling for Jessica Ch. 04

 — Surprise! by confused_girl09/01/144.79HOT

Falling For Rachael

 — She meets Rachael, and falls hard. by Georgena04/22/024.02

Falling In Love Again

 — Suki moves in with her dead lover's twin sister. by Pussyrider08/07/074.59HOT

Falling in Love with my Best Friend

 — Straight girl begins to question her sexuality. by silkstockingslover02/04/154.59HOT

False Innocence

 — She thinks she is a tutor to her innocent roommate. by emoguise10/10/054.46

Familiar Ch. 01

 — Glimpse of a night between familiar lovers. by destinie2111/30/034.08

Family and Friends Ch. 03

 — Father invited to view wife and her lesbian lover. by SplitLicker6906/29/114.16

Family Maid Ch. 03

 — Sue is introduced to Okia. by GraphicsGuy06/14/054.48

Family Night

 — Em & Melinda have Family Night. by KAnneMeinel06/20/114.61HOT

Family Night Ch. 02

 — What happens on Family Night between Em & Melinda. by KAnneMeinel07/30/114.49

Family Wedding Ch. 1

 — Two bridesmaids meet at a wedding. by jacqui4u201/12/014.24

Family Wedding Ch. 2

 — Young girl seduces another. by jacqui4u203/01/014.07

Family Wedding Ch. 3

 — She wakes up next to Jacqueline. by jacqui4u203/02/014.44

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