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Lesbian Sex Stories

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One Night

 — A Mistress, a Mastyr, and a boi. by DarkWolfMoon04/02/05

One Night

 — I see you, sitting at a table in the corner of the room. by Gethelred12/15/104.27

One Night at the Jefferson Ch. 1

 — Online friends meet in Real Life. by Colleen Thomas02/14/024.72HOT

One Night at the Jefferson Ch. 2

 — The girls continue to explore New Orleans. by Colleen Thomas02/16/024.76HOT

One Night at the Jefferson Ch. 3

 — Lauran & Roxy's vacation continues. by Colleen Thomas03/05/024.81HOT

One Night in Bangkok

 — Girl meets girl on an Asian holiday. by Nicole9905/13/054.15

One Night on the Ferris Wheel

 — Two females express their passion for one another. by KKILOEPPS08/17/063.83

One Night Stand

 — Catherine is seduced at a seminar by a mysterious woman. by AStropirate03/08/143.99

One Night with an Angel

 — Mistress assaults sub's senses. by SleepingBeauty111206/12/074.37

One Night with Her

 — Two online friends step up their relationship. by wandy448709/18/064.03

One Night, Two Girls, in Bangkok

 — Petra, meet Som. by bluetraveler09/17/103.45

One Night: Another Night

 — My god, I cannot help but still want you. by Gethelred01/08/134.32

One of Jerry's Kids

 — The black sheep of the family makes a friend. by davidwatts05/12/054.66HOT

One on One

 — Two young women learn to play a new game together by saucy_angie08/20/083.96

One Week for Esme

 — Forced favor for a friend of a friend. by CamillaHumby04/01/133.90

One Weekend

 — A writer meets a young woman and is drawn into her world. by deliciousthoughts10/07/114.62HOT

One Wet Night

 — Bi-curious girl has first experience with a stripper. by new_to_erotica03/06/104.09

One Wild Night

 — Ebony wife and friend get close for the first time. by lustful01/20/013.27

One Wild Night

 — Her first night of raw sex. by kasey_connor10/12/073.97

One Woman's Journey

 — She celebrates 25 years of lesbian sex. by Justy508/31/094.42

One-Percent Adaptable

 — A woman learns she's more Sapphic than she thought. by Flashlight7.508/29/104.35

Onica My Rose

 — A new friend becomes a great bed partner. by angel_6909/19/104.28


 — The onion's curved layers made her think of Angie's pussy. by SunrockSin07/30/083.15

Only By Chance

 — Straight girl falls for a lesbian. by Sexy_Lisa07/13/144.62HOT

Only Friends

 — My best friend surprises me on girl's day. by otiose_palaver03/11/093.77

Only In My Dreams

 — Lori must resist temptation at summer camp. by JukeboxEMCSA06/24/124.53HOT

Only on Tuesday

 — Tuesdays are why Michelle takes so much crap from her boss. by SquiresBoy06/13/084.30

Oooh... Ch. 04

 — When Molineux's away... by sexycharlene06/16/124.65HOT

Ooohhhh Your Honour!

 — The Crown finally gets her woman. by aussie_ella10/13/074.34

Open Road Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter in a park leads to a new adventure. by dopplergaydar10/23/134.12

Open Window

 — She entertains a college professor. by Crew Cut11/27/003.80

Opening Night

 — A delicious Mystery waiting to be solved. by aa82200511/19/064.19

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 02

 — Micaela learns from her young lover. by Kitten200906/01/114.03

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 03

 — Micaela and Jen go away on a business trip. by Kitten200906/02/114.10

Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 04

 — Micaela and Jen share one more night together. by Kitten200906/03/114.09


 — An encounter with an old friend. by carmen780810/07/104.24

Opportunity Knocks

 — Miranda uses an unexpected opportunity to teach Pam a lesson. by 99sender9907/16/074.48


 — P.M. gives co-ed sexy options. by PygmyCoho05/25/104.74HOT

Options Ch. 02

 — Barb and Shelly explore more options for their birthdays. by PygmyCoho07/30/104.71HOT

Options Ch. 03

 — Unplanned twist strains Barb and Shelly's relationship. by PygmyCoho07/17/124.54HOT

Or Forever Hold Their Peace

 — Are you sure you want to go through with this? by erotichajj04/26/154.24

Oral Adoration

 — I want to worship your cunt. by KayPS04/14/164.19

Oral Exam Ch. 14

 — One professor participates; the other tapes it. by gradprof04/03/074.68HOT

Orderly Not So Orderly

 — A new job posting turns awry for Cpl. Sally Newton. by goke12/06/103.99

Ordinary Women - Teresa

 — What's a bookworm to do? by Dale6003/07/094.16

Orgasm Under Color of Authority

 — A femme/butch fantasy. by StacyViller06/06/053.00


 — A dom and sub put on an aromatic show. by faustina01/28/073.40

Orpeh Gets a Surprise Visit

 — Orpeh gets intimate with the eldest daughter on Halloween. by Racqel05/02/094.30

Orpheus and Eurydice

 — Ancient Greek myth ties into modern lesbian romance. by RaineGoddess2311/18/064.26

Other Side of Town

 — A divorcee rebounds with her bisexual lust awakening. by gimlisam02/02/094.30

Our After Party

 — Dorm party & what comes after. by RebeccaLeah06/30/044.27

Our Family Physician Ch. 02

 — Susan and Diane connect with one another. by AuthorApril06/23/124.63HOT

Our First Date

 — Two friends finally understand. by Dawn Omens01/13/044.39

Our First Date

 — After meeting on line two women go on their first date. by mayatomas02/10/114.38

Our First Meeting

 — You meet for the first time. by littlemissnaughtygal04/14/033.58

Our First Meeting

 — Two strangers meet in a bar. by 69sexybitch08/31/124.06

Our First Meeting Ch. 01

 — Online subs meet for the first time. by sexymichelle06/09/034.28

Our First Place

 — Lesbian vouple christens their new home. by AfroerotiK06/17/084.27

Our First Time

 — You enjoy your first lesbian experience. by keldj92206/21/043.86

Our First Time

 — Two women who met on the net, meet in person. by Sweetevil10/14/024.30

Our First Time

 — She recalls her first time with you. by pecan967610/10/034.05

Our First Time

 — Bicurious ladies explore each other. by lildevlangel11/14/074.26

Our First Time

 — Online lovers meet face to face for the first time. by alottafuhgina10/01/124.46

Our Friend Sandra

 — Our shy little maid becomes a tiger and our good friend. by StephanieRuby01/10/164.05

Our Last Night in Cancun

 — College girls come together for one last spring break fling. by SheilaDK06/02/074.49

Our Little Secret

 — She has her first lesbian experience in a shower room. by MonkeyMan198808/06/064.08

Our Little Secret

 — A beautiful woman playing with herself, I had to join her. by ViktoriaMichaelis10/18/104.25

Our Little Secret

 — This is my fantasy. by girls123712/29/124.45

Our New Family Dynamic Ch. 04

 — Jessica discovers a secret about her roommate. by niemand199410/23/124.67HOT

Our New Friendship Ch. 1

 — Truth or Dare leads to encounter. by Amber Passion10/14/003.77

Our New Neighbor Ch. 3

 — Bi-sex sister & brother seduce lovely woman & her daughter. by humpty10/12/014.51HOT

Our New Neighbor Ch. 9

 — Siblings give their neighbors a wild time. by humpty11/30/014.43

Our New Neighbors Ch. 10

 — Bi-sexual sister & brother enjoy sex with sexy females. by humpty12/09/014.53HOT

Our New Neighbors Ch. 2

 — Old neighbors get better acquainted. by BadBuzzard07/12/014.33

Our New Neighbors Ch. 4

 — Siblings seduce their beautiful neighbors. by humpty10/23/014.49

Our New Neighbors Ch. 6

 — Bi sister and brother have fun with neighbors. by humpty11/07/014.56HOT

Our New Neighbors Ch. 7

 — Bob & bi sister seduce & control sexy neighbors. by humpty11/13/014.54HOT

Our New Neighbors Ch. 8

 — Bi sister and brother seduce pretty neighbors. by humpty11/19/014.54HOT

Our New Tenant Ch. 1

 — Wife loses job & has to rent room to pay bills. by humpty04/13/024.67HOT

Our New Tenant Ch. 2

 — Tenant turns women on. by humpty05/05/024.57HOT

Our Night Together & The Morning After

 — Tied and blindfolded, you dream of fisting. by California_Yankee08/02/074.28

Our Sleepover

 — Two teens do more than sleep. by nooneyouknow01/29/014.15

Our Sleepovers

 — First-time lesbian experience. by MsKari11/27/144.65HOT

Our Train Ride

 — The best train ride we ever had. by RavRainz09/25/103.88

Our Weekend Getaway

 — My girlfriend and I needed a break. by girls123704/04/134.00

Out Cold Gets Lucky

 — Girls play cruel prank on passed-out roommate. by Akito0111/16/034.00

Out from the Stacks

 — Curiosity killed cats; but not librarians. by librarylady04/18/024.67HOT

Out in the Field Ch. 01

 — An innocent post-grad discovers asurprise love in the jungle by Sindy07002/20/144.33

Out in the Field Ch. 02

 — Post-grads tuition continues in her professor's bed. by Sindy07003/08/144.62HOT

Out of Bounds

 — Will Rachel's ski trip romance with an older woman last? by -Ripley-06/12/144.82HOT

Out of Hand?

 — A recent lesbian experience that went too far. by SarahtheWriter07/27/084.55HOT

Out of Her Closet

 — Chance meeting leads to wonderful things. by jessijessi3411/06/024.43

Out of Range

 — Marissa meets Andy at an anti-gun protest. by TE99903/09/084.74HOT

Out of the Claus-et

 — Samantha finds herself "invited" for fun with Mrs. Claus. by Anna_Malia7512/17/074.46

Out of the Frying Pan...

 — Pretty girl moved from jail to the home of a dominant lezzie. by Kansas09/01/154.49

Out to Lunch

 — And I thought I was done in the dressing room. by goosexxx06/27/104.28

Outback Nights Ch. 02

 — She wanted to experience it. by obelisk66610/15/034.44

Outside the Door

 — Sock-wearing slut gets fucked on the porch. by perderla06/13/073.58

Outta Control Pt. 04

 — Mel makes love to black seductress. by Inlovingmemory09/25/064.46

Over the Edge

 — Sex starved wife seeks relief from girlfriend and neighbour. by Rodneynimrod11/29/124.07

Overnight Bus

 — Journey of a woman with another in search of milk and honey. by pink_tulips3302/20/154.33

Overnight Flight Delay

 — The unexpected is always unexpected. by Stormy_Rainbow08/07/154.36

Overtime Ch. 02

 — Erin and Lucy continue their evening of sexual discovery. by ScattySue05/03/144.61HOT


 — Big-titted college gal meets super-titted. by DeniseNoe07/21/084.17


 — Taken by an older woman. by sharonpalmetto02/17/164.13

Overwhelmed Ch. 01

 — Lesbian submission in back woods. by Seethru5705/24/114.32

Overwhelmed Pt. 02

 — Taken by an older woman... by sharonpalmetto02/19/164.31

Overwhelmed Pt. 03

 — Lesbian/non consent older woman ravages a younger woman. by sharonpalmetto02/24/164.35

Overwhelmed Pt. 04

 — Lesbian/non consent - older woman ravages a younger woman. by sharonpalmetto03/12/164.37

Overwhelmed Pt. 05

 — Lesbian/non consent older woman ravages a younger woman. by sharonpalmetto03/26/164.22

Owned by Love

 — More of the story began with 'Entree'. by Natalie Nessus02/26/024.11

Owning Julie

 — My night owning Julie. by Squeak8103/17/154.03


 — The beauty of life outshines the fear of death. by thatbluecat07/21/124.60HOT

Oyasi: Tryst by the Creek

 — Interracial, lesbian seduction in the heart of Africa. by cowboy10901/01/113.78

Paid Into Lesbian Facesitting

 — Kim was tricked into facesitting, and ended up loving it. by Kily07/08/154.52HOT

Paige Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a relationship. by HeyItsDani11/13/114.47

Pain Relief

 — Jen and Abi find their own way to banish post-dentist blues. by matriarch05/25/044.56HOT

Paint It Black

 — Rachel gets her face painted by a Goth girl. by JukeboxEMCSA10/25/114.37

Painting Pumpkins

 — Carrie paints for Halloween. by carrie-on10/16/014.34

Pajama Party

 — Stacy's farewell sex party with her special girl friends. by SweetPrettyAss08/24/114.43

Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 03

 — Cassandra ends up having sex with one of the employees. by f1racer2204/30/14HOT

Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 04

 — Cassandra meets a lovely and confident redhead at the hotel. by f1racer2205/01/14HOT

Pam and Tanya: The New Arrangement

 — Maid & her female employer begin a new chapter. by leyna3207/03/094.16

Pam and Tanya: The Next Morning

 — A maid and her female employer wake up together. by leyna3205/07/094.36

Pam and Tanya: The Next Night

 — A maid and her female employer share a fantasy evening. by leyna3205/10/094.53HOT

Pam and Tanya: Their First Encounter

 — A maid and her female employer discover each other. by leyna3204/27/094.51HOT


 — Kathy surprises you with an afternoon of passion. by Pilar10/12/064.49

Pamper Spa Ch. 01

 — Gal pals out for the evening - one gets taste of sapphic sex. by Girl Friend12/18/073.64


 — A relaxing bath after a long day's work. by heavenlyeuphoria11/01/024.02

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