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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Busy Bridesmaids

 — Two sneak away during the festivities. by pj11/09/074.19

But Not Yet...

 — I'm naked but you're blindfolded. by rebecca_mcphearson05/19/124.57HOT

But Now One Soul

 — Jesse and Dani grow closer. by Alex the Cat06/12/034.87HOT

But She Is Straight?

 — Annie was sure Jayne was straight! by lesbian9610/25/144.31

Butch Black Female Submissive

 — White femme dominates butch Black woman. by Samuelx03/25/103.13

Butch Black Girls Ch. 02

 — Butch black woman dominates fellow black butch. by Samuelx05/14/103.24

Butch Black Women

 — Adventures of a Butch Black woman. by Samuelx05/10/103.10

Butch Black Women Ch. 02

 — Butch Black women fall in love. by Samuelx05/11/103.19

Butch Cassidy and the Kid

 — Young cashier gets seduced by a co-worker. by Madabouthair01/07/144.23

Butch Ch. 01

 — Kate relocates to the west--new city, new life, new lover? by DaphneX04/25/034.47

Butch Ch. 02

 — The girls share strap-on fun. by DaphneX10/19/084.40

Butch Ch. 03

 — Ryan woke at 9 am to the chill... by DaphneX03/21/094.59HOT

Butch Ch. 04

 — Alex and Sara are introduced. by DaphneX02/10/104.46

Butch Ch. 05

 — An erotic party in Twin Peaks. by DaphneX09/12/124.51HOT

Butch Ch. 06

 — Ryan and Alex have an encounter. by DaphneX12/05/134.63HOT

Butch Dreams

 — A woman encounters an androgenic stranger. by DiannaVesta04/09/034.30

Butch Surprize

 — A butch dyke encounter. by foggygurl10/11/044.31

Butterflies in My Stomach Ch. 01

 — Mid-forties lady is surprised by her desires for young woman. by julietbravo08/30/154.17

Butterfly Ch. 02

 — Sherry tells of her lust for a friend. by Sweet Sherry11/08/034.16

Butterfly Spa

 — A weekend away takes an unexpected turn. by alicia_boston11/03/024.65HOT

Butternut Squash Delight

 — Two woman enjoy a veggie afternoon. by Stephanie10105/08/054.43

Butternut Squash Delight Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of a hot afternoon. by Stephanie10105/11/054.56HOT

Buying Cars

 — Unexpected casual sex with a car saleswoman. by TessMackenzie02/15/154.22

Buying Diana

 — Two middle-aged friends get closer. by Ignoble01/16/124.52HOT

Buying Petrol

 — Casual sex with a woman she met at a service station. by TessMackenzie02/15/154.08

By Invitation Only

 — Two misfit party guests take their chances on the roof. by KCorvid10/13/154.10

By Midnight

 — Love between two best friends. by Doglover1234502/04/144.62HOT

By Your Side

 — She falls in love with her roommate and best friend. by t0nst3rs08/14/074.63HOT

Bye Bye, Babygirl

 — Hannah and Holly can't bear to part from one another. by AllenSchezar04/14/123.69

C01: In Which, We Meet Our Heroines

 — Our heroine divests herself of the old, and opens a door. by JLinsky09/26/144.41

Cabana Girl

 — Beach club cabana girl finds a domme. by sublezsue05/17/09


 — Is it kosher to kiss her? by Charlotte35f01/13/084.56HOT

Cabin Fever

 — A bunch of friends share a weekend in the woods. by Ann Douglas09/30/174.62HOT

Cabin Fever Pt. 01

 — Friends spend a week long getaway enjoying each other's company. by kellyjojo08/16/164.50HOT

Cable Is the Coolest

 — An added bonus arrives with the cable hook-up. by KinkyChemist03/05/064.11

Cable Ties

 — An author's request sets up a good time. by Azuldrgon10/15/093.63

Cafe Cravings Ch. 01

 — Two co-workers concentrate on more than making latte's. by indigo sky03/12/034.15

Cafe Italia

 — She admits to herself her lust for another woman. by Sateema Lunasi03/19/014.03


 — A day in the life of a caged slave. by thatbluecat01/01/114.11

Caitlan's Freshman Orientation

 — A taste of college life at an all girl school. by TobaccoFarmer9102/29/124.18

Caitlin and Sara Ch. 01

 — Caitlin sets her sights on her sexy new neighbor. by babylez04/24/064.75HOT

Caitlin and Sara Ch. 02

 — Caitlin and Sara turn it up a notch. by babylez05/23/064.80HOT

Caitlin and Sara Ch. 03

 — Caitlin's mother finds out about her daughter and Sara. by babylez07/15/064.79HOT

Caitlin and Sara Ch. 04

 — Caitlin tells Sara her mother wants to watch them have sex. by babylez01/19/074.76HOT

Caitlin and Sara Ch. 05

 — Caitlin gives her mom everything she asks for. by babylez02/05/074.81HOT


 — A girl seduces her childhood friend, having just 'come out'. by Otazel09/15/124.69HOT

Caitlyn's Mother

 — A teenage girl gets closer to her friend's mother. by Otazel06/01/124.59HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 01

 — P.I. finds herself caught between two sisters. by Phoenix7406/09/054.63HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 02

 — April and Jade give each other a workout. by Phoenix7406/09/054.72HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 03

 — April finally gets a taste of Jasmine. by Phoenix7406/13/054.74HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 04

 — The Dupree sisters fight over the same woman. by Phoenix7406/20/054.75HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 05

 — Jasmine learns a whole new way to do a body shot. by Phoenix7406/26/054.69HOT

Cajun Spice Ch. 06

 — Secrets are revealed. by Phoenix7407/07/054.71HOT


 — Not so light, this breeze. by Unsung Muse11/25/064.27

Calamity's Roommate

 — College girl describes her first lesbian adventure. by anastymouse09/08/084.15

Calcutta Servant GIrl

 — Submissive maid becomes submissive vixen. by eroticaressa05/10/034.22


 — A newly divorced woman learns a few things. by Lady_Fiona10/18/094.49

California Dreamin'

 — Two lovers reunite. by PassionateBeing09/02/144.57HOT

Call Girl Gets First Time Lesbian

 — Call girl teaches first timer beauty of girl-on-girl love. by All_Night_Long05/29/094.56HOT

Call Me Friday

 — Friday night in the life of an adventurous girl. by aquaglide111/10/034.20

Call Me Rachel Ch. 01

 — When Dillan's mom seduces his girlfriend, what could unfold? by bettersmilem08/21/094.05

Calla Lilly

 — A new move helps her find a new love. by LucidlyConfused09/08/154.53HOT

Callie's Summer

 — No one knows you like your best friend... by Bethanvix01/14/034.17

Calling All Girls

 — Hitching call girl gives free sex to straight lady. by tayla701/25/054.53HOT

Calva Ch. 03

 — The continued adventures of the submissive hairless slut. by cdangers10/30/184.19

Camilla Ch. 007

 — Camilla makes love with Candice for the first time. by MawrGorshin08/04/114.50HOT

Camilla Ch. 032

 — Camilla satisfies shy Akemi's desire, ends her inhibitions. by MawrGorshin11/05/114.58HOT

Camp Awakening

 — My first lesbian experience, in the dark, in the woods. by Nzzzz03/02/184.71HOT

Camp Fun

 — Three girls have fun in the camp shower house. by bicurmifemfantasy11/03/014.47

Camp Is Great!

 — Her first time with a woman. by creamyheather6901/11/033.90

Camp Larry Horton

 — Counselor consoles a camper. by eroslit09/19/114.50HOT

Camp Severson

 — Holly finds love with the camp director. by GymTeacherYouDeserve09/19/164.46

Campaign Worker

 — Miss Betty seduces a political campaign worker. by Bronco Billy01/09/064.58HOT


 — Two camping lesbians have a little fun. by Sean Renaud01/24/103.70

Campfire Confessional

 — A transformative camping trip changes everything. by SolarRay06/16/174.81HOT

Campfire Kisses

 — A hike turns into something more. by Sean Renaud12/05/054.03

Campfire Stories Ch. 03

 — Julia & Marie get together. by Good Burger08/04/044.41

Camping & Coitus Pt. 02 - Girl Talk

 — Kelly learns about Scott from her dominant GF Jasmine. by Mr_Trickster6402/23/193.92

Camping in France

 — Madam catches us camping on her land. by SweetJosie101/30/074.55HOT

Camping in France Ch. 02

 — She has duties to perform. by SweetJosie107/25/074.63HOT

Camping in the Rain

 — They met on the 'net, then got closer in a tent. by AmythystDawn03/25/044.49

Camping with Anna Ch. 02

 — Two girls' sensual journey of discovery continues. by Ingenue_7905/09/074.70HOT

Camping with Anna Ch. 03

 — Another brush with the Law. by Ingenue_7901/12/084.64HOT

Campus Slumber Party

 — A man attends a girls-only Campus Slumber Party. by magiccupcakes09/14/174.03

Campus Slumber Party Ch. 02

 — Mel begins to appreciate her old friends in new ways. by magiccupcakes11/03/174.24

Campus Toilet Orgasm

 — Lesbian teacher has sex in ladies toilets. by L.Fortune West02/13/044.39

Can I Give You a Lift?

 — Lusting for an older woman. by WaxPhilosophic02/09/184.59HOT

Can I Give You a Lift? Pt. 02

 — Love on the Rocks. by WaxPhilosophic02/15/184.79HOT

Can I see you after Class?

 — A female student realizes desires for her sexy bi teacher. by secondsamuel04/26/174.71HOT

Can I Sleep Here

 — A girl considers having sex with her sleeping friend. by royalball1802/03/164.38

Can We Play?

 — Two friends ask each other to play. by uknownuser03/31/164.10


 — Two friends find fun on a Mexican beach. by upickthen08/04/072.95


 — Lesbian visits BDSM club for the first time. by Carol Marie10/12/004.13

Candi & Sister Sara's Diary

 — Candi reads the journal of a nun with an interesting past. by soupwarsproject09/28/033.66

Candi and Mia and Nancy

 — Candi brings together her two girlfriends for a party. by Stamman05/15/144.47

Candi Meets Mia

 — Photographer Candi recruits a new model, sexy Mia Nelson. by Stamman05/13/144.42

Candi Photographs Nancy

 — Photographer Candi is sent a new model, young Nancy Wells by Stamman05/11/144.44

Candice & Ashley

 — Lesbian sex in public. by JennyX305/07/144.19

Candid Camera

 — You never know who's watching. by Ann Douglas09/07/174.52HOT


 — Short tale of a massage from a lover with a happy ending. by LesbianChickLit12/05/134.60HOT

Candlelight Desires

 — Young woman finds happiness with another girl. by Dangermouse10/12/004.31

Candy Afternoon

 — A rich woman invites a stripper to give her a private show. by jill_gates_writer06/08/124.72HOT

Candy Cane Love

 — Intern makes someone very happy with a candy cane. by sexy_mama_0902/16/114.07

Candy's Daddy Ch. 04

 — Cousin Monika finds a special new love. by BrettJ10/22/134.53HOT


 — She finds out just what her new lover can do. by SpicySynAmon05/26/064.19

Capital Hill Diner

 — Stood up, she finds love in all the wrong places. by LolaRunsHere05/30/043.72


 — A young woman lives out her submissive dream. by Otazel10/12/124.49

Captain of Her Heart

 — Two cheerleaders take their friendship to the next level. by GymTeacherYouDeserve02/07/194.51HOT

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 01

 — Tawnya is thrown out of her home. by velvetpie03/05/054.07

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 02

 — Tawnya has an appetizer before the flight. by velvetpie03/07/054.48

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 03

 — Tawnya meets the new captain. by velvetpie03/08/054.36

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 04

 — Chance meeting leads to a proposition. by velvetpie03/09/054.41

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 05

 — Tawnya and Alisa fuck. by velvetpie03/10/054.45

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 06

 — Tawnya begins to think she's falling in love. by velvetpie03/11/054.40

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 07

 — Alisa poses a question to Tawnya. by velvetpie03/11/054.50HOT

Captain of Her Heart Ch. 08

 — Tawnya visits her old home. by velvetpie03/12/054.39

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 09

 — Tawnya balances at the edge of a decision. by velvetpie03/13/054.48

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 10

 — Tawnya takes Alisa. by velvetpie03/14/054.53HOT

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 11

 — Tawnya comes to a few realizations. by velvetpie03/16/054.46

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 12

 — Tawnya and Alisa make a discovery. by velvetpie03/17/054.40

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 13

 — Time to let go. by velvetpie03/18/054.40

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 14

 — Tawnya pays a visit to the bank. by velvetpie03/18/054.41

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 15

 — Tawnya & Alisa make a connection. by velvetpie03/20/054.46

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 16

 — Problems are solved. by velvetpie03/20/054.49

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 17

 — She welcomes Alisa to her home. by velvetpie03/21/054.58HOT

Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 18

 — Tawnya and Alisa's dreams come true. by velvetpie03/23/054.69HOT

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