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Lesbian Sex Stories

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University Freshers

 — Two students find friendship on their first day. by youngandbritish08/29/074.08

University Life Ch. 05

 — Black and blonde coed sizzle. by blindjack11/01/064.33

University with Allison

 — Alex is falling for straight Allison. by LovingSuperTeen02/07/123.94


 — Anonymity is the greatest weapon a killer can have. by JimBob4403/17/124.56HOT

Unlikely Chance

 — Violinist gets with hot cellist & sparks fly. by MorbidGirl03/23/013.70

Unlikely Couple

 — Being locked in a closet has its perks. by sexykitten12303/01/134.01

Unlocking Tally Ch. 05

 — Tally's date day continues, with a surprising add-on. by NerdyNymph09/20/144.76HOT

Unlucky at Cards, Lucky at Love?

 — A gorgeous young woman learns the benefits of losing! by Dumpington01/08/154.20

Unpaid Tickets

 — Wife is seduced by female cop by lustful03/22/013.38

Unplanned Pleasure

 — Roomates share a private moment. by MountinGoddess05/26/104.02

Unplanned Revenge

 — Being dismissed from an office party isn't that bad. by poeta0908/19/104.03

Unrequited Love?

 — Sydney and Mya realize their feelings for each other. by bbmaniac200205/12/053.40


 — Wife questions her desires as she admires her best friend. by Pilgrim07/06/013.73


 — Lust and seduction of something not willingly given to you. by PoignantPassion04/02/094.40

Unresponsive Ch. 02

 — Unresponsive girl gets pushed a little harder. by PoignantPassion09/14/104.49

Unresponsive Ch. 03

 — Discovering Jan with her toy and more denial. by PoignantPassion05/27/114.38

Until Tomorrow

 — Lonely house wife finds true love in the arms of a woman by Sexy_Lisa08/01/144.71HOT


 — Two women meet up and renew their "friendship." by spookysfamiliar09/18/034.16

Untitled #01

 — Butch/femme couple invites another woman to play. by Enjoy.11/13/054.27

Untitled #02

 — Lesbian sex with sweet Domme/sub tendencies. by Enjoy.11/13/054.18

Untitled No. 4

 — Her dream comes true with her favorite lasbian singer. by flamingmushroom03/17/064.49

Unusual Threesome

 — How a threesome went wrong- or was it perfect? by sammican102/17/104.07

Unveiled Desire

 — Lisa is overwhelmed by Donna's touch. by onlyinadream01/10/044.66HOT


 — A stressful day calls for a nice night to unwind. by PinkyDinky04/24/154.38

Unwrapping Beth

 — Sometimes, it's better to both give and receive. by Cal Y. Pygia05/28/133.26


 — Felicity learns about the "unwritten rules" at a new school. by JukeboxEMCSA12/12/104.34

Upping the Ante

 — A fantasy becomes reality for one couple. by onelosttraveler12/19/123.95


 — A woman is compelled to have lesbian sex in a nightclub. by JukeboxEMCSA05/28/114.41


 — Happily married woman confronts her newfound bisexuality. by Mr.Mallard12/13/004.27

Using niblet

 — A Sire allows his niblet to play. by Edge2305/31/083.96

V-Day Three Way

 — Two girls one guy lots of fun. by Nay4206902/14/153.56

Vacation Ch. 01

 — Dani gets secretarial approval. by The_Darkness12/23/064.29

Vacation Ministrations

 — Two vacationing women meet on a plane and get naughty. by petuchi1009/04/113.96

Vacation Sex Ch. 04

 — Sisters or lovers? by Olive Hizklosoff04/07/064.55HOT

Vacation Sex Ch. 04b

 — Love, friendship, piercing. by Olive Hizklosoff01/03/074.60HOT

Vacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 03

 — 2 women fuck each other while others watch. by ECHoney04/02/154.19

Vacation! Pt. 01

 — ...and we couldn't keep our hands off each other. by SunnyJohansen12/23/154.36

Vacation! Pt. 02

 — ...our vacation gets even hotter... by SunnyJohansen12/29/154.44

Vagina Dialogue

 — Both Natasha and Julie love the taste of vagina. by bradley_stoke12/18/063.84


 — You have your first woman while he watches. by ImpossibleFind01/20/014.23

Valentine for My Silent Angel

 — My plan for a romantic Valentine's with my mute wife. by Lady_Shelby02/17/094.32

Valentine's Day Dance

 — A long-time desire suddenly realized. by Brandy Chase01/25/044.37

Valentine's Day Mascara

 — Make-under does wonders for a curious duo. by lizthewizz200002/06/034.12

Valentine's Lingerie Gift

 — He sends her lingerie shopping and she tries on more. by CheriSM01/28/114.60HOT

Valentine's Revenge

 — Alexis N'awlins Style. by alexxxis01/23/094.49


 — Single moms meet and fall in love. by smj54ap01/31/074.77HOT

Valerie's Ride

 — Valerie's new girlfriend takes her for a motorcycle ride. by joanne697403/02/034.32

Valerie's Visit

 — New found lesbian friend Comes to visit for weekend. by joanne697404/30/034.10

Valkyries & Vixens

 — A geeky love story. by SweetestThing11/27/104.79HOT

Vals Introduction to Wrestling

 — Val finds out about a wreslting leage and she loves it. by victory_4_val02/13/074.52HOT

Vampire Quest Ch. 01

 — A Juliet and Juliet romance. by OneontaChick8807/19/064.31

Vampire Quest Ch. 02

 — Rhiannon finds out who was on her side. by OneontaChick8808/05/074.66HOT


 — Challenging the darkness comes at a price. by darthkytten10/10/054.34

Vanessa & Danny

 — A story of self discovery. by the_shires06/17/134.46

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 04

 — V. has phone sex with roomie & gets humiliated. by fanofpantyhose08/03/113.62


 — Her surprise 3some for hubby becomes surprise 2some. by Archer205004/27/084.68HOT

Vanilla Essence

 — A sideways look at Dom/sub. by Marie Marshall05/05/053.82


 — Unexpected pleasures. by pumkineater09/28/063.21

Velvet Angel

 — Don't ever think you are in control. by Blackie Munroe05/05/024.32

Velvet's Sleeping Beauty

 — A Velvet fairy tale. by velvetpie04/15/044.03

Ventures and Capital

 — Remarkable women are on heated display. by MurphyFitzgerald11/21/103.53

Venus in an Indian Summer

 — She seduces the coed next door. by Marie Marshall06/03/054.27

Venus School of Sex Ch. 16

 — Charity needs to practice for her Cunnilingus Class. by Goldeniangel06/16/124.49


 — Love, sex, cowardice, death, redemption, and a green scarf. by Caroline Covington08/26/054.75HOT


 — Julia sees the sights from unexpected vantage points. by Colleen Thomas05/28/044.66HOT

Veronica and Anna Ch. 01

 — 2 friends find love while finding themselves. by AlmostTangible01/23/164.28

Veronique's Persuasion Ch. 01

 — Straight Anita is persuaded by an internet porn actress. by SilkenLace07/28/134.43

Veronique's Persuasion Ch. 02

 — Veronique introduces Anita to lesbian sex. by SilkenLace07/29/134.74HOT

Veronique's Persuasion Ch. 03

 — Anita becomes a porn model. by SilkenLace09/30/134.64HOT

Very Personal Maid Service

 — She does more than cook & clean. by Wanda03/31/013.89

Very Personal Service

 — Jenny gose shopping for her first Toy. by blueeyeandy07/08/084.39

Vi's Valentine

 — An antisocial young woman's roomie takes her out for v-day. by queenhobart02/24/154.42

Vicky & Kayla

 — Vicky takes care of Kayla after a bad day at work. by ImSoGay10/22/124.70HOT

Victoria Punishes Lady Karen

 — Young Lady Karen disturbs Victoria and is punished for it. by Auntie_Victoria10/18/103.89

Victoria's Other Secret

 — Lingerie shopping leads to sex in the dressing room. by Fanny_Bancroft09/14/123.89

Victoria: The Abduction Ch. 01

 — Lesbian pirates abduct a crew and shame them. by bobbo5407/26/083.36

Victoria’s Secret

 — She's with Jasmyn in Victoria Secret change room. by CarlaRachelLee07/03/133.45

Victorian Beauty

 — Model in art class dreams of stage sex with stranger. by Ubasti11/19/104.38

Victorian Gothic Ch. 01

 — Two women fall in love despite obstacles in 1855 London by AudreyHepburn07/09/073.77

Victorian Gothic Ch. 02

 — Rose describes her loveless marriage. by AudreyHepburn08/22/074.00

Victoriaslice Gets Dirty at the Spa

 — Hardcore lesbian fun in the treatment room. . . by Victoriaslice07/12/093.71

Video Game Vixen Ch. 09

 — Sanaa's friend Nisi drops by. by wiggle_bounce05/10/073.83

Video Store Gal Pal

 — She yearns for Cuban beauty. by Crista10/15/004.47

Viens Pour Moi

 — Baby knows what I like... by lover bunny02/26/084.00

Vietnamese Wedding Challenge

 — Mother & future daughter-in-law do battle. by aussiegreg01/23/013.53

Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 01

 — Victoria is shocked when she makes a life-changing discovery. by naughtykitten2101/11/154.17

Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 02

 — Victoria and Lola decide to take an interesting step... by naughtykitten2103/04/154.27

Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 03

 — Victoria encounters Lola, and sparks fly...again. by naughtykitten2103/09/154.36

Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 04

 — Victoria is named valedictorian, and she and Lola celebrate. by naughtykitten2103/31/154.47

Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 05

 — The final chapter of Victoria and Lola's story... by naughtykitten2105/28/154.41

Virgin Housekeeper

 — The college girl's cougar boss wants her to put in overtime. by jill_gates11/10/134.68HOT

Virgin Love

 — Lisa's life is changed by her best friend's secret. by Martins02/21/084.62HOT

Virgin Mary: The Camp

 — Sequel to "Virgin Mary" by Buzzboy03/11/143.35

Virgin Mary: The Camp Ch. 04

 — Mary is tied to her bed on her first night. by Buzzboy12/14/143.54

Virgin Until Marriage Ch. 01

 — Betrothed Virgin by MsSandra10/23/124.26

Virgin Until Marriage Ch. 02

 — Exploring new avenues. by MsSandra10/25/124.27

Virginia's Virgin Tasting

 — Ginny learns she is bisexual. by Snobalz12/30/063.96

Virginity Lost Ch. 2

 — She tells best friend about losing her virginity. by Shanbabe4u05/04/013.75

Virginity Lost Ch. 3

 — Best friend & I discover our true nature. by Shanbabe4u05/10/014.44


 — Straight salesgirl takes girlfriend on a cruise. by talk202409/01/004.32Editor's Pick

Virtually Yours

 — Long distance lovers meet for the first time. by FeJuggler04/08/023.94

Virtually Yours Ch. 3

 — Two women meet again and again, in different times. by FeJuggler04/10/023.54

Virtue or Vice Ch. 03

 — "Tori's" inner slut comes out onstage. by BrettJ06/25/053.26


 — She gives her nether-regions a new look. by Shaved_wench08/29/034.28

Visit to Paradise

 — What would paradise be without ice cubes? by LovingYetti10/30/094.62

Visit With An Old Friend

 — Frustrated wife finds solace with two women. by libidinal12/13/024.47

Visiting Big Sis

 — Amy visits her big sister at college. by china-doll02/18/054.75HOT

Visiting Niece

 — Middle aged housewife has fun with husbands' niece. by hotgal05/11/034.18

Visiting Our Little Secret

 — Our visit to a strange bed and breakfast inn. by Adorable_Aurora05/23/074.25

Visiting the Doctor's Ch. 01

 — Amanda goes to the doctors, but gets a surprise visit. by ReepsTheOne12/24/113.92

Visiting the Doctor's Ch. 02

 — Amanda and Dr. Anna continue their sexual encounter. by ReepsTheOne01/13/124.07

Visiting Venus

 — Lonely woman finds love in neighbor's arms. by swordstone07/31/083.97


 — A prisoner gets a visitor. by LovelySweetDream06/15/124.12

Visting Grandpa

 — Jenny gets to know her Grandpa's housekeeper. by breastmeat200212/03/044.31


 — Imagine what you want in life and it will come to be. by Saxon Stonedyke03/06/124.10

Vitamin C

 — Kate begins a journey of lesbian sexual adventure. by blueberree08/26/124.05

Vitiated Love

 — This shouldn't feel so right, should it? by Senoritadelanieve10/20/114.28

Viva Last Vegas

 — Married friends continue their exploration of each other. by Kari198811/26/134.74HOT

Vivacious Vivian

 — A ride in Vivian's Corvette leads to passion! by curiousshell05/10/164.40

Vividly Violet Ch. 01

 — Is she up for the job of heroine? by SylverLyf07/07/054.37

Volleyball Team Manager

 — I was picked to take care of the girls team. by tn_maggie04/30/094.13

Volunteer Work

 — A school volunteer get more than she bargains for. by hosaki06/19/134.05

Volunteer Work Ch. 02

 — A school volunteer get more than she bargains for. by hosaki06/25/134.17

Volunteer Work Ch. 03

 — School volunteering is better than expected. by hosaki07/11/134.16

Volunteer Work Ch. 04

 — Nelly confronts Ethel, then comforts her. by hosaki07/20/134.32


 — Grown woman is surprised when she peeps at her neighbour. by Celeste99908/17/073.98

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