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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Voyeurism of a First-Time Lesbian

 — Male voyeur gets an eyeful. by lovescoldbeer06/22/024.23


 — Lesbian torment and erotic pleasures on a distant planet. by SuzyS07/11/184.29

Wait, November

 — Mississippi girl seeks truth in Dallas. by LawrenceD10/16/082.87

Waiting Around

 — Polly and Sam are enemies - but hate is passion too. by entryst06/13/094.09

Waiting for College

 — First Time Lesbian Seduction. by Yogakay05/02/154.54HOT

Waiting For Her Ship to Come In

 — A Marine Sergeant falls for a Navy Ensign. by jsragmanus10/20/124.65HOT

Waiting for Our Train

 — Exploring erotic fantasy, attraction, and the choice to act by robinwatergrove10/27/154.48

Waiting for the Longships

 — The Norse women wait for the Longships to return. by bradley_stoke04/16/063.98

Waiting Game

 — A lesbian story. by Shorthairdontcare02/02/164.30

Waiting is the Hardest Part

 — Responses from first crush are very delayed. by denisesweety06/23/194.33NEW

Waiting Is Worth It

 — A slow seduction pays off. by lilymay01/29/024.39

Waiting Tables at The Cozy Corner

 — Former gym teacher looks for a new start. by Madabouthair05/10/174.56HOT


 — She geets more than good tips at bachelorette party. by X_Christina_X10/27/074.18

Wake Up Call

 — A hypnodomme's pet tries to wake her up from a nap. by JukeboxEMCSA10/25/114.02

Wake Up!

 — Being woken up can be fun. by NzWiccan02/15/113.78

Wake Up!

 — Coeds find lesbian lust during a game of one upmanship. by HardandFrustrated12/12/164.60HOT


 — Sue & Christine realise it wasn't just comfort. by Mr James05/31/044.13

Waking Up in Vegas

 — Jennie finds out what she did last night. by JukeboxEMCSA04/01/124.36

Waking Up to Olivia

 — A first person account of a morning with Olivia, my boo/sub. by SidneyReeds06/12/193.64

Walk Me Through It

 — Old friends meet at a rave and go back to her place. by shadowblind11/11/104.19

Walk on the Wildside

 — Erin is introduced to an unlikely character. by lickmybananabread09/19/083.87

Walk the Wild Side

 — Curious Lisa responds to lesbian personal ads. by genderbender02/22/014.53HOT

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 2

 — Lipstick lesbians find each other through personal ads. by genderbender02/23/014.00

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 3

 — San Francisco sweeties lick each other. by genderbender02/24/014.02

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 4

 — Ads are full of many hot honeys bored with men. by genderbender02/25/014.05

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 5

 — Lipstick lesbians try the wild side. by genderbender02/26/013.43

Walk the Wild Side Ch. 6

 — More hot honeys satisfying their desires. by genderbender02/27/013.38

Walking Into The Unknown

 — Willow finds herself in the arms of her best friend. by LynneLynne2312/01/104.44

Walking the Dog

 — My dog plays lesbian matchmaker. by Virginiawild11/11/114.00

Walking the Dogs Ch. 01

 — Jess meets a new friend. by DiamondGirlxx11/13/074.55HOT

Walking the Dogs Ch. 02

 — Jess and Hanah's friendship develops. by DiamondGirlxx11/17/074.65HOT

Walking the Dogs Ch. 03

 — Jess and Hannah discover each other. by DiamondGirlxx12/15/074.64HOT

Wall Wants

 — She lusts for her. by lodo6603/06/054.10

Waltz of Blades Ch. 01

 — Two young women discover love that is balanced on a sword. by GaryStargazer08/03/104.34

Waltz of Blades Ch. 02

 — Angela and Elizabeth have their first date together. by GaryStargazer08/04/104.58HOT

Waltz of Blades Ch. 03

 — Angela gets to see another side of Elizabeth. by GaryStargazer08/05/104.52HOT

Waltz of Blades Ch. 04

 — The two girls experience lust and love together. by GaryStargazer08/06/104.49

Waltz of Blades Ch. 05

 — Angela's self doubt is reassured by an unlikely woman. by GaryStargazer08/07/104.56HOT

Waltz of Blades Ch. 06

 — Elizabeth gets to see Angela's dominant side. by GaryStargazer10/21/104.55HOT

Waltz of Blades Ch. 07

 — Angela gets a little gift from her lover. by GaryStargazer11/02/104.69HOT

Waltz of Blades Ch. 08

 — Murder and final exams. by GaryStargazer02/27/114.64HOT

WAM-Bam! Thank You Ma'am

 — Plans of revenge lead wife into a new world. by Lilin Penn12/14/044.46

Wanda's Story Ch. 01

 — The life and loves of Wanda Catron. by rpwilbur07/28/044.40

Wanda's Story Ch. 02

 — Wanda gets a surprising offer from Anne. by rpwilbur08/13/044.43

Wanda's Story Ch. 03

 — Wanda's first night as Anne's slave. by rpwilbur09/06/044.58HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 05

 — Wanda and Amber. by rpwilbur09/19/044.44

Wanda's Story Ch. 06

 — Anne Meets Amber. by rpwilbur09/28/044.49

Wanda's Story Ch. 07

 — The strip club. by rpwilbur10/02/044.56HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 09

 — Wanda and Betty. by rpwilbur10/15/044.61HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 12

 — Wanda's life changes; she celebrates with an orgy. by rpwilbur11/06/044.47

Wanda's Story Ch. 14

 — Wanda and The Sorority. by rpwilbur11/08/044.45

Wanda's Story Ch. 15

 — Wanda and Astrid, finally. by rpwilbur11/10/044.38

Wanda's Story Ch. 16

 — Astrid & Angela, then Astrid meets Anne. by rpwilbur11/13/044.60HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 17

 — Wanda's winter break, Part 1. by rpwilbur11/13/044.54HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 19

 — The winning streak by rpwilbur11/16/044.51HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 23

 — Wanda's summer of love. by rpwilbur12/11/044.50HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 25

 — Wanda meets Donna. by rpwilbur12/19/044.58HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 26

 — Wanda's wedding. by rpwilbur01/10/054.67HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 30

 — Wanda and Shelly. by rpwilbur02/11/054.13


 — College professors can teach more than course work. by snowgirl04/19/024.10


 — She says goodbye. by Celtic_Tease2901/12/054.63HOT

Wanton Halloween

 — Three friends heat up a Halloween party. by Sinful10/05/024.43

War on the 85th Floor

 — Two women go from applicants, to rivals, to hopelessly in love. by Rivals_Rapture03/05/174.53HOT

Warm Night

 — She goes to a party, that ends with a hot threesome. by Sinara06/23/123.87

Warm Skins

 — A revenge tale set in the post-apocalypse. Can love survive? by Mars_Inamorata01/24/194.78HOT

Was I Wrong?

 — Mary gets fucked by a girl she just met at a bar. by justwannabangarang05/24/174.30


 — Two have fun in the shower. by Carack_in04/03/094.25

Washing Machine Wanda

 — She fixes home appliances, and housewives' plumbing. by CalHollows05/02/114.36

Washing My Underwear

 — Woman finds hired help playing with her underwear. by Annette Taylor05/10/014.10


 — Things heat up on a secret mission during WWII. by Colleen Thomas02/01/054.73HOT

Watch Yourself Around the Neighbor

 — Coed is fascinated by the construction worker next door. by Madabouthair07/12/174.44

Watcher in the Stacks

 — Someone else in the library likes to watch. by librarylady04/24/024.61HOT

Watching Chick Flix

 — A simple misunderstanding leads to passion. by lohengren9912/15/014.44

Watching Katy and Emma

 — The two college girls fuck each other while B jacks off. by BrooklynObserver08/15/093.88

Watching My New Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Kate can't stop watching her new neighbor...from afar. by aurelie_ramone08/16/174.11

Watching My New Neighbor Ch. 02-03

 — Kate can't stop watching her new neighbor...from afar. by aurelie_ramone10/20/174.20

Watching My New Neighbor Ch. 04-05

 — Things heat up between the two neighbors. by aurelie_ramone12/23/174.62HOT

Watching the Midnight Romp

 — She wakes up when a stranger comes to see her roommate. by AmberBlack11/13/074.36

Watching the Sun Oil Go On

 — Watching two girls on holiday. by agathabagshot03/07/184.40

Watching Them

 — A voyeuristic view of a torrid affair. by herslave42007/22/094.50HOT

Watching You Now

 — She watches her shower and remembers... by between_love_and_lust11/05/144.68HOT

Water Tag

 — Water fun on Kauai. by pamper104/04/043.98


 — Vacationing girls find Sapphic paradise. by Crew Cut06/22/003.66

Watkin's General

 — Adventures of small town doctor in inner city hospital. by Colleen Thomas05/24/024.65HOT

Waves of Time

 — A solitary time at the beach house is filled with pleasure. by marybethf09/19/064.66HOT

Waves of Time Ch. 02

 — Summer comes to an end with a surprise. by marybethf10/12/064.72HOT


 — The pain & pleasure of a bikini wax. by Lyss07/09/024.39

Waxing Eloquent

 — Oral sex performed at spa. by Yorkiechai05/20/184.34

Waxing with Fringes

 — Unexpected treatment at a salon. by urbabe05/23/094.35

We Can't Stop Ch. 01

 — Introduction to my experience with Alex. by GeneralPigeon07/03/134.21

We Can't Stop Ch. 02

 — Caught in the act. by GeneralPigeon07/16/134.67HOT

We Kept Our Panties On

 — First time bisexual lovemaking. by blondechristine201208/07/144.64HOT

We Love It Brown!

 — Girls get messy when deep anal play hits pay dirt. by VeryDirtyDenise10/21/064.59HOT

We Meet at Last

 — On line fantasy becomes reality. by 1littlegreymouse12/18/133.71

We Need to Go, Go, Go!

 — Fecal frolics for scatting sisters. by VeryDirtyDenise07/29/094.35

We Take Care of Our Own

 — Army wives help each other through the lonely times. by Momma_Andrea06/12/134.44

We'll Always Have Paris

 — They meet and then part in the City of Lights. by patricia5111/17/034.78HOT

We'll be home for Christmas

 — Natalie meets her soul mate on the way home for Christmas. by DAB3269711/02/08HOT

We're In The Army Now! Ch. 01

 — Basic training for new recruits. by Crew Cut09/15/034.46

We're In The Army Now! Ch. 02

 — Two lesbian first-timers follow orders. by Crew Cut09/21/034.39

We're In The Army Now! Ch. 03

 — She and Smith had grown together. by Crew Cut12/12/044.60HOT

We're In The Army Now! Ch. 04

 — Our army recruits' adventures continue. by Crew Cut09/26/074.35

Wealth Pt. 01

 — Wealth is more than just money, or pussy. by JimBob4406/09/154.63HOT

Wealth Pt. 04

 — Wealth is taking opportunities. by JimBob4409/11/154.82HOT

Webcam Fantasy

 — Wife has first bisexual encounter over webcam. by Tavlor03/24/084.02

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 01

 — 47 year old Angela and 18 year old Abby meet. by walterk09/04/143.95

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 02

 — Angela and Abby perform the first kiss. by walterk09/11/144.17

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 03

 — Abby and Angela plan a night on the town. by walterk09/25/144.21

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 04

 — Angela and Abby go on Spring Break. by walterk10/02/144.25

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 05

 — Angela says goodbye to Howard and hello to Abby. by walterk10/13/143.99

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 06

 — Angela and Abby finally tie the knot. by walterk10/18/144.22

Wedding Bells

 — A bride has second thoughts before her wedding. by LadyDaisy09/21/163.88

Wedding in Texas

 — After a wedding, I seduce the bride's female cousin. by LadyFrederika05/29/164.06

Wedding Invitation

 — A woman's first experience with another woman. by Luvbug4012/06/094.40

Wedding Reception Seduction

 — She just wanted sex, but she found much more. by lexstroker06/11/194.81HOT

Wednesday Cab Ride

 — MaryAnn waits for Sally to come home. by patricia5102/13/054.47

Weed Slave Ch. 01

 — A suburban MILF needs her meds. by Horati0Baccus03/31/163.60

Weed Slave Ch. 02

 — Vanessa relives her past while submitting anew. by Horati0Baccus04/05/163.94

Weed Slave Ch. 03

 — Crystal enjoys Vanessa's tongue. by Horati0Baccus04/08/164.10

Weekend at School Ch. 01

 — Christina has an interesting weekend at school. by f1racer2207/15/14HOT

Weekend at School Ch. 02

 — Christina's weekend at school continues. by f1racer2208/15/14HOT

Weekend At The Bach Ch. 1

 — Sherri gets an invitation for the weekend. by Salteena07/22/022.98

Weekend At The Bach Ch. 2

 — Naomi make her move. by Salteena07/24/023.25

Weekend At The Bach Ch. 3

 — Sherri admires her sleeping friend. by Salteena07/25/023.67

Weekend at the LGBT Spa

 — Lesbian Massage and Mystery. by Aimie246911/03/144.42

Weekend at the Spa Ch. 01

 — Day one: Dreams do come true. by truthfulajari01/11/104.15

Weekend Away

 — Someone's pain can become another persons pleasure. by jbgoode08/25/024.35

Weekend Away Continues

 — Their fun stops when Connie changes her mind. by jbgoode09/11/024.25

Weekend Fling

 — Liv teaches Kat the joys of a woman's touch. by BiCollegeGirl53103/11/02

Weekend for Two

 — With your husband away, you play with your lover. by hotnspicey11/14/024.25

Weekend Getaway

 — Two ladies spend a weekend in a cabin. by sindybislut05/09/064.23

Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

 — Two women spend sex-filled weekend together. by sindybislut05/13/064.30

Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

 — Leslie and Mariana meet up in the library stacks. by MacyAnniston10/03/184.55HOT

Weekend Getaway Ch. 02

 — The women's lusty weekend continues. by sindybislut05/14/064.41

Weekend in Atlanta

 — Kate meets Kari for a weekend of sex. by Seattlebreeze03/01/184.60HOT

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