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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Guitar Freakout

 — Sandy and Tammy slip away from their friends at the beach. by MungoParkIII12/30/073.53

Guitar Freakout Ch. 02

 — Sandy and Tammy return to the beach shack. by MungoParkIII12/31/074.09

Gwen's Kitchen

 — Mocking a girl/girl porno leads to naughty secret desires. by evanrulzz12/29/024.06

Gwen's Romance

 — Gwen experiences her first lesbian encounter. by espeteroh06/03/054.18

Gym Fantasy

 — Jane and Susan meet at the gym. by absorb05/23/144.27

Gym Shower

 — He catches wife with lovely redhead. by Flashlight7.510/08/003.98

Gym Suprise

 — Two women find each other at the gym. by bailey9402/03/164.13NEW

Gym Suprise Ch. 02

 — Girl masturbates in the bathroom. by bailey9402/06/163.82NEW

Gym Workout

 — Late night in the gym turns out to be better. by Nomansland6911/24/064.00

Hail Ch. 02

 — Nothing is explained, but gets interesting. by gentlebutfirm07/01/043.71

Hairspray Her Way

 — Wife finds sex with female coworker while hubbie watches. by palles08/08/083.01

Haitian And Female in Canada

 — The life and times of a gay Haitian woman in Canada. by Samuelx03/07/103.37

Haitian Lesbian Booty Rocks!

 — Butch Haitian lesbian seduces African-American gal. by Samuelx08/28/113.42

Haley Johnson

 — An athlete discovers her coaches and teamates. by Bigr185608/21/074.03

Halloween Moon

 — Secret love in bloom. by Brandy Chase11/30/024.65HOT

Halloween Party at Willamette

 — Pretty college girl parties with decadent wealthy lesbians! by Kansas10/05/154.68HOT

Halloween, Alcohol, & Sandy

 — Invitation from an anonymous woman leads to treats. by Angelinwaiting10/07/013.99

Hallowing Eve

 — A secluded mountain cabin and a box of sex toys! by Alessia Brio03/14/124.28

Hallway Hero

 — She is saved from her beast of an Ex by her neighbour. by TKBabylon05/03/124.46

Hallway Princess

 — Divorced woman is seduced by former high school teacher. by CamScorp12/02/133.91

Handi-Horny Ch. 02: Eve's Surprise

 — Mother lures son's girlfriend into hot girl on girl hookup. by Phallux07/11/144.41

Handywoman: Jackie of All Trades

 — Lesbian-charming story... hot, humid and sexy. by astraltravler01/15/143.57


 — Hannah sees her roommate masturbate in front of her. by BeautifulSurface06/22/103.94

Hannah & Ariel Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by Emily_fights10/18/153.58

Hannah & Ariel Pt. 02-03

 — The girls discover each other's secret obsession. by Emily_fights10/21/154.02

Hannah & Ariel Pt. 04

 — Hannah & Ariel go to the dance. by Emily_fights11/28/154.30

Hannah & Ariel Pt. 05

 — Ariel's first fight. by Emily_fights12/23/154.06

Hannah Gets Pierced

 — I was sure the drive would be worth it. by dopplergaydar01/07/134.24

Hannah's Magic Ch. 01

 — Is Cindy's hot friend really magical and horny for her? by tmgsaga01/12/114.42

Hannah's Magic Ch. 02

 — Cindy's lesbian dreams give her problems at work. by tmgsaga01/26/114.42

Hannah's Magic Ch. 03

 — Cindy and Hannah turn a lingerie store into an orgy. by tmgsaga01/28/114.38

Hannah's Magic Ch. 04

 — Cindy gets a visit from a busty bikini babe who can fly. by tmgsaga01/29/114.33

Happily Married Woman Finds A Lover

 — Two early 40's women meet online. by calgarybabe3907/08/134.27

Happiness Found

 — She finds joy in a woman's arms. by CaroleS3110/11/004.49

Happiness House

 — A tourist joins a lesbian couple in a threesome. by happyday05/31/084.21

Happy Birthday

 — Jan's birthday goes from a bust to one she will never forget. by Colleen Thomas03/29/024.63HOT

Happy Birthday

 — An encounter. by eroticdeath0006/30/083.57

Happy Birthday

 — Random Birthday Sex. by ElleEmm03/27/154.30

Happy Birthday

 — We're miles apart but just a breath away. by savismith08/28/144.39

Happy Birthday Jessica

 — Colleagues grow closer...too close? by Countercash12/09/094.02

Happy Birthday Jessica Ch. 02

 — Who's in the shadows? by Countercash12/10/094.02

Happy Birthday Jessica Ch. 03

 — Everything has its cost. by Countercash12/17/093.85

Happy Birthday to Me

 — She gets a wonderful birthday surprise. by carrie-on09/03/014.03

Happy Birthday to ME!

 — Unexpected birthday presents. by SaraEricaXanderfield01/08/094.20

Happy Birthday! - The Prequel!

 — Where everything started... by darkknight366305/21/154.17

Happy Birthday: Mary's Gift

 — She is served breakfast in bed. by SapphireNSilk07/13/054.25

Happy Campers

 — Kari and Sara find fun in the rain. by HoRnY24_702/09/053.88

Happy Ending

 — Charlene risks her career to get Amy off. by Katthrynn03/05/064.41

Happy Endings

 — Blair had a hideous day at work, then she met Michelle. by TE99904/29/114.51HOT

Happy Friday

 — The day just might be looking up. by lisaEllyn03/15/134.75HOT

Happy Halloween Caitlin 04

 — Caitlin engages in sex with Aimee, and the Dullichan by wastor6402/03/143.79

Happy New Year

 — A new years eve, party for two. by RedSoop10/04/154.17

Happy New Year!

 — Two old friends welcome the new year in a new way. by Kentarre06/06/064.16

Happy New Year, Helena

 — Taylor meets an awesome girl called Helena on New Year's. by AlexPHenson12/28/124.29

Happy Thanksgiving

 — Two best friends get closer during the holiday. by ShyGirl5208/31/033.97

Happy To Please

 — Two bisexual girls meet a sexy older lesbian online. by pinklilies04/01/143.72

Happy Valentine's Day

 — A Valentine's Day Card for My Love. by KatieAnnBB02/17/144.44


 — Young and innocent, they encountered the wrong cop. by TxRad01/07/094.38


 — What gift can a lesbian give her partner, who hates men? by edrider7305/25/143.89

Harassment Backlash Ch. 01

 — Lesbian office boss harasses younger employee. by reavan11/07/034.12

Hard Choices

 — College girl decides size isn't the only thing. by AltheaRose01/06/154.77HOT

Hard Choices Ch. 02

 — A new woman, a new wrinkle and maybe a new romance. by AltheaRose02/18/154.71HOT

Hard Day's Work

 — Coed gets a new toy. by x_Medusa11/29/073.53

Hard Nipples: My First...

 — Cool water makes hard nipples. by pussylove6907/25/033.88

Harem Days Ch. 03

 — Oriental girl enjoys mother-daughter love. by Wellwisher10007/16/044.49

Harem Girl

 — Harem girl learns females pleasures. by Bakeboss02/11/103.48

Harley Seduces the Teacher

 — Harley brings her teacher gifts and sex to become her lover by leanne2k02/20/034.25

Harmony and Melody

 — Together, they proved unstoppable. by Cal Y. Pygia08/29/093.32


 — A day for change. by Dotrice101/17/044.27

Harri Finds Good Value

 — Claudia & Harri continue to find themselves. by Dotrice102/20/044.36

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 03

 — Jess makes Harri beg for it. by thenry12/05/094.52HOT

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 04

 — A first date with Jess - first date of Harri's whole life. by thenry12/06/094.72HOT

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 07

 — Conclusion. The gentle, loving return of Jess. And a toy. by thenry12/09/094.79HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch. 02

 — Things get Hotter when Hari's cousin takes control. by Couture02/01/024.22

Harriet Hotter Ch. 03

 — A hotter exam at the Dr.'s office. by Couture03/07/024.06

Harriet Hotter Ch. 04

 — Harriet falls further under Chloe's spell. by Couture04/09/024.49

Harriet Hotter Ch. 05

 — It's Harriet's Birthday - does anyone remember? by Couture04/18/024.58HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch. 08

 — Spell causes Harriet to get aroused by dirty words. by Couture05/25/024.32

Harriet Hotter Ch. 09

 — Heather has other ideas for Harriet's wand. by Couture06/02/024.31

Harriet Hotter Ch. 10

 — A sorceress sometimes has to earn money, too. by Couture08/04/024.63HOT

Harriet Hotter Ch. 14

 — Harriet gets a 'wand' of her own by Couture04/08/034.63HOT

Harry Meets Her Angels

 — Harriet runs into two lingerie models and her life changes. by Brookell12/31/074.61HOT

Haunted by Love

 — Bethany's research into a ghost story changes her life. by ScattySue10/22/154.86HOTContest Winner

Have You Ever?

 — First time flying for Janie is a prelude to other firsts. by Colleen Thomas08/24/054.69HOT

Have You Ever?

 — Woman asks friend about sex with other women. by Armychick07/09/154.32

Hawaii Five - Oh Ch. 01

 — Slave's anklet leads to fun. by adoration10/17/054.10

Hawaii Five - Oh Ch. 02

 — Bikini model does some posing. by adoration10/24/053.83

Hawaii Five - Oh Ch. 03

 — Bikini model enjoys domme duo. by adoration10/30/053.91

Hawaii Five - Oh Ch. 04

 — Bikini model falls for older woman. by adoration11/11/054.12

Hawaii Five - Oh Ch. 05

 — One chapter closes, another opens. by adoration02/18/063.69

Hawaiian Encounter

 — Two women in their Waikiki hotel room. by LindandSheri10/06/064.40

Hawaiian Encounter Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of two women in Waikiki. by LindandSheri10/28/064.49

Hawke's Shot

 — A mercenary tries to kidnap a seamstress who has superpowers. by Lilletto05/06/114.27


 — Hayling is her dominating sexual thrill. by mike z.01/25/064.11


 — A straight virgin joins the cheer team with an unusual pact. by pinklilies11/28/144.01

Headed South

 — A writer overcomes a case of writer's block. by UTexasAbbs09/19/094.23

Health 101 -- Female Oral Ch. 02

 — 6th installment of series. by jacktar4801/02/084.46

Healthy Food Ch. 01

 — Sexual all girls fun at a Health Food Resturant. by DavidDavina07/31/064.41

Healthy Food Ch. 02

 — More sex and veg mixed up in the Health Food restaurant. by DavidDavina01/01/074.09

Heart & Sole

 — Paradise is often right before your eyes, Chris discovers. by Lisa Summers07/21/024.46

Heart Released

 — This is the sequel to Heart Repaired ... or Is It? by les_sammy_021109/23/114.26

Heart Repaired ... Or Is It?

 — Emily gets over one love and is ready to be the next one. by les_sammy_021109/10/114.08

Heart Shaped Box

 — Emily visits a peep show and sees a heart-shaped box. by JukeboxEMCSA08/13/114.38

Heart's Desire

 — Two females enjoy each other, by VampirePrincess03/27/033.62


 — Blackmail, Lust, and Deceit. by Hellboy200810/13/083.17

Hearts Afire

 — You rekindle a love but must fight a killer. by MacAlex01/17/074.35

Hearts Afire Pt. 02

 — Two girlfriends rekindle a love but must fight a killer. by MacAlex02/20/074.56HOT

Hearts Afire Pt. 03

 — Lesbian love brushes with death. by MacAlex06/22/074.63HOT

Hearts Afire Pt. 04

 — The Serial Killer closes in on our lesbian friends. by MacAlex12/19/074.77HOT

Hearts Afire Pt. 05

 — The passion between Mac & Alex rises - but ARE they alone? by MacAlex01/20/084.65HOT

Hearts Afire Pt. 06

 — Mac & Em's love heats up. by MacAlex02/29/084.12

Hearts on Fire

 — College professor finds love & lust with a woman. by rgjohn03/15/034.79HOTContest Winner

Hearts on Fire Ch. 02

 — Sam and Sally take a trip to Key West. by rgjohn05/01/084.75HOTContest Winner


 — Two women find a creative way to beat the heat. by 12shadesofred05/05/154.36


 — The girl in the coffee shop is hot. by luzi8404/11/044.06


 — Young woman is tempted by another. by jus8tine08/19/074.56HOT

Heather and Riley Ch. 02

 — Riley has fun after practice. by MillerHighLife12/10/064.45

Heather in Heaven

 — Friends see each other in a different light. by ViciousVixen01/05/023.16

Heather's Baptism

 — A meeting & a rainstorm change Heather's life forever. by matriarch10/05/044.64HOT

Heather's First Time

 — Heather's sexuality is awakened by Julia. by almostnormal200808/29/074.32

Heather's Lesbian Roommates Ch. 01

 — Heather get her heart broken by a guy can't trust guys. by VeryNaughtyGirl353504/06/133.15

Heather's Shoe Shop Exposure

 — Heather exposes herself leading to a lesbian encounter. by Slutty6309/10/134.60HOT


 — Two friends discover heaven. by nakedangelina04/23/024.21


 — She fell for a stripper named Heaven. by notabutch03/08/064.48

Heaven Beneath the Blue Light

 — She imagines your first oral experience. by Midnightoil8412/24/064.40

Hecate, Witch of Darkness

 — Hecate teaches Shannon Sapphic love. by Maggie Red Rose11/22/054.32

Heel or Heal

 — Where Obedience is necessary to the relationship. by KAnneMeinel07/24/114.60HOT

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