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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Lustful Longings

 — Straight woman goes out. by sweet_slit03/12/083.95

Lustful Sleep

 — Angie catches Ann in somnambulant sexplay by Dakota Ryan10/11/004.01

Lusting and Loving

 — Jenniqua discovers the difference between lust and love. by SpicySynAmon06/12/064.41

Lusting Ch. 01

 — She takes you to bed. by Celtic_Tease2905/19/044.22

Lusting for Amanda

 — A personal fantasy on wanting to eat my friend's cute cunt. by sexikittymindy10/08/153.98

Lusting For Ruth

 — She tries a woman while men watch. by ChristinaSophia08/13/043.71

Lydia And Lucy On The Beat

 — Two girl coppers fill in time on night shift. by aussie_ella02/05/064.42

Lydia Got the Winnings

 — Mary Beth lost, but will enjoy the result. by qualitywheat09/14/144.17

Lydia's Awakening

 — A professor finds her lesbian tendencies with two students. by freeman6402/05/154.21

Lydia's Awakening Ch. 03

 — Lydia finds two new girls, but Tom wants a share. by freeman6403/17/154.42

Lying Young Ch. 01

 — A Young baker, a bad habit and a hot girl sex fantasy. (1/2) by Smokey12504/30/174.28

Lying Young Ch. 02

 — Dori is faced with a trauma that threatens her future. (2/2) by Smokey12505/01/174.74HOT

Lyla Ch. 03: Digs Deep

 — Lyla sleeps with 19 year old Halle. by dakotadanders10/28/174.50HOT

Lynette's Fantasy

 — She makes an unusal friendship. by Mr_Neb10/09/004.16Editor's Pick

Lynn and Chelsea's Surprise

 — Lynn thinks it's for her birthday, but she has no idea. by myhiddendesire276912/19/064.39

Lynn's Alley Ch. 01

 — Sapphic couple Lynn & Ali live, love, & enjoy life. by t_girl_309/20/084.55HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 02

 — Lynn & Ali continue their adventures with life and love. by t_girl_309/27/084.68HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 03

 — The girls get a yen for some 'strange'. by t_girl_309/28/084.59HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 04

 — The girls go to dinner & have dessert with a friend. by t_girl_309/29/084.63HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 05

 — Sharon throws another party; Lynn deals with a lout. by t_girl_309/30/084.59HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 06

 — The gallery's opening night; a surprising crush revealed. by t_girl_310/16/084.62HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 07

 — Ali convinces Lynn to take a chance. by t_girl_310/17/084.66HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 08

 — Another party at Sharon's; decisions made about Sam. by t_girl_310/26/084.69HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 09

 — Sami introduces the girls to a friend. by t_girl_310/27/084.74HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 10

 — Fun & Games in the Twin Cities; Sami 'defined'... by t_girl_311/01/084.77HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 11

 — The holidays; decisions made about Hawaii; a mall 'rat'. by t_girl_311/05/084.70HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 12

 — Sami and Lynn head to Maui. by t_girl_311/06/084.67HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 13

 — Sami & Lynn take an interest in higher education. by t_girl_311/09/084.66HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 14

 — Sami does Hawaii, with Lynn's help, of course. by t_girl_311/10/084.71HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 15

 — The mystery of the voyeur is solved; and revelations. by t_girl_311/14/084.70HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 16

 — Ali arrives in Maui; gallery decisions are made. by t_girl_311/15/084.77HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 17

 — Sami returns to the City; Ali and Lynn entertain. by t_girl_311/18/084.77HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 18

 — The girls return to N'awlins; Sami has a date. by t_girl_311/19/084.76HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 19

 — Lynn closes the sale in the Cities; Mardi Gras fun. by t_girl_311/22/084.75HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 20

 — Road trip for the three amigos. by t_girl_311/23/084.74HOT

Lynn's Alley Ch. 21

 — Surprises await... by t_girl_311/24/084.84HOT

Lynn's Journeys

 — A chance meeting, & a road never traveled by her. by t_girl_303/22/084.51HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 02

 — Lynn makes what proves to be a life-altering choice. by t_girl_304/04/084.63HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 03

 — Poker night, Tequila Sunrises, and another 'first'. by t_girl_304/08/084.69HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 04

 — Lynn's life continues to change in so many ways. by t_girl_304/09/084.61HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 05

 — Lynn continues to explore her new world of girl-sex. by t_girl_304/15/084.63HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 06

 — A confrontation for Lynn; a Chinese dish to share. by t_girl_304/14/084.51HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 07

 — Lynn & Nat hit Hawaii by t_girl_304/20/084.59HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 09

 — Lynn and Nat continue to enjoy the tastes of Hawaii. by t_girl_304/22/084.70HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 10

 — Lynn hits Milly's on her own & finds a new playmate. by t_girl_304/25/084.76HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 11

 — A chance meeting at Milly's for Lynn; a turn in the road. by t_girl_304/26/084.81HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 12

 — Lynn visits with a new friend in a city that she loves. by t_girl_304/27/084.76HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 13

 — Lynn's visit into Ali's world continues; a threesome occurs. by t_girl_305/01/084.75HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 14

 — The girls party in the French Quarters; the road turns. by t_girl_305/05/084.81HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15a

 — Wishes are expressed; decisions are made by Ali & Lynn. by t_girl_305/06/084.81HOT

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 15b

 — Meeting the family; the road ahead. by t_girl_305/07/084.84HOT


 — Her dream of Lynsie. by Pandoras Desire07/10/063.92

Lynsie Ch. 02

 — A vivid dream of Lynsie. by Pandoras Desire06/03/083.48

M Club Ch. 10

 — The girls kick off their sleepover with a shower and games. by WatchingCloud07/20/174.69HOT

Ma Petite Mort Ch. 01

 — My first lesbian experience. by Saphs01/13/114.15

Ma Petite Mort Ch. 02

 — Something else for those who enjoyed my first share. by Saphs01/14/114.32

Ma'am and the Girl

 — She has office sex with girl from the elevator. by tayla703/25/083.79

Mañana - A Better Day

 — A feel-good island story. by RaistlinMajere01/12/194.56HOT

Mac and Me

 — An unlikely romance between a wallflower and her bus driver by davidwatts12/12/084.81HOT


 — Some women make their men put on heels, and others, well... by cand8608/15/074.45

Macy's Crush

 — Macy's night with the student-teacher of her dreams. by pointless03/25/094.47

Madame Hilde Meets Erika

 — Madame Hilde turns young Erika into a lesbian. by angie2g05/23/084.21

Madame V and Angelina

 — In a lovely Parisienne house, a dungeon lies waiting. by kittenkinky11/10/074.34

Made to date

 — A girl is forced to date a female classmate. by maxout0901/26/144.17

Madelaine's Admirer

 — Madelaine meets her admirer. by Cheri Lynn02/18/024.40

Madelaine's War

 — Is she controlling -- or being controlled? by krr195702/25/114.75HOT

Maeve and Caitlin

 — College roomies discover all they need is each other. by ThatSexyIrishGirl02/27/074.47

Magda & the Captain Ch. 00: Pilot

 — How the Captain picks up passengers to meet her fantasies. by KCorvid10/10/154.06

Magda & the Captain Ch. 01: Lightheaded

 — When the Captain asks you to dance for her, be ready... by KCorvid11/26/164.26

Maggie Plays at Lottie's House!

 — Best friends have fun with each other. by happy_man_now04/11/04

Maggie's Audition Pt. 02: Maggie and Lily

 — After the audition, Maggie and Lily add a friend. by Sandman831408/22/144.07

Maggie's Change of Heart

 — How my best friend became my lover. by LittleBea10/08/094.42

Maggie's Change of Heart Ch. 02

 — The girls get closer, and Charlotte confesses. by LittleBea10/26/094.46

Maggie's Change of Heart Ch. 03

 — Charlotte and Maggie get a toy. by LittleBea11/22/094.46

Maggie's Change of Heart Ch. 04

 — Mike the plumber is paid for his services. by LittleBea11/22/093.81

Maggie's Farm

 — Maggie makes new discoveries and new partners. by alltherage12/11/014.09

Maggie's Farm Ch. 2

 — A twist of fate... by alltherage12/14/014.27

Maggie's Touch Ch. 02

 — When Maggie asks for help she get it. And more. by TheleHun11/13/094.35

Maggie: My First

 — She describes her first time with another woman. by pagangirl06/10/074.18

Magic Carriage Ride

 — Two friends set out on an erotic journey. by azenbloodhammer01/03/133.88

Magic Dancer

 — Megan's special dance. by Brandy Chase06/03/034.69HOTEditor's Pick

Magic Fingers

 — A woman's dreams come true with her magical roommate. by xXSaphXx05/30/144.34

Magic Girl Ch. 01

 — Japanese-American & African-American girl-jocks get it on. by Selbryth09/17/05

Magic Girl Ch. 02

 — Japanese-American and African-American girl-jocks get it on. by Selbryth09/18/05

Magic Girl Ch. 03

 — Japanese-American and African-American girl-jocks get it on. by Selbryth09/19/05

Magic Medical Attention

 — Listent to your doctor. by Georgette Glass04/23/054.44

Magic Misti

 — Two straight women take mushrooms and end up fucking. by Yogakay08/08/174.38

Magical Heidi

 — A bisexual wife falls for a beautiful college classmate. by Kittn0105/30/064.19


 — A young woman is trapped on a train by another woman. by IvoryEbony01/03/124.14


 — Two women are drawn together. by dunny02/22/024.20

Maian Philosophy: Rosario

 — Even serious Philosophy students get sidetracked. by Karyn Gardenia03/20/074.39

Maid for a Good Time

 — Maid works a little overtime. by smithjon191907/26/114.20

Maid for Sex

 — Mexican maid provides more than cleaning service. by sexy_jessie08/28/034.31

Maid In America

 — Two young maids cross their wicked Madame's line of decency. by Smokey12504/09/154.33

Maid of Honor

 — She's a beautiful, sexy maid of honor. by romane06/05/043.86

Maid of Honor

 — I can't get Julia off my mind. by JosephBarnosky02/06/123.98

Maid of Honor S01 E03

 — Hannah's Audition. by paopao3309/29/143.87

Maid Service

 — A wonderful lesbian encounter while traveling. by Luvbug4007/14/064.36

Maid Takes Over Ch. 01

 — Maid takes control of her lady. by debashritaslaveoftabassum01/09/193.84

Maid Takes Over Ch. 02

 — Maid humiliates the lady even further. by debashritaslaveoftabassum01/10/194.02

Maid To Drink My Pee

 — Lady maid imbibes employer's golden shower. by girlloverrekha09/03/023.72

Maid to Measure

 — A maid and her employer play a game. by All Red05/05/064.60HOT

Maid to Order

 — Marina learns what it means to service women. by Maggie Red Rose12/14/064.60HOT

Maid to Order

 — A tale of lesbian domination. by Littlemissblair05/27/104.62HOT

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