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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — Man discovers his wife loves women. by chivalry1105/08/044.01

Northeastern Belle

 — Do not disturb: roommates at play. by modest mouse01/27/023.90

Northern Lights

 — Bit of sno-mance warms two hearts & other parts. by mummys dirty angel12/02/044.58HOT

Nosey Parker Ch. 01

 — She was too nosey for her own good. by hotchkiss08/24/044.39

Nosey Parker Ch. 02

 — Angela pays dearly for her crimes. by hotchkiss08/29/044.47

Nosh Nothings

 — Nothing is what it seems. by TMAJO08/24/074.74HOT

Not a Home

 — She meets an intriguing gray-eyed beauty. by dysphemist11/18/054.79HOT

Not a Thing to Wear

 — Some fun nakey and sexy times in a clothing store. by Xarth04/12/194.81HOT

Not an Ordinary Tutor

 — Maya gets drilled by Carrie as she finishes her project. by unexplored_worlds07/08/15

Not My Turn

 — My Lady wants to use me tonight. by Luscious_sub12/18/133.83

Not My Type

 — Prom night doesn't turn out so bad after all. by RoseTintMyWorld03/08/064.30

Not so Soft

 — Fuck me like you're mad at me. by savismith08/24/144.39

Not The Usual Affair

 — They can't help themselves.. by EmeraldKitten02/05/114.39

Not Tonight

 — Two lovers reunite and have a bit of a rough time. by alottafuhgina02/24/134.51HOT

Not What She Expected

 — Meeting a client didn't pan out the way she expected it to. by Squeak8110/27/154.54HOT

Not yet a Woman

 — Making the transition. by Ann Douglas11/28/174.72HOT

Not Your Everyday Penis Fantasy

 — Erotic woman arouses her. by sera09/02/014.18

Not Your Typical Romance

 — What's so different about these two women? by HerSweetMaiden07/21/113.21

Note to Self

 — An intimate encounter causes Anna to reexamine her sexuality. by blin1811/29/144.40

Nothing Like Jello

 — Secret love is revealed between college roommates. by perks01/26/023.42

Nothing Too Serious

 — A doctor prescribes drugs, brainwashing and submission. by JukeboxEMCSA12/12/114.39

Nothing's Wrong

 — Tanya helps Lois cope with friend's outing. by Windpoet7212/12/044.29

Notorious Ch. 08

 — Lisa discovers Cassie's true feelings. by BondiLisa04/01/084.49

Nouveau Soleil

 — Their trip to St. John, & a tropical rain shower. by RebeccaLeah10/05/044.56HOT

Nova & Sabine Pt. 02

 — Sabine's dark & wild world, Nova wondering what she got into. by takemeaway249902/10/193.83

Nova's Journey

 — An orphan learns the consequences of her rescue. by OnlyATest05/19/144.63HOT

Nova's Journey Pt. 02

 — The choice. by OnlyATest07/16/144.81HOT

Nova's Journey Pt. 03

 — Initiation into the Order and the first of the training. by OnlyATest08/22/144.76HOT

Nova's Journey Pt. 04

 — Embry's secret and the introduction. by OnlyATest01/13/154.73HOT

Nova's Journey Pt. 05

 — Meeting Lena. by OnlyATest08/24/164.62HOT

Nova's Journey Pt. 06

 — Training with Lena. by OnlyATest04/26/174.44

Nova's Journey Pt. 07

 — The Twins and the Caravan Apocalypse. by OnlyATest09/08/184.79HOT

Novel Part of Me

 — Wife discovers her attraction to other females. by be24you04/04/144.21

NOW, You're Bi!...

 — Gal pals 'experiment' in the sauna. by BlurOfSerenity08/02/014.66HOT

NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked

 — Shy nerd is blackmailed into the world of nude wrestling. by silkstockingslover06/21/134.67HOT

Nude on a Bearskin Rug

 — Two college girls sharing intimate moments. by JimBob4402/10/184.60HOT

Nude Party

 — Two friends become more than that during a nude day party. by HottieKatie07/01/134.25


 — 1991: a college pupil falls for her mature female professor. by Smokey12506/22/194.45NEW

Numbers in the Sand

 — Seduction and sex by the sea. by scheherazade_7911/30/034.54HOT

Nun at the Wedding

 — Nun comforts jilted bride. by MarieLeClare06/19/044.08

Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 04

 — Without men, desires makes a nun look to young virgins. by MrRusty200005/15/154.37

Nurse Candi and Amber

 — Nurse Candi takes real good care of Amber. by wolftribe200907/30/114.08

Nurse Cindy

 — A skiing accident opens new doors. by Bokimbol08/20/084.42

Nurse Julie

 — Julie plays nurse with BethAnne. by Cre8tiveBliss06/05/024.45

Nurse Takes Sub Sue

 — School nurse gives Sue her first orgasm. by sublezsue03/08/07

Nurse Whore

 — Nurse provides special care for an older lady. by DevisPixi07/16/154.19

Nurse's Convention

 — R.N. meets dream woman at seminar. by Hullo_nurse10/08/004.52HOT

Nursing Aid

 — Melanie helps a new mom with her lactation problems. by WayWordGirll07/16/084.30

Nursing Conference

 — A group of the "girls" get together after hours. by Tenorhorn10/15/093.76

NYC Trip

 — She travels to NYC to meet you. by jenyes07/25/063.85

NylonParty: Christmas Initiation

 — Straight girl has the greatest coming out party of all time. by silkstockingslover11/22/184.75HOT


 — Lesbian supernatural. by NzWiccan03/13/134.60HOT

Nympho Club Ch. 01

 — Amanda Brown enters the world of lesbian prostitution. by SapphicWriter03/26/164.09


 — Best friends take things to the next level in the shower. by Enjoy.11/08/054.27

Obedience and Desire

 — Caroline seeks power and control, yet finds love. by DennyDriehoek05/30/184.47

Oblivious Onyx

 — Tanya's seduction of her bicurious best friend. by bisexualbee04/14/124.02

Obsessed With Her Ch. 01

 — Lauren's first experience with love at 1st sight. by princesswetwet09/28/094.30


 — Erica can't stop thinking about Miranda's sculpture. by JukeboxEMCSA03/20/114.49


 — Bisexual woman is seduced, taken & used by a sexy older woman. by deliciousthoughts06/03/114.68HOT


 — A young woman is infatuated with her pretty roommate. by Milene01/14/164.40

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Erika's perspective on Claire and what happened afterwards. by deliciousthoughts11/30/114.66HOT

Obsession Ch. 03

 — Try as she might, Claire just can't resist her Italian muse by deliciousthoughts02/06/124.74HOT

Obsessions Ch. 1

 — The saga of the red panties. by Maxine MACD01/08/024.62HOTContest Winner

Obsessions Ch. 2

 — Ashleigh seduces Bridgette. by Maxine MACD01/09/024.65HOT

Obsessions Ch. 3

 — Bridgette discovers Domination. by Maxine MACD04/04/024.60HOT

Occupational Hazards Pt. 01

 — Kate finds herself in some trouble after working late. by lezbait04/05/194.08

Ocean Beach

 — Reunited friends celebrate in a different way. by blue_kitty02/17/073.62

Odd Jobs Ch. 01

 — Lex gets a sideline. by trappedinside06/21/164.37

Oddball for Britney

 — Losing one Oddball hurt her, so she hurts others. by JimBob4401/21/134.41

Ode to Joy

 — Beautiful spark of Divinity. by LimeyLady10/09/184.69HOT

Ode To Tribbing

 — Musings on the best way to make love. by linda123405/16/114.45

Of Cue Sticks & Garters

 — A new twist on billiards. by Colleen Thomas10/11/034.58HOT

Of Honeysuckle and Tulips

 — An orthopedist and her patient get chummy. by trigudis02/28/194.58HOT

Of Love and Iron Ch. 05

 — A fantastic day quickly goes downhill thanks to Annabelle. by WitchOfSwords06/11/144.56HOT

Of Wine and Pearls

 — This is what happens when my wife gets into the wine. by Letoria10/16/154.24

Of Women and Men

 — Lise teaches Margarete the difference between men & women. by golden smog07/27/024.01

Off Season

 — A middle aged woman's quiet vacation gets hot. by BlinkOneSomething10/11/184.55HOT

Off-Road Conversations

 — Some conversations are better kept to minimal dialogue. by Crescent_Tease09/29/104.53HOT


 — Danielle sat on the white sand beach. by Dawns09/05/073.94


 — She plays boss with her submissive officemate. by Phyllida03/16/103.92

Office Ch. 02

 — The Girlfriend. by Dawns09/13/074.04

Office Discipline

 — Angie teaches Sarah a lesson. by MikeyXB11/12/103.84

Office Games

 — Things heat up and turn sexual in the office. by jeninflorida11/28/104.27

Office Holiday Party Ch. 01

 — Jill interrupts Phoebe and Brittany in the office bathroom. by junkie6909/29/184.61HOT

Office Holiday Party Ch. 02

 — Jill plans on adding another slut and plays with Brittany... by junkie6906/22/194.64HOTNEW

Office Hours

 — An obstreperous student learns her lesson. by gomez812/05/113.90

Office Kitten

 — Secretary with a perfect ass is seduced, lesbian style. by teniellejd11/21/014.61HOT

Office Lust

 — The worst thing about the recession is... by Calico_Costello07/19/124.05

Office Lust Pt. 01

 — Louise had lusted after her boss Lizette for months. by Snoopy10010/09/164.39

Office Play

 — Bored co-workers find a way to pass the time. by scribe8307/26/054.45

Office Politics

 — Female coworkers find a sympathetic hand in the ladies room. by Maisri09/05/134.15

Office Politics Ch. 2

 — Supervisor seeks her revenge. by Shanbabe4u09/20/013.83

Office Sex

 — Hot office sex. by RoxanneMillan02/24/103.84

Office Shock

 — Unsuspecting Lesbian Love. by lisa197002/16/164.03

Office Shock Pt. 02

 — Office lesbian. by lisa197002/19/164.12

Office Taboo

 — Young woman is explored by female boss. by alisontanner10/10/054.41

Oh Aunt Martha Ch. 01

 — Young lady houseguest is caught masturbating. by Vixie123111/04/044.61HOT

Oh My Aching Back

 — What happens when I go get a massage, things heat up. by jeninflorida12/23/114.40


 — A story written for and about my ex-girlfriend. by KansasTrouble01/28/104.54HOT

Old Friend, New Love

 — Caitlin realises her best friend is in love with her. by Wildheart10705/21/194.41

Old Friends

 — Women rekindle old relationship while on vacation. by Bob Waters01/04/044.25

Old Friends

 — Reunion rekindles attraction between former roommates. by jack_straw06/13/024.23

Old Friends

 — Two girl friends reunite after 3 years. by Homer769602/06/064.22

Old Friends

 — Old friends catch up at lunch. by elizabell35710/26/144.33

Old Friends & New Lovers

 — Best friends reveal their true feelings. by babyboo07/22/014.71HOT

Old Friends Open a New Door

 — Meeting a lesbian couple leads me to new experiences. by patdown03/15/124.35

Old Friends, New Lovers

 — Friends discover new depth in their friendship. by Ms_Kat05/04/044.30

Old Girl-Friends

 —  by wetandlesbian01/16/142.98

Old Ladies

 — Middle-aged women experiment at a seminar. by tarkatony11/05/054.39

Old Lady J

 — I was walking down the beach. by KansasTrouble03/13/104.25

Old Lady J Ch. 02

 — When I finally awoke the next morning... by KansasTrouble03/18/104.44

Old Neighbours Become New Friends

 — Mattie & Veena tell their stories of loss, friendship & love. by ScattySue06/17/154.85HOT

Older Woman Massages Me

 — Massage goes better than expected. by Young_Dream0405/17/024.08

Olivia and Amanda Ch. 01

 — Olivia has her first time with her best friend, Amanda. by NikkiColins08/31/114.14

Olivia and Amanda Ch. 02

 — The Olivia/Amanda story by NikkiColins10/27/114.37

Olivia has a Sexy Dream

 — Olivia had a sexy dream... or is it a dream? by sexinfections04/15/183.85

Olivia Loves to Lick

 — She really loves to bury face in another woman's crotch. by Boxlicker10111/11/084.21

Ollie meets Cass & Bev

 — Dumped in a boring village, Olivia makes two new friends. by MELD900309/27/134.53HOT


 — Lust, alcohol, & money often lead to mistakes. by UTOutdoorGirl04/16/044.46

OMG Zombies

 — Sex, Drugs, and Zombies. by WaxPhilosophic04/16/184.44

On A Hillside

 — She reunites with high school girlfriend. by Ronny10/09/003.97

On a Hot Summer Night

 — Becky's visit with a mechanic redefines "service station". by DAB3269707/12/104.71HOT

On A Mission Ch. 01

 — Katie, the new nanny, teaches Mom new tricks. by eroslit06/02/034.72HOT

On A Mission Ch. 02

 — Dr. David Hile catches Kristen & Katie in the act. by eroslit06/14/034.70HOT

On a Rainy Day

 — Two best friends have a sleepover on a rainy day. by MetaXerxes06/17/134.43

On a Whim

 — Sara gets slave graded. by redwolf55506/20/194.27NEW

On Beauty

 — Natasha improves her study skills. by hoededoe1205/16/064.14

On Camping Trip

 — The great outdoors with my girl. by kissgirl18f03/14/094.22

On Loving a Flawed Creation

 — In sickness and in health. by LaRascasse01/20/174.60HOT

On Shift

 — A work visit. by Shorthairdontcare05/21/16

On The Beach

 — Woman alone on a beach has a mysterious visitor. by mattaboy09/06/064.14

On The Beach Ch. 02

 — You're anal explored by a woman. by mattaboy10/04/064.36

On The Beach Ch. 03

 — Continuing your first-time lesbian fantasy. by mattaboy12/18/064.33

On the Beach Ch. 10

 — Muriel recalls her first time with Meg. by Turbidus04/08/164.51HOT

On the Bridge of Sea Mist

 — If HP Lovecraft had been Scottish, female, & lesbian. by Marie Marshall05/05/054.42

On the Desk

 — Alana can't let tech guy know what she and Rene are doing. by Archer205008/24/074.38

On the Go Ch. 01

 — A young woman gets a surprise invitaton during her commute. by miss_madeleine11/13/074.42

On The Journey Home

 — She is seduced into her first lesbian experience. by Otazel05/21/144.65HOT

On The Marriage Bed

 — Those first moments. by Pilgrim06/17/074.38

On the Massage Table

 — Massage therapist longs for her patient. by redmaxxx01/25/173.09

On the Parkway

 — We couldn't wait after being apart for so long. by KAnneMeinel07/12/114.29

On The Prowl

 — Two black chicks take home and enjoy a married white woman. by Milene05/28/104.60HOT

On the Prowl Pt. 01

 — Friends go to a concert to get laid. by public_username04/14/194.45

On The Rebound Ch. 01

 — Kate splits up with her girlfriend, but is rescued by Lex. by LiveCat01/23/124.77HOT

On The Rebound Ch. 02

 — Kate and Lex get a while lot closer, but the ex won't quit! by LiveCat01/24/124.81HOT

On The Rebound Ch. 03

 — Lex's mum causes a surprise and the girls seal their love. by LiveCat01/25/124.83HOT

On The River's Edge Ch. 1

 — Lift to camp leads to hot MMF threesome. by Friskee_cpl03/02/024.39

On the Royal Mile: Accused

 — Lovers in Edinburgh face their greatest challenge. by Belle_in_south07/28/064.27

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

 — Darla tries to dominate Jane again, without success. by JukeboxEMCSA02/12/114.58HOT

Once Over

 — She asked for a kiss, but got a whole lot more. by coxette10/04/054.60HOT

Once Upon a Bridesmaid

 — Older woman finds first time fun with her daughter's friends. by robinkhinke11/11/164.58HOT

One Autumn Night

 — A different kind of love. by the_shires06/05/194.61HOT

One Charming Night

 — Phoebe gives love another chance, with a woman. by phoebesluvr10/22/044.54HOT

One Day in Ancient Rome

 — Emperor's wife has her way with a slave girl. by Dawns07/15/083.65

One Drop of Water

 — Jessie's inhibitions perspire. by trappedinside05/05/154.26

One Erotic Evening

 — Fun with a strap on. by hotnspicey01/31/033.86

One Fateful Wednesday Morning

 — A snow day leads to something more. by 18408101/06/184.81HOT

One Fling, Two Girls: Home...

 — A 'what if' story written for the 'girl' in the shower. by Firestar12/31/014.02

One for All...

 — Its a rainy day and the girls are sharing secrets... by Ann Douglas09/19/174.56HOT

One for the Money Ch. 01

 — The meet-cute. by petersza07/29/174.23

One for the Money Ch. 02

 — The relations. by petersza08/04/174.30

One Girl Falls for Another

 — Friend goes further. by Elfkini10/14/003.67

One Good Show Deserves Another

 — Her first lesbian lovemaking has an audience. by Svenskaflicka02/07/053.51

One Hot Saturday Night

 — Girl falls for sexy girl at a bar. by HotLisaG05/24/014.54HOT

One Hundred Percent Straight...

 — A woman questions herself with a fantasy. by PointSix02/21/184.34

One Hundred Percent Straight... Ch. 02

 — Ally gets special training from DS Lain... by PointSix02/24/184.58HOT

One Hundred Percent Straight... Ch. 03

 — Sarah gives Ally a surprise... by PointSix02/27/184.75HOT

One Large Skinny Latte, Please

 — Long distant relationships never work. by lickmybananabread10/20/084.23

One Late Night

 — Her neighbour helps her relax. by Miss_saissore10/24/163.94

One Lucky Bastard Pt. 03

 — My girlfriend gets to know my dad's girlfriend... by dacked12/27/164.43

One Lucky Dyke Ch. 02

 — Your fun continues... by pink_cannibal06/08/064.28

One Memory of Julie

 — The first time with my friend Julie. by JenniferSobe11/13/014.01

One Million Words

 — A tragic love story. by SAbitch02/13/134.84HOT

One Moment

 — From the heated dance floor to the bedroom. by Celticdawn01/25/114.13

One Moment in Time

 — Lovers meet for the first time. by Ann Douglas08/29/174.56HOT

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