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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Pussy Pupils Ch. 02

 — Friends receive further lessons in the art of seduction. by EmeraldEye09/10/084.57HOT

Pussy vs. Cock: The Contest

 — Is a pussy or a cock better at lovemaking? by linda123407/25/114.15


 — Business lady pays cheerleader for sex. by pussylove6912/28/034.27

PVC, Leather, & Steel

 — Melody's got a cross & Emma loves it. by hotchkiss12/25/044.30

PWiT - Auditioning Helga

 — An older wife offered herself to me online. by KatPissinger04/15/174.30

PWiT - Sabrina's Birthday

 — Driving her home from her birthday party, my friend started. by KatPissinger03/27/174.05

Queen Catherine of Campus

 — Catherine blackmails Michelle the Beauty Queen. by Pamtimaedias200111/18/144.05

Queen for a Special Night

 — 70's birthday with a present 50 years younger. by pussylove6909/25/034.33

Queen of Hearts Ch. 01: The New Guest

 — Jessie follows the white rabbit to the Queen's land. by Clockwork_Flame10/14/154.21

Queen of Hearts Ch. 02: Guidance

 — Jessie accepts her new Guide. by Clockwork_Flame10/17/154.38

Queen of Hearts: Tuesday Afternoon (Side Story)

 — The Queen enjoys a lazy afternoon at the poolside. by Clockwork_Flame10/16/154.17

Queen Sarah Ch. 02: The Revelation

 — Girl fighter saves a damsel in distress and takes her. by johndoe11201/31/184.10

Queen's Questions

 — Enter a new twist & a reunion. But is it really over? by TMAJO04/27/084.79HOT


 — Are Annie and Sinead more than roommates? by EldritchSandwich07/14/154.60HOT

Quick and Dirty Bathroom Quickie

 — People aren't always just peeing in there. by notabutch05/15/063.94

Quick Fuck

 — Two lesbian strangers have sex -- hot, heavy, fast. by Sweetsimple01/24/104.07


 — A quick, unexpected encounter in a dorm room. by Bronco Billy04/29/114.19

Quickie ~ Against the Car

 — I'm taken against the Car by KAnneMeinel06/29/114.38

Quickie ~ Against the Wall

 — I'm taken against the wall. by KAnneMeinel06/30/114.37

Quickie ~ Over the Couch

 — Making love over the back of the couch. by KAnneMeinel06/30/114.13

Quickie ~ Under the Pier

 — Taking my girl Under the Pier. by KAnneMeinel07/04/114.27

Quiet in the Library

 — Girl finishes make-up exam in her school library. by sevenofnineteen09/16/014.04

Quiet Please Ch. 01

 — Tennis event triggers teen's sexual awakening. by NatManDu04/23/143.92

Quiet Please Ch. 02

 — Teen allows other girls into her thoughts. by NatManDu05/03/144.41

Quiet Summer Day

 — Yacht captain services owner. by Airagone07/13/02

Quinn Goes Shopping

 — Quinn gets a hair cut and an idea. by wordsmith01/24/033.47

Quinn's Senior Year Ch. 2

 — Quinn & her best friend get even closer. by SoftPeaches04/16/014.15

Quinne's Domination

 — Quinne begins to dominate Amy. by Z_H_Locke02/11/164.53HOT


 — Harri goes on a date by Dotrice108/23/044.36

Race Around The World Ch. 01

 — Teams of dykes check out exotic locations. by Crew Cut02/29/043.81

Race Around The World Ch. 02

 — Hot summer action in the isle of Lesbos. by Crew Cut03/01/043.50

Race Around The World Ch. 03

 — Slave auction in Lesbos bar. by Crew Cut03/06/044.10

Race Around The World Ch. 04

 — Worship of godess Artemis intrigues. by Crew Cut03/09/043.68

Race for the Cure

 — The good old days when feminists and lesbians ran the show. by Virginiawild02/08/124.12

Race Play Ch. 07

 — Black woman dominates white chicks. by Samuelx11/10/093.24

Race Play Ch. 08

 — Black chicks and white chicks domination games. by Samuelx11/11/093.52

Race Play Ch. 09

 — Mature white woman dominates strong black woman. by Samuelx11/12/093.03

Race Play Ch. 10

 — White woman dominates strong black women. by Samuelx11/13/093.16

Race Play Ch. 11

 — Strong black woman dominates lazy white woman. by Samuelx11/14/093.07

Race Play Ch. 12

 — A strong black woman dominates her white female friend. by Samuelx11/15/092.82

Race Play Ch. 14

 — Rich white woman is dominated by black woman. by Samuelx11/17/093.23

Race Play Ch. 17

 — Black female Realtor dominates white woman. by Samuelx11/20/093.45

Race Play Ch. 18

 — White BBW dominates mature Black woman. by Samuelx11/21/092.00

Race Play Ch. 19

 — White woman dominates black female student. by Samuelx11/22/093.03

Race Play Ch. 20

 — White woman falls in love with strong black woman. by Samuelx11/23/092.15


 — Life long best friends find love and sex. by Sir_Erotica02/28/084.52HOT

Rachal-Caron Ch. 01

 — It all started with Nikki. by RachalCaron03/20/084.47

Rachal-Caron Ch. 02

 — The next steps. by RachalCaron04/10/084.62HOT

Rachal-Caron Ch. 03

 — A surprising twist. by RachalCaron04/23/084.70HOT

Rachal-Caron Ch. 04

 — Nikki's mom. by RachalCaron05/04/084.62HOT


 — A young woman discovers her sexuality after some confusion by Red Hugh08/23/024.05


 — A story of circumstance. by Katherine-T10/08/034.40


 — Rachel helps the phone sex operator. by brie2001/14/043.68

Rachel & Janie's Massage

 — Reluctant lesbians find answers beneath skillful fingers. by PenelopePinn06/11/124.78HOT

Rachel & Kelly Ch. 01

 — The Reunion: the girls meet for the first time. by Frank_McFilthy05/14/164.51HOT

Rachel & Kelly Ch. 02

 — Kelly's friend, Tricia, comes over for a threesome. by Frank_McFilthy05/17/164.42

Rachel and Laura Ch. 01

 — Rachel and Laura discuss Rachel being with a guy. by poisonivy6912/12/124.22

Rachel and Laura Ch. 02

 — Rachel and Laura talk about Ron. by poisonivy6912/13/124.13

Rachel and Melissa Ch. 01

 — A trip to the mall changes the lives of two female friends. by HulaHoop44404/21/124.39

Rachel and Melissa Ch. 02

 — Melissa misses Rachel while she is away. by HulaHoop44407/10/124.50HOT

Rachel and Melissa Ch. 03

 — Rachel runs into Melissa's ex. by HulaHoop44402/13/134.64HOT

Rachel and Michelle

 — Lesbian couple has sex. by Merc_Silver07/03/153.22

Rachel is Forced

 — Rachel is forced to lick her hot black resident. by cravingitalways03/08/094.09

Rachel is Forced... Shaquisha Style

 — Rachel is forced to lick another black girl. by cravingitalways03/12/094.31

Rachel Seduces Sarah...

 — Orphanage worker loves a lesbian. by Mycke04/03/013.64

Rachel's Coming Out Ch. 01

 — Rachel and Emily find love. by otep2106/14/084.23

Rachel's Diving In

 — Attractive young redhead muff dives for the first time. by swingchick69r06/08/072.52

Rachel's Holiday Ch. 1

 — Rachel makes friends on holiday in Barbados. by Cleanshave01/05/013.73

Rachel's Holiday Ch. 2

 — She meets Claire at the airport, & the two girls in flight. by Cleanshave01/21/014.32

Rachel's Morning

 — She's seduced by neighbor Jane. by Cleanshave10/15/004.15

Rachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 01

 — Rachel After her night in the box. by ruuddog11/23/104.50HOT

Rachel, Jennifer, & Leila

 — Three best friends enjoy each other. by dantemustdie07/05/034.35

Rachel, Jennifer, & Leila Ch. 02

 — Jennifer invites another for some four play. by dantemustdie07/27/034.33

Racing Season

 — A girl with a love for racing finds new friends. by ILmommy201/07/084.04

Rack 'Em Up

 — Bad day turns out for best after game of pool. by Wicked Ways05/08/044.14

Racquetball Dyke

 — She finds out that her racquetball partner likes girls. by Janelle10/12/004.10

Radio Show

 — Directing two lovely ladies on a radio broadcast in public. by shaft5007/04/133.40

Raging Thunder, Beating Hearts

 — Surrendering all, accepting all. by fawnie05/14/044.39

Rags Ch. 01

 — A tragedy of life on the streets. A beginning. by stormyeyedone10/14/174.55HOT

Rags Ch. 02

 — Same old streets, new beginnings. by stormyeyedone10/20/174.82HOT

Rain Check

 — Kristen was a personal trainer at her gym. by dopplergaydar01/08/134.49

Rain in the Park

 — Thunderstorm sets the scene for lust between strangers. by Valenti08/26/013.68

Rain Pt. 02

 — Chameli and Kanta find a new companion. by nonameleader10/29/144.00

Rain, Lesbians, and Mattresses

 — Alana describes her thrilling first time with a woman. by Archer205005/16/064.39

Rain, on the Beach

 — Two lovers on a lonely beach, in the middle of a rainstorm. by BirchDryad03/26/074.47

Rainbow Bumper Sticker

 — Distractingly big boobs makes car shopping fun. by Virginiawild12/25/104.31

Rainy Day

 — Sex in the rain. by MadamVictoria11/04/144.31

Rainy Day Rubdown

 — Coed seduces her older coworker. by patricia5106/21/034.52HOT

Rainy Day Rubdown: Cindy's Story

 — A single night leads to a passionate affair. by patricia5110/13/034.55HOT

Rainy Day Rubdown: Gina's Story

 — The next morning Gina looks back. by patricia5109/09/034.53HOT

Rainy Homecoming

 — Two lovers enjoy a rainy afternoon. by ChucktownRadio01/18/184.37

Rainy Picnic

 — Two friends go out for fresh airm but forget to have a picnic. by Oceantenshi52505/18/093.94

Raise Your Glowstix

 — Trance music, marijuana, & two horny females. by hdm303lj03/11/013.25

Ramona & Juliet

 — Juliet tastes her first woman, and loves it. by Sexy*Snick11/16/013.69

Random Connections Ch. 05

 — Wine, women and sex. by Dreams of Desire01/07/063.80

Random Search

 — She finds she is subject to a random search. by venus_can03/18/034.14

Randy Roommates

 — Girls enjoy a hot morning together. by Tawny T07/18/004.43

Rani Wants An American Girl

 — Hirsute woman has a fantasy of her own. by adamaxilla08/15/054.51HOT

Rank River Rd.

 — Butch/Femme. by i_am_marti11/12/124.56HOT


 — Two women experiencing each other for the first time. by LadyGodiva7502/07/064.24

Rapture in Rio

 — Denise Fallon goes to Rio to stop an assassination plot. by justboycrazy04/03/073.81

Rapture in the Stationery Room

 — Straight Cassie tries her future female boss. by Julia Jones03/15/014.19

Rapture Under the Covers

 — An experience shared leads to shared experience. by BiBaby_Elizabeth02/23/044.14

Raven Robinson Ep. 01

 — She lusts for her new Stepmother. by Iggy_Ego05/14/123.74

Raven Robinson Ep. 02

 — A Flashback, A Realization. by Iggy_Ego05/17/124.13

Raven Robinson Ep. 03

 — Raven is served breakfast, and has impure thoughts. by Iggy_Ego05/18/124.13

Raven Robinson Ep. 04

 — Raven snoops, and sniffs. by Iggy_Ego05/19/124.24

Raven Robinson Ep. 05

 — Raven gets drunk, and plays with Sam. by Iggy_Ego05/20/124.29

Raven Robinson Ep. 06

 — Raven Something New, and Narrowly Escapes. by Iggy_Ego05/21/124.40

Raven Robinson Ep. 07

 — Raven returns a plug, and is pleased to peek. by Iggy_Ego05/22/124.23

Raven Robinson Ep. 08

 — Raven plays hookie, Liz shows a new side. by Iggy_Ego05/23/124.19

Raven Robinson Ep. 09

 — Liz turns the tables and Raven loses something. by Iggy_Ego05/25/124.40

Raven Robinson Ep. 10

 — Liz's Plan Delayed, Raven Gets A Taste by Iggy_Ego05/25/124.49

Raven Robinson Ep. 11

 — In Which IT Finally Happens, and Mina Gets Lucky. by Iggy_Ego05/26/124.53HOT

Raven Robinson Ep. 12

 — Liz gets a wake-up lick, and dastardly plans are made clear. by Iggy_Ego05/27/124.35

Raven Robinson Ep. 13

 — A Burning Hot Conclusion. by Iggy_Ego06/02/124.42

Raven's Mystery Train

 — Raven takes a trip west only to find it full of surprises. by ravensache07/08/144.38

Raven's Mystery Train Pt. 02

 — The fun with Claire continues. by ravensache07/15/144.14

Ravendorf Ch. 01

 — A betrothed noblewoman becomes enchanted by a gypsy. by Belle_in_south11/06/034.63HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 02

 — Gypsy finds noblewoman in the forest. by Belle_in_south11/07/034.71HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 03

 — The gypsy tries to bring things to an end. by Belle_in_south11/13/034.66HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 04

 — Aidan: An Interlude. by Belle_in_south12/01/034.71HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 05

 — Noblewoman & gypsy give in to their desires. by Belle_in_south04/23/044.79HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 06

 — Gypsy & noblewoman prepare to say goodbye. by Belle_in_south05/13/044.77HOT

Ravendorf Ch. 07

 — The conclusion of the noblewoman and gypsy's story. by Belle_in_south07/05/044.78HOT

Raw Ch. 01

 — Josie and Kendall make a deal. by liquidairdreams05/29/044.52HOT

Raw Ch. 02

 — Josie and Kendall make a decision. by liquidairdreams08/10/044.70HOT

Raw Ch. 03

 — Josie and Kendall try for friendship. by liquidairdreams03/31/054.73HOT

Raw Desire

 — Maureen hypnotizes her new slave. by MissKickass06/05/123.80

Rayleena's New Friends

 — Club girls enjoy lesbian group sex. by alonzo1406/29/023.89

Readers' First Lesbian Experiences

 — They tell of their first lesbian experiences. by pussylove6908/27/054.43

Reading Day

 — Learning more than what is on a syllabus. by WFEATHER05/13/093.45

Reading My Fate

 — Seduced by my daughter's best friend. by Catmoore04/01/154.49

Ready Player Two Ch. 01

 — Curious girl gets played in hottest way. by curious_joy06/12/194.62HOT

Ready Player Two Ch. 02

 — The player gets played. by curious_joy06/24/194.75HOTNEW

Real Friend, Real Love

 — Amber goes off to college and finds a true friend. by Lez_writer05/03/093.90

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 02

 — A night at the club does not go as planned. by Lez_writer05/05/094.26

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 03

 — One hell of a birthday suprise. by Lez_writer05/06/094.52HOT

Real Friend, Real Love Ch. 04

 — Hard knock life. by Lez_writer05/06/094.35

Real Sex? or Good Dream?

 — Alyssa finds herself in a strange dream. by CrimeDogMcGruff05/06/113.21

Realizing the Truth Ch. 01

 — Best friends find their love while another may just die. by les_sammy_021108/14/114.30

Realizing the Truth Ch. 02

 — SJ and Bianca's relationship gets even more difficult. by les_sammy_021108/21/114.34

Realizing the Truth Ch. 03

 — Everything on the table. S.J. & Bianca finally get together. by les_sammy_021108/24/114.62HOT

Realizing the Truth Ch. 04

 — All questions get answered in ... The Conclusion. by les_sammy_021108/31/114.69HOT

Rear Ended

 — Christmas Eve fender-bender leads Amanda to lesbian romance. by DAB3269703/25/104.78HOT

Rear Ended Ch. 01

 — Annabel fantasies about butt grinding. by Erotica13306/02/153.80

Rear Ended Ch. 02

 — Rachel becomes obsessed with female butt grinding. by Erotica13306/19/154.25

Rear View Mirror

 — Sexy lady and new girlfriend put on show for boyfriend. by banyantreeluv03/02/184.27


 — Is this end for Rebecca and John. by Zorro6910/06/054.15


 — I finally meet up with a girl I'd been chatting to. by AlexPHenson12/12/134.10

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer Ch. 03

 — The girls dry off after the pool and get wet again. by abiguy09/19/114.25

Rebecca and Alex's Weekend Away

 — They take an interesting camping trip. by squirtle62203/17/094.11

Rebecca and Laurie

 — They waited until it was dark and everyone was asleep. by DireLilith11/06/07

Rebecca's New Start Pt. 01

 — A newly out lesbian starts her new life at her dream school. by love2write49902/28/184.58HOT

Rebecca's New Start Pt. 02

 — Rebecca's adventures continue with lots of new faces. by love2write49903/30/184.71HOT

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