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Lesbian Sex Stories

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation... Pt. 02

 — Carol buys herself more trouble. by Rogue Writer02/07/044.75HOT

How I Spent My Summer Vacation... Pt. 03

 — Can Carol save Kim's life? by Rogue Writer04/03/044.80HOT

How It All Began

 — Her first encounter with another girl. by JuilaDixon02/05/064.31

How Kelly Figured It Out

 — Kelly remembers the moment she realized she was gay. by grrlongrrrl01/16/114.31

How My Life Changed

 — Lonely wife seeks companionship. by humpty01/15/044.54HOT

How She Took My Virginity

 — An older lesbian woman helps out a college student. by pressmybutton11/03/124.30

How Stella Got Tempra's New Clothes

 — She THOROUGHLY helped a lightly pent-up salesgirl loosen up. by Smokey12507/25/184.37

How Stephanie Earns the Extras

 — Her debts lead to domination & bondage. by MistressObedience07/20/074.14

How The Butterfly Tamed The Wildcat

 — Lesbian version of "AWH- The Great Art Gallery Robbery". by Maximillian_Excaliber11/24/074.45

How The West Was Won

 — On a lonely highway, fate stops the traffic of life. by lindiana12/06/064.02Editor's Pick

How To Catch A Falling Star

 — ... and never let it go. by LaRascasse07/03/134.80HOT

How to Make a Wife Pt. 01

 — A self-made woman decides to make a perfect wife. by JadeSteed10/27/174.45

How to Wage a Wargasm

 — Two married lebbi-cups compete for best lovemaking activity. by Smokey12505/19/144.55HOT

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 04-06

 — He helps two lesbians seduce his girlfriend. by watchdwag07/19/114.49

How We Became Lovers

 — College roommates grow closer. by X_Christina_X10/12/074.09

How We Came

 — Erotic sexual encounters of a young lesbian couple. by reallyfe301/03/183.87

How We Came To Be

 — Longer Version of Patricia and Sandra. by Mymantoy99908/23/174.68HOT

How We Were Meant To Be

 — Sitting by the pool turns into an afternoon of delight. by kdanilove07/06/124.24

HR Dominance

 — Young trainee erotically reverses roles with VP of HR. by cafealamabel08/12/044.25

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 08

 — Allison has sexy girl-on-girl w/incredible 64-year-old stunner. by shoguy01/18/134.39

Huddling for Heat

 — A stormy night leads to a surprise visit. by OddLittleDesires09/29/184.19

Humbling Ch. 05

 — The plan for romance between sub and dom appears. by pacifist91w04/25/144.43

Humbling Ch. 10: Housewarming, an Epilogue

 — Aurora recalls a fun day with her mistress. by pacifist91w12/30/154.45

Humiliation Lesson

 — I underestimate someone a pay for it, with everyone watching. by girls_having_fun06/25/134.26


 — She's starving for that one good fuck. by Dyke_Writer01/24/084.28

Hunger Ch. 04

 — Weekend Continues. by openzipper04/19/124.40

Hungover Roommates

 — Two female roommates find a new hangover cure. by Fargoth12/29/164.50HOT

Hungry for You

 — She makes dinner but that's not what daddy's hungry for. by bettystepford04/14/154.51HOT

Huricane Passion

 — Two women are stuck in hotel room during hurricane. by Qnightstorm05/14/054.33

Hurricane Brings Roommates Together

 — Cleaning up a mess, leads to cleaning up each other. by quite04/18/094.23

Husband Watches Wife Have Sex

 — Lesbian sex with coworker while husband watches. by EroticSyn01/27/09

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 07

 — Drugged up Jen is seduced by Christy. by xleglover09/28/124.37

Husband's First Question

 — Ever been with an African American woman? by TerribleTina01/29/05


 — Runaway is found and cared for by older woman. by Dar_Jisbo04/24/194.20

Hypnotize Me

 — Lady tries her hand at hypnosis with co-worker. by MochaDivine09/18/063.79

I Am Not A Lesbian

 — I finally let Christy give me her gift. by Brandie6906/06/124.44

I am Pleasure

 — She's coming in. by LanceQuiver10/12/174.55HOT

I Am Woman

 — He becomes a woman for one night. by Xenolan08/04/054.65HOT

I Came Down the Steps

 — Consolation of friend leads wife's first girl-girl. by firejunkie09/08/064.38

I Can Feel You

 — Lesbian, mutual masturbation. by NzWiccan05/12/114.22

I Can Make You Love Me Ch. 01

 — Lana has a plan to make her friend with benefits her bride. by sugoionna0904/18/134.44

I Can Make You Love Me Ch. 02

 — Part two of Lana's plan to make her friend with benefits her. by sugoionna0904/27/134.46

I Can Show You

 — Her first time, she never thought it would be like this. by HerSweetMaiden07/21/114.01

I Claim You as Mine Ch. 01

 — The bad side of her girlfriend. by angelraine8903/24/153.89

I Claim You as Mine Ch. 02

 — In love again. by angelraine8903/27/154.33

I Control My Boss Ch. 01

 — Under the influence Jenn seduces Mari. by StephanieRuby01/17/174.16

I Control My Boss Ch. 02

 — A Transsexual fucks the boss. by StephanieRuby01/18/174.19

I Control My Boss Ch. 03

 — Marisol is hypnotized to pleasure me on demand. by StephanieRuby01/20/174.23

I Control My Boss Ch. 04

 — My big day and mind control night. by StephanieRuby01/21/174.40

I Could Not Help Myself

 — I could not help myself and why would I want to? by agrayerway07/13/174.46

I Couldn't Stop From Staring

 — Wife enjoys time with a young girl. by Alicia70705/10/153.67

I Dare You

 — Secret admirer's naughty dares turn into exciting seduction. by bi_cathy04/20/194.83HOT

I Deserved This

 — Cheating lover gets dominated physically and emotionally. by chouetteverte02/08/133.81

I Do Like The New Suit?

 — I really loved her suit and got.... by RavRainz09/15/104.14

I Don't Believe You

 — Best friends discover 'fun' sex. by tarkatony03/20/074.31

I Dream of Suzie

 — Lawyer has erotic dreams of client. by Cromagnonman06/29/124.24

I Dream of Vestal

 — An erotic dream in the Lesbian Temple. by SweetJosie105/23/074.37

I Exploited Her Curiosity

 — Inexperienced bi woman performs her first lesbian seduction. by dykeyfemme08/14/064.06

I Feel Loved!

 — Our love continues. by pttyjones07/06/114.25

I Fell for My Best Friend's Mother

 — Discovery with a friend's mother. by collegelez08/29/074.50HOT

I Get Off Pt. 01

 — The thrills of being watched. by Wilyam02/13/113.55

I Got All Caught Up

 — Dyke falls hard for Texan beauty. by Carol Marie10/12/003.83

I Gotta Go!

 — Crisp, tidy young lesbian has a terrible 'accident.' by VeryDirtyDenise11/30/034.17

I Had a Dream Last Night

 — You weren't in it, but hear me out. by JillianRussel12/27/123.75

I Had to Have Her

 — A connection that was in need of exploring further. by insert_runaway11/12/164.49

I Hate Her! Ch. 01

 — She finally gives in. by pjonkml07/11/074.58HOT

I Hate Her! Ch. 02

 — An old flame comes back to visit. by pjonkml09/11/074.52HOT

I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 03

 — Two women share her for her new surprise. by aLittleThrill08/03/134.26

I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 04

 — Her husband joins in on the surprise. by aLittleThrill08/04/134.15

I Hope You Don't Mind

 — Taking possession of birthday gifts can be wonderful. by SweetOblivion01/19/104.25

I Imagine It, Again

 — She dreams another scene with two fantasy girls. by RazeByFire04/18/014.30

I Imagine It, Again Ch. 2

 — More fun in Lisa's bedroom. by RazeByFire04/20/014.45

I Join the Lesbian Mile High Club

 — She can't resist her new CEO. by Marie Marshall08/14/054.48

I Just Don't Know . . .

 — She is perplexed by first time encounter. by BarelyJust08/16/094.59HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 02

 — Her journey continues with a trip to New York City. by BarelyJust09/24/094.80HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 03

 — The New York adventure continues for Emily and Caroline. by BarelyJust11/02/094.75HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 04

 — A stolen glance leads to complications for Emily. by BarelyJust03/09/104.71HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 06

 — After the craziness, the women move on. by BarelyJust08/22/114.71HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 07

 — Her friends have a dangerous scheme going. by BarelyJust09/09/134.74HOT

I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 08

 — Emily cavorts in a tropical setting. by BarelyJust06/07/144.80HOT

I Just Never Knew

 — My first time going girl on girl. by WayneGibbous08/12/104.38

I Keep Having the Craziest Dream

 — Zoe dreams of fucking a girl. Her friend more than obliges. by PanzerFeck06/24/184.67HOT

I Kissed a Girl

 — Annaliese gets her very first girl on girl experience by BiQetesh08/20/094.28

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 01

 — I kissed a girl... by secretsxywriter04/23/124.71HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 02

 — I kissed a Tuscany. by secretsxywriter07/17/124.71HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 03

 — I kissed a Paris. by secretsxywriter07/18/124.79HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 04

 — I kissed a Chicago. by secretsxywriter11/27/124.82HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 05

 — I kissed a love. by secretsxywriter12/09/124.83HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 06

 — I kissed a Christmas. by secretsxywriter01/02/134.84HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 07

 — I kissed a girl...and said 'I Do'. by secretsxywriter01/03/134.86HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 08

 — I kissed a girl...and then there were three. by secretsxywriter12/12/154.84HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 09

 — Before I kissed my girl, Kat... by secretsxywriter05/30/184.86HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 10

 — ...After I kissed my girl, Kat. by secretsxywriter05/22/194.79HOT

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 11

 — I dreamed of Joanie. by secretsxywriter08/23/194.85HOT

I Kissed a Girl Pt. 01

 — Two friends engage in a lesbian encounter. by Adrian1171107/21/194.35

I Kissed a Girl Pt. 02

 — The story of two friends' lesbian encounter continues. by Adrian1171107/23/194.39

I Know Her

 — Memories and anticipation. by FiveWolves11/05/13

I Know Where Your Tongue Has Been

 — A backward story of love, friendship, seduction and pleasure. by bi_cathy05/08/124.73HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 2

 — Mel & Ellie play with toys. by Natalya02/11/024.67HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 3

 — Mel & Elle continue to play. by Natalya02/12/024.65HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 4

 — Discovery leads to threesome. by Natalya02/15/024.60HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 5

 — Ellie's fetish lesbian adventure continues. by Natalya03/04/024.63HOT

I Know Who You Did...Ch.1

 — Ellie has a wild summer, until someone finds out. by Natalya02/09/024.45

I Know, My pet

 — Master plays and then punishes Her pet. by xYoursx01/28/104.33

I Lapped her Juicy Dripping Pussy

 — Licking her over and over. by heatherc50211/12/064.02

I Like the Way You Wash Your Hands

 — Getting jumped in the public restroom. by LesbianMuses02/25/143.73

I Like to Play

 — Candy meets a hot new girlfriend in the sauna. by candytales03/07/154.28

I Lived Husband's Dream Ch. 01

 — Wives get together for short time. by linlynn07/14/084.26

I Looked Up & Saw Her Smile Ch. 01

 — A sexual awakening & coming-of-age story with Sapphic intent. by InTheColdColdNight08/22/144.38

I Love Her Motorcycle

 — It was love at first sight! by Closetbuster12/04/114.36

I Love Orchestra!

 — Violinist enjoys after-school lessons. by MorbidGirl04/14/014.11

I Love Orchestra! Ch. 2

 — Young musician enjoys more lessons. by MorbidGirl04/19/014.18

I Love Orchestra! Ch. 3

 — Danielle's fantasy comes, with Ms. Thompson's help. by MorbidGirl05/15/014.15

I Love You, Sergeant

 — A female Special Forces Sergeant finds love in Afghanistan. by bravebombadier11/13/184.74HOT

I Made Martina into My Toilet Slave

 — I use her on the toilet hard, deep and urine-covered. by KatPissinger06/03/174.44

I Meet My Soulmate!

 — I fall in love with another Woman. by pttyjones06/20/114.34

I Meet Others!

 — My first meeting with other lesbians. by Grace2303/02/114.01

I Need a New Dyke

 — Can she seduce and humiliate a straight girl? by justincbenedict08/06/193.08

I Need You Too...

 — Combinations of desire and sexual triggers. by diamonds4pearls12/22/093.83

I Need You, but You Needed Me More

 — Learning life's lessons comes at a price. by stormyeyedone10/22/174.69HOT

I Never Imagined - Emma Pt. 01

 — The first step into a life she didn't know she would have. by hot_jessica03/24/184.51HOT

I Never Imagined - Emma Pt. 02

 — The development of Jess continues. by hot_jessica05/26/184.50HOT

I Never Imagined - Emma Pt. 03

 — Further discoveries follow recollections of lovers past... by hot_jessica08/20/184.57HOT

I Never Liked Baseball

 — A story of a coed's first lesbian experience. by AceIsWild04/30/094.35

I Own You Bitch

 — A white woman blackmails her black daughter in law. by Sean Renaud02/07/093.88

I Recall The First Night...

 — She meets lover in motel for first night together. by bryantmichelle197010/08/013.98

I Remember You

 — Two women meet again, years after their first attraction. by bequ2302/27/094.36

I Satisfy an Urge Whilst Shopping

 — An attempted seduction. by Callidora07/16/064.11

I Saw the Light

 — The making of a lipstick lesbian. by JW113707/27/104.45

I Scream for Ice Cream

 — Sorority sisters convert a roommate to have fun. by ShaeLeeTanner08/16/154.37

I Should Have Listened to my Mother

 — A female attorney's journey into the lesbian lifestyle. by jessiefoxxx12/01/114.38

I Showed Her Why Girls Are Better

 — First lesbian experience between friends. by Gutterslut09/30/034.16

I Slept with Another Girl

 — She confesses her first lesbian experience. by truelifeconfessions10/24/064.51HOT

I Sold Myself

 — Casandra sells herself. by redwolf55502/16/193.76

I Spy

 — Two girls alone on a beach...well, almost alone... by Master_and_Sex_Kitten06/07/134.13

I Spy

 — Two women find each other in a man's world. by AndySchmidd02/12/193.72

I Think She Likes Girls

 — Realizing why her love life fell apart during a sexy hook up. by AbsintheRose12/15/164.63HOT

I Think She Likes Girls Ch. 02

 — A fairy, a cave woman and little red riding hood? by AbsintheRose02/27/174.72HOT

I Thought She Was Straight

 — Scary movies lead coworkers into each other's arms. by notabutch03/02/064.47

I Thought We Were More Ch. 18

 — Jacob makes a bold move to get some help, will it be enough? by DrElectrogasm04/14/153.54

I Told You I Like Baggy Shorts

 — She remembers the last time she had you. by LeatherNoLace06/04/073.96

I Try Another Woman

 — First time lesbian sex with her dominant friend. by gandj13003/28/074.13

I Visit London!

 — My first time meeting other lesbians. by RoseBrn11/19/113.75

I Want RachalCaron to Fuck Me

 — A fantasy inspired by a Literotica Author. by izonmeplz09/04/094.27

I Want to Cum on Your Face Ch. 01

 — Nanny is seduced by her sexy female boss. by bigtittiewoman02/18/064.24

I Want to Eat You

 — What you wished were happening when you cyber. by tipofyourtongue09/29/064.14

I Want to Know What Love Is

 — A story of fate, inspired by Foreigner's song. by BlueMoonWriter11/10/054.57HOT

I Want You to Call Me Mama

 — Serena's shocks her student with a filthy revelation. by littlelola1007/19/173.96

I Want You, Professor

 — Professor receives a seductive speech from a college student. by bi_cathy12/30/144.72HOT

I Want Your Sex

 — And I want it all night. by LimeyLady07/20/184.72HOT

I Watch Country & Chris

 — Two women get it on together. by Boxlicker10108/16/033.62

I Whispered, "Cheyenne" Ch. 01

 — A sexual awakening & coming-of-age story with Sapphic intent. by InTheColdColdNight03/31/174.34

I Will Always Love You

 — Will Cheryl ever be able to say goodbye? by ravenmx06/18/054.75HOT

I Will Come For You

 — Childhood friends reunite to discover each other. by Alex the Cat01/22/054.74HOT

I Will Never Be the Same

 — Tara and Suzanne spend the weekend exploring each other by FiveWolves11/23/134.68HOT

I Will Not

 — Writing lines in school isn't exactly punishment. by CookieCutter09/03/124.07

I Will Take You There

 — Tea time and dress up leads to... by Ubasti03/11/114.42

I Wish I Were a Lesbian

 — Roomates decide that girls are prettier than guys. by manyquestions12/23/084.05

I Won't Back Down

 — Who will be the first to back down? by givemenevergets08/02/074.11

I'd Go Gay For You

 — Discussing the sexiest women leads to an awkward admission. by bi_cathy12/04/124.59HOT

I'd Go Gay For You Ch. 02

 — Navigating the tension when moving from friends to lovers. by bi_cathy09/08/134.71HOT

I'd Go Gay For You Ch. 03

 — Friends go from taking it slow to a very exciting phone call. by bi_cathy03/18/144.79HOT

I'll Catch You Whenever You Fall

 — Sara Kelton learns how to rescue more than her relationship. by Smokey12504/20/154.46

I'll Have the Burger...and You

 — Young girl sleeps with a waitress. by angelwings9303/11/164.01

I'll Take Care of You

 — Her roommate gives her a massage and more. by delicate_yielding08/06/084.39

I'll Take the Low Road Ch. 01

 — Lexi goes to Scotland on Holiday. by peachesmelba03/24/114.43

I'm a Nun

 — A nun and her sexual escapades. by Mycke05/03/033.82

I'm A Nun Ch. 02

 — A sister falls in love with a Mother. by Mycke05/15/033.78

I'm Bi-curious

 — Would you like to experiment? by Thom_N_Cheryl12/31/094.54HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 05

 — Monica's words come back to haunt her. by CorbinC07/23/194.67HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 06

 — A night at the opera - and a command performance afterward. by CorbinC07/31/194.53HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 07

 — The mailgirls welcome Monica. by CorbinC08/06/194.78HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 08

 — The first Thanksgiving meal. by CorbinC08/13/194.67HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 09

 — The Second Thanksgiving Meal by CorbinC08/19/194.79HOT

I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 10

 — Back home. by CorbinC08/28/194.41

I'm in Love with My Master Ch. 01

 — Lesbian dom/sub married/cheating. by cumdrippa9303/08/164.28

I'm Not Like That!

 — She not into D/s – is she? by RightThere09/06/054.67HOT

I'm Not Like That! Ch. 02

 — Maybe she IS a little like that... by RightThere02/25/064.65HOT

I'm Not Much of a Dancer Ch. 01

 — Consoling a friend after a breakup leads to sex. by nevertheless11/14/133.74

I'm Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 01

 — A lesbian couple faces the return of one woman's ex-husband. by Captain Midnight12/25/064.09

I'm SO Happy My Date Didn't Show Up

 — You will not believe where I am right now! by AJQuick07/23/134.44

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