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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Kay and Kelly at Kay's House

 — Kay and Kelly continue to explore each other. by kayandsteve6909/29/064.27

Kay's Story

 — Kay has her first experience with another woman. by kayandsteve6909/15/064.16

Kaylee & Nickie

 — Kaylee & Nickie meet. by daddysgirl198805/14/114.04

Kaylee's Discovery

 — Curiosity makes friends cum closer. by reddragn_7101/01/074.44

Kaytee's Transformation Ch. 01

 — She finds her friend's horny sister. by watchin'lezbos11/11/034.37

Kaz and Jen Finally Get Together

 — It finally happens. by tututango07/07/064.12

Keep It Secret Pt. 01

 — Vala and Luci get cosy under the covers. by Minxsil08/03/183.51

Keep the Shoes On

 — You've left me a note to take sexy photos of myself. by Delilah_Night05/13/164.21

Keeping Him Pure

 — Ally has a showdown with her boyfriend's mother. by Cinnyperez02/21/144.18

Keeping Him Pure Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Parker has a unique solution for Ally's misdeeds. by Cinnyperez05/08/154.26

Keeping It in the Family (Sisters)

 — Naomi confesses her love for her adopted sister. by britglee7212/28/164.42

Keeping It in the Family (Sisters) Ch. 02

 — The sisters overpower their mom. by britglee7212/30/164.45

Keeping It in the Family (Sisters) Ch. 03

 — Emma gives in to her daughters. by britglee7201/08/174.41

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 02

 — Gwen must be punished and Charlotte learn how. by Mistress_Christine09/21/174.60HOT

Keeping the Job Ch. 01

 — Emma would do ANYTHING for her boss. by britglee7202/22/174.43

Keeping Warm

 — Broken furnace brings friends together on cold night. by snowgirl04/07/024.45

Kelley & I "Pump" Up Ch. 02

 — Kelley and I use our new found friend to both "Pump Up". by CoyoteGirl6910/30/074.42

Kelli and Keri

 — A fictional story of two babes who sunbathe and make love. by kevinwg405/01/093.03

Kelli and the Masseuse

 — Girl is seduced by a big dyke masseuse. by flaborn195705/13/054.60HOT

Kelli's First All-Girl Orgy

 — Four girls, one bed - do the math. by pi3p14i08/11/064.33

Kellie's Little Sister

 — Kellie introduces her sister Katie to me. by CoyoteGirl6908/24/084.35

Kelly & Claire Ch. 00

 — Kelly teaches Claire a lesson. by super_chicken03/09/044.09

Kelly & Claire Ch. 01

 — Kelly turns Claire on to a new world. by super_chicken03/07/043.96

Kelly & Claire Ch. 02

 — Claire discovers Kelly. by super_chicken03/08/043.81

Kelly & Claire Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Kelly shows Claire something new. by super_chicken03/09/043.86

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 01

 — Girls discover each other one summer. by Jairzinho09/09/014.26

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 02

 — Haley makes Kelly her slave. by Jairzinho09/12/014.26

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 03

 — Kelly loses her virginities. by Jairzinho11/11/024.25

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 04

 — It’s Love, because in the end that’s all there is. by Jairzinho11/07/024.35

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 05

 — The girls make some new friends. by Jairzinho09/15/034.60HOT

Kelly & Haley's Summer Ch. 07

 — Kelly gets a slave of her own. by Jairzinho03/12/044.37

Kelly and Brooke Ch. 01

 — Brooke finds more than just a roommate. by Let_it_Be_04/08/114.61HOT

Kelly and Brooke Ch. 02

 — Kelly and Brooke get closer. by Let_it_Be_04/23/114.70HOT

Kelly and Brooke Ch. 03

 — Brooke and Kelly have more fun by Let_it_Be_05/07/114.71HOT

Kelly and Brooke Ch. 04

 — More Kelly and Brooke. by Let_it_Be_05/22/114.79HOT

Kelly and Jamie

 — College girlfriends talk on the phone. by hunterwren06/12/083.38

Kelly and Lindsay Alone Together

 — No others, just two girls. by taleserotic08/10/054.52HOT

Kelly Does Madison

 — Two coeds discover their true sexuality. by Erlikkhan08/16/044.34

Kelly Makes a New Friend

 — Kelly is coerced into a night out & what a night! by LiveCat08/16/114.67HOT

Kelly's Moonlight Serenade

 — Love is like a song. by TE99905/06/074.75HOT

Kelly's Release

 — Woman looking for toilet is seduced by mountain women. by Harrowborg09/26/022.78

Kelly's Release Ch. 03

 — Agatha helps Kelly recover. by Harrowborg03/15/033.74

Kelsey Loves the Kissing

 — Carla wants to seduce gorgeous Kelsey. by geronimo_appleby02/20/154.55HOT

Kelsey's First All Girl

 — Kelsey is seduced by two girl friends. by Krazy3509/23/084.17

Kendall Gets a Workout

 — Kendall makes a new gym buddy. by DeejJones09/21/174.26


 — A personal ad leads to a hot encounter. by hunterwren06/01/044.43

Kendra Ch. 02

 — Kendra has fun with a co-worker. by hunterwren05/11/064.37

Kendra Ch. 03

 — Kendra picks up a woman at a health club. by hunterwren07/28/104.21

Kennedy's Girl

 — Rugby captain eyes the new girl at practice. by RugbyKarma05/11/144.68HOT

Kenya Goes to Zambia

 — Our randy Kenyans go on safari in Zambia. by Watamu10/29/093.86

Kenya Malindi Nights

 — Two old friends become lovers. by Watamu01/30/104.21

Kenya: Another Tropical Night

 — Lesbian tryst becomes a hetero threesome. by Watamu01/31/104.27


 — Kept in luxury. by KAnneMeinel06/30/114.53HOT

Kerrie's Special Treatment

 — Suburban wife's life is about to change. by WestTexas3403/07/044.49

Kerrie's Special Treatment Ch. 02

 — Kerrie gets with a new girl. by WestTexas3404/27/064.49

Kerry Ramping-Saad: Dykes!

 — Trinidadian Dominatrix explores Black Lesbianism. by Samuelx06/17/183.52

Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 15

 — Horny exhibitionist girls wandering around in a mall. by eatoure02/09/113.72

Kiko's Story

 — Asian girl lusts for her Asian hairdresser. by Swamp Rebel11/16/004.28

Killing Me Softly

 — Confessions of love from a ghost in my past. by inlovewithyourghost02/03/064.44

Killing Me Softly

 — Hot 'n Steamy and a Screaming Orgasm. by Fetch11/15/053.50

Killing Time

 — Vivian is in desperate need of a vacation. by secondskin12/22/024.11


 — The story how my friend opened a new chapter in my life. by doebear211/14/164.50HOT


 — Asian girls are remarkable. by trappedinside03/07/174.58HOT

Kim & TuThoa: The Challenge

 — Vietnamese women compete for sexual superiority. by aussiegreg01/21/014.31

Kim and Andrea

 — Love, drama, and a wild first time for two college girls. by AliceShayne05/15/104.35

Kim and Eva Ch. 01

 — Two unhappy women find comfort in each other. by daprich4903/16/124.82HOT

Kim Ch. 02

 — Kim returns the favor. by doebear211/16/164.52HOT

Kim's First Lesbian Experience

 — Kim has two friends over and things begin to heat up. by 210/03/023.68

Kim's First Lesbian Experience Ch. 02

 — Kim just can't get enough. by 212/28/024.16

Kim's First Lesbian Experience Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by 201/15/034.38

Kim's Journey Ch. 03

 — Life continues to unfold with more new experiences. by lilyandstoney07/20/164.54HOT

Kim's Massage

 — Kim's first lesbian experience while in college. by stlimanika10/30/114.22

Kim's Night Out... Ch. 01

 — They leave their panties at home. by sweetpussy200309/29/034.17

Kim's Night Out... Ch. 02

 — Kim finds pleasure everywhere. by sweetpussy200310/10/034.40

Kim's Notebook

 — Kim remembers Fiona, the older English lady. by teniellejd03/24/064.30

Kimberly & Debbie's Awakening To Each Other

 — The girls fall in love. by naturesgirls04/24/034.35

Kimberly Cums Out

 — Bi-curious wife is taken by three strangers. by palles10/07/073.60

Kimberly's Revenge

 — Kimberly returns from a visit and takes revenge on Sandra. by hiddensoullover01/18/063.96

Kindling the Flames

 — Best friends can make the best lovers. by FrankKilSer01/10/114.06

King of Clubs

 — Featuring Linda Pearl Private Eye. by MagdaMcKune09/30/164.36

King or Two Doubles?

 — Co-workers share a room at a conference. by CoyoteGirl6906/04/114.41

Kinkiness Revealed!

 — How Emma's dreams influence me! by RoseBrn04/01/114.37

Kinky Tales: Lured into Lesbianism

 — Straight woman discovers the pleasures of other women. by silkstockingslover05/16/184.70HOT

Kismet Encounter Ch. 01

 — Two extraordinary women discover they share a similar secret. by JodiHutchins05/11/184.73HOT

Kismet Encounter Ch. 02

 — Jude & Nat grow closer. Roland meets a perplexing situation. by JodiHutchins05/23/184.88HOT

Kismet Encounter Ch. 02.5

 — Two extraordinary women discover they share a similar secret. by JodiHutchins07/04/184.90HOT

Kismet Encounter Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by JodiHutchins08/14/184.86HOT


 — This author's humorous views on Kissing. by KAnneMeinel07/25/114.26

Kiss From a Rose

 — Katie's boyfriend breaks up with her and Rose consoles her. by Addicted2Writing12/02/134.49

Kiss Me, Charlene

 — A woman gives her son's girlfriend permission to enter. by JimBob4410/05/184.42

Kiss My Ass

 — An excerpt from 'A Murder in Eden'. by WRJames05/24/073.44

Kiss of Eternity

 — She discovers the meaning of the kiss of eternity. by juanmann08/03/083.46


 — Young model requests help of older woman. by ChocolateKisses07/29/024.61HOT


 — Cassandra has a surprise when she gets home. by CABONE04/14/154.79HOT

Kisses and Stars

 — Lovers make love under the stars. by co102908/02/094.29

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Ch. 01

 — Online friendship blossoms as Kassandra & Lilly meet. by Sinful_whispers05/29/064.34

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Ch. 02

 — Kassandra and Lilly's first intimate encounter. by Sinful_whispers06/06/064.56HOT

Kisses, Handcuffs and You

 — My daydreams are of you. by Belle4Belles12/27/144.11

Kisses, Handcuffs and You Ch. 02

 — A daydream about eating you. by Belle4Belles01/02/154.33

Kissing Cousins

 — Shedding guilt in a blog, she contemplates an incestuous. by Cinner09/16/123.37

Kissing Cousins

 — Georgia's wet dreams cum true at her annual family reunion. by shaketramp1703/25/184.32

Kissing Cousins Ch. 04

 — Elizabeth discovers an ally, and more. by Saphhia10/27/174.57HOT

Kissing Cousins Ch. 05

 — Elizabeth and Diana explore their fantasies. by Saphhia11/04/174.33

Kissing Cousins Ch. 12

 — Sarah and Elizabeth ride back to Devon, unwillingly. by Saphhia01/25/184.29

Kissing Cousins Ch. 13: Conclusion

 — The saga comes to an end, but will our cousins be happy? by Saphhia02/18/184.79HOT

Kissing Her the First Time

 — Fantasy first kiss between two women. by biswitch8603/05/133.82

Kissing Practice

 — Jenna is a virgin lesbian with a crush on her friend Kat. by jill_gates_writer05/04/124.22

Kissing Practice Ch. 02

 — Kat gets too drunk and horny to resist Jenna. by jill_gates_writer05/11/124.61HOT

Kissing Practice Follies

 — Angie hopes to kiss Leigh. She gets Philip instead. by astuffedshirt_perv05/26/184.41

Kit and Kat Do Lunch at the Y

 — Bi-Fem meets hottie for lunch. by LuciousBi-Writes4U02/07/054.32

Kit's Stories - Katie's Man Ch. 03

 — Eva and Sandy explore their relationship. by RioRedKing01/29/164.66HOT

Kita Changes Positions

 — Kita finds love from a sub. by Brooke109/06/054.38

Kitchen Prelude

 — Could friends become lovers? by Boo110407/13/114.25

Kitten and Miss T

 — Mutual masturbation online might lead to real sex. by Dawns07/03/082.86

Kitten Ch. 01

 — Cathy's nickname, pars pro toto. by leBonhomme12/09/144.45

Kitten with Benefits

 — A Mistress and Charlotte Playdate. by WaxPhilosophic07/06/174.75HOT

Kitty Tales 05: Amy

 — Stripper goes down on female customer and male friends. by kitty4bi09/16/064.41

Kitty Walters Episode 01 Ch. 03

 — The Erotic Escapades of Kitty Walters: "The Recovery Room". by AuralSects6901/11/084.00

Klutz and the Sympathetic

 — Hayley meets the clumsiest person in the west coast. by Mars_Inamorata09/28/164.69HOT

Knock At The Door!

 — Girlfriends answer the call for Fundraisers! by Aimie246909/17/144.12

Knocking On Her Door

 — First lesbian sexual experience with Onee-sama. by callmeoneesama02/28/153.02

Knothole Saloon

 — Bounty hunter captures wild gang and a prostitute's heart. by JimBob4401/02/184.56HOT


 — A birthday treat goes wrong. by Smita_J09/06/123.72


 — I've got my Koochy and it feels so good. by bradley_stoke07/21/013.53Editor's Pick

Kool Girls

 — She reunites with high school gal pal. by Crew Cut10/13/003.66

Kris and Kelli Ch. 02

 — New moves in the boardrom for an evening meeting. by wizarddriver08/02/064.73HOT

Krissy Answers Angie's Question

 — Forthright question leads to a graphic answer. by c7racer06/15/054.33

Krissy Gets a Letter from Maggie

 — Sensational Far East adventure follow up. by c7racer04/12/074.58HOT

Krissy Joins the Team

 — Her roommate, and a "pet", convince her to try lesbianism. by sexyR204/12/134.01

Krissy Takes A Holiday In The East

 — Curiousity leads to new conquests. by c7racer04/02/074.56HOT

Kristen and Kelly Ch. 01

 — Roommates discover each other after an accidental exposure. by Timeris12/27/144.27

Kristen's Adventures with the Twins

 — A lesbian story. by SluttySallytheNakedAngel02/05/164.54HOT

Kristen's Awakening

 — Young woman over comes dreadful past to find true love. by Sexy_Lisa09/27/174.70HOT

Kristi Gets Curious

 — Divorcee decides to check out the other side. by jessijessi3408/16/024.57HOT

Kristi Kringle

 — A little Christmas story with a twist. by blondsubles05/23/174.54HOT


 — What was happening to her? by angiquesophie12/20/064.14

Kristie's House

 — A short story about how I became who I really am. by slayer010907/22/133.89


 — Virgin bride to cumslut. by cumduck06/30/084.26

Kristina Ch. 03

 — Her training as a cum slut begins. by cumduck08/10/084.40

Kye's Beauty

 — Kye finds what she needs at the salon. by PoetryLvr07/22/114.42

Kylie and Brooke Ch. 02

 — Kylie's sister brings home a friend. by The_Office_Fan01/31/184.51HOT

Kym, Meg and Jon

 — Kym finds a man at a party, but all is not as it seems. by DrDesire08/13/144.12

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 004

 — At last, Tulsi makes her entry with a bang. by bangopee08/04/074.13

L & C School Ch. 01

 — This is the first of 3 stories, my fantasies. by debbiedelish09/17/164.18

L & C School Ch. 02

 — Debbie's continuing saga. by debbiedelish11/23/164.50HOT

L'esprit de l'escalier

 — She realizes what happened after everything is already done. by evesummerall01/25/114.36

La Bella

 — La Bella makes an old lover suffer for leaving her. by CatherineAnna04/12/104.58HOT

La Bella Italiana

 — She makes a new friend on holiday in sunny Nice. by Bob Waters04/05/014.56HOT

La Etoile

 — Kelly begins her new life as a sugar baby, to another woman. by c00ki307/26/164.36

La Jolie Fille sur La Plage

 — Meeting a pretty girl on the beach...and what we did there! by LulaBlue10/24/104.00

La Leche Madre

 — Older woman makes love with a young, nursing mother. by Maggie Red Rose04/26/084.45

La Resistance

 — Wartime story of two freedom fighters. by doctorsam03/02/143.59

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture

 — 37-year-old comes out by giving in. by susietreasure11/13/044.46

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 02

 — Susie submits to to younger dommes. by susietreasure11/16/044.51HOT

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 03

 — Susie spirals into utter submission. by susietreasure11/16/044.45

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 04

 — Susie's submission gets more intense. by susietreasure11/17/044.46

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 05

 — Susie's dream comes to a glorious end. by susietreasure11/20/044.64HOT

Lace Club: First Day Ch. 01

 — First day on one of the hottest jobs in the world... by colette_wintour03/02/174.36

Lace Club: First Day Ch. 02

 — A lingerie fitting, a lot of teasing, and hot lesbian sex. by colette_wintour03/24/174.32

Lace Club: Jessica Stern Ch. 03

 — Colette has her first meeting with Jessica Stern, the CEO. by colette_wintour04/02/174.57HOT

Lace Club: Kayla Ch. 04

 — First meeting gets steamy... by colette_wintour04/29/174.56HOT

Lace Curtains on a VW Van

 — Keep their secret safe from prying eyes. by JimBob4412/01/174.50HOT

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