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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — It's not always so bad having to share. by BlueMoonWriter04/15/064.50HOT

Roommates Ch. 01

 — Belle develops a girl crush on her new roommate. by LadyLover00707/01/083.94

Roommates Ch. 01

 — I find the roommate of my dreams. by olivia000002/08/174.57HOT

Roommates Get Acquainted Pt. 02

 — Hailey and Sheela continue exploring each other... by CCMcMillan07/30/194.42


 — Danielle finds her soulmate. by Dawns02/14/104.03

Ropes, Passion, Desire & Emotions

 — Goddess shows her slave the ropes. by GoddessLinda04/11/024.54HOT

Rosarum et Tulips Ch. 01

 — Amber and Mandy's daughter, Murphy, discovers her sexuality. by naughtykitten2112/05/124.52HOT

Rosarum et Tulips Ch. 02

 — Murphy makes a split-second choice, but makes a mistake... by naughtykitten2112/10/124.31

Rosarum et Tulips Ch. 03

 — Murphy is back with Nathan and Gloria and unexpectedness. by naughtykitten2111/09/134.78HOT

Rosarum et Tulips Ch. 04

 — Murphy & Gloria take the next step in their relationship... by naughtykitten2112/31/144.63HOT

Rosarum et Tulips Ch. 05

 — The final chapter of Murphy and Gloria's story... by naughtykitten2101/06/154.73HOT


 — A straight woman falls in love with a lesbian. by happyday06/26/074.67HOT

Rose and Olivia Pt. 01

 — Two lesbians find love in the city of London. by kittykat1401/18/184.42

Rose and Olivia Pt. 02

 — The story continues, the heat rises. by kittykat1401/19/184.62HOT

Rose and Olivia Pt. 03

 — Two hot women find passion and romance in London. by kittykat1401/26/184.52HOT

Rose Garden Promises Ch. 01

 — To Flora, she was the gardener. by Crew Cut04/11/044.13

Rose in my Apartment

 — Surprise lesbian sex in the shower! by Kirsenne9905/18/103.81

Rose Petals

 — Sexuality is explored after an experience at a gay stripclub. by KhrayziSkitz01/31/144.42


 — One valentine's day. by infructescence01/21/113.85


 — A woman lies to her best friend about her sexuality. by MadamVictoria10/15/144.15

Roses for Marie

 — Rose wakes up Marie. by miamourlamonde06/01/164.30


 — A bisexual encounter in Las Vegas. by CoyoteGirl6903/31/074.57HOT

Rough Day

 — One of those days, and there's only one way to relax. by Nehindra12/11/093.58

Rough Day At The Office

 — After a tough day our lady lawyers go toy shopping. by bourbonslut02/14/064.08

Rough Hands

 — Lisa's powerplay backfires. by Agni05/04/103.24

Rowan Ch. 01

 — A story of tenderness and passion between two young women. by Lady_Guenivere08/21/074.54HOT

Rowan Ch. 02

 — The saga of Rowan continues. by Lady_Guenivere08/31/074.65HOT


 — Clare finds love in a club. by MissPimp03/29/094.32

Roxanne's Steamy College Girl-Crush

 — Friendship turns to lust on Valentine's. by Roxanne Appleby01/30/064.59HOT


 — Roxy is Hannah's first woman. by SprinklesofFire08/06/144.09

Royal Flush Ch. 01

 — In which the plot is hatched. by MissLisaJones07/07/134.66HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 02

 — In which we go to a dinner party. by MissLisaJones07/10/134.66HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 03

 — In which we buy the puppy gear. by MissLisaJones07/11/134.83HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 04

 — In which we go to a puppy show by MissLisaJones07/12/134.75HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 05

 — In which we meet the Princess. by MissLisaJones07/15/134.81HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 06

 — In which we join the club. by MissLisaJones07/16/134.73HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 07

 — In which we go to a pony show. by MissLisaJones07/17/134.66HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 08

 — In which we go to Scotland. by MissLisaJones07/21/134.79HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 09

 — In which the stalkers enjoy their prey. by MissLisaJones07/23/134.77HOT

Royal Flush Ch. 10

 — In which it's time to publish and be damned. by MissLisaJones07/25/134.86HOT

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 01

 — Discovery and exploration. by RubberKatey06/10/064.53HOT

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 02

 — Exploration. by RubberKatey06/11/064.60HOT

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 03

 — A mystery treat. by RubberKatey06/12/064.59HOT


 — An exotic dancer is forced to submit to a captivating vixen. by Doubleswan1309/16/154.41

Ruby and Jasmine

 — Hot night of cunnilingus and scissoring. by aspiringauthor1204/05/164.25

Ruby Tuesday

 — Older and wiser or older and vengeful! by LimeyLady10/18/174.69HOT


 — Michi meets a hot Colombiana butchie in a New Orleans club. by MichiMartin03/04/174.52HOT

Rukmani Bai A Masseur

 — Couple participate in wife's massage and shave. by Roopmati200006/23/063.96

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

 — A sexual awakening with aggressive stranger. by kross10/23/033.99

Runner's High: First Meet

 — Three female college tracksters enjoy an evening. by eroticorgasm04/02/034.23

Runner's High: Long Distance

 — Erica is more involved with Tiffany & Jessica. by eroticorgasm04/04/034.46

Running On Empty

 — Kay runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. by JukeboxEMCSA09/25/114.30

Running Scared

 — Scared little blonde on the streets of NYC II. by Dragon6411/01/094.27

Running Scared Ch. 03

 — A quick meal, temptation on the side. by Dragon6406/25/114.41

Ruth's Room

 — She gives, and takes, the full tour. by CeliaisAliena05/22/104.20

Ruthie and Alicia's First Time

 — Two first time lesbians make their desires reality. by MonicaJane696905/03/143.97

Rx: Love

 — Makeover leads to love for woman & her pharmacist. by RedHairedandFriendly07/29/064.54HOT

Rylee - Sapphic Love

 — Adult Lesbian Experience. by Aimie246909/23/164.56HOT

S & S Ch. 01

 — Meeting at the grocery store may lead two women to love. by les_sammy_021111/23/114.15

S&P: Interrogation Ch. 03

 — Lesbian cops take their relationship to a new level. by Captain Midnight09/23/05


 — Training for dyke unionists. by Crew Cut08/07/032.54

S.S Erotic

 — Two gorgeous girls take a trip on an all nude cruise ship. by Fiction_Addictions10/23/154.18

SA E03B: A Night of Discovery

 — Three lesbian lovers. by OmegaZone04/18/033.83

Sabel Ch. 01-03

 — Sabel enrolls in a course for ponygirls. by blackbel200303/31/084.50HOT

Sabel Ch. 04-06

 — Next classes in the ponygirl course. by blackbel200304/28/084.68HOT

Sabel Ch. 07-10

 — Sabel on trial to become Miss Cathy's pony. by blackbel200305/13/084.56HOT


 — A young woman stops pretending she's not queer. by KatieAnnBB02/19/164.85HOTContest Winner

Sabine and Melanie's Second Year

 — The second year at college for Sabine and Melanie. by Sabineteas02/09/094.60HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 04

 — Sabine and Melanie explore. by Sabineteas12/08/044.65HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 05

 — Sabine begins to understand that Melanie is different. by Sabineteas12/09/044.61HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 06

 — Melanie takes things a little further. by Sabineteas12/11/044.63HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 07

 — Things change for Sabine. by Sabineteas12/15/044.64HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 08

 — Sabine is really humiliated. by Sabineteas12/22/044.62HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 09

 — Melanie finds a way to extend the boundaries. by Sabineteas12/23/044.70HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 12

 — Melanie shows her love. by Sabineteas01/09/054.70HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 13

 — Melanie comes back. by Sabineteas01/11/054.60HOT

Sabine At School Ch. 16

 — Malanie and Sabine love each other. by Sabineteas03/24/064.43


 — An interlude. by destinie2107/12/053.93

Sabrina at the Grocery Store Ch. 03

 — She meets her favorite teacher at her new job. by Silvertuch08/18/054.28

Sachel and Toni

 — College friends become a little closer. by Kapricorn7105/04/064.45

Sadie and the Moon Ch. 01

 — Seducing a young woman in the moonlight. by Sam Cornell04/30/124.30

Sadie and the Moon Ch. 02

 — Sadie and Samantha's relationship takes a kinky turn. by Sam Cornell05/05/124.33

Sadie's Travels

 — Naive Southern girl finds love in the big city. by MercuryLove3107/09/114.85HOT

Safeword: Rainbow

 — An evening of anal training and loving. by RoseWilder05/19/094.38

Saga at School: Saga Examined

 — Saga crams for an exam: but gets a surprise 'quiz'. by phfina10/25/113.52

Saga of Raven - Awakening

 — This is the first in a saga. Start here for story continuity. by Mister4her09/13/193.70

Sage & Kelsey

 — Sage always wondered if Kelsey desired women. by kahluayummy02/16/024.39

Sail Away

 — An accident on the high seas awakens feelings by alicia_boston12/16/024.72HOT

Sailing Instructor & Student Ch. 01

 — Donna take Ranya sailing and explores more than the wind. by SapphoLust12/30/144.21

Sailing Instructor & Student Ch. 02

 — Donna, Marta and Ranya have a romp back at the cabin by SapphoLust12/31/144.20

Sailor's Wife

 — Shelly wants sex with a woman - how can she get it? by Pelios10/08/084.52HOT

Sailor's Wife Ch. 02

 — The games continue, until the ladies know what they want. by Pelios10/11/084.64HOT

Saint James the Controller Ch. 01

 — Casey the Coffee girl. by trappedinside12/27/144.47

Salesladies Dilemma

 — lingerie salesperson gives special service. by Bakeboss01/20/103.85

Sally & Jill

 — Two friends decide to explore womanly love. by NymphWriter07/17/124.30

Sally and Roberta

 — An erotic love story. by Davidrobertson11/29/084.32

Sally Ch. 02

 — Her second try at being a porn star by Rosko Busby 200505/25/054.54HOT

Sally's Conquest

 — Lynne's destiny is to worship a muscle goddess. by Slika04/17/044.34

Sally's Dilemma Pt. 01

 — Ellen is demanding, but Sally likes to be told what to do. by Norm_dePlume01/06/174.32

Sally's Embarrassing Moment

 — Girl is shocked by her sleep-walking flatmate. by alexander tzara01/21/01

Sally's New Office Experience

 — Sally gets introduced to sex with a woman. by johnthomas22104/15/084.33

Sally's Seduction

 — Seducing the girl next door...or was I? by Bi_c6903/13/024.45

Sally's Special Birthday Present

 — Bi girl gives her a surprise. by MelanieK08/08/034.03

Sally's Story

 — You've read my side of the story. Here's Sally's. by grumpyg12/26/124.51HOT

Salon Girl Takes Over

 — A woman finds her identity as a collared slave is dangerous. by boxwood2504/22/15

Salt & Vinegar

 — Lena and Justine's love / hate relationship. by Jett_7303/23/124.46

Salt & Vinegar Ch. 02

 — Lena surprises Justine with a visit at work. by Jett_7304/15/124.54HOT

Salt & Vinegar Ch. 03

 — Justine 'rescues' Lena with unexpected results. by Jett_7304/20/124.61HOT

Salt & Vinegar Ch. 04

 — Crisis and resolution for Justine and Lena. by Jett_7305/01/124.85HOT

Sam and Ally Ch. 01

 — Attempted seduction goes wrong, or does it? by freelancer72208/28/124.53HOT

Sam's First

 — Sam's hoping for action after the sales pitch... by bushwacker08/12/014.32

Sam's Sexcapades Ch. 01

 — A tale of Sam's sexcapades. by deceptionx310/23/103.80

Sam's Sisterly Threesome Ch. 02

 — Sam is away and the two ladies get it on!! by gen_man6911/22/134.23

Samantha Finds Her Calling

 — Samantha is introduced to Stephanie. by SamanthaWashington08/02/184.19

Samantha Takes a Vacation

 — Sam meets Jessica. by trappedinside06/30/144.37

Samantha's Lesbian Revelation

 — Coeds learn there are different things to learn. by JRob12/24/014.34

Same Old Thing...Maybe Not

 — Sanaya awakens to another side of her girlfriend! by PoetryLvr03/02/124.26

Same Port Under Clear Skies

 — A straight girl returns for another encounter. by mom4gurlz04/07/084.72HOT

Samhain and the Wild Huntress

 — A Story of All Hallows Eve. by TrueMort10/19/184.62HOT

Samhain's Witch

 — Young wife is drawn to a powerful witch. by wishfulthinking10/23/054.36

Samitha's Christmas

 — Indian teen and her friend have vigorous lesbian sex. by Cute Breasts04/12/084.41

Sammy Jo Has a Night to Remember

 — This is not a love story. by LimeyLady12/11/164.50HOT

Sammy Jo Has Another Big Night

 — Her seven year itch gets scratched by LimeyLady12/22/164.68HOT

Sammy Jo Tries Team Building

 — Will the bonding ever end? by LimeyLady01/07/174.53HOT

Sanctuary Ch. 02

 — Raissa and Zariah connect. by destinie2101/09/074.31


 — A secluded beach is not so secluded. by infructescence08/26/094.15


 — Your quiet stroll at the seashore gets exciting. by SillyMsJilly07/29/083.48

Sandi's World of Fashion

 — Sandi's dream job opens the door to a different world. by fantac6403/28/084.69HOT

Sandra Ch. 01

 — Brother watches sis & her girlfriend have fun. by kwamae06/25/094.04

Sandra Ch. 02

 — She finds her true self in submission. by Shady_Lady07/16/054.26

Sandra Ch. 03

 — She joins her lover's club. by Shady_Lady11/26/054.31

Sandra Ch. 04

 — Sandra meets Julie. by Shady_Lady12/06/054.32

Sandra Ch. 05

 — Sandra gets her revenge on Beth. by Shady_Lady05/19/064.29

Sandra the Babysitter

 — Babysitting has its perks. by lustressliza07/05/113.90

Sandra's Fantasy

 — A reader's fantasy about submitting to a younger woman. by Tappy_McWidestance02/27/114.71HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Sandra falls deeper under the control of her new mistress. by Tappy_McWidestance03/06/114.74HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Sandra's night at the hotel continues with new kinks. by Tappy_McWidestance03/14/114.71HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Sandra's hotel adventure with Nicole and Liz continues... by Tappy_McWidestance03/30/114.62HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 05

 — The party moves back to Sandra's with new players. by Tappy_McWidestance04/03/114.76HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Rose and Jeannie get serious. Erin and Nicole take Sandra. by Tappy_McWidestance04/15/114.69HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 07

 — Jeannie takes Rose to a bar. Nicole visits Sandra's office. by Tappy_McWidestance04/16/114.69HOT

Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 08

 — Another Friday night... another kinky hotel adventure. by Tappy_McWidestance05/06/114.78HOT

Sandra's New Client Ch. 03

 — Sandra has an unexpected encounter. by Tappy_McWidestance08/08/114.46

Sandra's New Client Ch. 04

 — Sandra spends quality time with the girls. by Tappy_McWidestance09/05/114.53HOT

Sandra's New Neighbors

 — Tomboy helps new neighbors move in. by Nerfstar09/06/064.39

Sandra's New Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Sandra goes swimming with the twins. by Nerfstar09/12/064.45

Sandra's New Neighbors Ch. 03

 — Twins talk about past and teach about the future. by Nerfstar03/13/074.49

Sandra's New Neighbors Ch. 04

 — The next morning at Sandra's. by Nerfstar09/28/074.65HOT

Sandra's New Neighbors Ch. 05

 — In Victoria's Secret. by Nerfstar03/15/084.51HOT

Sandra's New Neighbors Ch. 06

 — Fun in the Furry Farm. by Nerfstar02/03/134.52HOT

Sandy & Dani & I

 — College girls discover each other. by Jim10/15/003.99

Sandy's First Girl

 — An encounter at the cosmetic counter. by Kanamit02/06/034.10

Sandy's Girl

 — An Aussie rock singer finally meets her match. by Shaima3211/12/174.72HOT

Sangitta Ch. 01

 — Asian female student loses her virginity. by robin3512/10/143.68

Sangitta Ch. 02

 — Young Indian Girl Continues journey of sexual exploration. by robin3512/19/144.07

Sangitta Ch. 03

 — Sexual confusion continues for young Indian student. by robin3512/20/144.12

Sangitta Ch. 04

 — Sangitta begins to discover her true sexuality. by robin3512/22/143.97

Sangitta Ch. 05

 — Sangitta and Julie find their inner selves. by robin3512/23/144.24

Sangitta Ch. 06

 — Sangitta increases her dominance over Julie. by robin3512/26/144.55HOT

Sangitta Ch. 07

 — Julie and Sangitta go shopping. by robin3512/27/144.10

Sangitta Ch. 08

 —  Sangitta and Julie go shopping then clubbing. by robin3501/02/154.18

Sangitta Ch. 09

 — Sangitta dominates and then regresses. by robin3501/04/154.00

Sangitta Ch. 10

 — Sangitta Continues Her Journey of Discovery. by robin3501/05/154.12

Sangitta Ch. 11

 — Sangitta Packs to Leave Home and Enjoys Phone Sex. by robin3501/06/154.00

Sangitta Ch. 12

 — Sangitta moves into her own apartment and christens her bed. by robin3501/08/154.23

Sangitta Ch. 13

 — Sanitta takes Julie as her Maid. by robin3501/10/154.04

Sangitta Ch. 14

 — Sangitta accepts Julie back into her life. by robin3501/12/153.80

Sangitta Ch. 15

 — Sangitta meets Babs. by robin3501/16/154.00

Sangitta Ch. 16

 — Sangitta enjoys her first date. by robin3501/17/154.43

Sangitta Ch. 17

 — Sangitta and Julie make love in the shower. by robin3501/20/153.56

Sangitta Ch. 18

 — Sangitta makes love to both Denise and Julie. by robin3501/23/154.40

Sangitta Ch. 19

 — Sangitta Enjoys Two Morning Orgasms. by robin3501/26/154.00

Sangitta Ch. 20

 — Sangitta and Julie go shopping. by robin3501/28/154.25

Sanguine Rose

 — A romantic art discovered on the waters. by Cryoliss09/17/154.35

Santa's Not The Only One Who Came.

 — A Letter To A Friend by loorslady01/05/114.06

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