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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Freshman Year Ch. 04-05

 — Best friends love Dave's party. by ladyeroticwriter11/17/024.21

Freshman Year Ch. 2

 — She finds that there's more to life than boys. by BiEmma2707/12/024.32

Freyja Inc. Ch. 06

 — Shea opens up to a whole new experience. by Texas_law_man05/13/084.67HOT


 — When the chase is finally over, where does that thrill go? by AVRH03/25/043.64


 — A woman's Friday night sexcapades. by RubieRed01/26/094.04

Friday Afternoon Club

 — A summer tryst with an older woman. by Tina Carson01/26/024.35

Friday Night

 — Vamp goes out on the town in search of a woman. by Original Playgirl10/13/004.28

Friday Night

 — Butch finds a femme for the night. by XanaduDuo12/16/023.20

Friday Night

 — Sapphic seduction on a Friday night. by Ravynsloft06/25/044.76HOT

Friday Night

 — After a long week of work there's no time to waste. by goalie2604/10/144.08

Friday Night Massage

 — Christina takes advantage of a free massage. by sunshineandstars08/17/104.21

Friday Night Sex

 — A girls night out ends in lesbian encounter. by sexy_sandrey01/18/113.78

Friday Night, Saturday Morning

 — Sequel to American Friday in London. by Sam Cornell08/22/044.47

Friday Pampering

 — Wife gets a massage. by Alicia70705/14/154.48

Frieda, Ph.D.

 — She gives, and I accept, fascinating journaling homework by PenningFreer10/06/093.85

Friend at New School

 — New girl at school meets another girl. by Baloden09/21/012.24

Friend Cum Together at Convention

 — They please each other at a convention. by Braz11/21/063.90

Friend From Paris

 — Debbie wanted to see her desperately. by christy2006/13/063.76

Friend Helping a Friend

 — High school girls discover each other. by Kala Hill11/11/004.64HOT

Friend of a Friend

 — One and only time (so far!). by phun4all08/08/073.52

Friend's First Kiss Ch. 01

 — Where a kiss can lead. by Shars Star03/13/043.83

Friendly Breast Exam

 — Best friend turns breast exam into much more. by SoloFlexr04/18/054.37

Friendly Contest Ch. 01

 — Four friends embark on an erotic competition. by Mandymomma12/27/034.29

Friendly Contest Ch. 02

 — Lauren and Sheri are Match One. by Mandymomma12/28/034.70HOT

Friendly Contest Ch. 03

 — It's Kathy and Janice's turn to compete. by Mandymomma12/30/034.71HOT

Friendly Fantasy

 — Friends and lovers. by PuckFinn12/02/154.17


 — Kimmi helps out. by cside07/11/044.07

Friends & Lovers

 — A wife and her female lover seduce a hot waiter. by DevisPixi08/13/153.94

Friends and Live-Ins Pt. 01

 — A woman needs a new roommate when her best friend relocates. by Smokey12508/24/163.25

Friends and Live-Ins Pt. 02

 — A great roomie's arrived! But, is she great for our heroine? by Smokey12508/26/165.00

Friends and Lovers

 — Two women find a way to explore their intimacy. by AfroerotiK09/29/114.37

Friends and More

 — Two friends find comfort in each other's touch. by Natyu081509/07/124.07

Friends Become Lesbian Lovers

 — A girl and her best friend finally hook up at college. by Brittni4u12/19/154.48

Friends Ch. 03 Pt. 2

 — Lesbian, all girl, pool, nudity, femdom. by FantasyMan02106/05/143.98

Friends for Life Ch. 01

 — Amy goes to college, where she meets Ana, Rebecca and Sam. by HistorianAnonymous07/21/163.83

Friends Loving Friends

 — Bi-curious Isabella has a sleepover. by SoftSweetSexy09/17/074.41

Friends Reunite

 — Miranda meets up with an old gal pal. by anaisyvr01/09/013.59

Friends Share

 — Jess gets turned on when she remembers her friend. by Manny_Kanblo08/19/094.44

Friends That Share

 — Long time friends discover each others body. by SxyRn200004/23/013.95

Friends to Lovers

 — Opal shows Beverly how to enjoy life to the fullest. by Honey12303/06/054.65HOT

Friends to Lovers

 — Susan shares a secret with Beth and it leads to wet pleasure. by EroticaLawyer08/31/034.52HOT

Friends with Benefits

 — Two online girlfriends meet for the first time. by katye4302/23/124.11


 — Platonic friends find out they might not be so platonic. by RedHot_Lips06/02/133.88

Friendship to Fervour

 — Two friends go further after sharing a bed. by Liveware_problem09/04/154.25

Friendship to Fervour Ch. 02

 — The day after. by Liveware_problem09/26/154.28

Friendship to Fervour Ch. 03

 — Things progress further during a movie night. by Liveware_problem02/28/164.32

Friendy Skies

 — She finds a friend in a strange place. by Nomansland6906/13/073.40


 — Emily is rescued by her English teacher. by GymTeacherYouDeserve02/25/174.62HOT

Fringe Benefits

 — Ex-wife learns the pleasure of fringe benefits. by velvetpie01/11/054.15


 — She takes ride on the wild side with biker babe. by Jeremiah Erratica02/20/053.77

From Best Friends to Lovers

 — You always find love when you least expect it. by the_shires06/02/134.39

From Hell to Paradise

 — How a nightmare journey home came good. by SlipLuvver07/27/134.33

From Here

 — Short and sweet; how I would, if I could, make you come. by finchester09/11/113.90

From Russia With Sex

 — Russian exchange student gives Joey two weeks of pleasure by sexy_jessie09/04/034.49

From the Closet to My Knees

 — Married woman falls for dominatrix. by Lassie06/05/034.41

From the Closet to My Knees Ch. 02

 — Her life with a dominatrix spirals. by Lassie06/10/034.09

From the Kitchen to the Bedroom

 — I have sensuous, raunchy sex with a female Seattle cook. by LadyFrederika08/10/154.15

From the Mall to the Boudoir

 — A young career girl meets an older "mentor". by grayshade11/23/134.54HOT

From the Tent Ch. 01

 — Mistress writes to her concubine. by vassal02/22/054.54HOT

From the Tent Ch. 02

 — The morning after. by vassal03/07/054.41

From the Tent Ch. 03

 — A mistress claims the last part of her concubine. by vassal04/05/054.56HOT

From The Web

 — Mel meets Kate, the online worshipper of her tits. by EhmelAalto01/25/094.45

From Three to Four

 — Jessica and Brittany visit a Tantric Spa. by Yort00910/27/044.41

Fuck 'Em All

 — Men that is, it's just the girls for me now. by tinaneesen06/23/134.51HOT

Fuck Away the Stress

 — Two women find release in the shower, and with a strap-on. by Hitch4202/11/114.05

Fuck Buddies

 — Two friends decide to be more. by prettyreckless09/04/153.88

Fuck Me Hard! Make Me Scream!

 — Baby fucks my pussy so well... by SunnyJohansen01/15/174.22

Fuck Me on a Chair in Italy

 — This is how she would write erotica. by diamonds4pearls03/12/093.77

Fuck Sage Carter

 — A lonesome lesbian finally hooks her forbidden love. by freak4candy10/11/094.24

Fuckin' Soldiers Ch. 01

 — Life in the army is awesome when you're a lesbian! by BarbieLez01/26/144.08

Fucking Ava

 — A massage from her roommate leads to something more. by peach_06/30/114.38

Fucking Each Other REAL Good

 — A lesbian story. by SunnyJohansen01/30/164.24

Fucking in a Bathtub Full of Honey Pt. 01

 — Ten gallons of honey, two women, 18 hours. by SunnyJohansen06/01/164.31

Fucking in a Bathtub Full of Honey Pt. 02

 — Ten gallons of honey, two women, 18 hours. by SunnyJohansen06/08/164.38

Fucking Lesbeaux: A Love Story

 — Any thinks she's in love with Celeste. by LMood03/07/134.41

Fucking Me with Her Mouth

 — ...IN HER SLEEP! by SunnyJohansen04/24/174.23NEW

Fucking My Mind Pt. 03

 — Lesbian, 3 way and other deviant sex with my controller. by blondechristine201210/14/154.46

Fudgie Ch. 01

 — It takes more than fudge to console a fishing widow. by Charlotte35f08/05/114.54HOT

Fudgie Ch. 02

 — A massage is even better than fudge. by Charlotte35f08/06/114.58HOT

Fulfilling My Desires

 — Gwen satisfies Lydia's secret desires. by Ravynsloft01/11/094.69HOT

Fulfilling my Fantasy

 — We explore each other after fantasizing for months. by live_the_fantasy09/15/164.40

Fulfilling Our Desires

 — They are together again after time apart. by Dru_Druthers09/09/124.36

Full Body Massage

 — Girl gets free massage plus bonus. by fetx6911/18/064.27

Full Moon

 — A first time lesbian story. by alilylove03/24/113.19

Full Release

 — Eva's Master lends her out for a girl on girl seduction. by balsam moon12/30/034.40

Fun at Fredricks

 — Lesbian sex. by ECHoney02/19/154.55HOT

Fun At Soccer Camp

 — Female soccer player gets to know her coach. by Chase09/04/013.88

Fun At The Zoo

 — Two hot chicks monkey around at the ape house. by slitlicker6902/12/044.41

Fun Day At Work...

 — Sometimes working out has added benefits. by sexykitten12310/07/124.23

Fun First Time

 — Two friends find something new. by Bi_big_tits10/28/033.97

Fun in the Garden

 — Katherine and Rachel put on a show for the neighbours. by crazysexychica06/19/133.52

Fun in the Ladies

 — What you get up to in the office toilets one lunchtime. by cornixregina08/16/123.52

Fun in the Laundry Room

 — What women really do when they're doing housework. by His Sex Kitten09/11/024.35

Fun in the Sun

 — College grad's first time with another girl. by liny05/20/054.28

Fun in the Sun

 — Hot sun, hot girls and cold Marguerites. by Honey12302/17/044.48

Fun on South Beach Ch. 01

 — Adventures of beautiful South Beach model begin. by flaborn195705/08/054.35

Fun on South Beach Ch. 02

 — Jim makes reservations at Tatto's. by flaborn195705/09/054.41

Fun on South Beach Ch. 03

 — Angel is adored by an older lady. by flaborn195705/11/054.37

Fun on South Beach Ch. 04

 — Angel models for rich Palm Beach ladies. by flaborn195705/12/054.67HOT

Fun on South Beach Ch. 05

 — Angel and Emi get close - really close. by flaborn195705/13/054.32

Fun on South Beach Ch. 06

 — Bad luck in the Everglades. by flaborn195705/14/054.65HOT

Fun on South Beach Ch. 07

 — Angel and Emi do a night on the town. by flaborn195705/15/054.65HOT

Fun on South Beach Ch. 08

 — Angel and Emi get medical attention. by flaborn195705/17/054.44

Fun on South Beach Ch. 11

 — Emi does a photo shoot with beautiful Asian girl. by flaborn195705/24/054.48

Fun with Angie

 — Two horny women get hot in the shower. by Captron02/09/014.12

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 01

 — Gee Spot Run. by SueNH12/27/124.60HOT

Fun with Jane

 — Amelia gets horny during her gyno exam. by 3smokingguns02/06/164.46

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 1

 — Girls just gotta have fun. by Aries02/26/013.85

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 3

 — Emma and Gabby go to a party. by Aries03/12/013.51

Fur Traders

 — Two women enjoy the outdoors. by dysphemist03/30/074.63HOT

FWB Ch. 01

 — Meg comes to stay with Al and Elle. by kategreen8409/19/144.28

G Ch. 01

 — Husband witnesses a first encounter between wife and friend. by Lucky_Hubby11/25/023.94

G Ch. 02

 — He sees even more of his wife and her friend. by Lucky_Hubby11/30/024.31

G's Submission Ch. 13

 — Emma. by ssubramaniam12204/07/153.65


 — Lesbian massage. by Remingtonsteele6410/19/124.23

Gabi and Molly

 — Molly has to choose. by CABONE01/02/174.37

Gabriella's Story Ch. 01

 — Young teacher seduces the woman of her dreams. by Jess4LadiesOnly03/13/064.65HOT

Gabrielle and Melissa

 — Adventurous roommates. by Kitten200904/13/124.15

Gal Pals Nude & Lewd

 — Girlfriends go outside to bare all and get down. by abbycakes07/16/074.50HOT

Gale's Sexual Enlightment

 — Her first exposure to lesbian sex. by gratis05/25/034.58HOT

Game, Set, Match

 — Agent and tennis pro find passion and love. by NiceGuyInVa07/23/074.10

Ganging Up On Love

 — You take part in a unique event. by PantyhoseFan11/07/073.92

Gangster's Ball

 — Tracy and her boss attend the annual masked ball. by Colleen Thomas10/12/034.63HOT

Gas Mask

 — Two women explore their fetish. by Halcyon_Flux11/12/144.20


 — She meets with a gorgeous gaselle-girl on the train. by Sinara04/05/134.67HOT

Gaze of Athena

 — My time with a goddess. by generic_name_is_generic12/14/114.25

Geek Sex Ch. 04

 — She and Amy finally hook up. by tessawolf04/18/064.69HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 09

 — She has a surprise for Amy. by tessawolf04/25/064.68HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 10

 — Jan and Amy have fun at the salon. by tessawolf04/26/064.77HOT

Geisha Training Ch. 01

 — Nikki begins her female-only geisha training. by velvetpie06/28/044.35

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