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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — A curiosity is satisfied. by BiMelAnnee01/04/074.31

Suzanne Submits

 — A mother and daughter are dominated by black women. by LustyLee7706/21/054.43

Suzanne Submits Ch. 02

 — Suzanne finds love. by LustyLee7709/21/054.35


 — My first time with Suzie. by ianarm12/24/083.27

Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 03

 — Two hot moms get it on at PTA conference. by slitlicker6902/24/124.49


 — Jessica meets intriguing woman at Camden Market. by Liv Blake10/13/004.52HOT

Suzy Comes of Age

 — Suzy's submissive longings are awoken by two older women. by SuzyS03/13/174.22

Suzy Loves Nicky....

 — She has a nasty way of showing it. by steve w07/01/034.47

Suzy's Night in the Slammer

 — Errant teenager spends a wild evening in jail. by Dumpington08/04/014.11

Suzy: Lesbian's Captive

 — Dyke has her way with Suzy. by DollarBill10/03/014.18

Swan's Way Ch. 04

 — Seduced by teacher, or vice versa? by clayboy11/01/043.90


 — Kris surprises you on the way back from the gym. by zoemiller07/20/154.40

Sweat Soaked Shorts

 — A Latina stumbles into lesbian erotica. by woodcotton10/05/124.00

Sweaty Boobies

 — Revenge against an evil flirt. by Saxon Stonedyke08/21/123.81

Sweet Angel

 — She left to be with the woman she loved. by man_sanas46908/21/114.63HOT

Sweet Confessions

 — She recounts her lesbian fantasy turned reality. by ChaseQ08/05/054.33

Sweet Country Lover

 — Night of dancing changed her life forever. by M J Lindsay04/11/044.40

Sweet Cunt

 — A slave can't quite help the slave she fancies to climax. by rachelg03/24/073.92

Sweet Danielle

 — Her (but not last) first time with another woman. by babe1904/13/034.37

Sweet Day Dream

 — Lust found between 18-year-old schoolgirls. by Sexual_D10/08/05

Sweet Dreams

 — A disturbing dream inspires erotic play. by DaphneX08/10/014.51HOT

Sweet Dreams

 — Jenny's sweet friend pays her a visit. by TMorgan06/22/054.14

Sweet Dreams

 — Is it really a dream? by Trinique_Fire10/19/074.22

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

 — She is turned into a lesbian by feng shui. by JukeboxEMCSA10/09/114.21

Sweet Dreams Ch. 01

 — Nina dreams up a lesbian fantasy. by moonlight_mistress12/10/113.86

Sweet Ebony

 — White woman seduces voluptuous Ebony neighbor. by Javagirl08/05/044.27

Sweet Ebony Ch. 02

 — Tawny & sexy neighbor continue their wicked fun. by Javagirl11/26/044.10

Sweet Exploration

 — Kate takes Sara to the edge. by matriarch07/13/034.48

Sweet Gwendoline Ch. 11

 — Julie gets an expert education in cunnilingus. by Schlank06/21/174.62HOT

Sweet Hot Fuck Part 1

 — The Sweetest Little Pussies At Play by Aspen_Rein07/03/144.32

Sweet In-Law Gushes

 — Mom-in-law has déjà vu & more with her daughter-in law. by cafealamabel01/15/044.29

Sweet In-Law Gushes Ch. 02

 — Hazel shares her lactating daughter-in-law. by cafealamabel06/16/044.39

Sweet Is The Night

 — Bi-curious girl allows herself to be picked up. by smallncute05/24/024.61HOT

Sweet Is The Night Ch. 02

 — The agonising awakening, the turmoil. by smallncute08/10/054.69HOT

Sweet Italian

 — Lonely girl finds new love. by WillowMegan07/26/064.07

Sweet Melody

 — Jessica gives her lover a backseat treat. by AlessaChambers05/27/084.14

Sweet Natasha

 — Natasha finds love she had dreamed of in college. by Baby_Edna10/17/054.45

Sweet Natasha Ch. 02

 — Natasha gets a taste of her dreams & fantasies. by Baby_Edna10/28/054.67HOT

Sweet Natasha Ch. 03

 — Natasha gets taste of her two roommates the same day. by Baby_Edna12/02/054.62HOT

Sweet Neighbor Jane

 — When sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds. by J_Melquiades01/31/183.97

Sweet Punishment for my boss

 — Young worker has ways to be her female boss´s boss by pussylove6901/17/034.17

Sweet Revenge

 — Revenge on a cheater with another woman. by wildcountrygrl0512/26/074.03

Sweet Revenge

 — Lesbian has her way with her straight roommate. by Tiffany811/16/102.97

Sweet Revenge

 — Two friends enjoy each other after Sheri breaks up with bf. by NaomyJ05/17/163.41

Sweet Seduction

 — He brings girlfriend to a strip club, & regrets it. by candi_dancer03/21/014.49

Sweet Seduction

 — A fantasy comes true for a former student and professor. by Cat7810/15/154.43

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 02

 — The story of lifelong friends finding young love continues. by plat3907/07/104.38

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 03

 — The Story of life long friends finding young love continues. by plat3907/09/104.47

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 04

 — The Story of life long friends finding young love continues. by plat3907/15/104.62HOT

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 05

 — The Story of life long friends finding young love continues. by plat3908/05/104.51HOT

Sweet Surprise

 — Masseuse surprises client with new toys. by Talentedeyes0104/09/143.84

Sweet Surrender

 — Entire day of torment ends in utter bliss. by Her_toy02/27/044.55HOT

Sweet Taste

 — A new friend makes for new adventures. by IronKitten01/20/034.41

Sweet Texas Ch. 01

 — Relighting the fire for another woman on the texas plains. by Ncallfetish07/14/114.39

Sweet Women: Claire

 — Memories of loves. by SophiaY11/24/054.53HOT

Sweet Women: Marsh

 — Auctioning a heart. by SophiaY05/08/064.72HOT

Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 01

 — BethAnne finds a new friend. by Cre8tiveBliss12/27/034.59HOT

Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 02

 — She enters danger zone with her new friend. by Cre8tiveBliss12/27/034.65HOT

Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 03

 — The relationship deepens. by Cre8tiveBliss12/28/034.63HOT

Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 04

 — The last chapter of Beth & Heather. by Cre8tiveBliss01/04/044.67HOT


 — Erin and Aya have their worlds collide. by Lady_Shelby02/17/094.33

Swim & Sangria

 — Teachers attend class and have recess together. by Dotrice108/14/044.46

Swim Coach and Friend Seduce Coed

 — Threesome with young coed. by Laura Smythe02/09/034.11

Swim Couch Seduces Coed With Friend

 — Lesbian threesome. by Laura Smythe02/17/034.38


 — Fat dyke finds a new life through swimming. by Crew Cut11/12/064.00

Swimming into the Deep End

 — How she discovered a new experience. by pgraham06/04/014.09

Swimming With Jada

 — I enjoy outdoor sex with a black woman in Santa Fe. by LadyFrederika06/13/124.17

Swing Choir Competition Ch. 02

 — More reminiscing leads to action in the present. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw10/15/044.57HOT

Swing Choir Competition Ch. 03

 — Therapeutic sex in the women's locker room. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw02/01/064.24

Swing Choir Competition Ch. 04

 — Old friends connect in a new way. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw08/22/064.41

Swing Club Ch. 02

 — Second part of their first swing club visit. by Geilemeid08/14/054.47

Swingville USA - A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 01

 — Divorcee moves to new town and finds very friendly people. by ShaeLeeTanner11/20/184.66HOT

Swingville USA - A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 02

 — Heather learns more about herself and Tracy. by ShaeLeeTanner11/22/184.78HOT

Swingville USA - A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 03

 — Heather learns something new about herself. by ShaeLeeTanner11/24/184.63HOT

Swingville USA - A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 04

 — Heather enjoys the company of her new friends orgasmically. by ShaeLeeTanner11/27/184.69HOT

Switch Girl Ch. 01-02

 — Switch girl introduces her friends to spankings. by BittenKitten105/24/104.33

Switching Sides

 — Two women experience each other for the first time. by CRWestminster01/07/134.00

Sydney with a Y

 — After Eve, Katharyn is charged for lesbian sex. by tayla701/28/054.47

Sydney's Adventures Ch. 1

 — She wakes up after a sorority party with spread legs. by LunaGirls01/11/024.19

Sydney's Adventures Ch. 3

 — Roomies ditch boys and go out together. by LunaGirls02/15/024.58HOT

Sykero's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Fronting as a guy can get you into to unwanted situations... by Sykero1902/29/164.12

Sylvia and Holly

 — Sylvia returns to Portland for an erotic, same-sex massage. by PrettyPerkys09/10/104.31

Sylvia Does Sleeping Beth

 — Guy watches one babe explore passed out babe. by birch040202/14/083.70

Sylvia's Red Dress

 — Sylvia experiences another woman. by PrettyPerkys07/01/094.46

Sylvia's Switch

 — Sylvia leaves a failed marriage for her boss. by Calandria06/20/074.54HOT

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 02

 — Sylvia's life with Susana takes exciting turns. by Calandria07/19/074.42

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 03

 — Susana takes Sylvia to Mexico. by Calandria03/01/084.49

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 04

 — Sylvia returns from Mexico with her mistress & Paloma. by Calandria03/25/084.53HOT

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 05

 — Sylvia is loaned to Kathy. by Calandria04/22/084.44

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 06

 — Sylvia's spell with Kathy comes to an end. by Calandria12/25/084.62HOT

Sylvia's Switch Ch. 07

 — Sylvia's life undergoes an unexpected change. by Calandria206/14/094.59HOT

Sympathy & French

 — Contented older couple befriend exuberant youngsters. by Rainbow Skin06/25/023.90

Syn & Ava

 — Coworkers share their first lesbian encounter. by EroticSyn01/27/09

T & Tammy's Long Kiss Good-Bye

 — Breaking up is hard to do. by N2TsAss02/26/064.54HOT

T and Tammy Visit The Lady's Room

 — Why women go to the restroom together. by N2TsAss12/18/054.62HOT

T Learns To Cum

 — What cocks couldn't give, Tammy's tongue could. by N2TsAss11/24/054.63HOT

T'N'A (Tongue In Ass)

 —  A sex filled morning for Dana. by Strapping Young Lad07/27/044.46


 — Welcome home surprise. by savismith08/27/144.41

Table Manners

 — Sexy escapades in the kitchen. by stalford03/30/104.54HOT

Tacos for Two

 — These two have a dinner together that ends spicy. by ahaag11/24/154.15

Take a Little Ride

 — A surprise picnic turns into a hell of a ride! by StarsWalkBackward06/14/144.30

Take a Long Ride on My Motorbike

 — They explore the beach and each other by motorcycle. by JLinsky07/30/144.09

Take Me

 — Bi neighbour introduces her lesbian neighbour to anal sex. by Shady_Lady08/18/074.35

Take Me Anywhere

 — Woman on Woman hookup in car. by literoticarol01/22/194.20

Take Me Away...

 — You call, becoming her respite. by Iduna09/18/054.09

Take Me Julie

 — Her true love for you. by California_Yankee07/31/074.38

Take My Breath Away

 — Dreams do come true when you least expect it. by BlueMoonWriter09/22/064.23

Take My Wife?

 — I hire Christine to spy on my wife. by adambishop08/22/113.80

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