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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Birddoggin' Ch. 1

 — Father demonstrates the pleasures of persistence. by Red_Writer06/16/024.49

Birddoggin' Ch. 2

 — Persistent father begins daughter's real education. by Red_Writer06/18/024.52HOT

Birddoggin' Ch. 3

 — Summer gets her first toy. by Red_Writer06/29/024.61HOT

Birddoggin' Ch. 4

 — Summer comes home late and spends an evening with Dad. by Red_Writer07/06/024.57HOT

Birds And The Bees: Adult Version

 — What you're told when you come of age. by FriskyVirgin05/27/074.08

Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 01

 — Should you really include drinking with The Talk? by AddToWater07/04/144.67HOT

Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 02

 — What more can Daddy teach his daughter? by AddToWater08/31/144.60HOT

Birth of a Prince

 — Son is ushered into taboo sex with mom & dad. by HommeNoiR10/06/074.13

Birth of a Prince Ch. 02

 — A son is ushered into taboo sex with mom & dad by HommeNoiR07/11/094.14


 — Celebrating Son's Birthday. by Suburb10/11/184.28

Birthday Badness

 — An eighteenth birthday becomes a family affair. by shambles09/02/084.41

Birthday Bash

 — Sister and Sister in-law team up for one hot birthday party. by didababy08/31/024.49

Birthday Blues

 — An over affectionate mother - how incest really occurs. by Randy_Scribbler02/02/164.03

Birthday Blues Pt. 02: Bathtime

 — Mum's magical hands save the day. by Randy_Scribbler02/06/164.42

Birthday Boy

 — He gets messy with Aunt, then shares her friend. by CJT02/26/014.39

Birthday Cakes and Creampies Ch. 01

 — Baby Girl turns 18 and has a lot of surprises to unwrap... by BouncyBabyGirl04/07/184.15

Birthday Cakes and Creampies Ch. 02

 — Made with 100% Forbidden Fruit. by BouncyBabyGirl04/11/184.35

Birthday Festivities

 — Son gets an unexpected upgrade. by Jester_Vee10/18/154.47

Birthday Festivities Ch. 02

 — Alex gets what's coming to him. by Jester_Vee10/31/154.59HOT

Birthday Gift

 — Sister gives her brother the gift of a lifetime. by hornet07/22/014.57HOT

Birthday Gift

 — Mom and son make a video for Dad's birthday. by RoughNTumble03/15/074.64HOT

Birthday Gift

 — Son wants a special gift on his birthday. by jack3034112/18/144.70HOT

Birthday Gift for Him Again

 — He wants one other thing. by jack3034101/08/154.29

Birthday Gift to Remember

 — Brother wakes in bed with sis after night of drunk sex. by Lost Boy10/17/114.32

Birthday Girl Gets Lucky! Twice!

 — Brother comes to rescue me on my Birthday. by cardiokween08/01/114.33

Birthday in Vegas Pt. 01

 — Girlfriends conspire to get their fathers into bed. by highclassic05/11/174.68HOT

Birthday in Vegas Pt. 02

 — The fathers are surprised by their daughters. by highclassic05/12/174.68HOT

Birthday Memories Ch. 01

 — Sisters share special birthday gifts. by never_enuff11/01/124.10

Birthday Night Out

 — Sister's birthday dinner leads to wild night out. by wldhrs10/20/024.46

Birthday Party Contest

 — Brother and sister are accidentally paired up in a sex game. by too_red10/25/123.62

Birthday Party Surprise

 — MILF and Son surprise MILF's sister on her Birthday. by darrkmysticrayvn03/05/134.11

Birthday Pleasures

 — Father and daughter share a sexy lunch. by PetronellaV07/16/053.98

Birthday Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Nella gives her father a special day. by PetronellaV07/26/054.39

Birthday Pleasures Ch. 03

 — A bliss-filled 18th birthday. by PetronellaV08/25/054.46

Birthday Present

 — Ted & his aunt give each other a special present. by shinigami05/20/014.21

Birthday Present

 — She gives stepbrother a present he won't soon forget. by Scarlett Minx11/11/014.47

Birthday Present

 — A sensuous birthday present from Mom and Dad. by Sowmya04/01/074.46

Birthday Present

 — Mom joins son and girlfriend. by pheonixstar8212/15/094.41

Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Birthday party with Mom & Dad. by Sowmya04/20/074.46

Birthday Present For My Sister Ch. 01

 — She wanted me to spend a week with her on Fire Island. by leBonhomme07/15/134.27

Birthday Present For My Sister Ch. 02

 — A week doing everything older sister had told her about sex. by leBonhomme07/19/134.59HOT

Birthday Present For My Sister Ch. 03

 — Veiled emotions as siblings continue their incestuous week. by leBonhomme07/24/134.62HOT

Birthday Present From Daddy

 — He ties up daughter for her 18th. by stardust03/31/014.29

Birthday Present Initiation

 — A girl is initiated into a family tradition. by CMK87718108/16/184.66HOT

Birthday Replacement

 — Lisa takes mommy's place on daddy's birthday. by imaginitiv109/23/014.57HOT

Birthday Spankings

 — Daddy-daughter birthday spankings get a little out of control. by bluedavid08/15/184.30

Birthday Stripper

 — Daddy gets his daughter to strip for her uncle. by honeydew07/19/013.62

Birthday Suit Rituals

 — The eighteenth birthday ritual is shocking. by aznaked10/28/114.07

Birthday Surprise

 — Niece gives uncle a memorable present. by BillyBobJoeEd08/02/034.60HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — Gave her the gift the keeps giving. by blitzz0507/14/074.13

Birthday Surprise

 — Shared birthday leads to shared wives. by nightstalker196010/28/124.39

Birthday Surprise

 — Angelica gets more than she asks for... by 2sweet2surrender2u11/21/163.92

Birthday Surprise for Daddy's Slut

 — She gets a surprise from Daddy when she turns 18. by littleginger02/20/053.84

Birthday Surprise For Mom

 — Mother gets more than she expected. by smut_princess11/13/024.14

Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime

 — A "daddy" licks, smells and tastes his daughter's oily ass. by ntomaszewski05/11/123.30

Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime Ch. 02

 — A "Daddy" continues with ass play before sex. by ntomaszewski05/25/123.45

Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime Ch. 03

 — A daughter takes her time sucking and vomiting. by ntomaszewski06/03/123.74

Birthday Surprises

 — The gifts just keep on coming. by momshairsuit08/10/133.98

Birthday Treat

 — A visit to HK. by shygeek09/18/184.64HOT

Birthday Treat Ch. 01

 — Holiday treat for sis's 18th birthday. by DavBoo08/18/104.17

Birthday Treats

 — He's given special birthday presents from his whole family. by daddyslittlebitch05/24/113.95

Birthday Treats Ch. 02

 — A party means more special treats from more family. by daddyslittlebitch01/08/124.52HOT

Birthday Trip Ch. 01

 — A boat ride to an island, with Mom on my lap. by _a_friend_09/01/124.50HOT

Birthday Trip Ch. 02

 — Mom and me continue our private vacation behind Dad's back. by _a_friend_09/28/124.63HOT

Birthday Trip Ch. 03

 — New places. New opportunities... when Dad's not around. by _a_friend_01/16/134.65HOT

Birthday Trip Ch. 04

 — The vacation is coming to an end. by _a_friend_01/28/134.69HOT

Birthday Weekend

 — A weekend that I'll never forget. by TheAlpha8904/14/183.86

Birthday Wish

 — Daughter loses her virginity to her father. by Kylestyle02/23/173.97

Birthday with Bro Ch. 01

 — Sis enjoys her birthday. by yourxfantasy08/02/114.02

Bisexual Fuck Buddies Ch. 01

 — Erik fucks his friend with a little help from his sister. by Dennis_Kiros02/23/074.42

Bisexual Fuck Buddies Ch. 02

 — Hot threesome with Frank's mom. by Dennis_Kiros03/21/074.51HOT

Bisexual Sheela with Her Lovers

 — Sheela Aunty fucked by my friend Mahesh. by kennyindel11/10/064.28

Bitch in Law

 — What he ends up getting his bitchy Mother in Law to do. by geek_writer10/11/074.41

Bitch in Law Ch. 04

 — Dick and his Mother In Law at it again. by geek_writer06/17/174.60HOT

Bitch Mom to Incest Pain Slut

 — A bitch mom is transformed into a submissive pain slut. by GTO_Racer10/19/184.47

Bitch's World Ch. 01

 — Frank gets a petgirl home. What will his old whore do now? by dominasolo05/21/163.90

Bitch's World Ch. 02

 — Frank has fun with Redhead and decides to humiliate Dolly. by dominasolo05/26/163.77

Bitch's World Ch. 03

 — Redhead is all dressed up and ready to be taken for a ride. by dominasolo09/06/163.89

Bitchy Aunt Gets Fucked

 — Nephew takes control of Aunt Betty. by SM40206/21/013.74

Bittersweet Ch. 01

 — What a problem, cousins aren't suppose to fall in love. by Eternal_Midnight09/10/084.28

Bittersweet Ch. 02

 — A continuation. by Eternal_Midnight03/22/094.27


 — Son becomes a part of mom's wild fantasies. by Mikelh12/27/014.23

BJ Therapy

 — A BJ a day keeps the doctor away. by Randy_Scribbler10/14/174.09

Black & White & Red All Over

 — Faces in mirror are closer than they appear. by Hypoxia06/12/144.63HOT

Black & White & Red All Over Ch. 02

 — Who the fuck are we? We are family. by Hypoxia08/13/144.50HOT

Black and White Ch. 01

 — Unexpected encounter with two sisters. by LenNeal02/10/123.56

Black and White Ch. 02

 — Unexpected encounter with two sisters, part two. by LenNeal02/11/123.67

Black and White Ch. 03

 — Unexpected encounter with two sisters, part three. by LenNeal02/12/124.18

Black and White Ch. 04

 — Unexpected encounter with two sisters, part four by LenNeal02/13/124.40

Black and White Ch. 05

 — Unexpected encounter with two sisters, part five. by LenNeal02/14/124.31

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew

 — Nephew sucks Auntie's nipples to orgasm. by fidofashion10/20/084.31

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 02

 — Dinner for three is a shock for Nephew by fidofashion10/28/084.47

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 03

 — Quick blow job gets nephew's attention. by fidofashion01/19/094.27

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 04

 — He enjoys Auntie fingering his bottom. by fidofashion01/25/094.42

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 05

 — Nephew finds photos of family's sexual secrets. by fidofashion02/11/094.17

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 06

 — Nephew introduces self to Uncle. by fidofashion02/13/094.02

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 07

 — Auntie watches Uncle give him a blow jon. by fidofashion03/09/094.22

Black Bikini

 — Sister drives brother crazy with hot bikini. by _06/13/024.30

Black Boots

 — His sister's new look proves too much to resist. by EmeliaBell02/02/074.46

Black Celebration

 — Cam celebrates his college graduation with mom. by Psahro02/14/174.09

Black Friday at the Border Crossing

 — Cousins Brenda and Cathy begin to experience a black man. by Connie_Ann12/08/143.63

Black Incest Stories Ch. 01

 — Father and son fuck real good. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/24/064.06

Black Incest Stories Ch. 02

 — Family togetherness. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/26/064.15

Black Incest Stories Ch. 03

 — Black sisters find lesbian love. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/27/064.05

Black Incest Stories Ch. 04

 — Unk, Niece, & Nephew have a nasty bi threesome. by bi_nympho_scorpio05/02/094.15

Black Magick Ch. 01

 — Nick's sister has a new personality. by Lady Malachite06/05/064.54HOT

Black Magick Ch. 02

 — Nick's noctural adventures. by Lady Malachite06/15/064.49

Black Magick Ch. 03

 — The plot thickens. by Lady Malachite06/20/064.55HOT

Black Magick Ch. 04

 — Crime and punishment. by Lady Malachite07/02/064.62HOT

Black Magick Ch. 05

 — Ritual sex. by Lady Malachite07/10/064.47

Black Magick Ch. 06

 — Nick gets some. by Lady Malachite07/20/064.58HOT

Black Magick Ch. 07

 — The birds and the bees. by Lady Malachite08/03/064.66HOT

Black Magick Ch. 08

 — Raising the dead. by Lady Malachite08/27/064.60HOT

Black Magick Ch. 09

 — Mysterious visitor from the other side: Victoria appears! by Lady Malachite09/08/064.57HOT

Black Magick Ch. 10

 — A little nighttime naughtiness. by Lady Malachite09/21/064.65HOT

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