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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Full of Surprises

 — Laura's son Josh is just full of surprises. by GeorgieH07/18/094.56HOT

Full Service

 — Mother and daughter get tuned up by Ameaner03/05/154.69HOT

Fumbling in the Dark

 — Mom and son finding their way in the dark in their new home. by blackstroker09/05/184.15

Fun & Games Ch. 3

 — Dad catches her in bed with Thomas. by ShySky10/09/003.63

Fun by the Pool

 — I find a surprise visitor as I take a late evening swim. by Cousin-Barb09/06/084.39

Fun for All The Family

 — A young couple break down at the wrong place. by Fantasymaster11/07/083.70

Fun for All the Family Ch. 01

 — Jenna gets a treat from her dad & grand-dad. by Toolboy512/05/074.23

Fun for All the Family Ch. 02

 — The family orgy gathers pace. by Toolboy512/06/074.33

Fun for All the Family Ch. 03

 — Julie and Jenna have a surprise for David. by Toolboy512/20/074.40

Fun for All the Family Ch. 04

 — Everyone is present at the full family gangbang. by Toolboy512/25/074.34

Fun for All the Family Ch. 05

 — David, Mark and Paul fuck the ladies as Jack watches. by Toolboy501/02/084.43

Fun Fun

 — Fun with the sister. by tim500004/14/033.74

Fun in Her Room with My Sister-in-Law

 — She finishes what she started. by trianglestitch11/27/114.17

Fun in the Bath House Ch. 02

 — Andy and Mark surprise me in the morning. by bisex50803/26/174.33

Fun in the Car with Sister-in-Law

 — Making a move on my sister-in-law. by trianglestitch11/16/114.12

Fun in the Sun

 — Boy visits bisexual sister. by J.G.10/09/003.98

Fun on Rooftop

 — Siblings find each other. by Priapus12/08/054.25

Fun on the Allotment Ch. 01

 — Jasmin and Carl's outdoor fun!! by Loobyloo205/15/184.25

Fun on the Allotment Ch. 02

 — The sheds the place to be! by Loobyloo206/28/184.08

Fun on Uncle's Lap

 — Voluptuous niece finds more than comfort on uncle's lap. by blou8309/19/054.07

Fun Size Ch. 01

 — Sis is a little person. My sexual bucket list got an upgrade. by kurrginatorX01/10/184.25

Fun Size Ch. 02

 — Carlos and Lita: The Next Day. by kurrginatorX01/18/184.49

Fun Size Ch. 03: Fun in 3-D

 — Mom Catches Lita & Carlos. What's the Worst that can Happen? by kurrginatorX01/24/184.55HOT

Fun Size Ch. 04: Back for More

 — Carlos Commits The Ultimate Taboo. by kurrginatorX01/26/184.53HOT

Fun Size Ch. 05: Finale

 — The Shit Hits The Fan, Folks. by kurrginatorX01/27/184.48

Fun Time at Strip Club

 — College girls had fun with men at strip nightclub. by efactors1212/01/123.34

Fun Time at Strip Club Ch. 02

 — Pain and pleasure, sister found brother a better man. by efactors1202/06/133.66

Fun Times at the Lake House Ch. 01

 — Sister's friend likes to watch younger brother masturbate. by partmyk03/02/174.46

Fun Times at the Lake House Ch. 02

 — After seeing Andy masturbate, Caitlyn repays the favor by partmyk03/20/174.68HOT

Fun Times at the Lake House Ch. 04

 — Caitlyn and Andy get each other off next to Casey. by partmyk04/09/174.73HOT

Fun Times at the Lake House Ch. 06

 — Andy and Casey spend their last night on the beach. by partmyk06/01/174.75HOT

Fun With A New Toy

 — She and her girlfriend play with step-brother. by Jay62601/24/054.05

Fun with Aunt Sally

 — He enjoys some masturbation fun. by Frank200208/16/024.00

Fun With Aunt Sally Ch. 2

 — She teaches him a new trick. by Frank200208/19/024.32

Fun With Aunt Sally Ch. 3

 — He & aunt share bathroom fun. by Frank200208/21/024.19

Fun With Aunt Sally Ch4

 — A friend joins the fun. by Frank200208/27/024.26

Fun with Cousin Beth Ch. 1

 — Girl cousins play with toys together. by Arial56610/09/003.97

Fun With Cousin Beth Ch. 2

 — Brother Matt joins in the fun. by Arial56610/09/003.98

Fun With Cousin Beth Ch. 3

 — Dad finds daughter's toys. by Arial56610/09/004.14

Fun with Dad and Big Brother

 — She learns the joys of family fun. by sexygirl7606/14/084.39

Fun with Daddy

 — First Grandpa, now Daddy. by sexygirl7606/08/084.33

Fun with Mom

 — Mother and daughter share lovers. by No Panty Girl03/10/064.29

Fun With Mom at the Local Pool

 — Son and Mom have a fun day at the local pool. by brad333301/27/033.93

Fun with Mother Ch. 01

 — Mother is mentally challenged, and a burden is passed on. by akilfinch05/08/153.67

Fun With My Aunt

 — Nephew finally gets beyond Aunt fantasies. by jmorgan04/21/044.38

Fun with My Cousin Terry

 — My cousin Terry visits and gets drunk. by Funandgames5555503/15/184.28

Fun With My Daughter-In-Law

 — My son called me to check on his sexy wife, Manisha. by krishnakant06/23/133.79

Fun with My Family

 — Father relates how family became more loving. by LucOuarm12/04/024.51HOT

Fun with my Son

 — A Mom takes advantage of her helpless son. by CavyConsultant03/09/174.10

Fun with Nona

 — A visit to his grandmother change's Will's life. by kamalw105/22/154.42

Fun with Rachel

 — Step-Daughter makes his fantasy come true by Will_King7606/12/074.26

Fun with Sara Pt. 03

 — After some time away, it's Mom's turn for some fun! by Story198603/17/154.55HOT

Fun with Sis

 — Sister finds what her brother has left. by upseeker07/31/073.83

Fun with Sister

 — An Indian brother-sister sex story. by saagar_manthan12/17/084.28

Fun with Sister in the Car

 — Little sis needs to pee. by prince myshkin04/11/054.09

Fun with Sister in the Car Ch. 02

 — Jack plays tricks to see his sister naked. by prince myshkin05/13/054.20

Fun with Step Dad

 — Jennifer has fun with her stepdad, them mom joins in! by jessijessi3408/24/024.42

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 01

 — Father & best friend find daughter helpless in bath. by daveball50005/31/074.20

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 03

 — Bill tells David about Julie's fear of thunder. by daveball50006/20/074.36

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 04

 — David and Bill spy on their daughters. by daveball50007/03/074.51HOT

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 05

 — The girls get messy in the kitchen. by daveball50007/15/074.42

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 06

 — David gets more than he expected. by daveball50007/22/074.46

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 07

 — A thunderstorm brings everyone together at last. by daveball50008/03/074.67HOT

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 08

 — The girls find David in the bath this time. by daveball50008/04/074.62HOT

Fun With The Orells

 — A fun-filled family sex romp with the Orells. by wankRus07/29/074.26

Fun With The Orells Ch. 02

 — Where's the Beef? by wankRus12/20/074.29

Fun With The Orells Ch. 03

 — Brian's family arrives. by wankRus12/21/074.06

Fun With The Orells Ch. 04

 — Enter Miss Freezel. by wankRus12/26/074.13

Fun With The Orells Ch. 05-06

 — The fun-filled family sex romp continues. by wankRus01/23/144.55HOT

Fun With The Orells Ch. 07

 — Jeanine and Freezel make an announcement. by wankRus02/04/144.68HOT

Fun With The Orells Ch. 08-09

 — The closing festivities. by wankRus02/07/144.42

Fun with Two Sisters

 — I exercised my mouth, cock, and some dildos. by JANAMARIE01/21/114.21

Functionally Dysfunctional

 — Follow-up to "The Fall of the House of Morgan". by trigudis06/02/174.02

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Emma fantasizes about & teases her dad. by Aries03/05/014.34

Funky, Freaky, Cyber Role Play

 — Colonial widower confronts daughter about sex with slave. by Viva Dharma11/22/022.94

Fur and Mom

 — Mom and her son share in a furry embrace. by FurLove09/08/054.45

Fur Mom The Seductress

 — Mom helps son with girls. by FurLove09/13/054.47

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 02

 — Thomas & Phillip re-unite and reminisce about Mary. by christinamonroe10/22/054.27

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 03

 — Thomas and Phillip in the woods. by christinamonroe10/23/054.10

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 06

 — Mary submits to sisterly love. by christinamonroe11/09/054.59HOT

Further Negotiations

 — Janet tightens up her leash by jeb2202/26/034.19

Fury of the Storm

 — Brother protects sister from storm but she wants more. by tomharrison5205/13/104.26

Fury of the Storm Ch. 02

 — Brother protects sister from storm, but she wants more. by tomharrison5207/22/104.47

Futa 'Bout the Family

 — The Fyuda family comes together. Yes. by HeroFizzer01/02/184.20

Futa Ghosts Ch. 03

 — Warei reveals her plan to Carla. by FutaMonster03/21/174.69HOT

Futa Ghosts Ch. 04

 — More Futanari are made and celebrate in style. by FutaMonster04/08/174.60HOT

Futa Ghosts Ch. 08

 — Warei escapes from Hell. by FutaMonster06/29/174.61HOT

Futa Ghosts Ch. 09

 — The net closes in on Carla and her family. by FutaMonster07/08/174.48

Futanari - Little sister

 — Scientist confronts his feelings... as well as magic. by MrIllusion08/01/174.60HOT

Future Family Incest

 — What they want to do to their children in the future. by Baloden08/09/022.97

Future Mother-In-Law

 — He never expected this come-on. by standingstones06/23/174.35

Future Shock

 — 18-year-old boy seduces his mother with science by TryAnything01/18/034.74HOT

Fuzzy Memories

 — Siblings have too much to drink. by one_shot_under05/29/023.99

G-lori-a! My Mother-In-Law! Ch. 01

 — Mother-in-law gets surprised in bathroom and takes action. by SpongeBob201011/02/164.52HOT

G-lori-a! My Mother-In-Law! Ch. 02

 — Mother-in-law and I get interrupted. by SpongeBob201011/19/164.58HOT

Gabbing With Daddy

 — Anonymous IM sex with dad leads to real thing. by hotpup10/28/044.45

Gabbing With Daddy Ch. 02

 — Baby Girl and Daddy enjoy each other. by hotpup02/02/054.48


 — When she's desperate for a child, her daddy looks after her. by RavavaFaezira01/10/184.34

Gabby and Alan

 — The love of a lifetime. by Jena12107/08/084.14

Gabby's Tale

 — Doting daughter is turned into pain-loving cumslut. by Pornprincesst08/27/054.48

Gabby's Tale Ch. 02

 — Gabby's further descent into decadence. by Pornprincesst09/05/054.44

Gabby's Tale Ch. 03

 — Gabby gets pimped. by Pornprincesst01/19/074.27

Gabby's Tale Ch. 04

 — Steven & Gabby are back - with friends. by Pornprincesst08/09/074.45

Gabe and Nat

 — A young woman seduces her father. by MawrGorshin04/21/134.20

Gabriella's Daddy

 — Dark haired virgin seduces her panty loving poppa. by scouries11/14/064.66HOT


 — Her best friend has a naughty secret. by taboosanddarkdesires11/04/154.57HOT

Gaby's Return From College Ch. 01

 — Gaby comes home from college to a big surprise! by jonius12/29/113.13


 — Second sister wants some of what the other one is getting. by thehierophant01/19/034.50HOT

Gail and John, a Mother and Her Son

 — A true story about a loving mother and her wonderful son. by SweetPeril08/12/094.37

Gail Learns a Hard Lesson

 — Gail's father catches her stealing from her mother's purse... by MALIBUMAN66606/27/184.14

Gail Pt. 01

 — Wife leaves, daughter and dad find love in each others arms. by R410a10/19/184.50HOTNEW

Gail's Coming Out

 — TS daughter learns from mom. by mityam12/07/044.58HOT

Gale's Sexual Enlightenment Ch. 02

 — Frustrated wife gets granny's advice. by gratis06/04/034.64HOT

Gambler's Debt Ch. 00

 — Prologue: how Nicole and her father were reunited. by sihaya12/04/10

Gambler's Luck

 — Brother and sister find each other in the "action suite". by PapaOoMowMow06/16/134.13

Gambling My Daughter Ch. 1-2

 — 19-year-old daughter gets inthe mix. by sugardaddy04/23/023.63

Gambling My Daughter Ch. 3-4

 — She gets to play again. by sugardaddy04/30/024.00

Game Night

 — A family has fun playing games. by KY ridgerunner11/17/044.56HOT

Game Night Pt. 01

 — He put them first every day, now they're returning the favor. by BenevolentDCC06/01/164.80HOT

Game Night Pt. 02

 — The second game commences, clothes continue to drop. by BenevolentDCC06/07/164.83HOT

Game Night Pt. 03

 — The third game and someone deflowered. by BenevolentDCC06/19/164.81HOT

Game Night Pt. 04

 — Virgin no more. by BenevolentDCC08/30/164.80HOT

Game Night Pt. 05

 — Some learn to share, others to love. by BenevolentDCC12/30/164.81HOT

Game Night Pt. 06

 — The night continues with another special game. by BenevolentDCC05/25/174.84HOT

Game Night Pt. 07

 — Samantha in cat ears and a tail. Katerina watching. by BenevolentDCC01/03/184.83HOT

Gamer Mom

 — A mother & son become closer through roleplay games! by Ahabscribe10/08/124.62HOT

Games Ch. 01-03

 — A husband learns how "realtive" happiness can truly be. by MDF25107/16/074.05

Games Ch. 04-06

 — Adam is forced to relive more of his past. by MDF25107/18/074.58HOT

Games Ch. 07-08

 — A meeting and party start Adam's life anew. by MDF25107/19/074.54HOT

Games Lead to Discovery

 — Mild play turns into something else. by LustandBliss12/28/093.99

Games of Deceit

 — My Brother's Family by fgmntfmgnshn09/25/134.19

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