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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Working Off His Debt

 — His bookie has a creative solution for his debt repayment. by DeepInYa03/02/083.75

Working Off His Debt Ch. 02

 — A day in the life. by DeepInYa03/09/084.04

Working Out the Kinks

 — Bi coed gets in shape with help from dad. by kellie_green_eyes05/12/094.30

Working Out the Kinks Ch. 02

 — Kellie wants to add a man to her life. by kellie_green_eyes06/15/094.57HOT

Working Out the Kinks Ch. 03

 — Wherein they go further. by kellie_green_eyes06/29/094.53HOT

Working Out the Kinks Ch. 04

 — Only the bold deserve the fair. by kellie_green_eyes03/01/104.61HOT

Working Out the Kinks Ch. 05

 — The semester starts again but - where to find the time? by kellie_green_eyes03/02/104.51HOT

Working Out with Mom

 — Lactating mother needs help from her son. by HeyAll08/05/174.61HOT

Working Out With My Stepmom

 — Hot MILF with yoga pants fucks her Stepson at the gym. by Mynameissteven09/21/154.02

Working Stiff

 — Mama's little sister loves cock. by 12Pooky1205/29/134.35

Working Together

 — Three deaths bring siblings together. by HunterShambles05/01/144.66HOT

Working Together Ch. 02

 — Return to the fold. by HunterShambles05/09/144.54HOT

Working Together Ch. 03

 — The conclusion. by HunterShambles11/14/144.66HOT

Working Towards Fred

 — Family Love. by Suburb04/19/184.36

Working Under the Neighbor

 — A married couple get a new neighbor, and the wife gets a job. by Norm_dePlume12/15/163.71

Working with Mom

 — Son discovers working with Mom might have benefits! by Ahabscribe08/12/114.55HOT

World of Adultery,Incest,Thrill

 — Hottest Story based on Adultery,Incest and Thrill by RajeshSarhadi12/22/142.49

World of Warcraft Addicted Siblings

 — Power leveling my sister's character earns me a bonus. by Cookmagee05/27/114.00

World of Warcraft Addicted Siblings Ch. 02

 — I scored my sister her dragon, then scored my sister. by Cookmagee05/30/114.31

World's Best Fishing Spot

 — He enjoys a summer storm. by trappedinside08/27/134.23

World's Greatest Mom

 — Colin's mother gets naughty when her friend visits them. by epiphany6506/19/084.68HOT

Worshiping Amy

 — Graham and his wife Ashley adore her sister. by BrettJ06/10/074.19

Worth Getting Up For

 — Two gorgeous sisters, one special morning. by housewares07/23/183.97

Worth It

 — Connor falls in love with his sister over the holidays. by Mused11/20/054.63HOT

Worth It Still

 — Connor and Rebecca come home for Christmas. by Mused12/04/054.67HOT

Worth Waiting For

 — She lost her virginity to overprotective brothers. by MzDeviancy12/12/054.67HOT


 — BDSM apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family. by cuck2serveU08/18/174.13

Would She Go For It?

 — Brother wonders if his slutty sister will let him fuck her. by TromeoQue03/19/114.06

Would You Believe...?

 — Some people just lead very unusual lives. by JDecker01/10/173.25

Would You Masturbate Me Please Mum?

 — A mature incest story - mainly fictional! by suelover198309/08/154.46


 — Mom and Son. by Suburb04/08/184.32

Wrapped in a Bow

 — Jerry's sister gives him a gift. by JosephBarnosky02/02/123.67

Wrasslin' Sis

 — He wants in his hot sister's panties. by satyr_13200306/05/054.55HOT

Wrestling Match

 — Wrestling match between brother and sister turns into more. by jackie_em06/13/164.27

Wrestling Mom

 — Son's plan to wrestle Mom. by kidrock06/03/094.17

Wrestling My Sister's Friend

 — A high school senior teaches his sister's friends the moves. by SparkleKitty09/24/154.35

Wrestling with Incest

 — A brother-sister love story. by chunks07/28/154.70HOT

Wrestling with Mom

 — Son is obsessed with mother after erotic wrestling. by thehumpman12/23/064.19

Wrestling with Mom Ch. 02

 — Son wins bet, gets mom for the weekend. by thehumpman12/29/064.23

Wrestling with My Sister's Friend Ch. 02

 — Mike's sister catches him with her friend and feels left out. by reader23011/21/094.35

Wrestling with My Sister's Friend Ch. 03

 — Mike's sister has a surprise for him. by reader23011/26/094.39

Writing a Story for Literotica

 — Daughter and dad get carried away while co-writing a story. by Giveandgetoral03/25/114.47

Wrong Number

 — When a sexy selfie is sent to a wrong number, rivals meet. by Rivals_Rapture04/18/174.52HOT

Wrong Number Ch. 02

 — This time, the caller isn't so nice. by Phoenix Arrow10/26/034.32

Wrong Number Ch. 03

 — Jessica finally "meets" mother's new friend. by Phoenix Arrow11/28/034.49

Wrong Number Ch. 04

 — All good things... by Phoenix Arrow04/12/044.26

Wrong Picture Ch. 01

 — It all started with mom's letter to son at college. by jt12308/18/084.53HOT

Wrong Picture Ch. 02

 — Mom fully commits to affair with her son. by jt12308/19/084.63HOT

Wrong Picture Ch. 03

 — Mom and son finish vacation. by jt12308/20/084.44

Wrong Room

 — Drunken mom makes a huge mistake. by TheStinger01/04/084.53HOT

Wrong Room

 — Bookworm little sister takes advantage of drunk brother. by gene_ericson08/16/154.53HOT

Wrong Room Ch. 02

 — Las Vegas Vacation continues. by TheStinger05/28/084.67HOT

Wrong Room Ch. 03

 — The conclusion. by TheStinger06/11/084.65HOT

Wrong Sister, Right Time

 — Drunken sex is not a great idea...unless... by shavedkitty2305/15/124.31

Wrong Text

 — Wrong Text Series: First Story. by MyKinkRocks08/06/144.48

Wrong Woman?

 — She's tied and blindfolded, but is she who he thinks? by literotica_writer01/03/174.54HOT


 — Teacher gives his schoolgirl sister extra lessons. by SEAWATER106/25/144.70HOT

Wrong! Ch. 02

 — More adventures of married teacher and his teenage sister. by SEAWATER112/07/144.67HOT

Wyoming Ch. 01

 — Wyoming sets her sights on Daddy. by zoedog08/15/184.16

Wyoming Ch. 02

 — Wyoming gets some ass fucking. by zoedog08/17/184.25

Wyoming Ch. 03

 — Wyoming has a revelation or two. by zoedog08/21/184.37

Wyoming Ch. 04

 — Dakota gets chaste. by zoedog08/22/184.22

Wyoming Ch. 05

 — Wyoming gets locked up. by zoedog08/28/184.21

Wyoming Ch. 06

 — Wyoming gets Daddy in the swimming pool! by zoedog09/23/184.35

Wyoming Ch. 07

 — Daddy finally gets his rocks off! by zoedog10/16/184.23

X- Streams

 — Wet, incestuous lesbian. by Perfideous06/02/134.31

X-Mas Addiction Cure

 — Max tries to make amends with his aunt and claim his reward. by True_Motherfucker02/27/184.70HOT

X-Mas at Terry's

 — Grown-up brother fulfills sister fantasy. by Southrngntlmn11/19/003.92

X-mas Blowjob

 — I give my father-in-law a Christmas surprise. by suckdadscock12/02/153.92

X-Rated Xmas

 — Holiday magic brings a family closer together. by Seanathon11/12/134.68HOT


 — Where good little whores come from. by bassbelly07/27/083.90


 — Vodka leads to fun after grad party. by Irishman1611/08/063.97

Xenia's Family

 — Phillip gets mom and sister forever. by hotpup11/09/044.28


 — Two sisters only let family fuck them. by JimBob4410/27/144.57HOT

Xmas Presents: Incest Edition

 — A virgin boy and some unusual presents from sis and cousins. by Xarth12/18/184.83HOT

Xmas Surprises at the Murphy's

 — A return home reveals much has changed, especially sis. by mushthecooler12/21/084.42

Yard Work

 — Mother, son, father sex by owilde185401/02/144.08

Yardwork Ch. 1

 — Bill finds the welcoming committee more than helpful. by ManofMithgar05/19/014.45

Yardwork Ch. 2

 — Bill's continued introduction to his new neighbors. by ManofMithgar05/21/014.59HOT

Yardwork Ch. 3

 — The welcome continues with more twists... by ManofMithgar05/25/014.55HOT

Yardwork Ch. 4

 — Poor Bill! (yeah right!) by ManofMithgar05/26/014.45

Yardwork Ch. 6

 — The Firetop Community & Bill continue their neighborly ways. by ManofMithgar07/29/014.67HOT

Yarkwork Ch. 5

 — What the hell happened? by ManofMithgar06/30/014.59HOT

Year of My Discovery Pt. 04

 — 18 year olds discover nudity, masturbation & each other. by tzael200309/11/184.37

Year of My Discovery Pt. 05

 — Two teens discover nudity, masturbation & each other. by tzael200309/23/183.73

Year of My Discovery Pt. 06

 — Two teens discover nudity, masturbation & each other. by tzael200309/24/183.90

Years Ago, Back in Texas

 — Nephew reminiscing over time spent with his aunt. by Von Hauffen11/24/064.61HOT

Yellow Panties

 — Her feet and panties lead him to desire Mom. by hotpup02/14/054.29

Yes Daddy (Our Great Love Affair)

 — Learning to live with this love affair. by FMG Chainsaw05/29/084.41

Yes I Am Bad

 — Son and mother become lovers and swingers. by Sable134710/28/074.19

Yes I Will

 — A daughter and father discover mutual interests. by surprisedbyus11/21/154.18

Yes Ma'am.

 — Josslyn gets turned into her son's slutty Valentine. by Alice_Rosaleen01/30/184.67HOT

Yes Mommy...

 — Penny is thrust back into her absent mother's life. by Tazz2702/18/183.76

Yes Sir No Sir

 — that's how Keith always addressed his Uncle Butch. by timmywells05/10/164.07

Yes! He Really Does Have a Big One

 — ...but how well does he use it? by Don-Donna06/09/054.01

Yes, Alex Ch. 01

 — Alex gets revenge on his dad by humilating him. by onefallenangel66601/14/143.21

Yes, Daddy

 — Couple experiments with roleplay in the bedroom. by wordmad09/19/044.28

Yes, I Wear Panties

 — A surprised sister helps him face his fetish. by PANTY_FAN01/29/084.50HOT

Yes, My Goddess Ch. 01

 — The Rehearsal Dinner: of incest and revenge. by RangerDanger08/21/064.19

Yesterday Once More

 — She loves grandpa. by bassbelly02/24/084.20

Yet Another One of Those Days

 — Jimmy gets in gran's knickers - in more ways than one. by Dreams of Desire10/16/064.61HOT

Yeti vs. Grizzly: The Hug Champ

 — A grizzly and yeti compete to see who can hug you better. by SPARTAN04704/16/174.41

Yo Momma's a Ho'!

 — His buddy's mom & girlfriend are both easy. by libidinal11/06/024.37

Yoga Sex

 — He helps his mother stretch out. by standingstones10/15/164.10

Yolanda, How She Played

 — She played the piano - She played him. by JohnL60009/03/094.09

Yonder Stands an Orphan

 — A young stud reunites with his grandmother . . . by earlbrowder07/13/114.69HOT

You Are All I See

 — He dreams of his ex-girlfriend, but it seems so real. by Xarth09/08/114.63HOT

You Are Mine

 — An Indian mother keeps her son at home. by sabuban04/22/123.68

You Can Crash Here

 — A mother and son find themselves in a sexy position. by blackstroker03/21/164.32

You Can Have Me If You Want Me

 — Suzi takes her husband's daddy. by rockandroller12/02/024.50HOT

You Can Take Me If You Want To

 — Daughter-in-law pleads with daddy. by rockandroller12/04/024.45

You Can Tell By The Eyes

 — How it all began between cousins. by WVHooch02/06/024.18

You Can't Spell MILF without M-I-L

 — Getting close with my MIL. by Greyman0107/06/184.69HOT

You Can't Spell MILF without M-I-L Ch. 02

 — The rest of the week with my M-I-L. by Greyman0107/12/184.68HOT

You Can't Spell MILF without M-I-L Ch. 03

 — Tom's final days with Janet - Part 1. by Greyman0107/17/184.73HOT

You Could Pretend

 — A young man lives with his older sister. by YorkshireDalesman04/20/164.12

You Could Pretend Ch. 02

 — My Big Sister shows me how to play games. by YorkshireDalesman05/17/164.48

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 01

 — Studly Son vs. Huge-Titted Mom. It should be easy, right? by TheTalkMan12/09/134.50HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 02

 — Tom fights back, desperate to conquer his hot mom. by TheTalkMan12/15/134.59HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 03

 — Tom has an encounter with his mother's sexy friend. by TheTalkMan12/18/134.72HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 04

 — Tom goes to college, desperate to forget about his mom. by TheTalkMan12/21/134.75HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 05

 — Tanya gets super jealous of her son’s new girlfriend. by TheTalkMan12/24/134.67HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 06

 — Tanya turns up the teasing... can Tom withstand the heat? by TheTalkMan12/27/134.70HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 07

 — Is Tom’s big-titted mom too hot to resist? by TheTalkMan12/29/134.68HOT

You Couldn't Handle Me Ch. 08

 — The sexual showdown... it's Tom vs. Mom. by TheTalkMan12/30/134.63HOT

You Don't Tell Me What to Do Anymore

 — A father is unsure of how to deal with his rebellious daughter. by FrederickMiller10/01/153.99

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

 — Protect and Serve takes on a new meaning. by garcher2709/12/074.27

You Have The Right To Remain Silent Ch. 02

 — The Lawman and his beloved. by garcher2709/18/074.48

You Have The Right To Remain Silent Ch. 03

 — The Lawman crosses the line. by garcher2710/11/074.41

You Have The Right To Remain Silent Ch. 04

 — The Lawman finds out how much Mom loves him. by garcher2711/18/074.46

You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 01

 — What must a mother do to get her son to go to Mass? by Carnevil903/16/154.19

You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 02

 — Handjobs are no longer enough to get her son to go to Mass. by Carnevil903/17/154.39

You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 03

 — Blowjobs are no longer enough to get her son to go to Mass. by Carnevil903/19/154.42

You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 04

 — Maria and Father Flanagan both have revelations. by Carnevil903/22/154.53HOT

You Knew You Would

 — Will Mom consent? by dirtyjoe6907/09/064.14

You Know I Can See You, Right?

 — Mother's struggle with technology helps them become closer. by MacSwain61208/25/124.63HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 02

 — Internet brings mom and son closer. by MacSwain61208/26/124.56HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 03

 — Mom and son continue to show all over the internet. by MacSwain61209/28/124.49

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 04

 — Mom arrives in the South of France for a visit. by MacSwain61209/29/124.63HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 05

 — Mom's visit continues. by MacSwain61210/18/124.64HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 06

 — Field trip and first hot contact. by MacSwain61212/15/124.70HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 07

 — Much more revealed and shared oral love. by MacSwain61212/15/124.74HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 08

 — Mom and I finally go al the way. by MacSwain61210/17/134.70HOT

You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 09

 — Marianne cums into the fold. by MacSwain61211/13/134.77HOT

You Know that This ain't Right Ch. 01

 — This story begins when I flew down to Las Vegas! by CallOnTyrone_1306/11/173.58

You Know that This ain't Right Ch. 02

 — There I was, standing up staring at her wrapped in her towel. by CallOnTyrone_1307/01/173.85

You Know that This ain't Right Ch. 03

 — I began sucking on her juicy full lips!! by CallOnTyrone_1307/01/173.90

You Look Good, Mom

 — Kathy invites Mom to play, too. by Frederick Carol08/25/044.47

You Motherfucker Ch. 01

 — Sam wants to watch his wife fuck his son more than anything. by xxxtentacibone10/04/184.14

You Mustn't Tell

 — Grandpa told Lisa he would be making a nocturnal visit. by MisterReason08/30/124.52HOT

You Naughty Boy Ch. 01

 — Take off your clothes. by SueBrasil01/08/134.62HOT

You Naughty Boy Ch. 02

 — "Your mouth is made for my dick...oooooh!" by SueBrasil01/09/134.38

You Never Know Ch. 01

 — Sometimes you aim for one thing and get another. by nevets1309/22/154.41

You Never Know Ch. 02

 — Trying for one thing and getting another. by nevets1309/23/154.49

You Should Learn to Relax

 — She relaxes after hard day, with Grandpa's help. by KevynSkye09/11/024.19

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!

 — Sis gets a cat call. by satyr_13200312/08/034.43

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 02

 — Jenny's brother seeks some relief. by satyr_13200301/11/044.58HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 03

 — Jenny comes down as parents sleep. by satyr_13200301/31/044.47

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 04

 — Jenny stops home in a hurry. by satyr_13200302/08/044.51HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 05

 — Jenny's Mom suspects. by satyr_13200302/16/044.55HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 06

 — Stepmom goes for a ride. by satyr_13200304/07/044.53HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 07

 — Where's Jenny? by satyr_13200306/05/044.49

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 08

 — Stepmom recovers in the morning. by satyr_13200302/20/054.65HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 10

 — Jenny gets spanking for being naughty. by satyr_13200304/03/064.65HOT


 — Sister-Brother sex. by Suburb11/06/174.09

You Won't Remember This

 — Brother's hypnosis class leads to controlling his sister. by KathysClown06/13/184.57HOT

You Won't Remember This Ch. 02

 — Can't get much better... or could it! by KathysClown07/25/184.59HOT

You Won't Remember This Ch. 03

 — Denice and Kathy become "close" friends. by KathysClown08/03/184.55HOT

You'll Go Down in History Ch. 01

 — Bioluminescence - A Memoir of My Brilliant Life. by flatliner02/03/173.63

You'll Go Down in History Ch. 02

 — Three Ring Circus. by flatliner02/04/174.19

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 01

 — Albert hypnotizes his MILF of a mother for sex. by SusanJillParker03/18/144.01

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 02

 — Albert hypnotizes his MILF of a mother for sex. by SusanJillParker03/24/144.39

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 03

 — Sister discovers Albert secret of hypnotism and is angry. by SusanJillParker03/29/144.26

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 04

 — Albert hypnotizes Emma to strip with the word Beetlejuice. by SusanJillParker04/03/144.31

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 05

 — Albert hypnotizes Emma to strip naked and give him sex. by SusanJillParker04/09/144.41

You're Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 06

 — Albert hypnotizes his mother and sister for incestuous sex. by SusanJillParker04/17/144.22

You're in My Spot

 — A squabble over seating opens a door into forbidden desires. by blaster66601/22/164.80HOT

You're My Bad Boy Now

 — Dark desires for a wounded warrior are just too tempting. by ronnie1112/05/174.14

You're My Chair

 — Sister sits in brother's lap, parents out of town. by Teneskel07/05/104.23

You're My Cousin?!

 — What happens when you learn your dream girl is your cousin? by MatthewVett08/21/124.70HOT

You're My Daddy! Ch. 01

 — Daughter tries to make her father forget her mother. by cassiegrosen06/09/073.95

You're My Sister?

 — A honeymoon surprise. by Donna1906302/24/084.44

You've Got Mail

 — The first time she met her "Daddy". by xPinkxStarsx09/11/07

You've Got to Be Kidding... Ch. 01

 — From 'harmless' blackmail, Siblings find something more. by TheKDStories09/13/144.17

You, Me & My Mom

 — I finally fuck my mom with your help. by MrFantasies02/13/154.27

You, Me and Marie

 — Newlywed gets the surprise of his life from his wife. by luvzmature04/12/114.47

You, Me and Yo Brother

 — A tale of ultimate revenge. by Lure03/07/093.79

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