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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Kitty Ch. 1

 — Living with Daddy has unexpected benefits. by Patrick09/24/004.44

Kitty Ch. 2

 — A night of clubbing proves enlightening. by Patrick09/24/004.55HOT

Kitty Does Daddy

 — Kitty picks Daddy to make her a 'real woman.' by thecarolinadreamer12/28/164.54HOT

Kitty Gets a Job

 — Kitty is hired to provide a source of funds. by thongcladtommi01/14/122.90

Kitty Keeps it in the Family

 — Father in law gives his daughter in law a gift. by Truck1310/28/154.24

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny

 — Niece takes on uncle and golfing buddies. by kitty4bi03/06/05HOT

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 02

 — Niece, uncle, & golf buddies continue. by kitty4bi03/07/05HOT

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 03

 — Niece has more fun with uncle & his golfing buddies. by kitty4bi03/09/054.38

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 04

 — Sexy Niece gets her gangbang. by kitty4bi03/10/05HOT

Kitty's Problem Ch. 01

 — Kitty has a problem, her hot older brother! by tyler199306/29/143.81

Kitty's Problem Ch. 02

 — The long night begins with a bang! by tyler199307/01/144.32

Kitty's Problem Ch. 03

 — The final chapter to this long night. by tyler199307/08/144.31

Kitty’s Tail: Umami? Ooh, Mommy!

 — Mom & son share love of food, give in to lust for each other. by Kethandra11/09/184.75HOT

Kneeling at the Altar

 — Adult son kneels and worships his father orally. by BenSest06/10/174.10

Kneeling for Daddy

 — Caught crossdressing and Daddy takes advantage and control. by Jamie_in_dresses12/01/164.24

Knick, Knack the Twinning is Back!

 — A boy plays hard to get from his twin. by GooeyBoooooy05/28/172.16

Knights in White Satin

 — Sons rescue Mum and share her bed. by Chris7sw03/07/144.45

Knock Before Entering

 — Mom barges in her son's room. Surprise! Surprise! by SpankerSam05/27/084.18

Knock Me Up Daddy!

 — Daughter hatches plan to get pregnant by Daddy. by Nanerdad10/13/184.41

Knocked Up But Not Out

 — Can a mom love her son too much? by FEELINGLUCKYPUNK08/08/154.21

Knocked Up!

 — How much can one girl take? by Tess_Stevens06/25/074.37

Knocking Down Destiny's Door Ch. 01

 — Destiny has a secret. by Stardog Champion12/07/114.30

Knocking Down Destiny's Door Ch. 02

 — Letting her son, Brennen, have his way with her... by Stardog Champion12/08/114.55HOT

Knocking Up Amy

 — She wants daughter pregnant, I'm hired as the stud. by goodnplenty12305/21/094.00

Know Thyself

 — Venus Fox wants power. by Moondrift04/11/033.96

Knowing Daddy

 — A young woman gets to know her Dad! by L.A. Wicker04/26/094.43

Knowing Mom

 — Mom discovers a lust for son she never knew she posssessed. by wordmaster06/29/064.33

Knowing Mom Ch. 02

 — Ricky & Mom continue their erotic explorations. by wordmaster07/08/064.48

Knowing Mom Ch. 03

 — Ricky and Mom continue their exploration of the erotic by wordmaster08/29/064.64HOT

Knowing Mom Ch. 04

 — Ricky and Mom continue their exploration of the erotic. by wordmaster09/07/064.59HOT

Knowing Mom Ch. 05

 — Mom & Ricky continue their journey into the erotic. by wordmaster09/22/064.57HOT

Knowing Mom Ch. 06

 — Mom and Ricky continue their journey into the erotic. by wordmaster10/05/064.51HOT

Knowing Mom Ch. 07

 — Lori and Ricky travel on into sex. by wordmaster10/17/064.58HOT

Knowing Mom Ch. 08

 — Ricky and Mom continue their erotic explorations. by wordmaster11/03/064.35

Knowing Mom Ch. 09

 — Ricky and Lori continue the adventure. by wordmaster04/20/074.24

Komal's Incest

 — What happened between my sister's husband and Indian woman. by komal_shah02/19/024.01


 — Family goes native on each other. by Ameaner02/16/114.53HOT

Krissy's Bold Plan

 — She sees her Daddy in a new light and takes action. by saucyminxy01/08/094.06

Krissy's Bold Plan Ch. 02

 — Krissy's plan begins to take shape. by saucyminxy06/24/094.43


 — There's something to be said about getting even. by Just Plain Bob06/05/044.20

Kristen and Uncle and Auntie

 — Kristen has a threesome with her uncle and auntie. by fantasyboy01/12/134.15

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 01

 — Her hot fantasies of Daddy erupt from two photos. by NonStopFunGuy07/13/094.20

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 02

 — Kristen discovers Mom is a cheating slut. by NonStopFunGuy07/14/094.28

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 03

 — Will Daddy accept her naked offer? by NonStopFunGuy07/15/094.33

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 07

 — A girlfriend takes her mind off of Daddy's cock. by NonStopFunGuy07/19/094.44

Kristen Found Him Accidentally

 — His dad did what he wouldn't. by qualitywheat09/28/124.33

Kristi's Story Ch. 01

 — Desperate wife, dire situation, drastic solution. by Judogeezer09/03/154.13

Kristi's Story Ch. 02

 — Flirting with hubby goes nowhere - but with Kevin? by Judogeezer11/21/164.49

Kristi's Story Ch. 03

 — She wants to fix things but where's Tom? by Judogeezer04/11/174.01

Kristin Takes A Lover

 — Her husband's away, but her son is very willing. by epiphany6506/07/094.63HOT

Kristin's Surprise

 — A Domme brings a Mother and Son together. by Pilot402901/18/064.44

Kristina's Story

 — Kristina shares last few months of her life in old country. by ares200907/15/184.40

Kristy and Katherine

 — Kristy begs her sister for help while the parents are away. by addieQ04/06/084.67HOT

Kristy Meets Dad

 — Roommate visits over break with surprising results. by kucoozie01/09/054.39

Krystal and I

 — Two cousins get it on. by Rock2106008/23/023.78

Krystal, Phillip Pays a Visit

 — Whats a horny grandson to do? by krystalsucks10/29/084.41

Krystal,Phillip Calls Again

 — Phillip and friend warm her up for the neighbour. by krystalsucks01/03/094.57HOT

Kyle and Kelly go to Feronia Pt. 01

 — Brother and sister want to join parents on vacation. by DonutScribe01/07/183.95

Kyle and Melinda

 — Kyle's sister is getting married. He's not happy. by famous_blue_raincoat02/02/174.28

Kyle and Nicole Get Caught

 — Kyle and Nicole get caught in a compromising situation. by carl_a09/03/124.27

Kyle Explores His Dark Side

 — Son ties mom and violates her. by Muse867508/06/163.88

Kyle's Big Dilemma

 — Kyle has to deal with gut wreching news of his sister. by simaddict11/07/114.26

Kyle's New Favourite Colour Is Pink

 — His aunt masturbates with him for the first time. by XeronVortix08/14/164.33

Kylie and Brooke Ch. 01

 — Kylie's big sister visits from college. by The_Office_Fan02/11/174.64HOT

Kylie and Her Family Pt. 01

 — A family learns to love each other. by UncleWayne09/13/184.20

Kyunki Saas Abhi Bhi Bahu Hai

 — A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline. by Tanya9311/06/183.81

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 001

 — The erotic saga of Virani family begins. by bangopee07/26/074.30

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 002

 — The Virani brothers go on a swapping spree. by bangopee07/28/074.41

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 005

 — Third Eye for Tulsi. by bangopee08/06/073.92

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 006

 — Stage Set For Mihir's Seduction. by bangopee08/07/074.26

L and K

 — A story about the relationship between a mother and her son. by Weirdo12305/31/153.90

l'Histoire d'une femme Pt. 02

 — Her complex desire for uncle who abused her. by unefemme12/13/033.90

L'il Sis

 — Ryan has growing sexual thoughts about his sister, Ally. by TomWine10/04/124.13

L'il Sis Ch. 02

 — Ryan continues to have sexual thoughts about his sister. by TomWine10/05/124.16

L'il Sis Ch. 03

 — Ry and his L'il sis drink a little too much wine. by TomWine10/06/124.28

L'il Sis Ch. 04

 — Ryan and his sister take it to the Jacuzzi and the bedroom. by TomWine10/17/124.67HOT

L'il Sis Ch. 05

 — Ryan and Ally in the band room with Hunter. by TomWine11/14/124.39

L'il Sis Ch. 06

 — Ry and Ally make plans for the weekend. by TomWine11/17/124.53HOT

L'il Sis Ch. 07

 — Ally drives off with Hunter for a surprise, and she likes it. by TomWine11/25/124.30

L'il Sis Ch. 08

 — Ryan takes his sister on a date and more. by TomWine12/01/124.55HOT

L'il Sis Ch. 09

 — Let the Party Begin. by TomWine12/11/124.60HOT

L'il Sis Ch. 10

 — Things heat up in the Jacuzzi and Hunter gets his in the end. by TomWine12/16/124.46

L'il Sis Ch. 11

 — The party continues without Hunter. by TomWine01/16/134.48

L'il Sis Ch. 12

 — The Foursome Heads to the Winery and meet The Watcher. by TomWine04/30/134.60HOT

La Familia De Ortega Ch. 1

 — Ruby Ann realizes her family's promiscious ways. by The Clu10/20/024.24

La Familia De Ortega Ch. 2

 — Ruby and her best friend take on her father. by The Clu11/01/024.31

La Femme Amy

 — Dad & Daughter see each other in a new way. by jameskathy05/31/033.85

La Femme Amy Ch. 02

 — Daddy and daughter try to fight the urges. by jameskathy06/02/034.29

La Femme Amy Ch. 03

 — Dad & daughter fight their addictions. by jameskathy06/07/034.28

La Femme Amy Ch. 04

 — Both still resist the urge, for now. by jameskathy06/14/034.13

La Femme Amy Ch. 05

 — Things at home heat up. by jameskathy06/21/034.22

La Femme Amy Ch. 06

 — Daddy & daughter are pulled in deeper. by jameskathy06/28/034.46

La Femme Amy Ch. 07

 — The urge can no longer be denied. by jameskathy07/05/034.60HOT

Lab Rat

 — 'Baby' with Masters Degree in Psychology trains & fucks daddy. by hotpup09/18/054.46

Labor Day

 — Carter, Ruth and Peri Come Home; Peri Sees Disneyland. by MishaPearl207/07/164.47

Labor Day

 — The family is big on traditions. Some are not so obvious. by alextasy01/28/164.53HOT

Lacey's First Double-Penetration

 — She can't resist a stranger or her daddy. by NonStopFunGuy08/10/054.64HOT

Lacey's Story

 — Lacey is faced with a difficult decision. by MarkGoodson08/08/184.38

Lacey's Story Pt. 02

 — Michael has a special request. by MarkGoodson08/10/184.31

Lacey's Story Pt. 03

 — Lacey has a most unusual dream. by MarkGoodson08/11/184.27

Lacey's Story Pt. 04

 — Michael arranges a weekend party for his mom. by MarkGoodson08/17/184.03

Lacey's Story Pt. 05

 — Lacey remembers some of her past. by MarkGoodson08/25/184.29

Lacey's Wedding Day

 — Daddy shares daughter's secret. by rockandroller08/30/024.51HOT

Laci, Staci and Emma

 — Twin sisters spend the night with their friend. by blissfulltales10/27/184.58HOT

Lacie's Secret Diary

 — Dad discovers her deepest secret in her diary. by rexfelis10/17/044.54HOT

Lactating Breasts, Mom's Relief

 — Mom needs special attention for her milky tits. by HeyAll07/10/164.70HOT

Lactating Lesbians: 2 Sisters +1

 — Busty teens take a Kristin Cavallari lookalike. by BiGirlWantsItBad01/05/134.36

Lacy's Father Has His Wicked Way

 — Daughter learns to obey her father. by kitten680307/01/063.59

Ladder Spying

 — He spies on his mother with the help of his ladder. by hazardousme06/15/113.23

Ladies Network Ch. 08

 — Penny & her daughters succumb to incest. by Maggie Red Rose11/13/074.64HOT

Ladies of the Lake Ch. 01

 — Were his sexy Great-Aunts really witches? by julybear710/11/104.37

Ladies of the Lake Ch. 02

 — The aunts' story. by julybear710/12/104.59HOT

Ladies of the Lake Ch. 03

 — End of Aunts' Tale, and Rick is asked to do the undoable. by julybear710/13/104.57HOT

Ladies of the Lake Ch. 04

 — Conclusion: Rick finds a way. by julybear710/18/104.63HOT

Ladislav's Search for Venues Ch. 01

 — Slowly erotic tale about a family's voyeurism/exhibitionism. by sophmorg03/06/153.96

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 1

 — Lady & her son attend the bloodstock centre. by alexis_elizabeth02/06/014.27

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 5

 — Honourable James Fortescue-Browne acts dishonourably. by alexis_elizabeth02/10/014.44

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 7

 — Who cums to the Grand Finale? by alexis_elizabeth03/09/014.33

Lady in Red Ch. 01

 — Son comforts mother during her marriage breakup. by Jack110701/04/194.12

Lady in Red Ch. 02

 — Son comforts his mum during her marriage breakup. by Jack110701/06/194.20

Lady in Red Ch. 03

 — Mother and Son enjoy each other. by Jack110701/08/194.39

Lady in Red Ch. 04

 — Son has Mother and her Friend. by Jack110701/10/194.41

Lady in Red Ch. 05

 — Mother and son and Mother's girlfriend. by Jack110701/12/194.40

Lady in Red Ch. 07

 — Son Double Fists His Mother. by Jack110701/19/194.35

Lady in Red Ch. 08

 — Son gives mother a Golden Shower. by Jack110701/23/194.43

Lady in the Rain

 — Loving the woman of my dreams. by Litewriter108/03/093.89


 — A very strange twist of fate. by Tall_cool_one10/11/034.59HOT

Lainie Ch. 02

 — Jay chases Lainie home. by Tall_cool_one10/28/034.55HOT

Lainie Ch. 03

 — Jay learns more about his estranged family. by Tall_cool_one11/06/034.66HOT

Lake Cabin

 — Cousins reunite on a family vacation. by mnshyguy11/02/054.68HOT

Lake Cabin Ch. 02

 — Cousins go off to college and finally discover the truth. by mnshyguy11/08/054.67HOT

Lake Cabin Ch. 03

 — Julie comes to grips with the truth. by mnshyguy10/26/064.59HOT

Lake Freedom

 — Cousins discover each other on a secluded island. by WickedAlchemy02/07/014.22

Lake House

 — Lines are crossed with her boyfriend's family. by karapriest12/11/144.22

Lake House Virgin

 — Aunt Kathy arranges for my deflowering. by LustyWolf09/29/134.56HOT

Lake of Forbidden Desire

 — A snorkeling snafu sets off a curious chain of events. by SikFuk09/04/094.64HOT

Lake Sex

 — Chuck and I went off to "make a memory" for both of us. by pghpa10/03/174.12

Lake Temptation

 — Siblings find passion during a weekend in the Maine woods. by Eosphorus10/04/124.56HOT

Lake Tennyson Pt. 01: New Love

 — A brother and sister hook up while on a family vacation. by Khuzdul101/22/174.43

Lake Tennyson Pt. 02: New Rules

 — New Rules are added which allow more than two in the family. by Khuzdul102/07/174.44

Lake Tennyson Pt. 03: Broken Rules

 — The rules that were recently established have been shattered. by Khuzdul107/01/184.39

Lakeside Camping

 — Spending time with sister and cousins. by Xarth11/26/114.60HOT

Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 03

 — The sisters truly share everything. by JamesSD05/24/054.71HOT

Lakeview Hotel

 — After a divorce, a mother and son find love. by Moondrift11/23/084.37

Lalitha My Next Door Aunty

 — Immediately I hugged her and placed the kiss on her Neck. by sexxyram10/21/113.16

Lamentations of Psyche Ch. 01

 — Psyche's metamorphosis makes it hard to hide from Aphrodite. by Vix_Giovanni02/16/194.27NEW

Lamentations of Psyche Ch. 02

 — Eros saves Psyche from Aphrodite but not from her own mind. by Vix_Giovanni02/17/194.00NEW

Lana and Claire Share Cock Ch. 02

 — Sisters take a sudden interest in each other, Gavin, too. by Archer205003/07/064.58HOT

Lance & Honey On Vacation Ch. 04

 — Everything goes with family of tourists. by blindjack06/14/044.76HOT

Land Rites

 — Sinead takes her son and her sister to a Spring Festival. by rufriter11/27/124.66HOT

Laney and Jake

 — Home from college, Jake finds that mom is his first love. by ashadebetter06/02/154.55HOT

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