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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Rough Date

 — Son gets agressive mom teaches him to be gentle. by thehumpman09/06/084.44

Rough Lesson for the Little Tease

 — Crissy knows what Daddy wants. by watchingyou204/20/094.62HOT

Rough Lesson for the Little Tease Ch. 02

 — It's time for another lesson, and a new student. by watchingyou206/28/104.59HOT

Rower's Delight

 — College rower experiences two women. by standingstones05/28/064.16


 — A young man really gets to know his girlfriend's mom. by kornslayer07/27/174.05

Roxanne's Initiation

 — Roxanne sees Jason and pays the price. by alwaysupforu200402/25/094.06

Roxy's Summer

 — Daddy plays rough with his 'baby girl'. by hotpup08/29/044.13

Royal Blue Satin

 — Mother seduces son. by wattan8603/16/094.26

Royal Blue Satin Ch. 02

 — What color panties is mom wearing. by wattan8611/09/104.28

Royal Relations Pt. 01

 — Several first in the Royal Family. by Generalgums08/03/174.32

Rub and Tug Mom

 — Mom moonlights in a massage parlour and gets a surprise. by msprettypink03/14/084.24

Rub Downs Lead To Love

 — Massage starts up mother son fun. by sugardaddy12/11/034.45


 — Three family members in a tub. by Georgette Glass03/13/054.36

Rub-Dub Tub

 — Earth Day fantasy with four good sisters. by sirhugs03/26/044.14

Rubbing Me The Right Way

 — My wife suggested that her sister give me a massage. by WayneGibbous08/24/124.39

Rubbing More Than Elbows

 — Jenny tries her hands at massage with a special client. by blushingjen02/21/094.55HOT

Rubbing Robbie

 — Sister has his BEST INTEREST in her dirty mind. by Hisself08/11/114.11

Rubens & Telemann: Missing Pages

 — What happened at the office. by MishaPearl208/03/164.28

Rubens and Telemann

 — Carter finds Nirvana and hosts a pool party. by MishaPearl207/31/164.29


 — Ruby's uncles take her from girl to woman. by OldClyde10/12/024.08

Ruby Feathers Ch. 01

 — A brother and sister discover their love for one another. by GaryStargazer10/26/103.72

Rude Awakening

 — Daughter & friend dominate father's tiny penis. by MildmanInVA03/22/063.89

Rude Awakening

 — Mom wakes up to a startling experience. by dilettantish07/17/09

Rude Awakening

 — David gets a rude awakening from his mother-in-law. by SusanSeeker06/11/124.26

Rude Awakening Ch. 02

 — Mom takes action - just not the action she thought she would. by dilettantish11/06/09

Rude Awakening Ch. 03

 — Returning to normality, or maybe it will be the new norm. by dilettantish11/06/09

Rude Awakening Ch. 04

 — Mother and son forge a new kind of normality. by dilettantish11/07/09

Rudely Interrupted

 — A mother chats and plays - not realising how late it is. by GeorgieH02/23/114.20

Rudra and Riya

 — Consensual incest. by rudraduttt05/23/143.77

Rudra and Riya Ch. 02

 — Rudra and Riya is a continuation of my story Riya and Rudra. by rudraduttt02/16/184.30

Rudra and Riya Ch. 03

 — Trouble in Paradise. by rudraduttt02/21/183.96

Rudra and Riya Ch. 04

 — Things come to a head. by rudraduttt02/24/184.24

Rudra and Riya Ch. 05

 — Of things to come. by rudraduttt03/15/184.58HOT

Rudra and Riya Ch. 06

 — Dreams don't come easy peasy. by rudraduttt04/04/184.27

Rudra and Riya Ch. 07

 — You gain some you lose some. by rudraduttt07/15/184.07

Ruined for All Others Ch. 01

 — Daddy takes Brianna for her first time. by kellyjojo02/14/174.58HOT

Ruined for All Others Ch. 02

 — Daddy and Brianna in the playroom. by kellyjojo03/01/174.57HOT

Ruined Pie

 — Marriage disrupts priest-congregate relationship. by sr71plt04/21/174.02

Ruining the Mother-in-Law

 — How to destroy a good woman. by hell_fire_oxon10/21/103.64

Rule of Women

 — What would the world be like if nymphomaniac women ruled? by destodes77706/07/174.14


 — A daughter learns the dark side of lust. by mooboo2u01/30/134.15

Rumors Ch. 01

 — Tyler is surprised by his mom and sister in bed together. by Leenysman11/24/174.59HOT

Rumors Ch. 02

 — Tyler and Marissa date and make a discovery. by Leenysman11/27/174.56HOT

Rumors Ch. 03

 — A Rumor of Incest Begins. Can Prom Night Shut It Down? by Leenysman11/29/174.57HOT

Rumors Ch. 04

 — Finals, Graduation, a Cop's News and Prep for Tahoe. by Leenysman11/30/174.60HOT

Rumors Ch. 05

 — At Lake Tahoe, the foursome makes life-changing decisions. by Leenysman12/05/174.54HOT

Rumors Ch. 06

 — Decisions, Changes, Weird Ideas and Homecoming. by Leenysman12/06/174.60HOT

Run Away Orgasm

 — She saves her sister. by M_P01/12/043.98

Runaway Consequences

 — Ashlynn leads her Dominant big brother on a chase. by MindTricks02/25/193.72

Runaway Consequences Ch. 02

 — She never was a fast runner. by MindTricks03/01/193.74

Runaway Daughter

 — She filled an unknown need. by Venus_Lover07/02/094.42

Runaway Sister

 — His sister starts spending a lot more time with him. by Xarth08/14/114.53HOT

Runaway, 2011

 — A girl runs away from an orphanage, and falls in love. by Sumddy08/01/114.57HOT


 — She was running away. Her uncle was her refuge. by blackrandl195807/10/184.75HOT

Running Away to Uncle Steve's Place

 — Brianna wants to feel loved, maybe her Uncle can help! by blackstallion2102/26/124.09

Runt Ch. 01

 — Young whore changes a man's life. by scrappy8200105/17/054.41

Runt Ch. 02

 — His night with Runt continues. by scrappy8200106/01/054.61HOT

Runt Ch. 03

 — He meets Paula for their date. by scrappy8200106/13/054.57HOT

Runt Ch. 04

 — He confronts his daughter. by scrappy8200106/21/054.59HOT

Runt Ch. 05

 — Steve had been up all night. by scrappy8200107/04/054.68HOT

Runt Ch. 06

 — Paula meets Suzy. by scrappy8200107/14/054.67HOT

Runt Ch. 07

 — Runt, Steve, Tom, and Kiri go on a date. by scrappy8200108/06/054.69HOT

Runt Ch. 08

 — Paula and the kids come to an understanding. by scrappy8200109/27/054.61HOT

Runt Ch. 09

 — The Sunday dinner. by scrappy8200101/07/064.58HOT

Runt Ch. 10

 — Suzy meets Mark. by scrappy8200103/20/064.64HOT

Runt Ch. 11

 — Tom helps Suzy out. by scrappy8200108/19/064.62HOT


 — Mum is depressed. Nick has to shock her out of it. by CharleneBarr01/16/154.51HOT

Russell's Sinful Christmas

 — Mom and Aunt must act to save him. by CavyConsultant11/11/144.44

Russian Elixer

 — Young bisexual American meets a Russian couple. by JTKetcham12/26/054.29

Russian Standoff

 — An answer to a question of T or D, with a surprising twist. by SSobotkaJr04/29/094.54HOT

Rusty and Jugs

 — Rusty gets the hots for his anonymous mother online. by StoryPal10/11/144.76HOT

Ruth and Her Daughter

 — Ruth gets intimate with Suzie. by Pussyrider10/04/084.38

Ruth and Her Lover – Brian

 — A love fulfilled. by Jena12106/21/104.27

Ruth Ch. 2

 — A computer chat with daddy leads to more. by Patrick09/25/004.44

Ruth Ch. 3

 — Mom joins in, and invites Derek. by Patrick09/25/004.54HOT

Ruth's Lust

 — A mother has an illicit lust. by carrieoct1504/26/063.99

Ruth's Lust Ch. 02

 — A mother's lust gets wild. by carrieoct1504/26/064.38

Ruth's Lust Ch. 03

 — A story about a mother's lust. by carrieoct1504/27/064.32

Rx for Sex

 — What Grandma Wants, Grandma Takes. by kurrginatorX12/06/174.30

RX for Sex -Trois

 — Grandma and Bethany invite Stephen to Join In. by kurrginatorX03/18/184.48

Rx for Sex Ch. 02 - No Prescription Required

 — Stephen's Sister Bethany pays Grandma a Visit. by kurrginatorX03/16/184.47

Rya's Lust for Her Father Erupts

 — After years of fantasizing, her dirty dream is fulfilled. by daddyslittlekittenn07/03/154.12

Ryan and Hayley

 — Ryan's friends trick him into fucking his younger sister. by justjenni06/11/123.99

Ryan and Laura

 — Mother wearing semi see thru nighie leads to... by Gonzorific04/05/113.96

Ryan Family Ch. 01

 — All she intended to do was tease her cousin a little. by MemberX09/06/104.38

Ryan Family Ch. 02

 — Cousins discuss their fantasies. by MemberX09/07/104.24

Ryan Family Ch. 03

 — Mark's sister knows all about him and their cousin. by MemberX09/08/104.49

Ryan Family Ch. 04

 — Dina makes Mark and Carol an offer they can't refuse. by MemberX09/09/104.56HOT

Ryan Family Ch. 05

 — Carol and Cathy exchange hot secrets. by MemberX09/20/104.52HOT

Ryan Family Ch. 06

 — Mark has been resisting temptation -- sort of. by MemberX09/21/104.31

Ryan Family Ch. 07a

 — Mark's on his way to see Carol, but Dina has other plans. by MemberX06/30/114.55HOT

Ryan Teaches Us a Lesson.

 — Step sister and step brother fuck hard. by lovely_young01/28/143.07

Ryan's Dream

 — It has always been Ryan and his Mom against the world. by callmesparky09/27/144.36

Ryan's Surpise

 — Ryan comes home to find something he didn't expect. by hornyeric1811/08/154.12

Ryan's Surprise

 — Ryan's sister catches him masturbating. by joanne697411/23/024.28

Ryan's Surprise

 — A girlfriend's secrets lead him in a new direction. by Akireon03/31/084.49

S'épanouir Ch. 01

 — From the shadow, we blossom. by taikutsuna10/02/054.72HOT


 — Mother asserts her control. by oakdokely02/23/093.84

S'wrong Son

 — No Mum, nothing's wrong between a mother and her son. by bedwards4309/13/154.69HOT

S'wrong Son Ch. 02

 — No Mum, nothing's wrong between a mother and her son. by bedwards4301/29/164.62HOT

SA E03A: A Night of Discovery

 — The love between twin sisters. by OmegaZone04/17/034.22

SA E04: Adventures in Production

 — Birthday gift making turns into an orgy. by OmegaZone03/09/044.76HOT


 — He earns a sabbatical and wants to take his sister. by fadedgiant05/01/154.26

Sabha's Surprise

 — Sabha needs some cash for college. by Nayr_8703/11/154.09

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 01

 — An engorged, breastfeeding mom gets relief from her brother. by Susan_in_a_thong08/13/104.65HOT

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 02

 — A new opportunity presents itself for more family intimacy. by Susan_in_a_thong08/19/104.69HOT

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 03

 — More intimacy between Sabrina, her brothers, and Denise. by Susan_in_a_thong09/09/104.75HOT

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 04

 — Sabrina's brothers continue to expand her sexual horizons. by Susan_in_a_thong10/13/104.73HOT

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 05

 — More sex for Sabrina before hubby comes home. by Susan_in_a_thong11/09/104.69HOT

Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 06

 — Sabrina is divorced, but recovers and starts a new life. by Susan_in_a_thong02/29/124.63HOT

Sabrina Becomes Daddy's Girl

 — Sabrina becomes her Step Father's Sex toy! by sexy_mama_0904/14/114.13

Sacred Glen

 — Deborah and her family spend the night on consecrated ground. by MaryAnderson01/09/194.65HOT

Sacred Love Ch. 00

 — Prologue Introducing Ashley's and her brother's story. by Oceandiver05/28/123.63

Sacred Love Ch. 01

 — A Little Angel is Born, Ashley comes to earth. by Oceandiver05/29/124.01

Sacred Love Ch. 02

 — Ashley, My Little Sister. by Oceandiver05/30/123.52


 — Shaman gets in over his head with god of fucking. by cumeadia03/28/112.73

Sacrificial Lamb

 — A daughter helps to heal her broken father. by foxxxie01/27/094.13


 — A detailed account of an encounter set in a place of worship. by ElliottsErotica10/21/183.82

Sadie and Daddy: An Unexpected Love

 — This is for my fellow ladies with a Daddy fantasy. 18YO by Stories4Ladies05/26/184.58HOT

Sadie and Mark

 — Sadie provokes her brother to spank her. by MTDesign05/08/114.23

Sadness of Widow Indian Mother

 — Son takes care (in bed) of sad Indian widow mother. by haldwani02/14/154.30

Safe Room

 — Brother uses tecnology to seduce sister. by Isopropyl07/24/073.84

Safe Sex Starts at Home

 — A mother's desparate move to keep her son safe. by JT_Stone09/11/104.33

Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 02

 — Mom and son continue their new relationship by JT_Stone09/12/104.41

Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 03

 — Carol joins her son in the shower. by JT_Stone09/13/104.41

Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 04

 — Mom's lingerie fashion show leads to the next step. by JT_Stone09/16/104.51HOT

Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 05

 — Son gives mom a full body massage. by JT_Stone09/17/104.49

Safety First

 — Mom helps out frustrated son. by oedipussy7701/09/064.56HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 01

 — Smooth sailing. by jdcentury05/16/144.40

Saffron and Sam Ch. 02

 — Sammy's lessons continue and hit close to home by jdcentury05/21/144.48

Saffron and Sam Ch. 03

 — Sam and his band play at this sorority party. by jdcentury06/13/144.53HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 04

 — Navigating the rapids Sam's big date. by jdcentury06/27/144.57HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 05

 — Sam takes a bus ride Tamika Brown. by jdcentury07/03/144.57HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 06

 — A Night of Contrasts and A New Beginning by jdcentury07/08/144.57HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 07

 — Smooth sailing. by jdcentury07/19/144.49

Saffron and Sam Ch. 08

 — Stormy waters. by jdcentury07/24/144.61HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 09

 — Summer of love. by jdcentury08/19/144.58HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 10

 — Sam gets floored. by jdcentury09/01/144.66HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 11

 — Sam tries to find his way. by jdcentury09/10/144.64HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 12

 — Sam finds his way. by jdcentury09/17/144.48

Saffron and Sam Ch. 13

 — Sam's rise to the future. by jdcentury09/25/144.68HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 14

 — Sam's confusing future by jdcentury10/05/144.56HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 15

 — Sam back in the softer side of life. by jdcentury10/11/144.57HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 16

 — Sam takes many journeys. by jdcentury11/10/144.62HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 17

 — Sam's Catharsis. by jdcentury11/15/144.66HOT

Saffron and Sam Ch. 18

 — Twists of Fate and Destiny. by jdcentury12/08/144.72HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 01

 — A boy's first day at Over Eighteen School. by Xarth03/10/174.60HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 02

 — In which the siblings navigate school, and sneakily fuck. by Xarth03/11/174.57HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 03

 — Butt play, teacher trouble, and big sis's stress release. by Xarth03/12/174.57HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 04

 — Taking a sick day, dealing with Mom, and doing some shopping. by Xarth03/13/174.60HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 05

 — School time oral play, shower sexing, and family secrets. by Xarth03/15/174.55HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 06

 — A day off, an aunt's secret, and a punishment of sorts. by Xarth04/11/174.58HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 07

 — New school friends, teacher fucking, and a brother in peril. by Xarth04/12/174.65HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 08

 — The lost chapter. More gratuitous, improbable sex! by Xarth01/11/184.78HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 09

 — Magical retcons and love tested by adversity. by Xarth02/14/184.72HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 10

 — Anniversary sex, school sneaks, and a brand new penis. by Xarth02/15/184.63HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 11

 — Captured by C.U.N.T.s, and molesting mommies. by Xarth04/10/184.68HOT

Saga of Littown Ch. 12

 — Visiting the Hellscape, butt-ception, and a sibbo threeway. by Xarth05/11/184.73HOT

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 05

 — Chris sees mom and dad in a new light. by BenderRodrigez06/19/154.15


 — She confesses her deep feelings for her ex-wrestler daddy. by ShatterMe09/09/134.44

Sahara's First Ch. 02

 — Master demands a third; best friend Melanie joins the play. by LazyDays122102/09/084.42

Sailing Lessons

 — He didn't expect to be giving lessons to his neice. by EllieB03/25/044.73HOT

Sailing Lessons Ch. 02

 — The do more than just sailing. by EllieB08/06/044.72HOT

Sailing Lessons Ch. 03

 — Uncle Dave takes Judith sailing. by EllieB05/26/064.75HOT

Sailing Lessons Ch. 04

 — More fun at the lake. by EllieB02/11/074.77HOT

Sailing Lessons Ch. 05

 — Audrey and Dave and Judith. by EllieB08/16/084.75HOT

Sailing Lessons Ch. 06

 — A little more fun with Audrey. by EllieB05/11/114.73HOT

Sailing with Daddy

 — That's what people do to express their love isn't it? by Tony_Martin12/30/154.47

Sailing with Mixed Emotions

 — Dan discovers his wife’s family similarities. by writerscramp4me12/21/074.11

Sailing with Mixed Emotions Ch. 02

 — Family fun with all female members of my wife. by writerscramp4me01/06/104.39

Sailing with Mom

 — Kyle invites his pregnant mother to go sailing with him. by TechnoCarwash06/20/114.41

Saint Petersburg, Russia

 — A boy and his grandmother. by CuteSlaveLisa03/19/193.88

Salenna Ch. 02

 — She is reunited with her cousin. by westaussie01/15/044.40


 — Sally initiates stepdaughter into lesbian submission. by magic_tantra11/04/043.97


 — Sally pays the price for teasing. by texasj6503/05/193.83

Sally Becomes a Woman

 — Sally and her Daddy finally give into their urges. by sweetthing086401/08/074.26

Sally Becomes a Woman Ch. 02

 — Father shares daughter with friend. by sweetthing086404/21/114.33

Sally Calls On Linda's Parents

 — A bi-slut's life is a happy one by pdrye08/26/034.78HOT

Sally Finds Out She Is a Bi Slut

 — Linda breaks Sally in. by pdrye04/27/034.77HOTContest Winner

Sally Gets Harry Or Is It?

 — Daddy wants her as much as she wants him. by honeydew05/12/013.82

Sally Wants It All

 — Three is not a crowd. by pdrye09/13/034.69HOT

Sally Wants to Get Married Ch. 01

 — A daughter with marriage on her mind, and dad in her sights. by AmandaMaybeTV07/02/164.11

Sally Wants to Get Married Ch. 02

 — A daughter with marriage on her mind, and dad in her sights. by AmandaMaybeTV07/03/164.20

Sally' Surprise

 — A Love finally requited. by trevorm05/31/084.02

Sally's 21st Birthday

 — Brother takes drunk virgin sister home after her 21st birthday. by Nicole9907/07/094.39

Sally's Life

 — Sally gets abused by her wayward son. by petertowers11/12/023.43

Sally's Reprogramming

 — A rebellious step-daughter learns to heed her step-father. by flyingcarpet01/27/034.50HOT

Sally's Reprogramming: Conclusion

 — Sally becomes a mature woman. by flyingcarpet01/28/033.52

Sally's Sexy Santa for Her Father

 — Virgin daughter gives her Father a special Xmas present. by Nikkiejanes12/15/184.47

Sally's Sordid Affair

 — She was the outlet for everyone's emotions. by HunterShambles05/10/184.26

Sally's Sr. Sex - My Brother Jack

 — 60+ year old Sally has sex with her 50+ year old brother. by twistedgraygoat05/27/154.16

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 06

 — An invitation to a swingers party turns into sex with her parents. by Susie_O11/25/104.36

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 07

 — Sarah attends her parents' swingers party. by Susie_O12/09/104.58HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 21

 — Sally drives Eva home and meets her twin brothers. by Susie_O07/10/124.33

Sally’s Post Natal Depression

 — Father in law love. by ThrobbinRobin11/25/084.36

Sally’s Summer Thrill

 — Sally & Karen seduce their brothers! by BuckyDuckman08/21/164.82HOT

Salma's Story Ch. 01

 — Father seeks prosperity while son seeks his mom. by kongusunthari06/21/07


 — The siblings, bond. by some1unknown2u01/30/184.03

Salt Ch. 02

 — Cindy's sweet, yet dark past. by some1unknown2u05/30/184.38


 — A son saves his mother from her wanton ways. by Stormy6401/31/073.67

Salvation of the Third Kind Ch. 1

 — He saves sis from evil pimp. by Whiff66610/10/004.28

Salvation of the Third Kind Ch. 2 & Ch. 3

 — He tries to detox sister. by Whiff66610/10/004.47

Salvation of the Third Kind Ch. 4 & Ch. 5

 — Brother seeks revenge. by Whiff66610/10/004.51HOT

Salvation through Sex

 — Taboos do not apply to those marooned in uninhabited islands by earnie6506/25/104.18

Sam and Janna Ch. 01

 — Sam has to pick his daughter up after her heart is broken. by xLittleBeex02/06/184.58HOT

Sam and Lisa Ch. 01

 — Daughter catches Dad masturbating. by dikupinya10/18/183.96

Sam and Lisa Ch. 02

 — Sam and Lisa have more fun. by dikupinya05/14/194.21

Sam Gets Married

 — Samantha learns from Daddy. by scouries09/29/054.68HOT

Sam Ireson Ch. 01

 — Sam makes a new friend. by CrazyWireEddie05/10/104.57HOT

Sam Ireson Ch. 02

 — Krista discovers more about her new friend. by CrazyWireEddie05/15/104.60HOT

Sam Ireson Ch. 03

 — Krista gets payback. by CrazyWireEddie05/26/104.69HOT

Sam Prefers Daddy

 — Dad claims his daughter from her husband. by scouries10/12/054.63HOT

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by Nymfoholic11/13/154.44

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 02

 — He gets her in every way! by Nymfoholic11/14/154.43

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 03

 — You are mine... by Nymfoholic11/18/154.50HOT

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 04

 — Mom and Aunt Margret? by Nymfoholic11/29/154.46

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 05

 — The Reunion. by Nymfoholic12/01/154.50HOT

Sam's Back Down

 — Big sister comes home for the weekend. by theneonclockxxx191903/09/103.84

Sam's Gift

 — Her brother's gift kept on giving. by EvyGenyus05/18/144.57HOT

Sam's Love Pt. 04

 — Samantha shares a secret. by _Bob_11/23/044.47

Sam's Sisterly Threesome

 — Sam gets tempted by sister, then wife assists them again. by gen_man6912/03/114.45

Sam's Strangeness

 — She gets a strange voyeur power and a desire for her Mom. by dragonpanties08/07/073.90

Sam, Joe, and Mom

 — The continuing story of Joe and Sam. by josephdm11/15/114.46

Sam: Life After Olivia

 — O returns to UK; Sam wonders what now? by caprine06/04/094.46

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