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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Undeniable Need Ch. 2

 — Juices flow again with daddy & daughter. by Mirandasjoy02/08/02HOT

Undeniable Need Ch. 3

 — Daddy remembers eating his daughter's pussy. by Mirandasjoy02/24/02HOT

Under Cover Brother Pt. 01

 — Man goes undercover only to find his sister and mother! by sethp08/09/144.61HOT

Under Her Control

 — He's tied up and she just can't help herself. by Sapheron09/15/114.31

Under Her Control Ch. 02

 — How they cope and who breaks first. by Sapheron09/20/114.37

Under Her Thumb Ch. 01

 — A devastated stepfather struggles with life's little twists. by Domdomain11/02/154.62HOT

Under Her Thumb Ch. 02

 — The guilt wanes as Steve makes an addition to the family. by Domdomain11/05/154.78HOT

Under Her Thumb Ch. 03

 — In the face of danger, Steve's darker side is revealed. by Domdomain11/08/154.75HOT

Under Her Thumb Ch. 04

 — Steve's lovely girls decorate the tree in a naughty way. by Domdomain11/14/154.64HOT

Under Her Thumb Ch. 05

 — The girls get taken, finally losing all their V-cards. by Domdomain11/21/154.73HOT

Under My Wing

 — It's natural to love your brother. by theravenfox06/19/104.58HOT

Under the Bleachers

 — When Jamie acts up at school, Dad holds detention - his way. by Braindard02/08/144.71HOT

Under The Dancing Tree

 — How the earth helps us heal. by Scaramouche12304/13/124.41

Under the Fucking Mistletoe

 — Good sister's hot tub Christmas Eve. by sirhugs12/05/054.44

Under the Mistletoe

 — Kissing his mother under the mistletoe led to more. by parabolus12/12/044.34

Under the Stars

 — Jake and his dad go for a hike. by WoeIsMe11/06/14

Under the Thrall of Cock Ch. 01

 — TJ lusts after his sister Sarah's juicy behind. by CertifiedHeat04/22/124.35

Under the Trees

 — An older sister gives her younger sister what she needs. by Reyning_Nales07/05/124.11


 — It's an undercover job with a difference. by jaybee08/24/02


 — Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law work best undercover. by hammertime08/18/114.52HOT


 — Sister accidentally stumbles into an undercover operation. by _a_friend_11/26/134.45

Undercover Sister

 — Investigative reporter enlists her brother's help. by HeyAll10/05/144.48

Undercurrents Ch. 01

 — A father and daughter come clean. by motoskoota04/26/143.63

Undercurrents Ch. 02

 — Getting closer. by motoskoota05/03/144.32

Undercurrents Ch. 03

 — In Jessie's room. by motoskoota05/07/144.36

Underneath her Nakedness

 — A shower and a confession between sisters. by Rainbow Skin06/15/034.36

Understanding Emmalyn

 — Incest play between twin sisters is caught by mom. by Cassie00702/01/084.27

Underwater Love

 — After college, man discovers his mother is his soul mate. by snatch_licker04/13/114.31

Underwear Bandits Ch. 1

 — He visits sis... & her panties. by Rebecca10/02/004.30

Underwear Bandits Ch. 2

 — He and sis enjoy adult movies together. by Rebecca10/02/004.29

Underwear Friends Ch. 04

 — A young man finds out his mother shares his underwear fetish. by ramon2505/31/104.22

Unethical Doctor

 — Annual exam with a twist. by Kittehc06/27/154.06


 — He gets to know his mother-in-law. by anon5621200104/20/014.34


 — Sister surprises brother with news. by VampyrKnight01/01/034.43


 — Son finds comfort with his mother. by L56RC08/08/124.06

Unexpected Benefits

 — Man gets more expected on Vegas vacation. by TheCaptain04/12/044.56HOT

Unexpected Benefits Ch. 02

 — Sister joins in. by TheCaptain05/01/044.63HOT

Unexpected Benefits Ch. 03

 — Foursome with Gina, Karen and Taylor. by TheCaptain05/20/044.63HOT

Unexpected Benefits Ch. 04

 — Mike meets Taylor's friend Katrina. by TheCaptain05/29/044.63HOT

Unexpected Benefits Ch. 05

 — Mike makes his Mom moan. by TheCaptain05/30/044.64HOT

Unexpected Birthday Surprise

 — Emma gets a special birthday surprise from her sister-in-law. by cumwithme201/18/164.45

Unexpected Ch. 2

 — Robert sees mom-in-law for the first time since the incident. by anon5621200105/01/014.47

Unexpected Cum Slut Sister in Law

 — She seemed so reserved, but she still has needs! by Patrick238004/10/114.33

Unexpected Encounters Ch. 1

 — A neighbor brings mother and son together. by Patrick11/11/004.59HOT

Unexpected Encounters Ch. 2

 — Jason brings Phil for a visit. by Patrick11/11/004.63HOT

Unexpected Encouter

 — Internet chat ends in surprising sex. by espeteroh04/04/054.33

Unexpected Interest

 — Good ideas can be found online. by soncurious09/28/084.12

Unexpected Love Ch. 01

 — A father and daughter encounter. by Fog_Horn10/22/094.44

Unexpected Love Ch. 01

 — I find comfort with my nephew. by datura4803/24/164.21

Unexpected Love Ch. 02

 — We no longer deny our attraction. by datura4803/25/164.53HOT

Unexpected Love Ch. 03

 — Our relationship is revealed. by datura4803/26/164.45

Unexpected Revenge

 — A woman gets revenge on her husband. by HBK198512/29/094.16

Unexpected Visit

 — College boy finds mom masturbating. by not_so_innocent_flirting02/15/054.09

Unfaithful Minds

 — While a couple fuck each other their minds are elsewhere... by Cocktopia06/20/153.18

Unfamiliar Stubble

 — A young wife is surprised by a masked licker. by Loving5010/14/144.04

Unfinished Family Business Ch. 01

 — Tony returns from Iraq to fix things with his family. by SexyBeast03/23/044.77HOT

Unfinished Family Business Ch. 02

 — Conclusion to the story. by SexyBeast11/18/044.75HOT


 — Mom visits son & revelations are made. by dv8tor08/01/024.23

Unforgettable Night

 — Two sisters. One passed out brother. Let the kinky begin! by Adalwolf11/30/154.70HOT

Unholy Urges

 — Kay Kellerher succumbs to her taboo yearnings. by Stardog Champion12/11/054.41

Unhooking Mom's Bra

 — Mom needs a little help. by harrypotter_rod08/20/063.68

Unhooking Mom's Bra Ch. 02

 — He savors a slut mom. by harrypotter_rod09/10/064.05

Unintended Consequences

 — College going siblings confront repressed feelings. by MindsMirror01/28/154.73HOT

Unintended Consequences Ch. 02

 — Siblings confront reality. by MindsMirror02/04/154.79HOT

Unintended Results

 — Things don't go quite as expected for siblings at university. by Xarth02/04/134.52HOT

Unintentional Lolita

 — All she really wanted was for Daddy to kiss her. by wordsinthedust12/09/104.38

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 02

 — Mom's reaction to Daddy's date night with Kelly. by wordsinthedust02/05/114.49

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 03

 — Milk and cookies are a great late night snack. by wordsinthedust03/03/114.62HOT

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 04

 — Mom and Kelly spend some time together, have a chat. by wordsinthedust09/05/114.74HOT

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 05

 — Daddy really likes the snug fit of Kelly's volleyball shorts. by wordsinthedust01/27/124.77HOT

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 06

 — Mom and Kelly have their own thoughts as things heat up. by wordsinthedust02/01/124.71HOT

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 07

 — Pam did more than think about Kelly's idea. by wordsinthedust02/05/124.71HOT

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 08

 — Kelly surprises her daddy. by wordsinthedust10/05/144.72HOT

Unintentional Sex with Rick

 — I didn't set out to have sex with my step-father... Promise. by StilettoSlut10/16/124.31

Uninvited Dick

 — Continuously abused ex-wife seeks revenge through a stepson. by Spiewgels05/31/093.93

United By a Sport Ch.01

 — A brother's long lust for his sister comes to light. by milosedge04/24/144.58HOT

United Families Ch. 01

 — Parents find sex on the road. by WildaRaven08/24/054.39

Uniting Sisters

 — Two sisters meet for the first time. by babesgotboobs3503/02/074.19

University Challenge 01

 — Teen girl goes for interview & is rescued by older brother. by JGUK200406/11/134.36

University Challenge 02

 — Rescued Nicky is confused & turns to her brother for comfort. by JGUK200406/12/134.54HOT

University Challenge 03

 — Three weeks after their first night, Mike is home for Xmas. by JGUK200406/30/134.68HOT

University Life Ch. 10

 — Coed shares boyfriend with mother. by blindjack01/10/074.46

Unlikely Angels Ch. 01

 — Passing of an old woman brings a family together. by NotWise10/13/154.26

Unlikely Angels Ch. 02-03

 — Elsie jumps into bed with Ellis and curious things happen. by NotWise10/15/154.58HOT

Unlikely Angels Ch. 04

 — Elsie's graduating and it's party time. by NotWise10/17/154.52HOT

Unlikely Angels Ch. 05-06

 — Elsie needs her hero and the rain comes. by NotWise10/20/154.65HOT

Unlikely Angels Ch. 07

 — An outburst and a misunderstanding separate Ellis from Elsie. by NotWise10/22/154.22

Unlikely Angels Ch. 08-09

 — Ellis is reunited with Elsie and has a date with his mother. by NotWise04/30/164.25

Unloading For Mom

 — He helps Mom unload; she helps him. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy03/05/044.31

Unlocking a Wave of Carnal Fantasies

 — Mom finally succumbs to son. by riganut09/29/064.34


 — What is a man after he's been . . . unmanned? by Cal Y. Pygia08/26/063.78

Unprecedented Events Ch. 01

 — A series of apocalyptic events draws a close family closer. by wildeyedsthrnboy04/23/164.34

Unprecedented Events Ch. 02

 — Close family is drawn closer after major disaster. by wildeyedsthrnboy04/24/164.35

Unprecedented Events Ch. 03

 — Trying for a normal life. Nothing is normal anymore. by wildeyedsthrnboy04/27/164.65HOT

Unprecedented Events Ch. 04

 — There is life out there. by wildeyedsthrnboy04/28/164.58HOT

Unprecedented Events Ch. 05

 — Fun at the hot springs. Twists and turns. by wildeyedsthrnboy05/06/164.52HOT


 — What are brothers for? by SexyJennaInk06/15/033.69

Unruly Behavior

 — Bad behavior causes tough times for 18-year-old daughter. by bassbelly03/16/084.14


 — Brother & Sister. Final Fantasy 6 References. Passionate. by polyamorous_nympho03/24/114.11

Untamed Family

 — The depraved antics of one family. by laffalot07/12/134.38

Untamed Family Ch. 02

 — Further depraved acts from the Lansing family. by laffalot07/16/134.01

Untamed Family Ch. 03

 — More depraved antics from the Lansing family. by laffalot07/21/133.97

Untamed Family Ch. 04

 — The final depraved chapter. by laffalot07/25/134.09


 — She does the deed with her son. by standingstones01/15/154.19

Unthinkable Passions

 — Father & daughter finally get to know each other. by xtcis6905/02/023.83


 — A short story of love, sex & passion. by ANNE24008/28/074.33

Unusual Circumstances Ch. 01

 — A young woman must fight with her urges. by Schaedelschaden06/20/084.01

Unusual Circumstances Ch. 02

 — Sisters reveal their feelings. by Schaedelschaden06/21/084.11

Unusual Relations

 — Awkward romance between two people close to their parents. by JDecker10/27/154.05

Unwanted Sex Becomes Desired Ch. 02

 — Girl who didn't want sex discovers she loves it. by ainu204/01/124.49


 — Carla thinks she doesn't like her uncle's advances... by Narcotica05/08/144.22


 — Father & uncle conspire to tame daughter. by ChromeCollar06/07/034.28

Unwinding After Work

 — John's hard day is alleviated when he "cums" home. by BrettJ11/28/054.46

Unwrapping Eloise

 — Daughters gives jilted Daddy a sexy Xmas gift. by deepemerald12/18/044.46

Up In My Mom's Ass

 — A short nasty tale about matriarchal tail. by Deadly Joker12/23/043.72

Up North Ch. 01

 — Self-suck, mother sex, aunt sex, oral sex. by dragonwriter04/26/144.41

Up North Ch. 02

 — Mother finds Jimmy self-sucking and sex follows! by dragonwriter06/13/144.58HOT

Up North Ch. 03

 — Jimmy has sex with Mom and Aunt Rae. by dragonwriter06/24/144.52HOT

Up North Ch. 04

 — Jimmy, Mom, Aunt Rae and Uncle Clyde get together! by dragonwriter08/02/144.63HOT

Up North Ch. 05

 — Son finds love with Mom, Aunt, Uncle and Friends. by dragonwriter09/21/144.59HOT

Up North Ch. 06

 — Further adventures of Jimmy, Mom, Auntie and more! by dragonwriter01/24/154.63HOT

Up North Ch. 07

 — Mother, Aunt, Jimmy and friends having fun! by dragonwriter02/22/154.57HOT

Up North Ch. 08

 — Sex and love in the family and with friends. by dragonwriter05/02/154.64HOT

Up North Ch. 09

 — Conclusion Part 1 of 2... Fun and Exciting. by dragonwriter09/05/154.67HOT

Up North Ch. 10

 — Conclusion Part 2 of 2 "Family Fun". by dragonwriter09/21/154.84HOT

Up on the Hillside with Amber

 — Jonathon finds his daughter sunbathing naked. by geronimo_appleby04/27/164.49

Up the Butt in the Parking Lot

 — Any time, any place and any opening was just fine with her. by Dinsmore04/02/063.92

Up To No Good

 — She tries to warn her brother about the "popular" girl. by jessy1908/06/094.57HOT

Upgrade Ch. 01

 — A fat mom becomes jealous of son's hot girlfriend. by LittledidIKnow04/18/123.92

Upgrade Ch. 02

 — Son gets a surprise, but not in the way you'd think. by LittledidIKnow05/11/124.10

Upside Down

 — She comes home to find her sister all grown up by RufusT12/11/034.61HOT

Upside Down Ch. 03

 — Sisters set their sights on bigger game. by RufusT03/21/044.63HOT

Upside Down Ch. 04

 — Sisters set their sights on seducing mom. by RufusT08/21/044.57HOT

Upside Down Ch. 05

 — The girls finally take Mom for a ride. by RufusT12/16/064.75HOT

Upside Down, Again

 — Rachel & Trisha's relationship takes another step. by RufusT12/19/034.57HOT

Uptown Spunk

 — Unexpected incest at a strip club for women. by Ernest Hemingsex07/30/154.77HOT

Uptown Spunk Ch. 02

 — The loves awakens. by Ernest Hemingsex04/30/164.59HOT

Urges Ch. 01

 — Can Alyssa stay away from her sensuous step-brother? by Bethicus1811/19/114.31

Us Three

 — Son Mom Dad. by 20silverock1605/05/164.46

Used Condoms

 — I wondered if they were any live sperm still in there. by sourdough99903/08/123.34

Useful After All

 — Proving to wife's mother that I'm good for something. by Secrettoy33312/16/084.08

Using And Abusing Mom -- Porn Day

 — Using mommy's pussy to masturbate with. by cummykaze02/02/093.35

Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 01

 — A niece uses a kinky flight attendant to seduce her Aunt. by janey1604/25/144.55HOT

Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 02

 — A niece uses a flight attendant to seduce her Aunt and Uncle. by janey1605/03/144.51HOT

Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 03

 — Hannah and her band of kinky pals seduce her Aunt and Uncle. by janey1607/04/144.67HOT

Utter Love

 — Love shuns society. by tarkatony09/25/044.61HOT

Utter Love Ch. 02

 — Can they escape the inevitable? by tarkatony09/30/044.20

Vacancy Filled

 — Mom blows and son blunders dad's cuckold venture. by BobCollier11/19/123.74


 — Couple brings their moms on holiday in the Hamptons. by JMAnon11/24/004.29


 — A man and his grown daughter go on vacation. by mseaking08/02/054.29

Vacation at Sister's House

 — Two sisters learn how food and liquor can light passion. by Merlinswand07/19/154.29

Vacation at Sister's House Pt. 02

 — Dad joins my visit at my sister's house and we are all naked. by Merlinswand08/22/154.64HOT

Vacation at Uncle Pete's

 — Fun times between uncle and nephew. by bigguyd09/12/114.05

Vacation Bliss Ch. 01

 — Colleen and her brother begin a forbidden affair. by BrettJ10/02/144.48

Vacation Ch. 02

 — The love between father and daughter grows. by mseaking09/15/054.49

Vacation Ch. 03

 — He catches Terry and Mary making love. by mseaking10/09/054.55HOT

Vacation For Firsts

 — Twins win a trip & have many first times. by Darksider07/14/024.29

Vacation For Mom

 — Vacationing mother is unwittingly controlled by her son. by svensyn11/30/014.07

Vacation Magic

 — Something odd happens at the beach. Can he take it? by skippycheese04/16/073.84

Vacation Planning

 — Brother and sister make their own plans. by MarciaR04/23/044.30

Vacation Reward

 — A Father-Daughter Vacation From 2 Perspectives. by kristin_hip7905/01/134.35

Vacation with Gramps

 — Uni student and Grandfather find out about themselves. by ozzyrovers02/16/124.26

Vacation with the Family Ch. 01

 — A new love between siblings begins. by maxwatt10/09/084.24

Vacation with the Family Ch. 02

 — Siblings relationship gets much more passionate. by maxwatt10/12/084.51HOT

Vacation, Mother, No One to Blame

 — Catching sister, stuck with mom, accidents happen. by katiepj04/15/094.19

Vaginal Fluids for Acne

 — Mother learns vaginal fluids can cure acne. by live4thebj12/08/144.19


 — Lisa wants to be her cousin's valentine. by dragontatto02/03/074.47

Valentina: The Aftermath

 — The next morning. by dragontatto04/30/074.62HOT

Valentine Head

 — Ddaughter encourages her divorcee father to date. by Corpse_rider02/15/124.24

Valentine Mom

 — Middle-aged mom wants her son to be her valentine. by klrxo02/07/034.36

Valentine Presents

 — Romantic twist with swapping, anal and incest! by LitEroCat01/24/15HOT

Valentine Siblings

 — Ginny discovers the charms of her young brother. by scouries02/03/074.57HOT

Valentine Tail

 — Can a father resist a tempting daughter? by Corpse_rider02/23/124.32

Valentine's Candy: Open Wide

 — Clever virgin Candy gets her hung stepbrother and much more. by Kethandra01/23/154.71HOT

Valentine's Date with Mom

 — A son fills in for his father on Valentine's Day. by centrum100002/12/114.55HOT

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