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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Groundhog Daze

 — Loving sister helps brother get his life back together. by Mr Wild willy05/13/064.61HOT

Groundhog Fuck Day 01

 — Each day resets when it ends, except the women get hornier. by Astarte6910/10/153.37

Groundhog Fuck Day 02

 — Each day resets when it ends, except the women get hornier. by Astarte6905/23/163.71

Group Sex with Parents and Husband

 — How sharing wine with mom turned into an orgy. by KenandTabitha01/17/184.59HOT

Group Therapy

 — Champagne threesome. by Jena12111/28/073.98

Group Therapy Ch. 01

 — Three into one does go. by Jena12112/02/073.75

Group Therapy Ch. 02

 — The more the merrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Jena12112/03/073.93


 — He tricks his wife to a groupfuck. by varun12/11/113.58

Growing Anticipation 03

 — The Story Continues. by Bearclaw8806/16/183.85

Growing Anticipation Ch. 01

 — Mother and son "growing" together. by HugeErectson12/14/103.66

Growing as a Pair

 — A brother and sister try to survive being stranded. by Ferax09/15/174.61HOT

Growing Close Ch. 1

 — Stepsiblings on vacation share everything. by D Fiant04/20/023.52

Growing Close Ch. 2

 — Calli gives in to her feelings. by D Fiant04/23/024.09

Growing In Japan Ch. 01

 — The power of the oppahana. by Upwind03/12/144.18

Growing In Japan Ch. 02

 — The house starts breaking down. by Upwind03/17/144.06

Growing In Japan Ch. 03

 — We show our devotion. by Upwind03/20/143.94

Growing In Japan Ch. 04

 — Mikao joins in. by Upwind03/29/144.09

Growing Into A Voyeur Ch. 01

 — I learn things about my mom, myself and my family. by hedonist_at_heart02/01/103.96

Growing Pains

 — Teasing girl cousins get the best of Ryan. by Dr G Spot09/12/004.55HOT

Growing Sissy's on Granny's Farm

 — A self-sucking teen, his horny granny and becoming a girl. by peteh5701/26/194.53HOT

Growing Together... Pt. 01

 — Daughter encourages Daddy not to leave home. by englander196110/16/044.53HOT

Growing Together... Pt. 02

 — Liz makes a confession to her Dad. by englander196110/30/044.61HOT

Growing Together... Pt. 04

 — Liz visits her doctor & Carl lends a hand. by englander196111/06/044.59HOT

Growing Up

 — Mother finds that grown son has needs of his own. by johnnys12303/02/014.19

Growing Up

 — Triplets learn what it means to be on their own. by Lillyflower7212/12/014.17

Growing Up

 — Grown Hart takes fantasy out on his mother. by BlackSnake08/16/053.94

Growing Up Ch. 02

 — Widowed Mother is attracted to Son. by Jack110705/30/184.46

Growing Up Pt. 01

 — Turning 18. by SingleAndy09/15/184.39

Growing Up Pt. 02

 — The next morning. by SingleAndy09/19/184.42

Growing Up Pt. 03

 — Shopping with Lauren and Naomi. by SingleAndy09/22/184.51HOT

Growing Up Pt. 09

 — Laundry Day. by SingleAndy11/04/184.55HOT

Growing Up Pt. 11

 — Lauren joins in on the fun. by SingleAndy11/09/184.59HOT

Growing Up Together Ch. 01

 — College Years Chapter One. College letters comes in. by rcwilliams10/02/144.13

Growing Up with My Cousin

 — Jamie and I grew up together, in every way possible. by nobody_important04/14/104.31

Grown Up

 — Daughter Grown Up. by Suburb09/21/184.28

Grown-Up Kissing Cousins

 — They're consenting adults, so what if they're also cousins. by Irish Moss02/13/154.48

Grown-up Nina (FnF)

 — My now adult stepdaughter earns an ass-whipping. by RabbitPrince12/15/134.39

Growth Spurts Ch. 01

 — Sometimes wishes come true! by grgy5603/18/154.39

Growth Spurts Ch. 02

 — My sister wants more. My girlfriend makes a discovery. by grgy5603/27/154.46

Growth Spurts Ch. 06

 — Tim gives a gift to his mom. by grgy5608/11/164.53HOT

Growth Spurts Ch. 07

 — Mom and I do it again. by grgy5610/15/164.51HOT

Growth Spurts Ch. 08

 — Challenge! James vs. Tim. Who's the best? by grgy5603/05/174.54HOT

Guardian Love

 — Peter discovers how Tiffany always felt about him. by bbw4youngercocks109/10/124.31

Guarding Tiffany

 — Tiffany breathes new life into her cousin's world. by GentleJake10/02/054.63HOT

Guarding Tiffany Ch. 02

 — Jake and Tiffany share their younger cousin. by GentleJake11/24/054.73HOT

Guess Who - Daughter's Sleep Over

 — Daughter's sleep over turns fun for everyone. by bhfbhf11/24/154.30

Guess Who's Cumming to Dinner

 — Well-hung Thanksgiving guest means disaster for Dad. by BobMajunk05/04/103.94

Guess Who's Cumming to Dinner Ch. 02

 — Young Krissy gets hers. by BobMajunk05/15/103.93

Guess Who?

 — The senior citizen crept up behind his daughter-in-law again. by JustLikeEwe06/21/174.25

Guessing Game

 — An erotic reunion surpassing their imaginations. by JonathanStone04/13/093.97

Guidance For My Brother

 — Sister provides guidance for younger brother. by Rubigon08/17/124.25

Guilt Ch. 01

 — A son learns how best to handle his mother. by mothersson10/16/093.78

Guilt Ch. 02

 — A son helps his mother settle into her new role. by mothersson10/22/094.12

Guilty As Charged

 — Aunt's visit leads to a surprising discovery. by Adso6702/04/024.52HOT

Guilty As Charged

 — Lyra wears a school skirt for her father. by RayCathode07/29/133.34

Guilty Love

 — Andrea can't help her feelings for her sleeping sister. by Xarth02/20/124.60HOT

Guilty of Lov'IN the First

 — Cindy has Lusty thoughts for 1st Cousin, Alex. by marriedheat05/26/184.69HOT

Guilty Pleasures

 — Dad resists, but daughter finally seduces him. by Geeare01/11/054.43

Guilty Pleasures

 — Brother-in-law gets a surprise at the video store. by voncock12/18/084.03

Guilty Pleasures Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues as the brother-in-law gets home. by voncock02/27/094.34

Guilty Pleasures: A Part of the Fam

 — He doesn't feel part of the family. by May_I06/13/154.28

Guilty Viewing

 — A conflicted young woman spies on her dad and his girlfriend. by MsLisa08/03/134.15

Guilty Viewing Ch. 02

 — The tables are turned as dad gets a little show of his own. by MsLisa08/22/134.17

Guilty Viewing Ch. 03

 — Dad watches as she has some fun with her boyfriend. by MsLisa08/23/134.31

Gutter Mouth Mother

 — Mom fulfills son's extreme dirty talk fantasy. by mutterguffin203/21/17


 — 18 and young, Gwen wants what her parents have.. by monika33310/01/093.97

Gwen & Richard

 — Exploring love between mother and son. by dr mabuse SOI07/30/054.53HOT

Gwen Ch. 01

 — Girl with extra body part becomes papa's love. by JasperMan09/10/034.34

Gwen Ch. 02

 — A wanton afternoon for Eric. by JasperMan09/18/034.49

Gwen Ch. 02

 — The night of dreams. by monika33311/05/094.22

Gwen Ch. 03

 — The time is finally here. by JasperMan11/09/034.45

Gwen Pt. 01

 — Transgender girl comes home to papa. by Roukley05/10/144.31

Gwendolyn: A Tale of Motherly Lust

 — The entire torrid tale of gradual, motherly lust. by jellogrl10/06/174.63HOT

Gypsy Charm

 — A lucky find means Josh, mom and sister have a busy weekend by grumpyg05/27/164.52HOT

Gypsy Man Fucks Wife And Her Sister

 — A Rom goes to Vegas and fucks his sister-in-law. by horneygypsyman08/05/104.28

Habit - Poppy Brown

 — "Yes Grandpa, can I do anything for you?" "Set your pillows" by DonBrown12/13/183.45

Habit Forming

 — He savors coworker & sisters during their period. by hotpup01/14/054.37

Had a Bad Day

 — Son comes over after a long day. by crazygirl1811/08/133.86

Had a Bad Day Ch. 02

 — Mom comes home to find the mess dad and I made. by crazygirl1811/20/134.02

Had a Bad Day Ch. 03

 — Will is in for a rude surprise; dad comforts him. by crazygirl1812/09/134.03

Had a Bad Day Ch. 04

 — One happy family by crazygirl1801/05/144.07

Hadley's Panties

 — Sexy nymph has a crush on her cousin. by jackiejohn07/29/034.35


 — Caleb takes care of his sister. by chica bajita08/23/044.23

Hailey's New Mommy

 — Newly adopted Hailey finds her first girlfriend. by theselovingwings04/24/144.40

Hailey's Panties Spark a Fantasy

 — Using daughter panties to cum, but does he cum? by yao1109/14/113.72

Hailey's Panties Spark a Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Hailey's party starts and does he finally get to cum? by yao1111/17/114.22

Hair Styling Portfolio

 — A long haired teen models for his sister and gets a reward. by Jamie_in_dresses11/02/134.40


 — 18-year-old Ryan's family forces 1st haircut; he vows revenge. by dezurtdawg12/20/104.57HOT


 — Giving Daddy a little trim. by youbadboy10/20/124.55HOT

Haircut Ch. 02

 — Revealing desires, she gives completely to her daddy. by youbadboy11/05/12

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 1

 — He watches Papa take his daughter-in law. by belab10/05/024.03

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 2

 — Aunt Gabriela sucks him dry. by belab10/07/024.18

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 3

 — Brother Benito joins in with slutty Aunt Gabriela. by belab10/09/024.23

Hairomatherapy Ch. 3

 — Sister is Rogered. by belab11/06/024.05

Hairy & Horny Rokyama Aunty

 — He ravishes the hairy aunty. by johara04/29/044.29

Hairy Fun At Home...

 — Hairy family sex. by riri_751908/11/013.96

Hairy Godmother Ch. 01

 — Maria seduces me as I spy my hairy godmother. by belab06/24/034.07

Hairy Godmother Ch. 02

 — He watches Uncle Bob with hirsute Maria. by belab07/11/034.14

Hairy Holly: Soccer Practice

 — Father "cleans" daughter, strengthens relationship. by NiceGuyInVa09/24/053.74

Hairytage Ch. 1

 — Her hair is her heritage, which turns on Dad. by belab09/28/024.07

Hairytage Ch. 2

 — Hirsute daughter pleasures dad while Mum & Aunt watch. by belab10/03/024.16


 — Mom catchers her son crossdressing and things escalate. by ThighhighMellie05/07/174.62HOT

Haley Rebounds

 — Sister-In-Law's daughter is hot as her mother. by dennyboy202/06/084.25

Half Incest

 — Forbidden things might happen inside a dark room. by AmandaBr08/08/143.67

Half Sister

 — Older brother tricks sister into incest. by hollandguy01/30/114.29

Half Virgin

 — Conjoined twins discover their sexuality. by Pahaska01/31/023.25

Half Way to Paradise

 — Brother and Sister’s holiday plans gone wrong! by Chris7sw04/13/144.49

Half-Sister, Full Lover

 — Hidden desires are unlocked; a romance blossoms. by MrPezman06/08/074.58HOT

Half-Sister, Full Lover, New Arrival

 — An unexpected relative drops in, and the situation heats up. by MrPezman09/27/114.67HOT


 — Halfway to home, and time spent with a mom and a daughter. by Defluer05/08/064.40


 — A son on vacation claims the virginity of his mother. by desertoasis06/15/094.21


 — Deprave family Halloween soiree. by cupde104/11/183.64

Halloween Addiction Cure

 — At Halloween, Max finds a novel way in getting himself clean. by True_Motherfucker11/04/174.64HOT

Halloween Costume

 — Daddy critiques her party costume. He likes it. A lot. by storyteller_no_905/13/114.03

Halloween Costume Domination

 — My sister dresses me for Halloween. by schaf10104/11/133.57

Halloween Costumed Roleplaying

 — Mom, Sis, Aunt, and Cuz roleplaying while dressed in costume. by SusanJillParker10/02/174.06

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 05

 — Gloria recalls having incestuous sex with her brother. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/19/083.92

Halloween Dare Ch. 04

 — Two more join and give a show. by n2anal7810/10/054.60HOT

Halloween Handjob

 — Ben's sister can keep her hands still at dinner. by brad333312/18/134.04

Halloween Homecoming

 — A Marine returns home for the family holiday party. by RainierWriterII10/18/094.68HOT

Halloween Mom

 — Mother spends holiday with 23-year-old son. by knightjuggalo10/09/034.04

Halloween Mom

 — Costumed teen takes sexy mother on back lawn. by scouries10/19/074.24

Halloween Party

 — Two siblings hold a party which ends in some sexy fun. by HawthorneVixen10/01/123.94

Halloween Party

 — Son in law takes mother in law to halloween party. by sailor_696912/09/154.62HOT

Halloween Party Ch. 01

 — A son discovers mom's secret at the party by bluknight09/30/104.23

Halloween Party Ch. 02

 — The Halloween Party gets wilder. by bluknight10/08/104.38

Halloween Party Ch. 03

 — As the holidays roll on the son gets more brave. by bluknight10/14/104.38

Halloween Party Ch. 04

 — The Holidays bring mom and son closer. by bluknight10/15/104.61HOT

Halloween Party Chaperone

 — Dad plays chaperone at daughter's Halloween party. by RainierWriterII10/15/084.60HOT

Halloween Surprise

 — Halloween Party leads to strange reunion. by Thors_Fist10/09/174.81HOT

Halloween Switch

 — Best friends seduce their brothers. by aimili_sage10/14/114.40

Halloween Tale

 — A mistaken identity at a Halloween party leads to more. by fictitious10/22/114.59HOT

Halloween Trick or Treat

 — Swinger party with a twist. by Yman6710/16/154.24

Halloween Trick, Treat, Nightmare

 — She gets a trick, I get a treat and we both get a nightmare. by jamesonwhiskey11/10/144.14

Halloween Trick, Treat, Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Ashley gets revenge for her brother's nasty trick. by jamesonwhiskey11/14/144.20

Halloween with Mom

 — Online anonymous flirting leads to hotel room recognition. by 49greg10/09/174.63HOT

Halloween with My Sisters

 — My two older sisters take me to a Halloween party. by BigMadStork10/11/184.36


 — Four friends join their adult Halloween Party's World. by mryogibear10/27/094.33


 — A mother's ennui relieved by her daughter's English teacher. by GingerM04/04/174.12

Hamstrung Mom

 — On the eve of a bodybuilding tournament my son nurses my leg. by MaryAnderson12/03/174.65HOT

Hand in the Nookie Jar Ch. 01

 — Son discovers Mom & Aunty have a close relationship. by blinkerskite10/04/064.05

Handcuff Seduction

 — Son with a not so eager mother. by daddy195001/08/154.04

Handcuff Sister

 — A tale of siblings, bondage, love, and experimentation. by Xarth03/15/184.84HOT

Handcuffs to Freedom

 — Two girls and their parents use sex to escape an evil sect. by Lion2465512/07/044.19

Handjob Niece

 — A teenager surprises her uncle. by GASlipLover09/18/034.23

Handjob Niece Ch. 02

 — Another encounter with 18-year-old niece. by GASlipLover11/28/034.18

Handjob Niece Ch. 03

 — Niece and friend give football players a hand. by GASlipLover01/19/044.40

Handjob Niece Ch. 04

 — Niece &friend visit uncle in the big city. by GASlipLover07/22/044.46

Handling Daddy's Brat Ch. 01

 — Unheeded Warnings... NEVER go unpunished. by tickledPINKy12/07/163.75

Hands Down, Best Vacation Ever

 — Sister catches brother and devises a naughty plan. by smithE10109/02/124.70HOT

Handsome Ch. 02

 — Handsome proves skillful in the rudiments of sex. by Paris Waterman08/29/124.58HOT

Handsome Ch. 03

 — Aunt Nicole introduces Aubrey to Krista Marie. by Paris Waterman09/14/124.62HOT

Handsome Ch. 04

 — Further lessons from Aunt Nicole and Krista Marie. by Paris Waterman09/21/124.67HOT

Handsome Ch. 24

 — Bree does a good deed; talks dirty to GF & fucks his aunt. by Paris Waterman02/17/134.48

Handy Blanket

 — Twins learn to explore their bodies together. by amyss12/19/084.49

Handy Cousin

 — Cousins find a way to satisfy each other. by Biopower06/08/064.26

Handy Work

 — She's hell-bent on seducing her reluctant father. by Momson05/21/014.32

Handyman Ch. 03

 — Discovering the new normal. by Horrace_Barrell07/30/154.57HOT

Handyman Hank Ch. 04

 — Hank discovers a daughter. by thecarolinadreamer03/21/154.59HOT

Handyman Jason

 — Handyman makes friends with a family & friends. by tinman69s06/07/064.35

Hang Up

 — Ben falls for his Mom - literally. by rufriter10/13/174.44

Hanging Out with Cole

 — Two cousins discover each other. by brettieboyyy2707/27/164.20

Hanging Out with Mom

 — Mother and son find each other. by rosebud687903/20/073.99

Hanging Out With the Girls Ch. 01

 — Helping my cousin leads to betrayal. by eisbehr08/14/114.51HOT

Hanging Out With the Girls Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues. by eisbehr08/18/114.56HOT

Hanging Out With the Girls Ch. 03

 — Sister comes to help out. by eisbehr09/25/114.69HOT

Hangover Helper

 — Teen helps Uncle get over hangover. by Anonymous Author10/09/004.32

Hank & His Neighbors Ch. 01

 — Jilted husband seduces coed & her Mom. by SEVERUSMAX09/09/044.23

Hank's Mom

 — He wakes in her bed then Hank joins in. by Troglodite4508/11/024.17


 — Son, his mother and sister-in-law. by sirajahmed1001/09/074.69HOT

Hannah & Her Daddies

 — Hannah finds out she has two fathers. by honeydew05/12/013.74

Hannah & Kyle Over the Edge Ch. 01

 — Siblings discover a sexual bridge they can't uncross. by writingontheedge11/14/134.41

Hannah & Kyle Over the Edge Ch. 02

 — Hannah & Kyle's first evening of sex continues. by writingontheedge11/23/134.48

Hannah and Her Sisters and Me

 — He beds his wife and her sisters. by Swilly06/19/134.54HOT

Hannah and Mike Ch. 01

 — His spring break at home with his sister. by bartenderbynight303/06/074.42

Hannah and Mike Ch. 02

 — A day at the beach leads to the taboo. by bartenderbynight303/07/074.62HOT

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