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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Punishment Day

 — Daddy teaches daughter not to make a mess. by Beautifullittlebaby11/19/063.51

Punishment Due: The Conclusion Ch. 01

 — Son's punishment from a Mother's point of view. by venomlegions03/08/133.71

Punishment in the Pool

 — Grounded then punished by twin in pool. by dieroller07/22/123.01

Punishment Weekend Ch. 05

 — Domestic discipline by the husband of a family. by tom643202/28/143.63

Pure Blood Ch. 01

 — A young prince must keep the bloodlines pure. by Taboomsater03/17/133.69

Pure Heart Pt. 01

 — Sister chooses to help him break addiction. by bartok_star02/22/084.58HOT

Pure Heart Pt. 02

 — His loving sister reveals more and the tension grows. by bartok_star09/23/084.75HOT

Pure Heart Pt. 03

 — Alex and Sara grow in intimacy and passion for each other. by bartok_star01/06/094.76HOT

Pure Heart Pt. 04

 — Sara teaches Alex how to touch a woman's heart. by bartok_star06/30/094.80HOT

Pure Heart Pt. 05

 — As his girlfriend opens up, Alex and sister enjoy their love. by bartok_star01/07/104.77HOTContest Winner

Pure Incest Ch. 01

 — Incest among two families. by JhMcKn09/02/153.67

Pure Innocence

 — Brother watches pregnant sis while hubby's away. by Andrea Stevens10/01/004.08

Pure Sin Ch. 01

 — How I transformed my sweet Indian mother into a dirty slut. by jakessullivan01/21/144.26

Pure, Respectful, & Passionate

 — Real romance between brother and sister. by kalahari dude03/31/044.57HOT

Purity Lost

 — Emily wants father to take her virginity. by SexyBeast02/07/084.33

Purity of the Periods

 — Sex during menstruation is very special by mintabal323910/27/074.28

Purple Distraction Ch. 03

 — His neice drops by. by AreUReady11/27/044.38

Pursuing Dick

 — Little sister has eyes for big brother; more for others. by sr71plt12/14/143.76

Pursuit of Happiness

 — Sisters come together in the pursuit of happiness. by SolRaine09/08/084.34

Pusher Ch. 03

 — Pusher wakes up with his mom, and then moves on. by wgarvin09/22/084.46

Pusher Ch. 05

 — Pusher meets up with a teacher from school. by wgarvin09/24/084.47

Pushing My Luck

 — A young man loses his virginity to his mother. by Ignoble11/12/124.50HOT

Pussy 'n Boots

 — Sleeping beauty, a dream cum true, was his daughter! by coverofknight11/21/144.23

Pussy Doctor

 — A call from his daughter sets off a chain of events. by agentmom12/26/103.38

Pussy In Boots

 — She watches her boyfriend take his sister. by Kay-Dee11/13/054.07

Pussy Palace

 — Where can Jeff take the twins? by Alex De Kok12/08/054.50HOT

Pussy Stupid

 — Feminist mother confronts daughter. by Phoenix Arrow06/03/052.99

Pussyboy Nephew Ch. 02

 — Aunt prepares crossdressing drunk nephew for gangbang. by bufmuck109/02/073.85


 — Son tricks mom into sex for return of beloved kitty. by CavyConsultant02/20/144.12

Put It Where Your Mouth Is

 — A sibling wager leads to a dream come true (his version). by ItchyTasty08/04/144.62HOT


 — Angry Sicilian father uses slutty daughter for his needs. by UncleMichael01/30/113.97

Pyaasi Bhabhi Pt. 01

 — A deviant bhabhi's seduction of naive devar. by softdominant69907/07/153.15

Pyaasi Bhabhi Pt. 02

 — A deviant bhabhi's seduction of naive devar. by softdominant69907/10/153.14

Pyaasi Bhabhi Pt. 03

 — Bhabhi continues educating Devar... by softdominant69907/15/152.78

Pyaasi Bhabhi Pt. 04

 — Bhabhi gives another lesson... by softdominant69907/17/152.36

Q & A From a Mother's Son

 — A son answers questions about his relationship with his mom. by Ronlovesmom09/07/024.11

Q & A's of Lust

 — Julie finds hot time internet dating in her own family. by hotpup02/26/084.44

Quads Ch. 01

 — 18 year old quadruplets grow closer. by PDumbledore12/18/034.65HOT

Quads Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old quadruplets continue pleasuring each other. by PDumbledore12/27/034.71HOT

Quads Ch. 03

 — The parents find out; what will they do? by PDumbledore01/04/044.59HOT

Quads Ch. 04

 — The Quads secret is discovered. by PDumbledore01/18/044.66HOT

Quads Ch. 05

 — Cousins join the Quad's for more fun. by PDumbledore01/23/044.67HOT

Quads Ch. 06

 — They have a party before college. by PDumbledore03/09/044.34

Quads Ch. 08

 — The girls have their own fun. by PDumbledore04/02/054.59HOT

Quads Ch. 09

 — Vacation time for the Quads. by PDumbledore04/15/064.64HOT

Quads Ch. 10

 — The Final Chapter. by PDumbledore09/09/074.72HOT

Quality Time

 — Dad and daughter reconnect one quiet night. by bourbonslut01/13/074.02

Quality Time

 — A brother is encouraged to spend time with his sister. by wolegic02/24/104.30

Quality Time

 — A special coupling leads to a realization. by dikbozo04/25/153.90

Quarantined with Mom

 — Cruise ship disaster leads to mother & son encounter. by HeyAll08/24/144.60HOT

Queen & Prince Together Forever #1

 — Queen Emma has son with her son Prince Henry through time. by SusanJillParker08/08/143.76

Queen & Prince Together Forever #2

 — Queen Emma readies for the arrival of her son, Prince Henry. by SusanJillParker08/10/144.05

Queen & Prince Together Forever #3

 — Queen Emma prepares for arrival of her son, Prince Henry. by SusanJillParker08/15/144.22

Queen & Prince Together Forever #4

 — Henry returns home to his mother. "Long Live the Prince!" by SusanJillParker08/17/143.46

Queen Kiera Ch. 02

 — Will Kiera allow me to have a girlfriend? by PeterOmez10/31/114.11

Queen Victoria - Long May She Reign

 — Sexy, busty mom Victoria gets what she wants - her stepson by BrettJ03/23/124.31

Quest for Trinity

 — Nephew helps very sexy Aunt. by L.A. Wicker01/22/074.57HOT

Quest For Trinity: A New Life 02

 — A wild new life is being explored. by L.A. Wicker06/16/094.33

Quest For Trinity: Life Goes On

 — Ken gets a wonderful surprise. by L.A. Wicker03/22/074.71HOT

Question of Incest

 — A son's thought and reason. by Niteshadow02/07/034.48

Questioning Mom

 — The clues that bring us together. by billwells110/28/153.76

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 08

 — When I got home, mom was out back... by DetectiveSpecialist05/15/114.34

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 09

 — Chaos. by DetectiveSpecialist05/27/114.62HOT

Quick and Dirty Facial

 — Morning mishap leads to something fun. by confusionReigns09/23/103.79

Quick Seduction

 — Ron calls round for his friend, but only his mother is in. by jamesjohnstone08/30/104.16

Quickie for Diane

 — Weekly chores get mother all worked up. by hotpup06/05/054.28

Quickie with Indian Mom

 — Funtastic fuck in the Kitchen by rwanda197006/07/083.25

Quickie: Back Home Again

 — Sister returns home to find what she was missing. by Agnol08/22/154.37

Quickie: Is She The One?

 — Son and girlfriend visit mom for the holiday. by Agnol12/18/104.47

Quickie: Late Night Snack

 — Dad and pregnant daughter get a bit more than milk. by Agnol12/19/104.29

Quickie: Siblings

 — Late night rekindling. by Agnol10/22/104.29

Quickie: The Gift

 — Santa heard his xmas wish. by Agnol11/30/104.35

Quickie: The Van Ride

 — Cousins squished together in a tightly packed van. by Agnol12/24/104.49

Quickies: Daddy's Little Princess

 — Dee seduces her father before church. by Wannabeboytoy07/06/054.19

Quid Pro Quo

 — Sister & brother catch each other in private moments. by SlickTony07/23/023.45

Quiet Lust

 — Sometimes silence is best. by bassbelly03/11/084.13

Quiet Times

 — Quality time together. by chocbrnsuga02/27/094.08

R&R With Mom

 — A soldier on leave finds love and peace and with his Mom. by Ahabscribe05/17/074.58HOT

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 03

 — At home Gary hasmom and learns secret by hotpup01/30/064.55HOT

Race Time

 — Two sisters enjoy a horse race together. by JessicaS11/18/143.82

Rachael and Benjamin

 — Brother and sister play behind daddy's back. by stillgotheblues10/31/084.12

Rachael and Benjamin Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister play some more. by stillgotheblues12/22/084.21

Rachael and Benjamin Ch. 03

 — He gets to the bottom of it. by stillgotheblues06/29/094.31

Rachael's Story

 — Sexy daughter gets her man. by L.A. Wicker08/24/064.41


 — A sister takes up with her younger brother. by longdongjohn06/28/094.19


 — Uncle and niece get it together in shared lingerie fetish. by slipman201009/12/103.91


 — My father dies and leaves me as my mother's Master. by JackLydon12/12/113.82

Rachel & Don

 — Dad & daughter, a mature kind of love. by misskittyclitty02/21/044.56HOT

Rachel & Don Ch. 02

 — Mature father and daughter find the love they seek. by misskittyclitty05/23/074.42

Rachel and Cale

 — Sibling affection. by UnHalo1309/04/094.11

Rachel and Her Dad, the Stripper

 — Rachel goes to Dad's hometown, learning more than expected. by Kim198907/18/094.58HOT

Rachel Ch. 02

 — Uncle and niece further pursue their lingerie fetish. by slipman201006/23/114.43

Rachel Home For The Weekend Ch. 01

 — Rachel and dad hook up for the weekend. by Awesome_Tom02/25/144.04

Rachel's Cold

 — She didn't know how hot her brother would get her. by Devils_Revenge03/02/064.44

Rachel's College Vacation

 — Visiting brother & Asian roommate open new doors. by Devils_Revenge03/24/064.43

Rachel's Daddy

 — Rachel finally gets close to her daddy, too close. by Bluewolfhead10/29/084.52HOT

Rachel's Daddy Ch. 02

 — Rachel discovers Anna's secret. by Bluewolfhead04/12/094.33

Rachel's Secret

 — Rachel comes to live with her Uncle. by youbadboy11/26/114.72HOT

Rachel's Secret Diary Ch. 01

 — She finds pleasure with her probing Uncle. by screwloosed01/06/144.38

Rachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 02

 — Rachel learns to Serve. by ruuddog03/28/114.42

Rachel: My Sexy Sister

 — He really got to know his sister. by SimonSays103/24/044.57HOT

Rachel: My Sexy Sister Ch. 02

 — The fun started when Judy met his sister. by SimonSays106/06/044.73HOT

Rad Bird

 — A metro brother and his tomboy skatepunk sister fall in love. by Cunnilique11/26/154.50HOTNEW

Radha Mom's Family Affairs Pt. 01

 — Taking advantage of innocent neighbor aunt. by nil52525209/11/143.48

Radha Mom's Family Affairs Pt. 02

 — Taking advantage of innocent neighbor aunt. by nil52525209/13/143.66

Radha Mom's Family Affairs Pt. 03

 — Aunt Radha's temptations. by nil52525209/14/143.50

Radha Mom's Family Affairs Pt. 04

 — Radha mom and her Father-in-law. by nil52525210/17/143.73

Radiance Ch. 01: Aden

 — An introduction to the character. by Tycoonier01/23/152.69

Radiant Flower: A Brothers Romance

 — Taylor and Tanner find lust and love. by spicylatina199112/19/134.32

Rag Doll Ch. 01

 — Nicky discovers he has a hot younger sister, Ashley. by beachbum195803/07/134.75HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 02

 — Nicky & Ashley are in love, but the past still haunts them. by beachbum195804/07/134.80HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 03

 — Nicky and Ashley's secret is out. by beachbum195804/24/134.82HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 04

 — Resolution for Nicky & Ashley, and justice for all... by beachbum195806/05/134.85HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 05

 — Nicky's brother learns the truth about Barbara & his father. by beachbum195801/11/144.82HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 06 Pt. 01

 — Bobby, Rick, and the girls come to America. by beachbum195805/04/144.79HOT

Rag Doll Ch. 06 Pt. 02

 — Justice for Barbara at last, and her last goodbye to Nicky by beachbum195805/12/144.83HOT

Rah Rah’s Prom Night

 — Step dad & daughter on prom night. by emdus647008/15/114.00


 — Their photographic session's interrupted by a thunder storm. by Barbara_Em09/11/144.60HOT

Rain Ch. 01

 — Bhabhi and Dever trapped in rain. by as5506/14/064.04

Rain Rain Come Again !

 — He visits his brother's wife when it was raining like hell. by bangopee10/06/063.96

Rainbow Symphony On Tour

 — Maestro and soloist make music with Daddy. by pucksboy10/22/074.58HOT

Raine & Sheri

 — Estranged sisters find a new relationship. by destinie2102/12/044.60HOT

Raine & Sheri Ch. 02

 — Raine and Sheri get closer. by destinie2103/01/044.69HOT

Raine & Sheri Ch. 03

 — Mama's girls. by destinie2103/19/044.66HOT

Raine & Sheri Ch. 04

 — Raine has questions about Sheri and Mom. by destinie2107/28/044.67HOT

Raine & Sheri Ch. 05

 — Love, lust, or lies? by destinie2112/03/044.72HOT

Rainy Day Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Duffy helps daughter fullfil a2m fantasy with James. by blooke123405/07/104.52HOT

Rainy Day Ch. 03

 — James finally gets to Anna, after her cum-filled gangbang. by blooke123406/21/104.29

Rainy Day Daughter

 — College daughter sees dad in new light. by conz03/01/024.41

Rainy Day Love

 — A Mother and son find love after great personal loss. by JonathanStone04/25/074.52HOT

Rainy Night at the Drive-In

 — Brother and sister huddle away from the rain. by petskunk05/13/113.95

Rainy Night at the Drive-In Ch. 02

 — Avoiding looking her in the eyes... by petskunk05/18/114.09

Rainy Night at the Drive-In Ch. 03

 — Brother and sister continue to explore. by petskunk05/24/114.18

Raising Tommy Ch. 01

 — A single mother must raise her son on her own. by JBrowne6901/26/133.35

Raising Tommy Ch. 01

 — A boy discovers his mother is truly the woman of his dreams. by beachguy42005/31/153.33

Raising Tommy Ch. 02

 — A well-endowed son becomes fond of his super-phat mother. by JBrowne6902/22/133.86

Raising Tommy Ch. 03

 — Tommy spies on his big booty mom as she shits and showers. by JBrowne6902/27/134.00

Raising Tommy Ch. 04

 — Tommy goes to the movies with his mom on his birthday. by JBrowne6903/11/134.02

Raising Tommy Ch. 05

 — The tea cup ride and mom's friend get nasty. by JBrowne6903/15/134.32

Raising Tommy Ch. 06

 — Tommy goes to dinner with his mom on his birthday. by JBrowne6903/16/133.98

Raising Tommy Ch. 07

 — The morning after gets very messy in the bathroom. by JBrowne6905/01/134.10

Raising Tommy Ch. 08

 — A phat mom sits in her son's lap on a car trip. by JBrowne6909/08/133.94

Raising Tommy Ch. 09

 — The family is reunited at grandma's house! by JBrowne6910/18/144.21

Rajni Fucked by Her Brother

 — Pakistani sister gets it from brother. by anilsahotra03/05/032.89

Ralph Seduces Cousin and Eyes Aunt

 — A reluctant mother sinks into depravity. by Egmont040908/14/094.10

Rancho del Incesto

 — Mexican mother and son have no other choice. by fictitious12/31/114.39

Randi Comes Home Ch. 01

 — Her family helps horny girl overcome boredom. by Rumple Foreskin06/14/044.50HOT

Randi Comes Home Ch. 02

 — Brother helps horny college sis overcome boredom. by Rumple Foreskin06/16/044.63HOT

Randi Comes Home Ch. 03

 — Siblings have more sex in store--& bed. by Rumple Foreskin07/03/044.68HOT

Randi Comes Home Ch. 04

 — Randi turns to her cousin Sissy. by Rumple Foreskin08/08/044.69HOT

Random Letters

 — CFNM: Step mom discovers son has a special endowment. by Diana Retnuhvek05/06/074.05

Random Relations

 — Where relationships are explained. by Dreams of Desire01/24/064.48

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